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Chapter 1021 You still have a bird!

Killing intent surged out from the black clothed man's body as if it had materialized. The area around him rippled rapidly and became extremely heavy, even the air seemed to congeal as a bone-chilling chill uncontrollably surged out from the bottom of everyone's hearts.


The crowd of cultivators reflexively retreated, opening a wide path for the black clothed man, allowing Tang Huan and the black clothed man to have no more obstacles between them.

"So it's Brother Mei!"

A faint smile emerged from between Tang Huan's brows. The person who had arrived was the young expert of Ling Xiao Sword Sect, Mei Xun!

More than half a year had passed, and Mei Xun still had the cultivation of the second profound transformation. However, the Qi that leaked out of Ji Xun's body was even more condensed.

His strength would surely increase once again.

"Second Transformation of the Dongxuan realm?"

Mei Yingluo narrowed her beautiful eyes as a trace of seriousness appeared on her face. However, she slowly took two steps forward, moving away from Tang Huan, who was at her side.

Hearing the way Tang Huan addressed this person, Mei Yingluo already knew his origins.

Not long after they had left the "Heavenly Dipper Realm", news of what had happened between Tang Huan, the Ling Xiao Sword Sect's Xiang Wenxuan, and Mei Xun had already spread like wildfire. At that time, Mei Yingluo was not in Central Wasteland, but she had heard of this news. He would never let this matter rest.

Today's matter was already difficult to resolve.

Although Mei Yingluo and Tang Huan did not have a deep friendship, being disciples of the Pure Yang Sword Sect s, they could not just sit and watch as Tang Huan was killed by Ji Xun.

Seeing Mei Yingluo's tiny actions, Tang Huan felt grateful in his heart, but he did not express it out loud. Instead, he looked at Mei Xun and smiled, "It has been a while since we last met, brother Mei is still as elegant as ever. However, did Brother Mei come here today to let me receive another strike from your sword? "


Mei Xun was already only a dozen or so meters away from Tang Huan. Hearing what was said, her eyebrows twitched, and her eyes filled with shame and anger.

A trifling peak False Calamity cultivator actually managed to escape from the sword of a second transition expert like him, and even completely looted all the precious treasures of the Spiritual Firmament Hall before his very eyes. To him, this was an unimaginable humiliation. In this half a year, he always thought of dismembering Tang Huan's body into ten thousand pieces.

Now, when Tang Huan brought up this matter again, it immediately ignited the anger in the bottom of his heart.


In the next moment, the terrifying imposing aura seemed to have congealed into a violent, formless storm that swept towards Tang Huan, seeming to want to grind him into fine powder.

Mei Yingluo's expression changed slightly. She subconsciously stepped forward and blocked in front of Tang Huan.

Tang Huan did not reveal her aura, but from her estimation, Tang Huan should still be at the peak of the Void Tribulation Realm. This was also because she had just arrived at Central Desolate City today, and did not know about the massacre that happened here a few days ago. Otherwise, she would have been able to guess that Tang Huan's cultivation was on par with her.

"Sister Mei, no need to be like this!"

Just as she was about to use her pressure to clash with Mei Xun's, Tang Huan's figure faintly moved, and he had already arrived in front of her. He didn't do anything, but the invisible storm formed by the Ji Xun's pressure immediately dissipated after it made contact with her body, and didn't affect him or the Plum Blossom that he was protecting behind her at all.

At the same time, Tang Huan did not hide his aura any longer, as a powerful aura that did not lose out to Mei Ying leaked out.

"Junior Brother Tang Huan, you also …"

Mei Yingluo immediately realized that Tang Huan's cultivation level was not as weak as hers. Surprised, she could not help but heave a sigh of relief, two cultivators who had just undergone the transformation were still no match for the second transformation. However, the chances of their survival had increased tremendously.

"Tang Huan, no wonder you have nothing to fear."

"So both of you have already stepped into the realm of change in the Profound Wonderland. However, if you really think that you can contend against me with just the two of you, then you're too naive." Today, it will be hard for you to escape even if you have wings! "

Mei Xun then turned to Mei Ying Luo, "Miss, if you're sensible, then you should leave Tang Huan alone as soon as possible. Otherwise, don't blame me for ruthlessly destroying flowers, causing blood to splash onto you and Tang Huan!" At the end of his words, Mei Xun's gaze was already sharp, and the dense expression on his face was completely evident.

"What big words you have there!"

Tang Huan's lips moved slightly, but before he could say anything, Mei Xu let out a cold snort, "Mei Xun, your cultivation is indeed higher than our two junior brothers, and your strength is also stronger than ours, but if we want to escape, just you alone, we are not able to stop you."

"Who said I'm the only one?"

A hint of ridicule flashed through Mei Xun's eyes, and she instantly raised her voice and shouted, "Disciples of the Ling Xiao Sword Sect, come out!"

As soon as his voice fell, strong auras shot up into the sky from within the crowd. The resplendent light emitted from the weapons also rose up one after another.

The surrounding cultivators were all shocked, as they did not expect the Ling Xiao Sword Sect disciples to be hiding nearby. Shocked, they quickly retreated, and very quickly hundreds of figures appeared, from their auras, other than the dozen or so False Calamity cultivators, the rest were all Yang Calamity cultivators.

"Tang Huan, I received the news when you appeared in the Central Desolate City, but I have only appeared today. Do you know why?" Mei Xu said in a deep voice.

"Why?" Tang Huan said, full of interest.

"Of course it's to make sure you have nowhere to run!" "Tang Huan, since I already know that you possess the" Sword Escape "technique and the" Invisibility Technique, "how can you not be on guard? They all have a Forbidden Sky Spirit Seal on them. As long as I give the order, over a hundred Forbidden Sky Spirit Seals can be activated at the same time, and can immediately seal this entire space. At that time, I want to see how you can escape! "

"So that's how it is." Tang Huan laughed weirdly, "But Mei Xun, do you really think that we are only two people?"

"Of course there are more than two of you! Isn't that the same bird!?" A glint flashed across Mei Xun's eyes. He rubbed the round sword scabbard in his hand as he let out a sneer.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!" The crowd burst into laughter.

"Ga ji!"

In the next moment, a thunderous sound exploded in the air. The nine spirits were infuriated and immediately suppressed the laughter in the area. A terrifying deathly stillness filled the air, instantly filling up the surrounding hundred meters of space.

The crowd was stunned.

These days, the little multicolored bird had been lying on the Space Aircraft s and sleeping soundly, with almost no one paying attention to it. However, no one expected that the Qi emitted from its body was actually so terrifying.

A hint of surprise also appeared in Mei Xun's eyes.

He already discovered that the little bird was extraordinary. It definitely absorbed the aura of death to cultivate. If a fierce beast like this reached a certain level of strength, it would be extremely terrifying. But so what? His current cultivation was already at the peak of the Second Transformation.

It seemed that no one in the "Heavenly Mystery Realm" could match him!

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