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Chapter 386 – Intern Boyfriend (End)

Bai Xuan brought Xie Shurong into his own home. Last time, the presence of the parents meant Xie Shurong didn’t dare explore Bai Xuan’s house. Today, only Bai Xuan was at home and Xie Shurong didn’t need to be scrupulous. He entered the house and asked with a smile, “Which room is yours? I want to see where you live?”

“This side.” Bai Xuan opened his bedroom door. “It’s nothing special.”

Xie Shurong walked in and saw that the bedroom was as clean and tidy as he imagined. The wallpaper and bed were a soft beige tone, so that the whole room seemed extraordinarily warm. There was a photo frame on the table that showed Bai Xuan in his youth. His facial features hadn’t fully developed and he looked young as he smiled at the camera.

“Do you have any photos of when you were a child? Xie Shurong looked back at Bai Xuan. “Can you show me?”

“What’s so good about photos as a child?”

“They help me get to know you better.” Xie Shurong smiled. “If you like someone then you want to know their past. I am especially curious about when you were young.”

“Fine.” Bai Xuan smiled helplessly and turned to get a photo album. Xie Shurong sat on Bai Xuan’s bed and casually watched it. As a child, Bai Xuan had particularly lovely white skin while his eyes were black and big. He was very fond of smiling. In most of the photos, he was smiling at the camera and this made Xie Shurong want to pinch Xiao Bai’s face in the photos.

Bai Xuan saw that this person’s smile had become darker and deeper and couldn’t help asking, “What are you smiling at? Do I look funny when I’m a kid?”

“You were very cute, worthy of being the person I like.” Xie Shurong took the photo album and kissed the child in the photo. Bai Xuan was embarrassed by this action and grabbed the photo album. “You can kiss the seven year old child!”

Xie Shurong glanced at Bai Xuan. “Whether it is seven or seventy, I am willing to kiss as long as it is you.”

His eyes were so earnest that Bai Xuan’s heartbeat sped up. He didn’t dare look at this person for a moment and turned to look out the window. The words ‘seventy’ made Bai Xuan imagine the two old men together. It wasn’t beautiful but it made Bai Xuan feel warm. This type of feeling was light, like sweetened candy that seeped into the bottom of his heart.

In the afternoon, Bai Xuan wanted to accompany Xie Shurong for a stroll. As a result, they had just walked out the door when they saw a girl standing at the door with several books in her arms. It was Bai Ning, Bai Xuan’s cousin.

This girl had listened to Bai Xuan’s words yesterday. She returned home and sorted out a bunch of information about e-sports players. She wanted to ask her cousin about them only to see a tall and handsome boy standing next to him. Bai Ning was stunned and immediately put down the books as she threw herself at him. “Ah Shu! Are you Ah Shu? I like you the most!”

Xie Shurong was frightened and glanced at Bai Xuan with confusion. Bai Xuan helplessly introduced them, “This is my cousin, Bai Ning.”

Xie Shurong sighed with relief when he heard this and hugged Bai Ning. “Hello, I am Xie Shurong.”

Bai Ning was excited. “Looking closely, the real person is more handsome than the photo!”

Xie Shurong wasn’t modest and naturally replied, “I also think I am more handsome.”

“…” Bai Xuan was silent for a moment and glanced back at this sister. “Did you come to find me for something?”

“Oh Brother, yesterday you said that I need the foundation if I want to be an e-sports player. I bought some books to ask you questions.” Bai Ning smiled and handed the books to him. “Brother, can you let Ah Shu be my teacher for a while? I also like to play a swordsman…”

Bai Xuan hadn’t managed to speak when Xie Shurong smiled and promised. “No problem, if you have any questions then ask me.”

“Is it really okay?” Bai Nine glanced at him expectantly.

Xie Shurong nodded and spoke gently, “Of course, Bai Xuan’s sister is my sister.”

Bai Xuan’s ears were hot when he heart this but since his sister came, he immediately called the two people into the house.

Xie Shurong thought that Bai Xuan’s cousin was very cute. This little girl’s character was lively and she had a clear mention state. She was different from Bai Xuan’s gentleness and carefulness. Xie Shurong was the only child at home and naturally treated Bai Xuan’s sister as his own sister, patiently answering her strange questions.

For the afternoon, Xie Shurong patiently answered various strange questions and taught her how to play the swordsman. Bai Ning’s excited laughter came from the study from time to time, mixed with Xie Shurong’s explanations. This made Bai Xuan’s heart feel a bit funny.

He didn’t expect that this childish Ah Shu could be so good when helping Bai Xuan’s sister.

In order to reward him, Bai Xuan personally cooked a sumptuous dinner. Xie Shurong and Bai Ning smelt it and came to the restaurant. They chatted while eating and had obviously become very familiar during the afternoon.

Bai Ning asked curiously, “Brother Shu, do you have a girlfriend?”

“No.” Xie Shurong replied with a smile. He had a boyfriend and it was her brother.

“Then what do you like?”

“I like…” Xie Shurong wanted to saw her brother but he saw Bai Xuan’s stare and immediately changed his words. “I like a gentle person with a good temper who is easy to get along with.

“Oh. “Bai Ning satisfied her curiosity and turned to ask Bai Xuan, “Brother, what about you? What type do you like? Are you too busy to fall in love?”

Bai Xuan almost choked. He coughed a few times before changing the topic. “Eat more. You are too thin.”

Her mouth was blocked with a rib and Bai Ning stopped talking. She ate the food in the bowl and chattered with Xie Shurong for a while before leaving in a satisfied manner.

Once she left, Xie Shurong spoke, “Your sister is very talented. I think she is a good seedling and can perhaps become a female player later. I gave her my Q number and will teach her in the future.”

Bai Xuan wondered, “Why are you suddenly so kind?”

Xie Shurong smiled. “Didn’t I say it? Your sister is my sister. Your family, I will treat as my own family.”

The simply sentence moved Bai Xuan.

Bai Ning’s personality was actually a bit annoying. Generally, men couldn’t stand such girls pestering them with questions, especially when some of the questions were quite childish. Yet Xie Shurong patiently answered them all afternoon because of Bai Xuan.

-Your family, I will treat as my own family.

This sentence was lethal to Bai Xuan. It was actually stronger than ‘I like you.’

It was only when a person really wanted to be with someone that they would attach so much importance to family. Falling in love wasn’t the same as getting married. Once a loved one was brought to see the family, it meant there was a plan to live with them.

It wasn’t until this moment that Bai Xuan discovered he was deeply trying to get along with Xie Shurong. Otherwise, who could he bring them back to meet his parents? How could he watch his mother give the jade pendant to Xie Shurong without objection?

It turned out that unconsciously, his heart had already fallen completely.

Bai Xuan felt surprised but he was very calm.

Xie Shurong wasn’t in line with his original ideal type but what did it matter? As long as the two of them treated each other sincerely, their days could be peaceful and beautiful.

Bai Xuan smiled softly as he watched Xie Shurong actively run to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

He finally found the person he could sincerely entrust his heart to and was very satisfied. He decided to give Xie Shurong a promotion and salary increase this evening. As for the specific salary increase… he would let Ah Shu be willful and make a request.

After sending away Bai Ning, Xie Shurong consciously went to the kitchen to wash dishes. By the time he came out, Bai Xuan had already taken a shower. He was sitting at the table and thinking carefully. Xie Shurong cheekily walked to him and hugged the other person, placing his chin on Bai Xuan’s shoulder. “What are you thinking about? Is it me?”

Bai Xuan didn’t refute him and smiled. “Yes, I was thinking about you. You’ve been doing well recently and as the boss, I’ve decided to give the regular employee a pay rise.”

Xie Shurong excitedly hugged him. “Really? What is the pay rise method? Is it a kiss or…”

Bai Xuan reached out and touched his chin. “Go and take a shower.”

The meaning of this sentence was obvious and Xie Shurong immediately smiled. “I understand, Boss. I must wash myself clean.”

Bai Xuan saw him rush like the wind into the bathroom with his toiletries. Bai Xuan was both amused and nervous at the same time.

Did he really want to extend their physical relationship? Wasn’t it a bit too soon?  Then when he thought about it carefully, they time they dated wasn’t short. From an internship to a formal relationship, it had been almost a year…

Since it was a mutual affection, it was normal to meet each other’s physical needs. Bai Xuan took a deep breath and sat on the bed in the bedroom, thinking about what might happen next. He couldn’t help his cheeks heating up.

A while later, Xie Shurong came out of the shower and he was only wearing underwear.

Bai Xuan saw that this person was quite good when undressed. The muscles of his arms and thighs were strong but didn’t look too rough. It was a well-balanced beauty. The eight pack was very eye-catching and the young and strong body approaching him made Bai Xuan’s heart beat faster.

Xie Shurong sat down next to him with a smile and whispered, “Is my body satisfactory?”

Bai Xuan shifted his gaze and said, “Okay.”

Xie Shurong grasped Bai Xuan’s hand, clasping their fingers together closely. He glanced seriously at Bai Xuan. “I really want to go further with you but I don’t want to force you. If you don’t want to…”

“I didn’t say I don’t want to.” Bai Xuan interrupted him with some embarrassment. “Let’s go with the flow.”

“Then shall we try it tonight?”


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Final Extra Chapter 387 – Working Together for a Lifetime (1) Ling Xuefeng & Li Cangyu Extra

The national team won the First Miracle World Competition and many reporters wanted a comprehensive interview with all players. However, many players weren’t willing to do interviews since they wanted to rest for a few days. Since the players had been playing for so long and were exhausted by the matches, Chairman Nan Jiangang declined the reporters’ request to interview everyone and found two representatives.

The representatives were naturally Captain Li Cangyu and Vice-Captain Ling Xuefeng.

Chairman Nan smiled and said, “Some players aren’t talkative in front of reporters and some are unwilling to show up. Therefore, the difficult task of the interviews will be handed to you and Xuefeng.”

Li Cangyu reluctantly had to promise. He turned to the hotel and sat on the sofa while rubbing his temples. “The chairman asked us to go for an interview tomorrow. The questions that could be answered have already been answered. I don’t know what the reporters want us to say.”

“Who told us to be the captain and vice-captain?” Ling Xuefeng walked over and helped massage his shoulders, whispering, “It will only be busy for the next day days. Then I will accompany you to go on a holiday after returning to China.”

“Yes, the holiday period is relatively long and we can relax.” Li Cangyu’s modd was obviously much better. He looked back at Ling Xuefeng and wondered, “Where do you want to go for the holiday?”

“You decide.” Ling Xuefeng’s voice was very gentle.

He was usually cold and serious. In particular, everyone in the Wind Colour team had to listen to their captain’s orders. As a result, in front of Li Cangyu, he always gave up on making decisions. Maybe it was because he was a captain outside and a wife at home? Li Cangyu had this thought and couldn’t help smiling. He questioned in a calm voice, “Xuefeng, shall I take you on a honeymoon?”

“Good.” LIng Xuefeng’s lips curved slightly and his eyes were bright. “Where do you want to go on the honeymoon?”

“How about going to the Maldives?” Li Cangyu opened his phone with excitement and searched for a photo of the Maldives, pointing to the blue sky and sea in the photo. “After all, it is a legendary honeymoon place and the scenery should be good. We are both tired from playing the game so how about going on a romantic trip?”

Ling Xuefeng nodde.d “Yes, shall we go by ourselves?”

“Of course, I don’t want to report to a tour group. Too many light bulbs are boring.” Li Cangyu lened over and gently kissed Ling Xuefeng. “We will go just the two of us.”

Ling Xuefeng saw the expression on this man’s face and really wanted to throw him on the sofa. However, considering there was an interview tomorrow, Ling Xuefeng had to take a deep breath and suppress the urges of his body. He gently touched this person’s cheek and said, “Okay, I’ll check the route and tickets. If you are tired then sleep first. We have to attend the press conference in the morning.”

“Yes, then I’ll sleep first.” Li Cangyu lay down on the bed and watched Ling Xuefeng sitting in front of the laptop and carefully checking tickets, causing Li Cangyu’s heart to warm. It was really a blessing to find such a powerful and considerate wife.

The next morning, the two people got up early and prepared for the interview with the media.

Ling Xuefeng usually wore a suit when attending formal events. He was tall and had long legs. Whenever he wore a suit, he looked like a cover model in a magazine. His exquisite facial features gave a sense of abstinence and many fans were excited just looking at his face.

Li Cangyu usually liked to wear loose and comfortable casual wear. However, today he wore a suit in order to match Ling Xuefeng. Coincidentally, his clothes were the same colour as Ling Xuefeng’s suit.

Ling Xuefeng apparently discovered this. He came over to Li Cangyu and examined it carefully. Then he leaned over and whispered in Li Cangyu’s ears, “Did you specifically prepare a couple’s outfit with me?”

Li Cangyu didn’t deny it and nodded calmly. “Don’t you think this is perfect?”

Ling Xuefeng smiled and hugged the straightforward big cat. “It is a perfect match.”

The two of them met Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei at the restaurant downstairs. It was only Xiao Cheng who would run downstairs to eat breakfast so early. IT turned out that today’s hotel buffet had many special snacks. Tan Shitian smiled and greeted them politely while Cheng Wei put down the cake in his hand and ran to Li Cangyu. “Cat God, you’re so handsome today! Isn’t this like going to a wedding?”

Li Cangyu, “…”

Tan Shitian immediately pulled back Cheng Wei and smiled. “Cough, Cat God and Captain Ling are going to the press conference, right?”

Cheng Wei only just realized and grinned. “Oh, the chairman made you face the reporters again. Cat God, refuel!”

Li Cangyu and Ling sat at the next table to eat breakfast before going to the conference room on the third floor of the hotel.

They pushed open the door and were immediately greeted with flashing lights. The venue was full of heads, including some foreign reporters. It was obvious that the scale of this press conference was very large but Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng had long been used to such a scene. The two of them exchanged a look before walking forward.

Li Cangyu wore a suit and was handsome and compelling when he smiled. Ling Xuefeng looked cold and his suit was steady and restrained. The two men with different styles stood together and coordinated very well. In particular, today’s clothes matched each other.

The reporters saw the two people and clapped. After the warm applause, the host signalled for the interview to start. A girl stood up excitedly and asked, “I noticed that the clothes worn by the two great gods today are of the same style. Did you buy it together?”

Li Cangyu replied, “I bought it previously when I was in China. I rarely wear suits but Xuefeng is so formal today that I have to cooperate with him. Otherwise, it will be too strange when we stand together.”

Ling Xuefeng heard this and glanced over at him with a slight smile. “You are very handsome in formal clothing.”

The brief exchange made the atmosphere warm and the reporters couldn’t help agreeing, “Cat God is really handsome!”

”Can’t he go directly to a wedding like this?”

A photographer took a close-up photo of the two people. After a closer look, he was surprised to find that the two men sitting together in formal clothing looked like the photo ID of a marriage certificate. Of course, the photographer immediately got rid of the strange idea that popped up and pointed his camera again.

The reporters’ questions also entered the right track. “Cat God, your leadership has contributed to this national team winning the World Competition. Now that you have won, what do you want to tell everyone?”

Li Cangyu picked up the microphone and smiled. “I am the captain and my only credit is in arranging the lineup and organizing the tactical training. The most important thing is the players of the national team. The players have a very high overall level and everyone worked together to play every game. Each step was practical and we deserved to win this World Competition. The most gratifying thing is that we lived up to the expectations of the audience.”

The people clapped warmly. Obviously, many reporters were from China and were satisfied with Li Cangyu’s elegant answer. A male reporter stood up and questioned, “Do you think there are any weak links in the Chinese team that needs to be improved on?”

“Of course. We aren’t as mature as the US team and South Korean team in the use of certain tactics.” Ling Xuefeng glanced over at Li Cangyu and continued, “These questions will be studied in detail after returning home.”

“Yes, we have already gained the referee’s perspective of every match in this World Competition and they will be the focus of the major teams after returning home.” Li Cangyu continued on from Ling Xuefeng.

“We might’ve won the championship but we still have to consider future competitions. We can’t stand still.” Ling Xuefeng stated.

Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes.

“Do you have the confidence to win the next World Competition? Will the two of you serve as leaders of the national team again?” This question caused many reporters’ ears to prick nervously.

LI Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng shared a tacit look. Then Ling Xuefeng picked up the microphone and replied, “It isn’t good to talk about next year’s matters.”

“It is too early for the next World Competition and we can’t predict the future.” Li Cangyu continued. “After returning, we will first prepare for the eighth season of the domestic league. That is the most critical thing.”

The two people answered the reporters’ questions one by one. Whenever a foreign reporter asked something, Ling Xuefeng would interpret for Li Cangyu. The two worked together seamlessly and quickly answered all questions.

After nearly an hour of answering questions, their throats were a bit dry. Ling Xuefeng opened a bottle of water and handed it to Li Cangyu. Li Cangyu naturally took it and drank from it. At this time, someone suddenly stood up and asked, “Cat and Ling are both captains and you’re normally busy. Do you have time to look for a girlfriend?”

Li Cangyu put down the water bottle and asked with surprise, “Can personal questions be asked?”

The host told him, “You can choose not to answer or it is fine if you are willing to answer.”

The reporter anxiously spoke, “Many fans hope that your personal matters can be resolved well. You can’t completely ignore life events in order to play the game. Can you tell us what type of girls you like?”

Li Cangyu smiled slightly. “In fact, I have a lover and the current progress is very smooth. I don’t want to announce their identity for the time being because I don’t want too many people to bother my lover. They are also an e-sports player.”

The audience exclaimed and this was followed by another bombshell.

Ling Xuefeng lightly spoke, “I also have a lover. We are very good, thank you for your concern.”

Everyone, “…”

Shortly after the press conference ended, Weibo went viral with the news that both Cat God and Captain Ling had a lover.

Many people guessed who Li Cangyu’s girlfriend was among the e-sports players. Most of them pointed their fingers at girls of the Red Fox team before shifting to the female players of the Dragon Song Club. A guessing game started on Li Cangyu’s Weibo page.

Ling Xuefeng’s Weibo also had many fan questions. Many people couldn’t imagine it at all. What type of person would be worthy for Captain Ling?

Weibo became a messy pot of porridge. Li Cangyu saw the comments on Ling Xuefeng’s Weibo and felt some regret. “I shouldn’t have answered the reporter’s question.”

“It doesn’t matter. They will eventually know one day.” Ling Xuefeng didn’t care and gently held Li Cangyu’s shoulder. “Are aren’t doing anything shady and besides, aren’t we a good match?”

Li Cangyu nodded earnestly. “That’s true. In this world, only I am worthy of you.”

His confident smile was particularly dazzling and Ling Xuefeng couldn’t move his eyes away. After watching for a while, Ling Xuefeng couldn’t hold back and leaned down to press a kiss against this person’s lips. Then he smiled and said, “Yes, only you.”

-Only you deserve me and only you know me.

-Only I deserve you and only I really know you.

Together, they were called a match ‘made in heaven.’ Their attitude towards this relationship was also very calm. They didn’t announce it because the timing wasn’t right. One day, it would be announced but as long as this person was by his side, he wouldn’t be afraid no matter how difficult.

It was because there was a person willing to share all joys with himself and was willing to accompany him to bear the suffering.

Chapter 388 – Working Together for a Lifetime (2)

Li Cangyu returned to China and separated from Ling Xuefeng at Beijing Airport. He had to go back to Changsha with his teammates while Ling Xuefeng was going to Shanghai. The two of them agreed to meet in Shanghai three days later.

Once in Changsha, the Canglan team organized a press conference. Li Cangyu graciously introduced the preparations for next year and answered many questions. However, he didn’t talk about the mysterious lover. Even if a reporter asked, he only smiled and told them, “I will announce it once the time is ripe. It is still early.”

This attitude made his teammates very curious, especially Xie Shurong. On the way back to the dormitory, he wrapped himself around Bai Xuan and asked, “You have know Cat God for so many years and should be clear about what type of person he likes. Can you tell me who his girlfriend is?”

Bai Xuan smiled. “I also don’t know.”

He always thought that Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng didn’t have an ordinary relationship but this was just his guess. There was no evidence and Li Cangyudidn’t want to announce it. Thus, Bai Xuan wouldn’t mention anything.

Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang were also very curious about their captain’s family. They asked Xiao Han and Xiao Han looked blank. “Master has a girlfriend? Why didn’t i know?”

Only Uncle Zhang was calm about this. He had an expression of ‘it doesn’t matter’ and ran to his studio to process orders. He had been busy a season and wanted to relax by doing his old work for a few days.

Li Cangyu took the attitude of ‘ignoring’ his teammates’ curious eyes. He only needed to be a good captain and it wasn’t necessary to explain personal feelings to his teammates.

Li Cangyu was anxious to meet Ling Xuefeng so he immediately flew to Shanghai after finishing his work in Changsha.

Ling Xuefeng drove to the airport to pick him up. Li Cangyu wore sunglasses to avoid the paparazzi and once he entered the car, he greeted Ling Xuefeng with a sigh of relief. He directly asked, “Did you miss me?”

Ling Xuefeng looked over in a serious manner. “I was thinking about you.”

“I’m pretty much the same.” Li Cangyu laughed.

For the past few days, reporters had been following them tightly. In order to avoid being recognized by reporters, Ling Xuefeng deliberately rented a car that was a low-key Buick. Li Cangyu appreciated this care.

“Can we go back to your house? There are many reporters behind us.” Li Cangyu asked as he put on his seat belt.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll get rid of them.” Ling Xuefeng glanced coldly in the rearview mirror and stepped on the gas pedal, driving out of the parking lot.

His driving skills were superb and after a few turns, he left the stunned reporters behind him.

Li Cangyu smiled with relief. “It is like having an affair.” The car had just arrived at an intersection and Ling Xuefeng stopped because of the red light. Li Cangyu looked at the handsome man’s face and reached out to touch Ling Xuefeng’s fingers. “Don’t mind it. We might have to sneak around now but one day, I will give you a name.”

Ling Xuefeng held his hand and whispered, “What is the name?”

Li Cangyu came over and spoke in the other person’s ear. “Wife.”

Ling Xeufeng couldn’t help smiling as he thought, ‘What to do? Our hearts are connected like this. I also want to call you wife.’

The green light came on and Ling Xuefeng didn’t say anything more as he drove back home.

Once they arrived home, they started to pack for their holiday in the Maldives before sleeping early. Of course, both of them didn’t do anything unusual and just slept in the same bed.

The next day, they flew from Shanghai to the Maldives.

Ling Xuefeng had booked a holiday villa on the beach in advance. Li Cangyu walked around the villa and was very satisfied. There were huge floor to ceiling windows in the living room and bedroom, allowing them to see the sea outside. It was truly a place for a holiday as every step was a scene. The blue sky and sea made people feel relaxed and happy.

Li Cangyu took off his shoes and lay barefoot on the sofa in the living room, squinting at the beautiful scenery outside the window. At this time, it was near dusk and the golden light of the setting sun shone through the large ceilings, giving warmth to the warm and Li Cangyu’s body was coated with a soft halo.

Ling Xuefeng suddenly felt that the relaxed Li Cangyu on the soft had put away his sharp claws and was like a big cat lazing around in the sun.

This was really sexy to the extreme.

Ling Xuefeng couldn’t help walking over and sitting down. He leaned over and kissed Li Cangyu who responded enthusiastically.

The two people were alone in a villa abroad and didn’t have to worry about reporters or being interrupted by teammates. Their kiss was more enthusiastic and intense.

Li Cangyu was very active in this respect while Ling Xuefeng was gentle and strong. This kiss was like a contest on the arena. It was equally divided and they both were sweaty.

At the end of the kiss, both people were a bit breathless as they smiled at each other.

Li Cangyu whispered in Ling Xuefeng’s ear, “Go and take a bath? This holiday villa must have a double bathroom.”

“Good.” Ling Xuefeng’s voice was a bit hoarse. He took Li Cangyu’s hand and led this person to the bathroom.

The size of the bathroom didn’t disappoint Li Cangyu. It was a luxurious bathroom more than 20 square metres and the bathtub was large enough for two people along with a spacious glass shower. Ling Xuefeng filled the bathtub with water while Li Cangyu quickly took off his clothes and went into the shower to have a quick wash.

He wasn’t shy at all about taking a shower in front of his lover.

Ling Xuefeng watched him shower through the glass. Numerous crystal clear water drops flowed along the slender neck, smooth back and then falling along the straight hips and legs.

His heartbeat sped up and followed the rhythm of the water. Ling Xuefeng’s body was becoming hotter and the desire that had been long suppressed broke through its shackles. His lower body soon hardened.

Li Cangyu finished the shower and found that Ling Xuefeng had filled up the bathtub. He walked over and lay in the bathtub with a smile. “Do you want to take a shower first and then come and bathe with me?”

No one could refuse such a straightforward invitation.

Ling Xuefeng immediately took off his clothes and took a shower. Li Cangyu leaned on the bathtub and enjoyed the sight of the beautiful man washing. The more he saw, the more pleased he became. Ling Xuefeng’s figure was really great.

Moments later, Ling Xuefeng turned off the shower and stepped into the bathtub, lying down with Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu smiled and touched the other person’s eight pack. “You look so slim but you have all these muscles after undressing. How did you train this?”

Ling Xuefeng grabbed his hand and spoke in an extraordinarily low voice. “Don’t touch it.”

Li Cangyu continued to touch this person and commented, “Your body is great.”

At this moment, his finger touched a hot and hard object and there was the clear feeling of blood pulsing. Li Cangyu immediately realized what he touched and quickly retracted his hand.

However, Ling Xuefeng wasn’t willing to let go of the person who ignited every part of his body. He turned Li Cangyu and pressed Li Cangyu under his body, whispering, “What did you touch? Why don’t you continue?”

“Cough.” Li Cangyu wasn’t shy in this respect but he had no experience. It was his first time encountering Ling Xuefeng’s thick lower body and it felt a bit strange. He originally only thought about cultivating feelings in these few days before trying to further their physical relationship. He didn’t expect it to happen when taking a bath together.

Ling Xuefeng usually looked very cold but once his desires were ignited, they weren’t easy to extinguish. Li Cangyu was worrying about it when he was kissed.

Ling Xuefeng’s tongue dove straight in and the kiss was very direct. It was a declaration of ownership as his tongue moved aggressively in Li Cangyu’s mouth. Ling Xuefeng’s breath encroached on Li Cangyu’s mind and this feeling was very comfortable. Li Cangyu couldn’t help reaching out to hug the other person’s waist.

After the kiss, Ling Xuefeng watched Li Cangyu with deep eyes. His eyes were particularly deep as something suppressed was rushing out. “Cat, I want you. Can I?’

Li Cangyu was startled. However, his wife was so active. How could he retreat?

The virgin LI Cangyu was a bit nervous about joining with Ling Xuefeng. His heartbeat was extremely fast and he took a deep breath to make himself as calm as possible. He gazed into Ling Xuefeng’s eyes and replied, “Yes, we will try it.”

Then he turned Ling Xuefeng over and kissed Ling Xuefeng’s eyes. He was about to continue going down when he was turned around. Ling Xuefeng had rolled them back to the previous position.

In just half a minute, it became you press me and I press you. The water in the bathtub was sprinkled all over the floor. Then Ling Xuefeng placed his knees between Li Cangyu’s legs so that Li Cangyu couldn’t move.

The man stared at him gently and whispered, “Let me do the physical work.”


Ling Xuefeng smiled. “It would be nice for you to lie down and enjoy it.”

Li Cangyu thought, ‘Is he going to serve me with his mouth. My wife is really warm!”

It wasn’t until Ling Xuefeng covered his hand in shower gel and touched his back hole that Li Cangyu woke up and grabbed this person’s wrist. “This isn’t quite right?”

Chapter 389 – Working Together for a Lifetime (3)

This wasn’t right.

Li Cangyu always regarded Ling Xuefeng as his wife. Thus, he should take the initiative to embrace the other person. How did he become the one lying down at the critical moment? There was some confusion in his mind. Li Cangyu glanced at Ling Xuefeng with a puzzled expression. This expression was like Ling Xuefeng suddenly waking him up from a dream.

Ling Xuefeng’s lips curved slightly as he leaned over and kissed the other person’s eyes. He whispered, “You don’t like being below?”

Li Cangyu replied seriously, “Yes, I want to be on top.”

“Okay.” Ling Xuefeng nodded and turned Li Cangyu over, separating his legs and letting him sit on Ling Xuefeng. His upright desire rubbed lightly against Li Cangyu’s back hole as he protested, “I didn’t mean it like this…”

Ling Xuefeng knew and asked, “What did you mean?”

Li Cangyu spoke bluntly. “I want to hold you.”

“I want to hold you too.”

The two people looked at each other and smiled. At this moment, they actually had another ‘heart and soul connection.’ What to do? Were they going to fight every time they went to bed? Then the winner would be the one above?

This method would really ruin the atmosphere. LI Cangyu thought about it and proposed, “Should we rotate it every time?”

There was no need to make him angry at this time and Ling Xuefeng simply agreed, “Okay.”

Li Cangyu smiled with satisfaction. This time you will be on top first. Next time, it’ll be me!”

Li Cangyu was usually busy playing games and didn’t have too much information about sex. If their first time wasn’t harmonious then it wouldn’t be beneficial to their relationship. Ling Xuefeng seemed to know more about this and he could do it first. Then Li Cangyu could learn and progress from Ling Xuefeng. It wouldn’t be too late to take back the initiative.

Li Cangyu thought very carefully but he completely ignored the fact that if he tasted the sweetness once, he might not want to change it later.

Ling Xuefeng was given permission and didn’t rush. He just slowly kissed along Li Cangyu’s neck.

This was the first close contact between the two of them. Compared to the eagerness to resolve physical desires, Ling Xuefeng seemed more mature. His foreplay was rich and gentle because he wanted to make his lover feel comfortable.

He kissed all the way down the neck to the chest. Ling Xuefeng stuck out his tongue and rubbed the tip on the left side of the chest, causing Li Cangyu’s body to tremble.

Ling Xuefeng opened his mouth along the tip and gently bit, licked and sucked it. Li Cangyu had never been treated like this before. He intellectually felt it was very strange but he physically enjoyed it. The strange numbness was transmitted to his mind and he couldn’t help closing his eyes.

Ling Xuefeng finished the left side and deliberately didn’t go to the right. Instead, he whispered in the other person’s ear, “Is it comfortable?”

Li Cangyu honestly sent his right nipple to Ling Xuefeng’s mouth and replied bluntly, “It is very comfortable. This side also wants it.”

Ling Xuefeng really loved this honest and straightforward Li Cangyu. He immediately smiled and latched onto the right nipple, gently licking it.

His chest really felt too comfortable. Li Cangyu leaned back against the bathtub. He knew that a man’s lower body would be very pleasurable when licked but he didn’t expect his chest to be a sensitive point.

The action of changing his position made the water in the bathtub overflow to the ground. Ling Xuefeng licked his chest before continuing downwards. He saw Li Cangyu’s erect penis and didn’t hesitate.

“Oh..” Li Cangyu couldn’t help gasping.

He usually resolved this with his right hand but how could his hand compared to Ling Xuefeng’s lips?

The sensitive organ was drawn into Ling Xuefeng’s mouth and the flexible tongue moved over the tip. The fresh and strange stimuli made Li Cangyu arch his waist and groan comfortably.

“Oh… um…”

Ling Xuefeng listened to the low groans and worked his tongue and mouth harder. He slowly swallowed this organ while repeatedly licking the sensitive tip.

Such a strong stimulation made Li Cangyu reach out to hold the back of his person’s head, his groans becoming more intense.

“Um…ohh… mmm…”

His eyes gradually became misty as pleasure filled his entire body thanks to Ling Xuefeng. Li Cangyu felt his body floating, like being on a cloud, as his sensitive penis was wrapped in a warm mouth and meticulously served.

They were both men and Ling Xuefeng knew a man’s body well. He always met Li Cangyu’s needs. His tongue was flexible and powerful and once he poked the tip of the penis, Li Cangyu tasted an ecstasy he never experienced before.


Ling Xuefeng sucked hard and the other side completely surrendered.

After climaxing, Li Cangyu held the edge of the bathtub and gasped roughly.

He had never experienced such a thrilling pleasure. It was like his soul was separated from his flesh. His body was floating but his mind was blank.

His upper body was covered with kiss marks and when he leaned against the bathtub, he revealed his body to Ling Xuefeng. The long and straight legs were still wrapped around Ling Xuefeng’s waist and the back hole was exposed to him. Li Cangyu was tempting to the extreme.

Ling Xuefeng’s breathing became heavy and he leaned over to kiss the red lips, whispering, “Is it pleasurable?”

Li Cangyu regained his senses and touched Ling Xuefeng’s chin, replying honestly, “It is especially pleasurable.” Then he took the initiative to kiss Ling Xuefeng, as if rewarding this person for his excellent performance.

“Then I will make you feel pleasurable again.” Ling Xuefeng smiled and squeezed some liquid onto his hands. He spread it around Li Cangyu’s back hole before gently inserting a finger.

Li Cangyu perceived something foreign entering his body and twisted a bit. Ling Xuefeng instantly hugged his waist with his left hand and whispered, “Don’t move. Believe in me, okay?”

“Yes.” LI Cangyu immediately stayed still and opened his legs even further.

Just now, Ling Xuefeng was willing to use his mouth to please Li Cangyu. How could Li Cangyu not open up? Since Ling Xuefeng said it was would be pleasurable, he would certainly believe this man. Just like on the field, he was willing to hand his back to the other person without any doubts.

Ling Xuefeng’s hot eyes stared at Li Cangyu’s slender legs and he kissed Li Cangyu’s body, planting a series of kiss marks on the inner thigh.

Don’t look at his usual serious coldness. This time, Li Cangyu almost couldn’t stand his enthusiasm.

Li Cangyu was a bit itchy from being kissed but he didn’t push the other person away. Instead, he reached out to hold Ling Xuefeng’s shoulder, closed his eyes and quietly enjoyed this strange joy.

The lubrication of the liquid allowed the fingers to increase to two. Ling Xuefeng kissed his lover over and over and patiently expanded the tight inner wall. The hot temperature made Ling Xuefeng linger and just putting his fingers in caused a great sense of satisfaction to rise in Ling Xuefeng’s heart.

The fingers in Li Cangyu’s body increased to four. Li Cangyu wasn’t very comfortable but since he gave the initiative to Ling Xuefeng, he chose to trust this man. He was silent despite there being some discomfort.

However, Ling Xuefeng’s observation ability was first-class. He saw Li Cangyu frown slightly and knew this person was uncomfortable. He instantly stopped his movements and gently stroked and kissed the other person to distract him.

Li Cangyu was deceived by the kiss and temporarily ignored the strangeness behind him. Ling Xuefeng patiently finished the foreplay and the extremely hard organ arrived a the entrance and was slowly inserted.

“Um…” Ling Xuefeng’s penis was thick and hard. Once it was inserted, there was a sudden pain, like Li Cangyu’s body was being torn from inside. Even so, LI Cangyu had been strong from an early age and never back down when encountering difficulties. He felt pain at this time but was too embarrassed to mention it. He could only grit his teeth.

Ling Xuefeng saw the sweat on Li Cangyu’s forehead and stopped, hugging this person in a distressed manner. His eyes were extraordinarily gentle as he spoke, “If you are uncomfortable then call out. There is no need to pretend in front of me. Relax, okay?”

HIs hoarse voice contained a different type of sexiness and his gentle eyes made Li Cangyu feel particularly at ease.

This pain wasn’t unbearable. Li Cangyu took a deep breath and let himself relax before smiling. “Come on.”

He grabbed Ling Xuefeng’s shoulder and took the initiative to sit down. Gravity caused his body to sink onto Ling Xuefeng’s thick penis, gradually swallowing it into his body.

This scene was completely seen by Ling Xuefeng. The stimulation of his senses made Ling Xuefeng’s impulses fierce. He hugged Li Cangyu’s waist and started a fierce rhythm. The water in the bathtub was beaten to the ground due to his movements. The sounds mixed with Li Cangyu’s repressed gasps made the atmosphere in the bathroom particularly ambiguous.

“Ahhh… um…”

It was unknown which place Ling Xuefeng hit but a sudden numbness came from the depths of the body. Li Cangyu’s waist softened and his legs could barely support him. Ling Xuefeng quickly raised this person and lowered him down on his penis again.


Li Cangyu’s gasps overflowed from his mouth and his black eyes were covered with a haze. The strange numbness mixed with the milk pain and strong joy, rising to his mind and eclipsing the soul.

He never thought that being hugged by a person could be so comfortable and he came. Li Cangyu didn’t feel the least bit shy. In his opinion, it was natural to enjoy sex with his lover. He honestly followed his physical instincts, hugging Ling Xuefeng’s shoulder and begging directly, “Further, come in… a little stronger…”

Such a straightforward demand was the best agent for Ling Xuefeng. Ling Xuefeng’s eyes deepened and he turned Li Cangyu over, pressing Li Cangyu under his body. He raised Li Cangyu’s legs and placed them on both sides of the bathtub, forcibly inserting himself deep inside this person’s body.


Li Cangyu’s voice was tinged with an erotic hoarseness and the way it rose at the end was particularly attractive.

Ling Xuefeng sped up his movements, touching the sensitive point in the depths of Li Cangyu’s body every time. Li Cangyu’s gasps became fiercer as his lower body was raised and held by Ling Xuefeng.

The two people were sweaty as their bodies tangled together but they were reluctant to let go of each other.

Li Cangyu was struck by Ling Xuefeng and couldn’t stand it, coming once again. At the same time, Ling Xuefeng also reached climax and released into Li Cangyu’s body.

Finally, he had completely possessed this man he had been secretly in love with for many years. Ling Xuefeng was filled with a strong sense of satisfaction. The climax made his mind a bit chaotic but the eyes of his loved ones were clearly imprinted. The face faded from a youthful boy to a handsome man. Today’s Li Cangyu was still sexy and fascinating.

He let Li Cangyu pant for a while. Ling Xuefeng calmed down from his climax and kissed the other person, whispering, “Is it pleasurable? I didn’t like to you?”

Li Cangyu was like a full cat as he lay in the bathtub. He nodded and replied honestly, “Yes, it was an unprecedented experience.”

Ling Xuefeng asked, “Do you want to try another position?”

“Do you still have strength?”

“Of course.” Ling Xuefeng answered with practical answers, turning Li Cangyu and making him kneel at the edge of the bathtub. Then he violently entered from behind, letting Li Cangyu emit a quick groan.

“Um… you really… hmm…”

The bathroom was soon filled with gasps that made a person blush and heartbeat accelerate.

They did it from dusk until it became dark, as if trying to fuse their souls together.

Chapter 390 – Working Together for a Lifetime (4)

When Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu arrived at the villa, they entered the bathroom without having time to enjoy the view. Once they finished, it was already dark outside the window.

Li Cangyu’s waist was uncomfortable and his legs were hanging over the edge of the bathtub. He took a deep breath and drew back his legs. Then he touched his stomach and said, “I’m a bit hungry.”

He had only eaten on the plan and there was a serious physical energy consumption in the afternoon. Li Cangyu was hungry as he got up and planned to find something to eat.

Ling Xuefeng came up to him and wrapped a towel around his body. “Be careful not to catch a cold.”

Li Cangyu smiled and gave Ling Xuefeng a bath towel. “You as well.”

The two men looked at their lover wrapped in a white towel and were filled with a sweet warmth.

Ling Xuefeng reached out to touch Li Cangyu’s wet hair. “Go dry your hair and I’ll make dinner.” He thoughtfully handed the hair dryer to Li Cangyu.

“Do you want to cook?” Li Cangyu stood in front of the mirror and blew his hair. He could see the handsome man’s face in the mirror and the other person was staring at him. LI Cangyu couldn’t help smiling, “It is too much trouble to go to the supermarket to buy ingredients. We should change clothes and find a restaurant to eat at.”

“Okay, I’ll go to the nearby supermarket tomorrow to buy food.” Ling Xuefeng stepped forward and gazed tenderly at his lover. He took the hair dryer and patiently helped this person blow dry his hair.

The two men dried their hair, changed clothes and went out.

It was dark outside and the street lights in front of the villa gave a soft warmth. The two people walked for 10 minutes before finding a restaurant on the side of the road. Based on the facade, it was Western food and there weren’t too many customers in the restaurant. They found a quiet corner to sit down and once the waiter came over, Ling Xuefeng used fluent English to order.

He ordered a couple’s meal as well as an extra portion of black pepper steak and a lemon-flavoured cold drink.

Li Cangyu laughed. “You still remember my taste?”

“Of course.” Ling Xuefeng stared at him. “I remember everything about you.”

Perhaps the lights were too warm and the music too soft. Li Cangyu suddenly felt that Ling Xuefeng’s gentle eyes were a whirlpool, attracting him to sink in.

-I remember everything about you.

It was a simple sentence but it contained many years of hard waiting. In fact, this man looked serious and indifferent but he was more tolerant than anyone else. It was just that this strong tolerance was for his lover.

“Why are you looking at me?” Ling Xuefeng felt the other person staring and asked.

“It is because you are handsome.” Li Cangyu replied directly. “I feel I have very good eyes.”

“Me too.”

The two men smiled at each other before the waiter came over and placed food on the table.

The couple’s package was very rich and enough for two people to eat, but Ling Xuefeng was worried it wouldn’t be enough and thoughtfully ordered the steak for Li Cangyu. Li Cangyu was starving and cut the steak, giving half to Ling Xuefeng.

The two people quietly ate dinner. They didn’t talk much but this type of tacit understanding allowed even the waiters at the bar to see the deep feelings between them. It seemed there was a strange separation about them. They were in their own world and outsiders couldn’t get involved.

After eating, Ling Xuefeng took the initiative to get up and pay. Then he asked Li Cangyu, “Do you want to go back to rest or stroll around the beach?”

“What about you?”

“It is still early. Let’s go for a stroll around the beach?”

“Good.” Li Cangyu paused before whispering into Ling Xuefeng’s ears, “However, I can’t walk too long. My legs are still sore.”

He spoke directly without any traces of embarrassment.

Ling Xuefeng remembered the scene where he raised this person’s legs and repeatedly moved in and out of the body and his eyes became gentler. He asked, “Would you like me to carry you?”

“Okay.” Li Cangyu wasn’t polite. He saw Ling Xuefeng bending down in front of him and immediately got on this person’s back, asking, “I’m not heavy? My weight doesn’t seem to be lighter than you.”

“It’s fine.” LIng Xuefeng’s heart was soft. He started talking as he walked. “As a child, I always thought that when I have a lover, I would carry them on my back when walking by the sea.”

“Is that so? Then your wish has come true.” Li Cangyu touched Ling Xuefeng’s chin and joking, “However, when you were a child, you probably thought you would be carrying a big beauty instead of a big man?”

“That’s true.” Ling Xuefeng honestly admitted. “Then my thoughts changed after meeting you.”

It was dark and Ling Xuefeng carried Li Cangyu on a beach walk. The man on his back wasn’t light but Ling Xuefeng’s pace was still stable.

The sea at night was mysterious. The faint moonlight caused a series of tiny silver ripples on the sea and the sound of the waves hitting the beach seemed to have a strange power that calmed down the mood.

The sea breeze was cool and mixed with the damp smell of the sea. Nevertheless, it wasn’t too cold and made people feel refreshed.

Li Cangyu lay on Ling Xuefeng’s back and breathed in the fresh air of the beach. Once they were a dozen metres away from the shoreline, Li Cangyu patted the other person’s shoulder and said, “Let me down.”

Ling Xuefeng put him down and stared at him.

In the soft moonlight, a faint smile could be seen on this handsome face. His lips were red and swollen and his neck was covered with kiss marks.

An average person would definitely find a way to cover these traces with high-necked shirts. Some people would even be too shy to go out but Li Cangyu never knew shyness.

This man was open about everything. Once he was in love, he was straightforward and magnanimous.

Ling Xuefeng smiled and gently held this person’s hand.

Li Cangyu opened his mouth. “Suddenly holding my hand, are you trying to say something?”

Ling Xuefeng linked their fingers together and replied, “It is time to say something.” He gently hugged Li Cangyu and clearly spoke in Li Cangyu’s ears, word by word. “I, love, you.”

Li Cangyu was stunned. He didn’t expect this always cold man to actually say such words.

In the past, Li Cangyu only had the game in his mind and never thought about love. Apart from eating and sleeping, the rest of the time was spent watching videos of the game, studying various professional features, arranging tactics and organizing his team’s training. His entire world was completely filled with the word ‘e-sports.’

Since returning to Miracle and reuniting with Ling Xuefeng, he suddenly discovered that there could be such a beautiful love in the world.

In these years, he had weathered hardships and drifted through many ups and downs. At this moment, being in this man’s arms made Li Cangyu feel a type of peace.

A peace that could last a lifetime.

The feeling of falling in love with someone wasn’t bad. It wasn’t difficult to admit that he fell in love.

Li Cangyu smiled and hugged Ling Xuefeng, replying seriously, “I love you too.”

The man’s arms suddenly tightened as if he wanted to melt Li Cangyu into his body.

Li Cangyu took a deep breath and smelt the cold and refreshing scent that belonged to Ling Xuefeng. He also tightened his arms and hugged his person.

Their left hand and right hands were interlocked and clasped tightly to their chest.

Their right arm and left arm hugged the other person tightly, seeming to make a promise that they would never forsake the other.

On the beach by the sea, two people embraced each other and the moonlight shone softly on them, as if time had stopped.

Chapter 391 – Working Together for a Lifetime (5)

The days spent in the Maldivers were the most leisurely days for Li Cangyu since he was young. Every night, he would be intimate with Ling Xuefeng and then fall asleep when exhausted. Once he woke up in the morning, there was a nutritious breakfast waiting for him. At noon, there was the fish that Ling Xuefeng cooked. They were steamed, braised, sweet and sour and all types of other recipes that made him full. In the afternoon, he would go to the beach with Ling Xuefeng to enjoy the sun and listen to music…

These days were so happy that Li Cangyu was reluctant to leave.

However, the holiday period would soon be ending and they had to return home to start preparing for the new season.

That night, Ling Xuefeng was packing up when he got a text message. [Captain Ling, are you in the Maldives? Will you be flying home tomorrow?] The sender was the vice-captain of the Wind Colour team, Yan Ruiwen.

Ling Xuefeng replied doubtfully: [How do you know?]

Yan Ruiwen: [Weibo exposed a photo of you on holiday with Cat God in the Maldives. The fans are going crazy and many journalists are sniffing around the airport. If it is convenient then I suggest you change things around.]

Ling Xuefeng opened Weibo and sure enough, a photo was being crazily spread on the home page.

The photo contained newlyweds. The man was wearing a light blue suit and the woman wore a dress in the same colour. They were a prefect match but the thing that stole attention was the two men not far fro them. One was sitting up with a soft smile on his handsome face while the other was lying down, head naturally resting on the other person. His eyes were closed with a lazy expression.

It was a photo of Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu basking in the sun on the beach.

The original owner posted this as a wedding photo on Weibo. He didn’t expect that he inadvertently photographed two great gods of the e-sports circle. In one day, the photo was forwarded tens of thousands of times, scaring the original owner into deleting it.

However, the photo had been saved by the reporters of the major e-sports websites. The news of Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu’s holiday in the Maldives swept through the Miracle League and shocked countless people.

Both of them were high-ranking veterans in the Miracle League. The active professional players in the Miracle League weren’t willing to forward the post in this unclear situation but many people say it and silently paid attention. Yan Ruiwen was among them. He noticed the situation was getting out of control and immediately sent a text message to Ling Xuefeng.

Ling Xuefeng pointed to the photo on Weibo and asked Li Cangyu, “What are your thoughts?”

Li Cangyu carefully examined the two people who served at the backdrop of the photo and smiled. ”The photo is good and the scenery is beautiful. The people are very handsome.”

He was open to it and didn’t seem worried about exposure.

Ling Xuefeng smiled slightly. “Aren’t you worried about our relationship being exposed?”

Li Cangyu replied honestly, “What is there to be worried about? I already told you that I would give you a name. This is just earlier than I thought.”

“Do you want to admit it directly?” Ling Xuefeng was a bit surprised.

“Yes, otherwise the reporters will catch the wind and speculate indiscriminately.” Li Cangyu paused, holding Ling Xuefeng’s hand as he spoke seriously, “Xuefeng, I never had the chance to ask you. This season, we won the World Competition. What are your plans for the next season? Will you continue to lead the WInd Colour team?”

“What about you?” Ling Xuefeng asked, “Will you continue playing with Canglan?”

Li Cangyu smiled and suggested, “We don’t we write our thoughts on our phones and see if we have a connection?”


The pair picked up their phones and sent a message to each other’s WeChat.

There was a prompt about the message arriving and when they opened it, there was one word.


At this moment, Li Cangyu let go of the worries of his heart. He also felt warmth towards Ling Xuefeng who knew him best.

He joined the Miracle league at the age of 18 and became an e-sports player. He tasted the heartache of his team disbanding, the frustrations of trying to reach the playoffs, the hardships of reorganization and ultimately, becoming the world champion.

For him, his career had come to a successful conclusion.

Moreover, he wasn’t young. His dream had been realized and he no longer felt regrets about his favourite e-sports. Retiring at this time was obviously the best choice.

Ling Xuefeng had also been in the Miracle League for seven years, leading the Wind Colour team to become a first-tier giant. In addition, he gained his cherished person and now was the time to abdicate.

The two people glanced at each other and tacitly smiled.

Li Cangyu opened his mouth, “My idea is don’t worry about retiring immediately. Wait until half of the next season has passed and the team’s successors are selected. Once the two teams are stable, we will leave. What do you think?”

“Yes, that’s best.” Ling Xuefeng nodded. “What are you going to say to Canglan? The team has just been set up and now the captain is leaving. The players might psychologically find it hard to accept. In addition, there are so many youngsters. Are you willing to leave them alone?”

“They have probably already guessed the result.” Li Cangyu sighed. “I have limited energy and I’m actually very tired from supporting the team for so many years. Retiring just means I’m not playing the game. I won’t leave the Dragon Song Club and will still guide them in daily training. I think… they should be able to understand.”

This approach as quite reasonable. It was like how Song Yang of Flying Feathers acted like a cough while Su Guangmo, Yu Pingsheng and Xie Shurong grew up. Once Flying Feathers won the championship, he was relieved enough to leave.

Li Cangyu naturally couldn’t just drop the Canglan team. Zhuo Hang, Xiao Han, Xiaojiang and Xiao Gu still weren’t capable of being alone. It was necessary for him to stay in the club and help them grow.

“It is a good choice to stay as a coach.” Ling Xuefeng wrapped an arm around Li Cangyu’s shoulder and whispered, “But if you retired, Xiao Bai won’t continue to play, right?”

“I wouldn’t let him continue even if he wanted to.” Li Cangyu frowned with slight distress. “In the beginning, he had a serious stomach issue and originally wanted to retire. It was due to me that he stayed. Now that we are successful, I want him to have a good rest and recuperate well.”

“…You really care about him.” Ling Xuefeng spoke lightly.

“Are you jealous?” Li Cangyu took Ling Xuefeng’s hand and spoke in his ear. “Don’t think too much. Xiao Bai is a relative while you are my lover.”

“I know.” Ling Xuefeng smiled. “Once Bai Xuan retires, who will be the captain of Canglan? Is there already a candidate in your heart?”

“I can only give it to Ah Shu first.” Li Cangyu touched his chin for a moment. “Xie Shurong is usually not serious but he is very reliable when playing the game. He is young and in his peak state. There is no problem playing for another two or three years. I can feel reassured handing Canglan to him.”

“That’s true.” Ling Xuefeng paused before adding, “I hope that Liu Chuan can pick some good seedlings from the training camp. You retiring with Bai Xuan will deal too much damage to the overall lineup. You have to replenish your reserve force as soon as possible.”

“Well, a team always has to go through this and I think Liu Chuan is also ready for it.” Li Cangyu smiled and continued, “He has always been looking at the long-term. When he signed the contract with me, it was only for one year.”

“You only signed for a year?” Ling Xuefeng was a bit surprised.

This showed that Li Cangyu was only ready to play for a year. If he didn’t win the championship then he could only retire with regret.

He gave himself one last chance and fortunately, he grasped the opportunity.

Ling Xuefeng saw his bright eyes and couldn’t help smiling. “It seems that you have long planned everything.”

“Yes, the only variable is you.” Li Cangyu laughed. “My plan didn’t include turning Ling Xuefeng into my wife.”

He was used to calling out ‘wife’ and Ling Xuefeng indulged him without correcting it. He asked, “You came back to play the game, only to end up with me. Was it unexpected?”

“Yes, it was very unexpected.” Li Cangyu nodded. “However, it is an unexpected joy.”

The two people smiled as warm happiness surged in their hearts.

It was a real unexpected joy to be with this person.

Chapter 392 – Working Together for a Lifetime (6)

That night, Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu talked a lot about future plans for their teams. No one could lead a team the entire time. As captain, it was their duty to take care of the team’s future before leaving.

Thanks to Yan Ruiwen’s tip, Ling Xuefeng called the airport to change their flight back to China. They stayed in the Maldives for another day before flying back to Shanghai.

As a result, they just came out of Shanghai Airport when they were surrounded by a group of reporters.. It seemed the perseverance of these reporters were extraordinary. Yesterday was a waste and they willingly ran to the airport today to wait.

Ling Xuefeng saw the reporters and immediately pulled Li Cangyu towards the parking lot.

The reporters chased after them. “Captain Ling, I heard that you went to the Maldives with Cat God. Is this true?”

“Are you worried about the photo on Weibo?”

”What is the relationship between the two of you?”

”Have you been together a long time ago?”

Ling Xuefeng calmly ignored the reporters and quickly took Li Cangyu to the parking lot.

Yan Ruiwen and Qin Mo had said they would come to the airport to pick up their captain. They were shocked by this sight but fortunately, Yan Ruiwen responded quickly enough. He immediately started the car and parked in front of Ling Xuefeng. Qin Mo opened the window and called out, “Master, Cat God, get on!”

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng didn’t say anything. They just jumped into the car and closed the door. Then the car shot out of the parking lot like an arrow.

Yan Ruiwen’s driving skills weren’t bad and he moved through the airport quickly, soon leaving the reporters far behind.

LIng Xuefeng looked in the rearview mirror and found that cars weren’t tracking them. He let go of his worries and asked Yan Ruiwen, “What is the trend of public opinion? Are the Wind Colour fans reacting in a big manner?”

Yan Ruiwen glanced at Li Cangyu. His expression was a bit awkward and he hesitated to open his mouth.

Ling Xuefeng told him, “Cat God isn’t an outsider. You can say it.”

“Yes.” Yan Ruiwen coughed and explained, “Many fans still don’t believe the two of you are together. Most of them are in a wait and see state. Some more radical fans are filling the Wind Colour team’s official website…”

As he said this, Yan Ruiwen stopped and glanced at Cat God’s face in the mirror. The man’s face didn’t show the slightest embarrassment and he was very calm. He was worthy of being the captain of the national team. He was used to big waves and this rumour didn’t have a drastic effect on him.

During the holiday, the two people had a lot of courage because they were abroad. They didn’t avoid the eyes of other tourists. In particularly, they did many kssing actions when sunbathing on the beach in the afternoon. Discerning people knew they weren’t related and most people guessed their relationship.

Li Cangyu wasn’t worried about this. He didn’t kill or set fire to anything. He didn’t do anything wrong. He was just in a relationship with someone he loved. Besides, they weren’t stars in the entertainment circle who relied on popularity to eat. The personal impact of their romance being exposed wasn’t big. The key was the team.

Ling Xuefeng’s thoughts were the same. The two people exchanged a look and Ling Xuefeng gently held Li Cangyu’s hand. “It’s fine, I will face it with you. If the reporters are too much then we will admit it.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes.”

Qin Mo’s mood was very complicated as he listened from the front seat. The holiday passed and Master got together with Cat God? Or had they secretly been together a long time ago?

Thinking carefully, the latter was more likely. Since Cat God’s return, Master had changed. He sent Xiao Han to Qin Mo as a sparring partner and the usually serious and tough man would always listen to Cat God. This was the reason why Cat God stood at the top of the food chain!

Qin Mo had a feeling of dawning realization.

He looked at the two people sitting next to each other and holding hands, only having each other in their eyes and not caring about the two big light bulbs that were Vice-Captain Yan and Qin Mo. Qin Mo felt a bit awkward but… the two of them really matched.

Yan Ruiwen drove Ling Xuefeng back to his home in Shanghai. This was the first time Qin Mo came to Master’s house but Cat God was familiar with it and had clearly been here more than once.

Ling Xuefeng invited the two men in. Yan Ruiwen seemed to have expected this while Qin Mo was flattered. He followed Master into the living room and had just sat down when he heard Ling Xuefeng say, “I called you in here because I have something to tell you. I plan to officially retire next season.”

Qin Mo looked up with surprise. “Master, you want to retire?”

Yan Ruiwen was calm. “You have already thought about it, right?”

“Yes.” Ling Xuefeng explained, “I’ve thought about it for a long time and it isn’t a whim. After this Spring Festival, I will be 26 years old and it is time to leave the league. The overall configuration of the Wind Colour team is very mature. Even if I retire, there is the double summoner team of Qin Mo and Xu Feifan while you and Guo Xuan are still young. The team’s lineup doesn’t need to change very much and I am reassured that you will take care of the Wind Colour team.”

Yan Ruiwen nodded. “I will support Captain’s decision.”

After all, Qin Mo was still young. He couldn’t accept this fact for a while and his eyes were a bit red.

Ling Xuefeng glanced at his apprentice and spoke softly, “Qin Mo, you have been growing up under my protection but people who depend on their masters won’t have too much to offer. In the past, Xu Luo and Song Yang retired and there is no Tan Shitian and Su Guangmo. Master hopes that one day, you will become a true first-class player.”

“I-I know.” Qin Mo’s voice was a bit choked up. In fact, he always had a feeling that Master would leave after the World Competition but he didn’t think about it too carefully. He didn’t expect this day to come so quickly and was at a bit of a loss.

Li Cangyu saw this little one’s red eyes and couldn’t help walking over to touch his head. “Don’t be too sad. You are only 18 years old and your road is still long. Your master can’t cover you all the time. There is a day when you will have to rely on yourself.”

Qin Mo nodded with red eyes.

“I’ll take to the manager later. Once I retire, Vice-Captain Yan will take over as captain.” Ling Xuefeng glanced at Yan Ruiwen. “You are familiar with the captains of the major teams and I will hand Wind Colour over to you. As for the vice-captain… Qin Mo is still young. He can start as vice-captain and slowly learn.”

“Me?” Qin Mo was a bit surprised. He couldn’t believe that Master would make him the vice-captain. He was a young player and Guo Xuan and Xu Feifan were obviously older and more qualified…

“Yes, it is you.” Ling Xuefeng saw his apprentice’s doubts and spoke firmly, “Your talent hasn’t been fully awakened and your room for progress is very larger. You should learn from your predecessors and being vice-captain is also a type of experience.”

“I know.” Qin Mo gazed at his master in a serious manner. “I will study hard.”

His master valued him so much that he naturally couldn’t let his master down.

As Cat God said, he was only 18 years old and his road was still long. He couldn’t always hide under Master’s protection. One day, he would grow up and he needed to solve all difficulties on his own.

Ling Xuefeng smiled slightly and patted Qin Mo’s shoulder. “Refuel.”

Compared to the calm Wind Colour team, the Canglan team was like an exploded pot.

The moment Li Cangyu returned to the club, he was stopped by Gu Siming. The boy’s eyes were wide and curious as he asked, “Cat God, did you really go to the Maldives with Captain Ling?’

“Yes.” Li Cangyu honestly admitted it. Gu Siming kept on wanting to ask questions but was interrupted by Li Cangyu. “Call everyone to the meeting room.”

It was only after all the players were gathered that he announced his retirement.

To make matters worse, Bai Xuan also said he didn’t want to continue playing the game. Gu Siming was crying while Li Xiaojiang lowered his head and didn’t speak. However, Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han were calm.

Zhuo Hang was calm because he already guessed this point. Cat God’s return to Miracle was only for one season. There weren’t many old players in the e-sports circle and Cat God persisted until now. It wasn’t easy to lead the national team to win the World Competition and it was the end of his career.

The reason why Xiao Han was calm was because Qin Mo had privately told him that their two masters were leaving and he was fully prepared.

Li Cangyu asked, “What about Old Zhang?”

Zhang Jueming laughed. “I am older than the two of you. Going back to my studio is more reliable.”

This was literally a blow. Three out of the eight team members were leaving at once…

Originally, Xie Shurong had been holding onto Vice-Captain Bai but now he was the oldest on the team. It wasn’t appropriate for him to act spoiled. The teenagers didn’t speak and it was up to Xie Shurong to break the awkward atmosphere. “It is normal for teams to change between old and new players. Since the three of them have made plans, we shouldn’t stop them. Don’t be too depressed. Cat God should have a plan.” He glanced back at Li Cangyu and asked, “Cat God, I think you should have a plan for what comes next?”

“Yes, the captain will be Ah Shu. You are the oldest and have played abroad. Your competition experience is very rich and I believe you can bring Canglan up. As for the other players, I have already spoken to Liu Chuan and he will pick a few talented newcomers from the training camp.”

“No problem.” Xie Shurong promised. “I will do my best to lead the team well.”

Li Cangyu nodded and patted Gu Siming and Li Xiaojiang’s head. “Don’t cry. I have retired but that doesn’t mean I am leaving the club. I will continue to stay and watch your training.”

This reassuring sentence made them feel a lot better.

Gu Siming raised his head. “Then Cat God will stay as a coach?”

Li Xiaojiang also looked at Li Cangyu with red eyes. “Really, really continue to stay?”

“Of course,” Li Cangyu smiled.

“I will also come over often.” Zhang Jueming laughed heartily. “My studio is running smoothly so call me whenever you need me.”

“I’ll stay as well.” Bai Xuan smiled gently. “I plan to settle in Changsha in the future. I can come to see you at any time and will cook for you when I’m free.” In fact, he had another reason for staying. He was reluctant to leave Xie Shurong.

Xie Shurong glanced at him and smiled, causing Bai Xuan to look away with a bit of embarrassment.

Li Cangyu looked at Zhuo Hang. “The vice-captain will be Zhuo Hang.”

Zhuo Hang was startled before his senses returned and he replied seriously, “Rest assured Cat God. I will work with Brother Shu and study hard. If I don’t understand anything then I will ask you.”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Yes, that’s good.”

This teenager still looked a bit immature but he was committed.

The reason for giving it to Zhuo Hang was because Zhuo Hang was calmer in front of his reporters and his progress in his season was obvious to all. Xiao Han was very talented in the game but his Chinese standards were a bit worrying. Let him adapt for a while and once Ah Shu retired in the future, Xiao Han would directly serve as the captain.

However, Li Cangyu couldn’t predict a few years later. He could only make the best arrangements now.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was heavy but in the afternoon, Li Cangyu brought them good news. Liu Chuan had carefully selected three talented newcomers from the training camp. They happened to be a summoner, healer and assistant.

Liu Chuan obviously had long-term vision and expected Li Cangyu, Bai Xuan and Zhang Jueming to retire at the end of the season. After all, they only signed for one year. Liu Chuan had prepared the candidates to replace them in advance.

The three teenagers were all around 18 years old. Along with Gu Siming, Xiao Han, Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang, Ah Shu would have a hard time playing with many players. However, once they grew up, Canglan would be able to maintain the status of a strong team for a long time in the future.

A team of all young people might lack experience but they could last for a long time.

Liu Chuan’s goal of entering Miracle had a perfect start. Li Cangyu’s dream of winning the championship had also been fulfilled. From the time of the initial cooperation, Li Cangyu knew they would be strong together and wouldn’t be defeated.

Li Cangyu watched the young and energetic people in the training room and smiled happily.

Chapter 393 – Working Together for a Lifetime (5)

The eighth season soon started. Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng didn’t give any response to the Maldives incident. Both of them performed calmly like this never happened.

The gossip crowd were curious but were unsure if they were lovers or not. However, most news on the Internet was only hot for a few days. People’s attention was quickly dispersed and the two people’s cold treatment method calmed down the storm. The fans’ attention turned to the upcoming eighth season of the Miracle League.

Then everyone was surprised to find that Bai Xuan and Zhang Jueming were missing from the list of Canglan members.

Bai Xuan gently wrote on Weibo that he had decided to leave the Miracle League and had found a translating job in Changsha. He hoped everyone could understand. This post received many blessings and everyone could understand his decision to retire. After all, he was in poor health.

Zhang Jueming said he would continue to operate the studio and advertised his studio, calling on office workers who had no time to raise their characters to call his number. The fans laughed while also feeling distressed. Zhang Jueming was 28 this year and it was a rational choice to leave Miracle.

The departure of Vice-Captain Bai and Old Zhang made everyone feel sad but fortunately, Li Cangyu’s name was still among the list of team members. Li Cangyu also participated in the pre-season preparatory meeting as the captain. The new vice-captain Xiao Han, Xiao Han, Zhuo Hang, Li Xiaojiang, Gu Siming were in the starting lineup and they also brought three newcomers.

Similarly, Ling Xuefeng of Wind Colour added two newcomers to the list and was obviously raising new people.

It seemed that the Maldives scandal didn’t affect the two great gods and the fans let go of their worries.

This season, there were many member changes to the teams and the final winner was unpredictable.

However, many people thought it was impossible for Canglan to regain the championship and many reporters raised this issue with Li Cangyu at the pre-match conference. LI Cangyu performed very calmly. “The goal of this season isn’t to take the championship again. It is to successfully complete the exchange of old and new.”

A reporter asked, “About the Maldives incident, Cat God and Captain Ling have chosen to be silent. Can we understand that this silence is a default agreement?”

Li Cangyu smiled. “I won’t answer this question because I want the focus to be on the matches.”

“What if Wind Colour and Canglan fight each other. Will your state be affected because of personal matters?”


At the same time, Ling Xuefeng was also asked this question and his answer was the same as Li Cangyu. “No.”

Fans had confidence in the two captains. Although they didn’t personally admit or deny the relationship, since the two people didn’t want to mention this matter, it wasn’t easy for anyone to force them to respond.

Shortly after the opening of the season, Wind Colour and Shanghai had their first match against each other. It was Wind Colour’s home game in Shanghai.

Strangely enough, Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng didn’t appear in the entire match. Canglan had Xie Shurong as the commander and Wind Colour served as command.

The few newcomers in Canglan made some mistakes and the Wind Colour eventually relied on the home map advantage to win. The reporters were very puzzled about why the two captains didn’t appear and rushed to ask questions after the game. Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng responded, “It was in order to give newcomers more opportunities.

Only Nan Jiangang, chairman of the league, knew that Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng had actually submitted their applications for retirement.

Chairman Nan felt very sorry when he saw the two applications that were handed in at the same time but he knew that the careers of the two talented players had reached the most successful result. The reason they applied for retirement after the start of the season was because they wanted to raise the new players in the team as their last responsibility for the team.

The first round of the regular season was carried out in an orderly manner. The newcomers in the Canglan team made rapid progress under Li Cangyu’s training. The new lineup of the double summoners composed of Qin Mo and Xu Feifan also stabilized in the Wind Colour team.

In the blink of an eye, it was the mid-season holiday and Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng’s application for retiring was approved by the league. The two people announced their official retirement on Weibo on the same day. The captain of Wind Colour became Xie Shurong while vice-captain was Zhuo Hang. In Wind Colour, it was Yan Ruiwen and Qin Mo.

The news made it difficult for fans to accept and they left messages trying to keep the two great gods.

Li Cangyu patiently explained, “Retirement is a decision I made a long time ago. The reason I have dragged it out to the present is because I was worried about the handover of the team. Now the new generation of the team has matured and I believe Ah Shu and Zhuo Hang can lead the new time. Retiring means I am no longer playing the game. I will continue being a coach of Canglan.”

He explained it clearly and the last sentence made the fans feel at ease. Cat God might not be playing the game but he was still in Canglan! After all, it was the team he had formed.  After many twists and turns, he would continue to guard the team behind the scenes. Fans also believed that this man would never watch the team fall. As long as the teenagers could be trained as soon as possible, Canglan was still a daunting first-class team.

Compared to this, Ling Xuefeng’s response was simple. “A seven and a half year e-sports player has achieved all his personal goals and it is time to leave. Treasure it.”

He didn’t say he would continue as Wind Colour’s coach and it seemed he had completely left Wind Colour. Of course, Wind Colour’s situation was different from Canglan. The lineup didn’t change much after he left and there were many old players. He was obviously very confident about the future of Wind Colour.

Both people had a calm attitude when retiring because they had a better plan for the future.

For them, they had spent seven and a half years as an e-sports player and experienced bitterness and sweetness. Now they retired with no regrets. Moreover, no longer playing the game meant they had more time to accompany each other. They could make up for the shortcomings of not being able to meet.

They wanted to spend more time together.

For the next few days of the holidays, the screen was completely about Cat God and Captain Ling’s retirement. The club’s door was full of reporters but the two captains weren’t seen. It seemed they left in secret before announcing their retirement.

A reporter intercepted the new captain Xie Shurong and asked him a question.

Ah Shu smiled. “I don’t know where Cat God went. I don’t know where Captain Ling went. I don’t even know the relationship between Cat God and Captain Ling.”

Ah Shu’s ‘I don’t know’ made the reporters very helpless. This person’s skin was too thick and he was invulnerable. It would be difficult to interview Canglan’s new captain in the future!

On the Wind Colour side, Yan Ruiwen smiled in a good-natured manner. “Sorry, it is an issue of privacy and isn’t convenient to disclose.”

The messages on Weibo broke through six figures while Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng seemed to have evaporated from the world. There was no news everywhere.

It wasn’t until three days later that Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu’s Weibo finally updated.

Li Cangyu’s Weibo had a photo of a pair of rings and two marriage certificates.

It was a marriage certificate in English and the two of them overlapped. There was a solemn and sacred church in the background.

The platinum gold men’s ring was simple and generous and were worn on the ring finger of the two people. The two hands were slender and powerful as they held each other while the photo was taken.

It was accompanied by a sentence: As an e-sports player, winning the championship has already fulfilled my dream. As a man, being able to find the person you like is the best destination. I am very happy, thank you.”

Ling Xuefeng forwarded this Weibo post in seconds and also briefly wrote: I love you and am willing to work together with you for a lifetime. There will never be a negative phase.

If Li Cangyu’s Weibo made people unsure who he married, Ling Xuefeng publicly advertised it by forwarding it on Weibo. This practice of ‘declaring his sovereignty’ made people stunned.

The two great gods who suddenly disappeared actually went to a foreign country to get married!

This wasn’t simply responding to a dead person, it was scaring them to death!

No wonder why they didn’t pay attention to the previous rumours. They had long thought about what they should do.

There was no need to talk nonsense. The pair of rings and two marriage certificates were enough to prove they were each other’s love.

There was nothing as persuasive as the marriage certificates that Li Cangyu posted.

This made people think of when Cat God teamed up with Captain Ling to use their big moves in the arena. At the time, the big moves dropped their opponent in seconds. The two people always dealt a blow like this.

Many contestants in the e-sports circle forwarded the Weibo to express congratulations. Cheng Wei was somewhat unhappy and wrote: Cat God is actually married. You must be good to Cat God in the future or I will go to the United States and kill you!

Tan Shitian forwarded it and said: Rest assured, Captain Ling doesn’t dare bully Cat God. However, he has to practice his technique of cooking fish again ^_^

Su Guangmo: The two people really match [Thumbs up].

Zhang Shaohui: Hahaha, Captain Ling looks very upright. I can’t see him as a couple with Cat God at all!

Lou Wushuang: What do you see?

Bai Xuan: Congratulations, please send candy when you come back.

Xie Shurong: Let’s line up for candy, is there a variety of flavours?

Qin Mo: Master, happy wedding.

Xiao Han: Forward Weibo, enjoy together.

Qin Mo: That’s not how you use ‘enjoy together’!

This Weibo was forwarded many times and the number of comments was comparable to the official announcement when China won the World Competition. It could be seen that Ling Cat publicly announcing their marriage caused a sensation in the Miracle League.

However, the owners of the incident had already put away their phones. They were standing in front of a church on the other side of the world and staring at each other like they only had each other.

Li Cangyu wondered, “Is there anything else you want to say?”

Ling Xuefeng’s eyes were gentle. “I have already said it when I took the oath at the church. I love you and want to spend a lifetime with you.”

Li Cangyu sighed. “A lifetime. Ah, I don’t know how many years we can live.” He paused before saying earnestly, “Still, I feel at ease when I think about being around you in the future.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “Me too.”

The two men smiled and gently hugged each other.

Over the years, they had spent too much energy on the game and had no time to spend it with the people around them.

Now they reached the top of the world, won the championship and made a name for themselves. In the following days, they would spend time with the person they loved. This was a great thing.


After the first round of the regular season in the eighth season, the captains of Wind Colour and Canglan announced their retirement and marriage on Weibo. This news filled up the headlines of big e-sports websites in the following period.

Then the first second round of the regular season started and the audience’s attention was drawn to the events of the major teams.

It could be said that Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng announced their marriage at the right timing. They chose to do it during the holiday to reduce the impact of this incident on the Miracle League’s official events.

After a full two rounds, the rankings of the major teams fluctuated. The status of Flying Feathers, Time and Ghost Spirits was the most stable and they won the championship, second place and third place. The performance of Wind Colour and Canglan were affected by their captain’s retirement but the growth of the newcomers was very fast. The fans were looking forward to their future.

The captain of the second national team was Su Guangmo and the vice-captain was Tan Shitian

The old team members such as Lou Zhang, Yan Guo, Chu Yan, Zhu Qingyue and other masters were successfully selected for the national team. Qin Mo, Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang, the newcomers who participated in the previous session were undoubtedly selected. Surprisingly, the snail Xiaojiang and the madman Gu also became members of the national team.

Unlike the previous veterans who played as the main force, this national team has many new faces. The average age was three years lower than the previous year. Fans were happy about this because it meant that the Miracle League had more broad development prospects.

Unlike the previous season, the China team didn’t play the same crushing situation in the first group stage. It was probably because there were too many newcomers. The first group stage match was lost and the latter two games were extremely difficult to win. They finally won a qualifying place by placing second in the group.

In the quarter finals, they lost two and won three, making the audience nervous and almost suffering from heart attacks.

The semi finals were a draw and the deciding game was won in a thrilling manner!

To the surprise of the domestic audience, the national team won the championship again!

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng had led the team to win the first gold medal. Then Su Guangmo and Tan Shitian led the team to successfully defend their title. This was the most brilliant era of the Chinese Miracle League!

This day was a carnival for many Miracle fans. Fans who came from afar were cheering excitedly and couldn’t bear to leave. The players of the national team were also crying with excitement.

Then the domestic audience was surprised to find that as the cameraman moved the camera over to the audience, two long-lost gods could be seen. They were Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng.

The two people were sitting together as they watched the younger generation finish playing on the big stage. Ling Xuefeng still looked serious and his handsome face was like a statue while Li Cangyu had a straightforward smile. Looking closer, their hands were tightly held together.

Their presence reminded the audience of the First World Competition. In the finals, Li Cangyu gave the opportunity to the new generation captains like Tan Shitian and Su Guangmo while letting everyone play. At the time, many people didn’t understand their intentions but now they did.

This man was thinking of the long future.

Perhaps from the moment Li Cangyu became the captain of the national team, he was ready to retire. Over the course of the entire World Competition, he tried his best to give commanding opportunities to Su, Tan and Lou. After he left, the national team would have successors. The national team might be immature this year but Su Guangmo, Tan Shitian and Lou Wushuang could already stand alone. It might be hard when facing the old rivals of South Korea and the United States but they finally found surprising ways to win.

Li Cangyu had laid the most solid foundation for all of this.

Many people who weren’t fans of Cat God finally understood that even if this man retired and married another man, he was still respected by the players in the e-sports circle.

No one said anything bad about him. Every time the players mentioned Cat God, they expressed admiration that came from their heart. It was because he not only won a world competition but created an era.

They might’ve already retired behind the scenes but the appearance of Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng still received warm applause from the audience.

Commentator Yu Bing was so excited that she almost choked up. “We can see that Cat God and Captain Ling came to the venue today! It has been a long time since we’ve seen them! After the two gods retired, they must’ve been very good. Looking at Cat God’s face, he seems a bit fatter?”

Kou Hongyi smiled. “The level of the fish cooked by Captain Ling is said to be comparable to a five star hotel. Cat God eats fish every day and doesn’t have to work hard to lead the game. He is a little chubbier than before but he is still very handsome!”

Since retiring, no reporters dared to interfere with their daily lives. They only occasionally appeared at some major events and tried to keep a low profile.

For example, today after being captured by the camera, Li Cangyu just smiled before turning away with Ling Xuefeng. It was because he didn’t want to take up too many attention. The honor at this time should belong to the younger generation.

He left the venue with Ling Xuefeng.

There were many legends about them in the Miracle League but people only knew they were doing very well.

In their lives, there were no shadows about the field. All that remained was the happiness and tranquillity of working together for a lifetime.

-【 The End 】-

If the characters were made into a card:

There are many distinctive characters in the e-sports trilogy, the Strongest God, God Level Summoner and the King’s Return. If they one day became battle cards in the Star Card Master game, what type of skills will they have.

Thus, a number of character gods were designed.

The first is naturally the biggest winner of the male gods series, Liu Chuan.

In the beginning, he led the Dragon Song team to win the championship and created the Dragon Song e-sports club. After signing Li Cangyu, Cat God led the team to fight the great gods in the professional league. After winning the domestic championship, they also won the world championship. As a result, Cat God’s apprentice and Qin Mo emerged and signed to the Dragon Song Club.

Liu Chuan smiled and said: It doesn’t matter what you do, the championship belongs to my club.

Everyone: Get out of here!

[Liu Chuan

Card Level: 70

Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

Skill 1: Taunt with your face (Liu Chuan smiles and taunts all hostile targets in range to attack himself).

Skill 2: Invincible mouth (Liu Chuan enters a rapid fire mouth gun mode, attacking enemy players in range and causing 300% sonic damage to the targets).

Skill 3: The ultimate winner (Liu takes out the championship trophies of the three teams Dragon Song, Canglan and Mojue. The golden light of the trophies illuminates the whole game, improving the combat power of allies by 200% and increasing the hatred of all enemy forces by 500%).

After the card production was finished, Liu Chuan was very confused. “I like the ultimate winner skill but why does it increase the enemy’s hatred?”

Everyone else, “What did you say?”

Liu Chuan spoke innocently, “Perhaps my Dragon Song Club is a treasure land of feng shui. Every team that enters or club are champions. Ah, we won too many prizes and there is almost no place left to leave the trophies.”

Everyone, “…Join forces to destroy him!”]

Liu Chuan came out so there naturally needs to be his CP, Wu Zewen.

[Wu Zewen

Card Level: 70

Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

Skill 1: School tyrant’s database (automatically analyze all card data on the field and generate the best attack scenario).

Skill 2: Map expert (if the field map is complex, Wu Zewen can automatically find the best attack location).

Skill 3: Pets with 10,000 poisons (summons snakes, spiders and other poisonous pets to cause 300% group damage to targets within range).

Wu Zewen pushed up his glasses and said, “If you need me to design a 3D labyrinth for the game, you can ask me to work part-time.”

The school tyrant would never refuse part-time work to make money.]

Next is the protagonist of God Level Summoner, LI Cangyu.

Cat God is an upright Cat God. He isn’t as shameless as Liu Chuan and wasn’t contaminated by the shameless toxins of the Dragon Song Club. After experiencing a downturn in the Wulin period, Cat God returned to Miracle to stop the gods. He used the protagonist mode to go all the world to the World Competition, winning it.

The upright Cat God has card skills that are slightly less upright.

[Li Cangyu

Card Level: 70

Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

Skill 1: Loves to eat fish (if there are fish on the field, Li Cangyu’s basic combat power will increase by 300% after eating fish).

Skill 2: National team captain (Li Cangyu has an impact on all cards from the Miracle Professional League and will absorb 10% of the attack power of the Miracle League’s national team character cards.)

Skill 3: Cataclysm (Summons the water, fire, wind and thunder spirits and instantly explode them, inflicting 300% group damage to all targets in range).

Li Cangyu smiled. “The skill of eating fish is designed very well. If you feed me more fish, my combat effectiveness can double again.”

Ling Xuefeng, “Of course, I have to feed you.”]

[Ling Xuefeng

Card Level: 70

Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

Skill 1: Fish expert (Can make steamed bass, braised fish, squirrel mandarin fish, west lake vinegar fish and other fish dishes. If the game has the Li Cangyu card on the field, feed Li Cangyu to increase his combat effectiveness. If there is no Li Cangyu card, throw the fish to attack the opponent).

Skill 2: Ling Xuefeng’s gaze (if the opponent as the Qin Mo card, stare at Qin Mo and made Qin Mo enter the ‘Master is watching me’ fear state and he will take the initiative to surrender. If there is no Qin Mo, stare at the designated opponent and the opponent will fall into a weakened state and be unable to attack).

Skill 3: Demon God’s rage (summon the skeleton infantry, banshee and other demon pets and instantly explode them, causing 300% group damage to all enemies in range).

Ling Xuefeng spoke calmly, “Cat God’s fish has been contracted by me and I intend to open a fish store for him. As for Qin Mo, don’t be afraid of me.”

Qin Mo, “…”

Being afraid of his master was a conditioned reflex and he couldn’t get rid of it.]

Finally, the protagonist of the third book, King’s Return.

[Qin Mo

Card Level: 70

Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

Skill 1: Proud summoner (transform to the 16 year old Qin Mo and enter the proud state. Combat power will increase by 300%, defense will be reduced by 10%. Vampire bats will be summoned to attack all targets in range, causing blood-sucking group damage).

Skill 2: Calm swordsman (transform to the 21 year old Qin Mo. Attack and defense will be balanced. Summon a large number of sword rain and cause physical damage to all targets within range).

Skill 3: Top of the food chain (when encountering Xiao Han, Qin Mo is at the top of the food chain and can give instructions to Xiao Han).

Qin Mo asked, “Can I instruct Xiao Han to block my master’s gaze?”

Xiao Han smiled. “Of course, if my wife says so.”

Qin Mo, “Don’t use words indiscriminately. Who is your wife?”

Xiao Han, “Good husband.”

Qin Mo, “…….”

Then what skills should Xiao Han’s card have?

Xiao Han

Card Level: 70

Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

Skill 1: Mixed race child’s misunderstanding (transform into a young version of Xiao Han and attack enemies with chaotic idioms).

Skill 2: Stealth pursuit (in an invisible state, strike the specified target with the dagger and deal 500% critical damage).

Skill 3: Bottom of the food chain (when encountering Li Cangyu, follow Master’s instructions. When encountering Qin Mo, follow Qin Mo’s instructions. When encountering Ling Xuefeng, actively blocked Ling Xuefeng who is staring at Qin Mo.)

Xiao Han, “Who should I listen to at the bottom of the food chain?”

Li Cangyu asked, “If I have a dispute with Qin Mo one day, will you help Master or Xiao Mo?”

Xiao Han, “…”

This was simply a difficult question.

The mixed-race child thought for a moment before answering, “Master is God Ling’s lover and Qin Mo is my lover. I will help Qin Mo while God Ling will help Master.”

Li Cangyu, “…”

A perfect answer!]

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