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Chapter 990 - Five Elements True Essence

Thirty meters … Forty meters …

Tang Huan still walked forward step by step, his speed not slowing in the slightest.

"Damn, this kid is almost at the top of the bridge!" Lion Ting's bell-like eyes seemed to bulge out of his eyes as he cried out in shock.

"Just how strong is this guy's Perception Ability, the first time he went on the bridge. He walked so far and he didn't even take a single wrong step!" Xiang Wenxuan was also shocked and at a loss for words.

"Tang Huan..."

Mei Yingluo, who was sitting cross-legged on the shore, opened her eyes.

Not far away, the collapsed Ji Jinxiu, who seemed to have gained some sort of power from somewhere, suddenly flipped over and sat up. Not far away, the collapsed Ji Jinxiu, who seemed to have gained some kind of power from nowhere, suddenly turned over and sat up.

"This, this... Is he trying to succeed on his first try? " Yu Qingge, who had just climbed onto the shore, completely forgot about the pain she had just endured in the lake. Her face was full of surprise.


Everyone had different expressions on their faces, and their jaws dropped.

Not long later, under dozens of astonished gazes, Tang Huan walked past the last step and reached the top of the arched bridge. There would be a stretch of flat road over ten meters long, and beyond it, there would be many steps leading down to the end of the bridge.

However, under the gaze of everyone, Tang Huan who had just reached the top of the bridge, suddenly stopped in his tracks. But after a short while, Tang Huan was nowhere to be seen on the bridge. Everyone looked down the bridge, and indeed, with a plop, a figure landed in the center of the lake.


At the sight of this, sighs could be heard from the bridgehead.

Mei Yingluo, Ji Jinhua and the others shook their heads with regret, but more cultivators were secretly relieved. If this calamity cultivator called Tang Huan was able to successfully pass the "astral bridge", how could so many Yang Tribulation cultivators endure it?

Most importantly, the earlier one passed the test of the "Heavenly Dipper Bridge", the more abundant the rewards one would gain from entering the inner layer of the "Heavenly Dipper Realm". Tang Huan had already reached the other side of the lake on the very first day he had entered the "Heaven Dipper Realm". In this regard, how could everyone's minds be balanced?

Tang Huan fell into the water halfway and failed to cross the bridge, which was exactly what many cultivators wanted.

However, Tang Huan's previous actions had stimulated everyone. Whether it was the cultivators who had yet to ascend the bridge or the people who had recovered, all of them moved, and one figure after another rushed up the 'Heaven Tier Bridge'.

In the middle of the lake, Tang Huan was being pushed towards the bridge by the lake water.

The moment he fell into the lake, he felt five different types of powers assaulting him from all directions. Under the situation where the True Spirit was imprisoned, he had no way to stop those powers from invading. A moment later, they passed through thirty-six thousand pores and continuously seeped into his body.

That power was like countless densely packed needles, stimulating every bone, every cell, every nerve in his body. At the beginning, Tang Huan also clenched his teeth tightly, he was prepared to bear the intense pain, but very quickly, he realized that the situation he imagined did not happen.

What the lake water contained was actually the power of Five Elements. It had the sharpness of metal, the vitality of wood, the gentleness of water, the fierceness of fire, and the density of earth!

Five different types of powers interweaved to form a huge net, trapping every part of the cultivator's body within.

To cultivators who only cultivated in one or two types of powers, this was indeed a nightmare that they could not bear. It was no wonder that the moment they fell into the lake, they would scream miserably, wanting to die.

However, Tang Huan cultivated the way of heaven and earth Five Elements. After being attacked by the five types of powers while fusing with the Five Elements Spiritual Fires, not only did he not feel the slightest amount of pain, he also felt as if he was wandering in a hot spring.

"This lake water actually contains the 'essence of Five Elements'!"

Tang Huan's mind was greatly shaken. What was accumulated in this lake was definitely not ordinary water, but a liquid that contained the "essence of Five Elements".

The essence of the Five Elements was an incomparably precious treasure.

There was information about this "essence of Five Elements" in the memories of Yu Qingge, Jie Feizhou, Ge Jian Feng, and Tailing, and there were even fragments of this item in Hu Chan's memories. This was because he had obtained a few bottles of it back when he had first entered the "Ancient Clear Heaven Domain".

Of course, compared to the little "essence of Five Elements" that Hu Chan had obtained, the content here was countless times more than normal.

Even if a whole lake with a circumference of fifty meters contained only a tenth or even a thousandth of a percent of the "true essence of the Five Elements", it would still be extremely shocking. But in actuality, the concentration of "true essence of the Five Elements" in the lake water was definitely far more than a tenth of what it was.

Only a peerless expert like the Divine Cast Dragon Abyss could make such a huge effort.

After the cultivators fell into the lake, even though they were in excruciating pain, their bodies were unconsciously being tempered by the invisible power contained in the "true essence of Five Elements". After a year, they might not be able to pass the bridge, but as long as they fell into the lake more than once, they would be able to gain incredible rewards.

He really didn't know when he would be lucky!

Seeing the cultivators that were falling into the water behind him shrieking miserably, Tang Huan sighed in his heart, feeling so comfortable that he almost couldn't help but moan out loud.

In the Lake of Colors, other people were in so much pain that they wanted to die, but Tang Huan was so comfortable that they wanted to die.

"In this lake, although the True Spirit can't be operated, the 'Nine Yang Divine Furnace' can still be operated. I wonder if it can absorb the 'essence of Five Elements'?"

The heavenly and earthly treasures that filled the lake made Tang Huan a little envious, and his brain started to think quickly.

In the next moment, Tang Huan began his experiment.

In between the mind instructs (in a second), the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" moved swiftly according to a strange rhythm. The strong power of the sucking spread in all directions with the body as the center. Very quickly, Tang Huan discovered that the lake water was like a huge whole body, and the difficulty of obtaining the sucking's "essence of Five Elements" was extremely high.

After being pushed more than ten or twenty meters by the lake water, some of the "essence of Five Elements" entered his body bit by bit. Following the Spiritual Meridian into the Dantian's cauldron, the "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire" seemed to have encountered a hungry wolf that had fresh and juicy fat meat, and suddenly pounced and wrapped around that bit of "Five Elements and spirit marrow".

This "Five Elements and Spirit Marrow" could actually raise a "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire"?

Sensing the situation within the cauldron that had never happened before, Tang Huan was instantly pleasantly surprised. In an instant, he calmed his heart and concentrated, using all of his strength to absorb the "true essence of the Five Elements" that surrounded him.

"Plop —"

The sound of a heavy object falling into the water rang out from time to time.

From the white bridge, cultivators kept falling. The furthest they went was only about ten meters. After entering the lake, the female cultivators desperately clenched their teeth and endured the pain. They couldn't hold it in any longer and snorted a few times. However, the male cultivators didn't hide anything and continued to scream.

Within the inner space of this "Heaven Dipper Realm", all sorts of mournful cries rang out, causing the cultivators who were still walking on the bridges to feel uneasy. Tang Huan was not affected in the slightest by these movements, his eyes slightly closed, as he completely immersed himself within the "true essence of Five Elements" sucking.

Not long later, Tang Huan felt his body touching the shore.

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