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Long Fei was very good at this kind of thing.

Control the aggro well and maintain a safe distance. As long as the Boss was not instantly killed, it wouldn't be a problem.

In the game, Long Fei was a professional in blabbering.

However …

A game is a game. This is reality.

He wasn't going to face a Level 1 or 2 higher Boss, but a few Level 10 Emperor Bosses. The most important thing was that he wasn't sure if the Boss he lured out was a Boss or a group of Bosses.

It could be said.

There was a slim chance of death in trying to lure the ownerof god's devil city out.

However …

Long Fei agreed.

First, ownerof god's devil city is a BOSS!

Second, ownerof god's devil city is a BOSS!

Third, ownerof god's devil city is also a BOSS!

… ….

All the reasons were just one.

That was … BOSS!

That was enough.

If Long Fei were to fight alone, it would be dangerous and difficult. However, with qin shuang and these free 'thugs', he might be able to relax a lot.


From the experience of several hundred powerhouse s …

Right now, he was at the critical point in his attempt to break through the god's elephant state. Whether he could break through the god's elephant state before the fatry sect selection would depend on tonight.


qin shuang was excited and laughed non-stop in his heart, "If you don't die this time, I'll change my surname to yours!"

Chu Qing was a little worried.

Zheng Yuanhang said slightly: "I will accurately lock onto the position of the ownerof god's devil city for you."

Long Fei said: "Thank you."

In the middle of the night.

A group of six quietly snuck into the god's devil city.


ownerof god's devil city indeed did not expect that qin shuang and the others would come again.

He thought that qin shuang and the others were too scared to come back.

Thus …

The security in god's devil city was not strict, and could be said to be lax.

"Ahead is the City Lord's Mansion, which is also where the god's devil city lives." Zheng Yuanhang said softly.

qin shuang patted Long Fei's shoulders and said: "Brother, it's up to you now. We will activate the divine treasure here, you must lure him here."

Chu Qing said: "You must be careful."

Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "Don't worry, I'll still have to come back to roast meat for you."

While they were talking …

Long Fei snuck into the City Lord's Mansion.

The Zhenshoulong sword once again activated its navigation mode, "Master, my cultivation is at the Emperor Realm of the ownerof god's devil city, I can kill him."

Long Fei said indifferently, "No rush!"

"They treat me like a fool, and I also want to play with them like monkeys. Isn't that just playing with them? "Then let's see who can win against who." Long Fei sneered.

Even if the Zhenshoulong sword could kill the ownerof god's devil city in one move, Long Fei would not let him do it.

You want to send him to his death?

Damn it!

After passing through a few gardens, Long Fei arrived at a large hall.

The main hall was brightly lit.

Cheerful moans and yells were constantly heard from inside the cave.

"Come on, have a good time."

"City Lord, come catch me."

"Hehe …" City Lord, I am here. "

"Catch me, tonight I'll be yours, hehe …"

All kinds of laughter.

Long Fei shook his head and muttered: "I didn't expect the mayor to be such a emotional person."

"Cough, cough!"

Clearing his throat, Long Fei said in a daze, "Grandson, Grandfather is here, quickly come out to die."

No response.

Long Fei's voice could not be heard at all.

Because … There were at least twenty women in the room.

There were other sounds that could be heard in the wine pond and the meat forest?


Long Fei muttered, and once again shouted loudly: "Grandson, Grandfather is here, quickly come out and accept your death!"

Still no reaction.

"I'll throw it!"

"Is this move not effective?"

"No reason." Long Fei scratched his head, the idea moved, he flipped his right hand.


The Zhenshoulong sword flew out.

Long Fei said lightly: "Go, bring him out."


A piercing sound was heard, the Zhenshoulong sword shot straight into the hall, followed by a series of screams.

"Ahh …"

"Ahh …"

"Ahh …"

The entire hall was instantly thrown into chaos.

Hearing the scream, the City Lord's Mansion immediately lit up with light. Elite guards rushed out from every path and rushed into the main hall.



"It's in the City Lord's room."

"Quick, quick, quick!"

… ….

In an instant, in less than half a minute, the space in front of Long Fei was filled with people.

"Kid, who are you?"

"Who sent you?"

"Where's your partner?"

"You're not talking?"

"If you don't say anything, then kill him!"

Long Fei stood at his original position and scratched his ears, as if he didn't hear anything.

At this moment.

The door of the hall was pushed open, and bare-chested City Lords slowly walked out, cautiously and with a heavy voice, "All of you, stop fucking for me."

On his neck was a sword.

A bloody wound had already appeared on his neck.

ownerof god's devil city was so scared that the two lumps of fat on his chest were trembling.

"Big brother, whatever you want, just say it. As long as my god's devil city has it, you can take it." ownerof god's devil city's Adam's apple rolled as he spoke with a pale face.

A mere sword.

He wouldn't be afraid of the godly sword, no matter how powerful it was.

However …

He had never seen a sword like the Zhenshoulong sword before.

It could only be described with one word.


Long Fei smiled lightly, and said: "If god's devil city has any precious treasures, any metals, take them out for me."

ownerof god's devil city immediately replied: "Okay, okay, okay."

"Men, bring me all of my treasures."

"Quick, don't waste my lord's time."

Ten minutes later.

A pile of over a hundred things slowly piled up in front of Long Fei.

However …

Without even a single holy artifact, Long Fei swept his sleeve and kept all of them inside the Space Ring. The idea moved, "Recycling!"


"System Notification: Experience Points + 8037421 points."

Long Fei smiled slightly, "This Experience Points is great."

ownerof god's devil city said: "Big brother, I have given you everything. Can you let me go now?"

Long Fei said: "Still not enough, there is one more thing that I need you to do."

ownerof god's devil city said: "Tell me, as long as you can spare my life, I will do anything for you."

Long Fei smiled slightly and said: "Follow me."

… ….

"senior fellow Qin, it's been twenty minutes and the City Lord's Mansion has quietened down from the start. Do you think that kid will succeed?"

"Success?" qin shuang laughed coldly, and said: "With his level of cultivation, how could such a trash of a country bumpkin be able to lure out ownerof god's devil city of the Emperor Realm?"

The man asked, "Then why did you let him lure the ownerof god's devil city?"

qin shuang laughed coldly, and said: "Using a knife to kill someone."



"senior fellow Qin is truly worthy of being called a senior fellow Qin. He's really high."

qin shuang also sneered, "Fight with me? Hmph, look at what you've said, just that trash of a country bumpkin … "

Not waiting for him to finish.

Zheng Yuanhang suddenly ran over and said: "senior fellow Qin, ownerof god's devil city is out!"


qin shuang was dumbfounded!

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