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In front of them were mutilated cultivators, the scene was so bloody and unsightly. Even if Ye Mo was going to annihilate the Sii family it wouldn't be this bloody. He would at most turn them into dust with a few lightning swords.

Most of the bodies had the word Sii on it.

This wasn't it, the hall of the Sii family was completely destroyed, it was just a pile of rubble. Ye Mo scanned with spirit sense and there were dead people everywhere. Only did he reach the innermost yard was his spirit sense blocked by formation.

"This is the Sii family?" Ye Mo asked coldly.

Hu Shu dazed for a long time before answering with a pale face, "Yes, yes qian bei, this is the Sii family."

Ye Mo said to Xia Pinger, "Let's go in and see."

Xia Pinger nodded and carefully followed Ye Mo into the broken door.

Hu Shu didn't follow them and after Ye Mo and Xia Pinger disappeared in the estate, he quickly left. Only two years later did he realize why Ye Mo left him alone. He was corroded by the grey mist and turned to dust.

"Would sister Huang Ping have already been taken away?" Xia Pinger asked nervously.

Ye Mo shook his head. "No, Sii family can find plenty of female cultivator who aren't very high talented. If the Sii family enemy is here, they wouldn't take away Huang Ping."

Ye Mo walked to the defense formation at the backyard and casually threw out two formation flags. One secret door appeared and Ye Mo just walked in.

"Hmm!" There was a surprised exclamation when Ye Mo and Xia Pinger came in. Ye Mo also saw the person inside immediately.

There were two women, the older one was cauldron filling state level seven, the younger one was hollow spirit state level four.

Both of them were very pretty but the hollow spirit state girl was even better.

This made Ye Mo think of the green robed girl in West Extreme State, she was also extremely beautiful. The difference was that this young girl had a faint coldness and killing chi.

"Your formation skills and stealth cultivation method are quite nice, I believe you're the sect members of a big sect here?" the cauldron filling state level seven scanned Ye Mo and then Xia Pinger and asked.

Ye Mo felt the killing chi on them and knew that they were responsible for the slaughter outside.

They killed people but did so in such a gruesome manner, clearly they didn't think of others as living beings.

Xia Pinger cowered behind Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn't answer her words, his scanned another place with a spirit sense barrier. He threw a metamorphic spirit sense blade over and immediately broke inside. He saw three pale faced female cultivators including Huang Ping inside.

"Where is Jiang Yi?" Ye Mo subconsciously asked Xia Pinger.

Xia Pinger said, "Martial brother Jiang Yi lost his life in a mission trying to protect sister Huang Ping. She met us on the way so we left together."

Ye Mo sighed, Jiang Yi was too devoted to this Huang Ping. He lost an arm for her before and now he lost his life.

Seeing Ye Mo ignoring her, the cauldron filling state female cultivator's face sunk and she sneered as though she was about to attack Ye Mo. But at this time, a shocking explosion sounded in the depth of the back yard. She quickly pulled the young girl and darted over.

Ye Mo ignored the two and took Xia Pinger to the restriction and waved his hand. Immediately the restriction was gone.

"Sister Ping…" Xia Pinger saw the dazed Huang Ping, the other two foundation establishment state female cultivators were also very dazed.

Hearing Xia Pinger's voice, Huang Ping reacted and looked worried. "Pinger, why are you here too?"

Xia Pinger pointed at Ye Mo. "I met brother Ye at Gan Yuan City and he came with me to save you."

At this moment, Huang Ping finally recognized Ye Mo and wanted to get up and thank him.

Ye Mo waved his hand, he scanned with spirit sense and knew there was poison in her body.

Ye Mo took out three pills and let the three have them. After that, the other two thanked him greatly and left, but Ye Mo gave a storage ring to Xia Pinger. "There're pills for your brother inside and some foundation establishment state cultivation pills. Save your brother and split the things inside and leave this city."

Xia Pinger subconsciously asked, "What about you brother Ye?"

"I have some things to do, it's not convenient to bring you guys. If you guys have nowhere to go, you can go to Pei Hai City. Pei Hai Mo Yue is my business. Go with my jade card." Ye Mo gave a jade card to Xia Pinger.

He still needed to find Yimo and go to the south mountain market.

"Then brother Ye, we'll be leaving first." Xia Pinger knew Ye Mo had his own business.

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Your brother will recover immediately after eating that pill, leave Gan Yue City immediately. This isn't a good place."

Ye Mo felt this city was strange.

"Yes brother Ye." The two agreed and left.

Then, Ye Mo chased over to the two female cultivators from before. Seconds later, Ye Mo appeared before a defense formation. He threw out two formation flags and walked in. This was a huge hall and he saw the two girls from before.

The only thing was that the cauldron filling state level seven female cultivator had already lost an arm.

The hollow spirit state girl held the cauldron filling state female cultivator with a pale face but stared closely at a sacrificial stage.

There was a white haired and white bearded man. He looked very young but seemed very old.

He was disaster transformation state level one but his chi wasn't too stable. Clearly, he only reached this state less than a month ago. Judging from his messy and blood chi, he probably cultivated a cruel cultivation method.

The white haired man seemed a little bewildered that he couldn't see Ye Mo's power.

He just scanned Ye Mo and looked at the female cultivator. "Very well, you arrived perfectly. If it wasn't for your arm it would be very hard for me to finish cultivation. I thank you."

Then, he licked his lips. "The reason I could reach disaster transformation state is because of the girl who came with you guys. Mhm, the fresh and clean taste, I've been longing for that for a month. Today I can finally taste it again."

"You annihilated my Sii family and now you will offer yourself, it's a worthy deal. I'll kill this insect first."

Then he grabbed over at Ye Mo.

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