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I moved my gaze from the crystal in my hand to Malek's face, and then back again. Soren was out of the dungeon, but how was that possible, he was the dungeon, the core of it. If he's out here in this tiny crystal, then who's watching the monsters.
"All primary and secondary dungeon activities has been handed over to Nefisat. And I have some of my coven members studying the monsters in the dungeon, so they would be well taken care of." Malek said to me in an attempt to assuage my doubt's.
My head was too occupied to make a fuss, following Malek's instructions, I opened a panel on one of the hover bikes, well the remaining ten have already been bonded, though they did not look any different to me. The quad bikes looked like something you would see in a dystopic movie. It was like an amalgamation of scrap metal, though it seemed to be partly made with the same material as the nanites in my armor and weapons. I sat on the bike, and placed my hand, on it's fuel tank, or at least the area where a fuel tank would be.
Soren's crystal was placed between my hand and the tank. There was a deep rumble, and the surface of the tank ripples, becoming somewhat liquid as the crystal sunk into it. The ripples spread through out the entire quad bike, changing it, reshaping it, until I was quite literally sitting on golden metal lion.
"Okay that's cool." I said with a smile.
The lion rippled again, turning into a beast of bike. It was no longer an ordinary quad bike, but a normal two wheel bike with an engine that sand with a lion's roar. It's color changed, becoming deep shades of dark blue and blood red, though it's wheels still retained it's golden paint. Much like a lot of things in my life, I felt connected to the bike, or to be more precise Soren. The same transformation happened with the others, black and white had chosen a monster, that was evolved from the siren's DNA we collected sometimes back during the banquet where first met Farina and Malek.
First their Quad bikes changed into some sort of black and white Albino sea serpent, before turning into hover boards. While I was stoked about having a bike, the fact that they had hover boards made me jealous. The boards floated a meter above the ground, with White have a black board, while his sister black had a white board. The new forms still had traces of their former weapons system, the gatling gun had changed into cannons that were placed on both sides of the front wheel of my bike, it was the same with theirs, though the cannon was smaller, or to be more precise it was like an smg. There were other changes, a hover bike, dirt bikes, and actual wings. This was beyond insane, and it was just like the armor all over again.
"So what do you call this things Malek?" I asked him.
"I call them...….well I've not come up with a name for them yet. So feel free to experiment with it and come up with a name yourself."
I nodded my head, and prepared to head out. Until I heard a voice call out to me.

"Wait! I would like to accompany you on this expedition."
It was Queen, and she looked prepared for a journey. Thick boots, armor, a bag, and her spear and sniper rifle slung over her shoulder. I could refuse, but she might be a great help. Even with all of the vampires I've unsealed, I only have a few elders, and those elders are all a part of the bloodline covens, and have important duties within their clans. Not to mention, the bloodline covens that follow me, were not combat oriented, so their overall strength would be called to question. A super powered vampire bodyguard would not be a bad idea.
"That's no problem at all, you can join us."
She nodded her head, and turned into a streak of lightning that flew into the distance and towards the black district. The only though in my mind was about how fast she was, so I revved the engine of my bike, and shot after her, with my Envoys following close behind me.
The speed of the bike shocked me at first, there was a literal sonic boom when I first moved, and every time I changed gears, there would be another. In it's base quad bike form, the bikes were really fast, I don't know how powerful they can be in their animal form, but this bike form was so fast, if not for my superior vampire senses and physique. I would have drove into a tower, it tore myself to pieces. But still this was one of Malek's coolest inventions ever. Well then onwards to the black tower.
At first he thought it was just his imagination, well maybe his imagination was partly to blame for all this. But that was besides the point, he was dying, loosing pieces of himself every day, and no amount of healing magic or skill could fix it. This morning he had woken up, and his entire right hand was nothing more than a flab of skin. His bones had all been broken into numerous tiny fragments that could almost be called dust. He had spent 10 hours in surgery just to have those bone fragments removed, and another bone regrown.
But all this was taking s toll on him. The whispers drove him mad, they called everything he believed into question, and made him doubt himself. And then his body kept breaking down, over and over and over again. He couldn't do the things he loved anymore, couldn't derive pleasure from hurting vampires, how could he! He was in pain himself.
"I have a solution sir!" A voice said to him as he placed his head on his desk, moaning the evening away in pain.
"And what solution is that Krause, we can't launch a full blow war against him, our orders are to provoke him to do it himself. And so far we've done enough and it's only a matter of time before he comes for us." Adein replied to the voice.
"That may be, but that time may be later rather than sooner. New obstacles have popped up in the form of the order of the pure blood. He has his hands full, and I doubt you can last long enough for him to beat them, if he can, or for the council of light to send a sanctioned weaver to come and check you over and undo what he did to you. We're running out of time."
Adein knew he was right, and this new development about a radical vampire group made him a little worried. He needed Kael to come here, so he could force the bastard noble to put an end to whatever curse he had placed on Adein. But now more leeches are springing up from their holes, coming from who knows where, and all in the name of a holy crusade. This all just seemed really stupid, but Adein was desperate. He was willing to play a stupid game than if it meant he could live.
"Fine what method do you suggest we use in bringing Kael to us." Aden asked, managing to raise his head from his desk, and give the Alpha Werewolf King in front of him a piercing stare.
"Simple, we just have to take someone he loves and hold them for ransom, there's no way he wouldn't come running."
"Are you stupid or something. While your plan is great, his wives are too well protected, even if we assemble the whole guards, we won't be able to touch Xaseah or Asha!"
"Who said anything about Asha or Xaseah. You and I both know that Kael has more people around him than should be allowed any ruler. It makes him weak. We can't touch his wives, but they're not the only people he loves, and we have a wide variety of options to pick from, people who are not so well protected."
Adein blinked his eyes as everything made really perfect sense to him. Kael had too many people that he cared about, to many weaknesses that anyone could exploit. It made Adein feel really excited because if there's anything he loves more than seeing Kael Cor in pain, it was to see Kael Cor in even greater pain. Adein hated that guy, not just for what he represented, but for the fact that he kept fighting when most should have just shut their mouth, serve their sentence and get out of this hell hole. He messed with everything, and now Adein was going to mess with him.
"Who do you have in mind?" Adein asked ferociously
" about…"

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