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Chapter 2825 - night valley s Injuries

"Aich, Enlargement Stroke!"

As soon as he finished.

Behind Long Fei, Aich suddenly appeared. With an ice-cold expression, he pulled on the ice bow and released an arrow!

At such a close distance, there was no way to dodge at all.

Lian Wuchao was instantly shot.


"— 1920"

"F * ck!"

Long Fei's heart sank, "Such low damage!"

When he had hit Lian Wenchao, his damage was already at six digits, but it was not even two thousand now. The difference in damage between the two was like difference of ten thousand miles, which also showed that Lian Wuchao was way stronger than him.


Long Fei immediately grabbed su su's hand and shouted at him, "Run!"

He swiftly ran out.

"Eldest Young Master!"

"Eldest Young Master!"

A few disciples of the Lian Family and the elder also did not chase after Long Fei. To Long Fei, Lian Wuchao was more important.

Lian Wuchao was stunned in place.

The moment he was hit by the magical crystal, he couldn't move at all.

After being stunned for three and a half seconds, his body suddenly moved. "Damn it!"

A deep sound.

Lian Wuchao's eyes were brimming with fury. Looking at the Long Fei who had already disappeared into the darkness, his eyes slightly narrowed as he let out a cold laugh.

"If that young miss Su returns alive and tells su wantu what happened just now, then you … …" The old man said lightly.

Lian Wuchao laughed coldly and said, "They won't go back."

The elder immediately asked, "Do you want me to chase them?"

Lian Wuchao said: "No need, they are currently running deep into the night valley, that is the most dangerous place in the night valley, they will not be able to live."

"Even if we survive …"

"Heh heh …"

"The entire night valley is my people, and they won't be able to escape from my grasp."

And then …

Lian Wuchao ordered, "Go and notify my grandfather that the largest landing point for the purple flames has been found. It is at night valley, let him reinforce us immediately."

Long Fei and the others could see the scratches on the hillside, Lian Wuchao had also noticed it.


Smoke continuously rose up from the valley not far away. It was certain that this was the place where they were going to land.

A lot of people went to the Icefield.

However …

There were not many people in night valley, and most of the people here were from Lian Family.

Once Lian Kaijiang arrived, he was ready to make his move!

Lian Wuchao looked into the distance, and the corner of his mouth slightly curled. "I just so happened to let you two scout out out for me, hehe … Do you think you can escape from me? No matter who killed my brother, you will all be buried with him! "

Cold and ruthless.

… ….

"Huff, huff …" su su panted heavily, his chest rising and falling uncontrollably, his face red and filled with anger: "Lian Wuchao dares to attack me, when we return, I will definitely not forgive him."

tan dapao said slightly: "We can talk after we return, this is the night valley's hinterland."

In other words …

They had already reached the most dangerous place in night valley.

Long Fei looked around, there were many caves and these caves were all emitting an aura of power, there must be night valley demon beast below them.

It was just that there was something strange about it.

They did not hide their auras, and logically speaking, they should have already been crowned by the night valley's demon beast after running for such a long time, but they did not see any of them.

"So what if it's the night valley's hinterland?"

"Don't let me go back, otherwise, I will definitely make his Lian Family look good, humph!" su su was still very angry.

tan dapao was a little contemptuous.

Long Fei squatted by the side of a cave, and the idea slightly moved, "That's strange."

"Why aren't there any demon beast s?"

su su said: "Isn't it good to have no demon beast? You still hope that the demon beast will chase after us. "

tan dapao also noticed that something was wrong with his surroundings. This was completely different from the hintery area, where demon beast s were everywhere, but here …

The more Long Fei thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong.

su su pointed in the distance and said, "There is smoke coming out from there. Is that where the purple flames fell?"

Long Fei looked up and saw thick smoke rising from a deep valley not far away.

tan dapao looked at the scratches in the distance and said, "It can't be wrong, it should be that place."

"Hahaha …"

su su immediately laughed excitedly, and said. "We found it, we found it, hehe … Big Brother Long Fei, we are going to send it. "

"Now let's see who dares to look down on me."

As they spoke, su su ran towards the valley.

Long Fei also quickly went over.

Half an hour later.

Lying at the mouth of the valley, the three of them looked down, their expressions suddenly changing.

A purple glow constantly flashed out from the cave. It was very dazzling, however … A large number of demon beast had died in the surrounding area.

Corpses were strewn across the fields, and the entire valley was filled with corpses.

What was strange was that these demon beast did not have any bloodstains on their bodies, nor were there any wounds on their bodies.

Or standing.

Or fall.

Their eyes were all filled with incomparable terror as they witnessed an unimaginably terrifying scene. Furthermore, their bodies were all facing the same direction as they died.

tan dapao muttered: "What is happening? Aren't they night valley's demon beast? Weren't they evolved from demons, devils, ghosts or the like? Is there anything in this world that they are afraid of? "


"Brother Fei, look at their bodies. They don't have any injuries. They look like they've been petrified. How did it turn out like this?"

"Even the violet gold armor fragments in East Imperial City did not have such an effect?" tan dapao asked.

Long Fei looked at each and every one of them, and muttered to himself, "They should have died in an instant, and moreover, there was no way to dodge them.

tan dapao secretly clicked his tongue: "Isn't this power too terrifying?"

su su looked at the valley to see if there were any demon beast, grinned, and said: "We'll find out once we get down there."

Without waiting for Long Fei to stop her, she had already walked down the valley.

The valley was shrouded in thick smoke, and from time to time, purple lights would shine from the cave. The surroundings were very quiet, without a single sound.

Long Fei and the other two walked down the valley.

su su walked in front of a giant cat demon and lightly touched it.

"Hualala …"

His body instantly disintegrated into fine powder.

Long Fei trembled. At the beginning, he only felt that it was because their heart veins had been shattered, but now, it seemed that it was far more serious than what he had said.

And it wasn't even a hit.

It was just an energy shockwave.

When he walked into the valley, he discovered that everything had become charred black. He stepped on the thick layer of dust, and it was hard to imagine what had happened when he crashed into the valley.

"Looks like night valley doesn't have much power to attack East Imperial City this year." tan dapao muttered, "This is too fucking cruel."

"What kind of power is this?"

At this moment.

Long Fei's gaze darkened, and he immediately shouted, "Be careful!"




Before he finished speaking, a few rays of Ye Mei fell. Long Fei, tan dapao, and su su all carried sharp blades that flashed with a cold light on their necks …

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