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The Gu formation in Snowy Mountain blessed land was not set up by Old Ancestor Xue Hu.

He was a rank eight great expert, but he could not set up such a Gu formation.

To set up this Gu formation, Old Ancestor Xue Hu personally went to ask the number one formation path Gu Immortal in Northern Plains, Sun Ming Lu, for help. Sun Ming Lu was a righteous path Gu Immortal, he had a firm personality and refused to cooperate, Old Ancestor Xue Hu knew that he could not be forceful, he put down his status and asked him for help numerous times.

After seven invitations, in which Old Ancestor Xue Hu talked about Lady Wan Shou at the final time, Sun Ming Lu finally was convinced.

Even though Sun Ming Lu was someone with extremely firm will, he treasured love and loyalty. Old Ancestor Xue Hu was setting up the refinement path Gu formation for his beloved wife, their love touched him, therefore he helped.

This matter caused a huge commotion in the Northern Plains Gu Immortal world back then.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, Sun Ming Lu fought intensely with the Central Continent Gu Immortals, he set up a Gu formation that prevented the Central Continent Gu Immortals from advancing. Eventually, the Gu formation was broken, and Sun Ming Lu died.

After he died, someone made a biography of him. Inside <>, the matter about Old Ancestor Xue Hu's invitation was recorded clearly.

"According to my deduction using this Gu formation's remains, it has at least thirty layers! The twelve layered Gu formation that Sun Ming Lu made caused him to become the publicly recognized number one formation path Gu Immortal in Northern Plains. Then the Gu Immortal who made this arrangement here must be a great grandmaster. Or rather, they could even be a supreme grandmaster!"

Supreme grandmaster!

The attainment level above great grandmaster, a transcendent realm.

For example, the three supreme grandmasters in refinement path: Long Hair Ancestor, Old Eccentric Tian Nan, and Old Immortal Kong Jue. All three of them were unprecedented and unique, they had achievements that could not be surpassed.

"Food path Gu formation, phantom path Gu formation, metal path Gu formation, strength path Gu formation…" Fang Yuan's eyes shined brightly, his gaze pierced past the purple sand and looked into all the traces of the Gu formations.

His heart gradually sank.

He had not forgotten his original goal.

Looking at the situation, there was little hope of obtaining a revival method.

These Gu formations were all near the brink of destruction, mortal Gu inside were barely alive, there were zero Immortal Gu left. Maybe because the strong received the greatest burden, the explosion destroyed all of the Immortal Gu. Or maybe it was because the two or three food path Gu formations could not feed the Immortal Gu, and as time passed, they all starved to death.

Eventually, Fang Yuan found a wisdom path Gu formation that was extremely tattered at the deepest level.

This was the seventh wisdom path Gu formation that he had discovered.

The Gu formation was so fragmented that Fang Yuan bore no hope.

But he took a glance and realized that there was an unexpected gain in this Gu formation!

There were some thoughts left behind in this tattered Gu formation.

These thoughts were in a state of complete rest, it was probably the effect of this wisdom path Gu formation.

Since there were thoughts, they could interact.

Fang Yuan breathed in deeply, he mustered his strength and started to deduce this wisdom path Gu formation.

He was very careful, this wisdom path Gu formation was like a building that was going to collapse, Fang Yuan needed to act very meticulously.

Thankfully, he was a wisdom path grandmaster already, he had a high attainment level.

A moment later, he deciphered this relatively simple wisdom path Gu formation, and successfully invaded it, controlling this delicate Gu formation.

Next, he sent out thoughts into the Gu formation and started to interact with the thoughts that were at rest.

"After using up more than eighty years, this Gu formation is finally complete! In the next few hundred years, or even thousands of years, I will be refining Gu here. Heh, I became an immortal zombie, even though I am not restricted by lifespan, my mind is no longer as agile. Thus, I asked 'Yellow' to add in this small Gu formation and store my thoughts so that they can help me think."

"This Gu formation is too useful, not only can it help me refine Gu, it can also conceal us from the perception of heaven's will. Using only two hundred years, I successfully refined eight soul path Immortal Gu, among which six are rank seven, and two are rank eight."

"Every year, they send me lots of immortal materials. I would never have imagined this day where I would not be able to use up my immortal materials! I have countless immortal materials, this is so blissful. I should start to attempt those incomplete Immortal Gu recipes."

"An unexpected surprise occurred today when refining Gu! I tried to complete the Immortal Gu recipe of devour soul Immortal Gu, but in the end I refined an Immortal Gu with an unknown effect. Even though it is also a soul path Immortal Gu, I will let the others do the work of testing its effect."

"My Gu refinement failed! Three of my defensive Gu formations were destroyed, even my main refinement path Gu formation was damaged. That liar in treasure yellow heaven, that unscrupulous merchant! He dared to use a tampered immortal material to deceive me!! I will tear out his tendons and pull out his skin to vent my hatred!"

"That unscrupulous merchant was already punished, 'Azure' is really amazing. These days, 'Yellow' arrived and repaired all of the Gu formations. I can refine Gu again."

"'Purple' came to inform me to be careful. 'Azure' has met with trouble. It turns out that the unscrupulous merchant Gu Immortal who deceived me was a pawn of Heavenly Court. Fate! It still exists, Red Lotus Demon Venerable did not manage to destroy it thoroughly. It is the assistant of accursed heaven! It will be destroyed one day!"

"'Azure's' problem is getting more and more serious. Sacrificing any one of us seven is a huge loss to all of us. Sigh, I harmed him, but he has already made up his mind. Maybe I can try that now… before leaving, he took that soul path Immortal Gu, so that Immortal Gu's effect is like this… I hope it can help him out."

"'Azure' failed, his state is so pitiful, he is only one step from complete annihilation. 'Yellow' barely managed to preserve his life, but his injuries cannot be healed, it can only be fixed through time. This would take at least hundreds or thousands of years. Our greatest battle strength has been lost!"

"'Azure's' failure made me realize something fully, our previous methods will not work. We are all born with flaws, heaven and earth will not tolerate our existence. As 'Green', I must comprehend the profound meaning of life and death, nobody is more suited for this mission than me. We can only restart if I can find a way to truly revive and obtain an immortal aperture that is full of vitality."

At this point, Fang Yuan's heart shook, he showed some excitement on his face.

"Currently, it seems that this is a strong and mysterious organization. The members refer to each other with codenames, among which are Yellow, Green, Purple, Azure… if they have a total of seven members, they probably use the colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, purple? Hmm… I will call this organization 'Seven Rainbows' for now."

Fang Yuan paused in his speculations, he continued to send his thoughts into the Gu formation, interacting with the motionless thoughts inside the Gu formation.

The following thoughts were missing a huge chunk, they were no longer as closely connected as the previous ones, it seems that each thought was made after a long period of time.

"My attempt succeeded, today, I found another revival method, but to me, what significance does such an ordinary revival method have? I do not need it."

"'Blue' obtained a Gu Immortal inheritance, it was left behind by Old Immortal Kong Jue in Central Continent. He had researched deeply into the ten extreme physiques, I have great gains from this, no, I have immense gains!"

"'Yellow' and 'Purple' worked together and obtained an inheritance of Limitless Demon Venerable. Hahaha, truly worthy of Limitless Demon Venerable, his achievements in rule path are unprecedented and might never be surpassed, even I am vastly inferior!"

"Limitless Demon Venerable is correct, there is life in death, and death in life, life and death can be interchanged! Except that under normal circumstances, turning from life to death is a natural process, it flows smoothly. But to turn from death to life, it would be extremely difficult, like traveling upstream. Meanwhile, immortal zombies are stuck between life and death, they are the manifestation of the profound mysteries of life and death."

"Life has its advantages, death has its uses. An immortal zombie's immortal aperture might be a dead aperture, but it is safe from calamities and tribulations. This is a huge advantage of death!"

"Limitless Demon Venerable's direction is correct, I should move forward in this aspect. I am sure to make shocking achievements!"

"I succeeded! This is an unimaginable result!!"

"Limitless Demon Venerable was incredibly talented, actually, he was only some steps away from success. An immortal zombie's dead aperture is extremely precious, it has many uses. Hehehe, if this result is exposed, the entire Gu Immortal world would be shaken! Even I myself was shocked immensely…"

Next, Fang Yuan got more and more stunned as his eyes burst with shining light, his expression visibly changed.

According to these thoughts, when a Gu Immortal cultivates, they should first turn into an immortal zombie and obtain a dead immortal aperture! Next, they would revive, obtaining a life-and-death immortal aperture.

This immortal aperture has two layers, one layer is of life, and the other layer is of death, life and death are able to coexist with each other and are interchangeable. It would be an immense help to the Gu Immortal in terms of cultivating or undergoing tribulations!

Ordinary Gu Immortal who are alive were filled with vitality and cannot control death.

Ordinary immortal zombies have death energy emanating in their dead apertures, they have death without life, they could only contain the mysteries of death.

The former had too much vitality, with such immense fortune, heaven would seek balance. Thus, every once in a while, there would be heavenly tribulations and earthly calamities, to create losses to the Gu Immortal.

The latter was full of death energy and had no calamities or tribulations, but would slowly disintegrate and could not contain cultivation resources.

The immortal aperture that Fang Yuan obtained when ascending had already disintegrated by more than half.

In time, it would completely disappear, the entire immortal aperture would vanish. By then, Fang Yuan would only have his mortal dead aperture left.

"But according to this cultivation method contained in the thoughts, I can use the dead aperture as the core and fuse life and death during the process of revival, condensing them into one aperture, and form the life-and-death immortal aperture, to control life and death to a certain degree!"

"With this life-and-death immortal aperture, the power of the heavenly tribulations and earthly calamities I face from now on would be halved! Most importantly, the dao marks I obtain would not be reduced at all."

Fang Yuan was greatly moved.

Any Gu Immortal would be moved.

"If this method really works, then it would truly shock the entire Gu Immortal world, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the entire world would go into chaos!"

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