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Nothing seemed clear to me, all I could do was run, and run, and run. And I didn't stop until the flaming guard tower was in front of me. There were werewolves, humans and elves fighting, but joining them were also Nagas and even dwarves. Anyone who had anything to do or supported the guards were out here, fighting and trying to defend a system that just took people who were important away from me. I was angry, I was hurt, and I wanted them to feel my pain.
I pushed my emotions out of my body, I was not in the right mind for finesse or skills or soul energy. I couldn't think, and what was left inside of me was a cold emptiness that reached out to the bottom of my soul. There was no emotions inside of me, only a very strong desire to kill. I jumped into the fray, dragging a fully transformed werewolf by it's tail, and pulled it over my head, slamming it's canine form on the ground.
That was barely enough to keep it down, as it lunged for my neck, mouth spread wide and ready for the kill. I raised my hands and grabbed it's jaws, wrestling it from side to side until I heard an audible crack and its huge jaws were dislocated from their sockets. But that wasn't enough for me as I grabbed the upper and lower jaws, and pulled them both sideways, tearing them apart and spilling blood in the air. The werewolf's dead body had barely touched the ground when I teleported to the back of a night elf, and wrapped my hands around her shoulders. She smelled good, too good; and so I sank my fangs into her neck, jumping backwards to dodge a leaping werewolf.
I've seen a lion kill before, they grabbed the necks of the prey, locking the big strong jaws until they bleed out and are left without a pulse. But sometimes, they don't wait, and just dive in for the meal. Apparently the fear an animal would feel about being eaten alive, made the meal all the more sweeter.....that was so true. I didn't need to bite her twice, or three times to kill her, but I did, again and again, and again until all that was left of her neck was just a mangled heap of flesh and bone. I threw her aside, her blood running down the side of my lips and into my throat in soft rivulets. I turned and slammed a punch into the chest of an approaching human guard, my hands went through and burst out his back, the I going him away, ignoring as one side of his face skidded across the ground in a very rough manner, peeling the flesh from his bones. He was dead a few seconds later, but with the pain he felt, that could have been an eternity.
I may have used most if not all of my soul energy to build a prison for Adein, but a lot of people were dead. And of all the people dead, their souls and soul energy filled the air and atmosphere to the brim. I took it in, all of it, cresting on a high wave of power, bloodlust and rage. And then I released it again, watching a the fog that was my soul energy rolled past the entrance of the guard tower, and into it. Slithering like worms and snakes into the bodies of every unfortunate guard or person who was fighting against a vampire. Some managed to resist surprisingly, but I could feel many of them.

I raised my hand up, and like coordinator in classical musical piece, I made them all rise up into the air. Unable to do anything as my soul energy had a from grip on their hearts and bones. There were bodies everywhere, and each and everyone of them were still alive, hanging there in fright and anger as o held them bound against their will. I pushed them up, and up, and up. And then finally, just pike a coordinator I brought my hand down, and they fell, down, down, down, like a stone thrown from the top of the building, like a meteor.
It truly was a symphony of death, a rather painful but yet artistic piece. There were broken piles of bones and flesh everywhere, but one was not enough as some of them were still alive, so I raised them, and brought them down again. Then I did it the second time, the third time and the fourth, and God knows how many times until I turned them all into meat paste. Their blood rained from the sky, staining my visage and giving me a fearsome look.
I had all eyes on me, everyone looked at me shocked. My Envoys could not imagine of contemplate who the monster in front of them were. But I wasn't the only one who had gone off the rails today. Across the battlefield, a half man half dragon beast was wrecking havoc, leaving ice and darkness in his wake. A young Boy exploded heads with a thought, and a teenager sent a hail of extremely thin and refined blood needles into the body of anyone who stood in his way.
They didn't understand what was going on, or even why it was that other vampires not a part of Ethernalia Leonis had joined the fight against the guard tower, but it was what it is. Is stepped back, evading a sword aimed at my throat, then I teleported to the back of the attacking human, and just like the elf before him I fed wantonly and without care.
Everything became a haze, there was just blood, and anger and death. So much death. Change had come to the pit, the liberation we so desperately wanted and needed. But unlike the movies and the novels, this was not a happy occasion, it was bloody, wrathful and very painful. When it became obvious that they were not going to win, and that the vampire fighting them, were determined titrating wipe them out, the guards, their families, and much of the white district took that opportunity to escape, and of course we followed them.
From the entrance of the pit, the two hour long tunnel that led to the hub where the caves danced, bodies and blood were stream allover the place. There were voices, cries and the broken wails of men and women. I came to the hub, and walked towards the entrance to the dancing caves. There was a short tunnel, and beyond that was a high speed transportation platform that would take anybody all the way to the top of the volcanic mountain, that held the true of the dancing caves of Noxis Nyx. Beyond that was a mountain range with several out posts placed there by the council of light, if it was daytime we wouldn't exactly be able to launch any attack, but it was imperative we secure that entrance, as it would give us an edge we desperately need in the fight that's to come.
An explosion more powerful than anything we we're currently capable of, except you were a dragon of course. The explosion threw me and more than two dozen other vampires that were in that tunnel off our feet as massive rocks came down from the sky. I realized what was happening almost immediately, they were collapsing the exit, it they can do that, it would stop us long enough for them to mount a proper resistance and defense, or even bury us alive and eliminate the threat all together. I had to stop them. But before I could rally myself out of grief induced stupor, there was another loud explosion, and the tunnel we were collapsed. And all the vampires within, Including me, were buried in the darkness. And it was cold, and lonely.

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