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After being a step ahead of his brother Rabbit, Wei Suo felt ashamed, and began to comprehend the missing moon that was the Great Way of the Jurisdiction.

It was merely a clash of power between ordinary magic and other people. However, the deepest essence of the missing crescent moon shook violently, directly destroying the magical formation and destroying the core of the opponent's power.

This was like a man wearing thick armor, but it did not destroy the armor at all, directly destroying the flesh inside. No matter how thick the armor was, it was useless.

"So fast?"

However, Wei Suo didn't spend too much time after seeing Li Jiuyi display the Great Way of the Moon's origin laws. The Godly Iron Ship continued moving forward for less than 4000 km, and when there was still nearly 1000 km to go until it reached the entrance to the ruins mentioned by Ye Zimei and Zhantai Linglan, Wei Suo had already comprehended the Great Way of the Missing Moon. This caused the witch and the others to be extremely shocked.

Because the power of this Great Dao Court was extremely shocking, the Sorcerer Goddess and the Yin Yang Grandmaster were also trying their best to comprehend it. However, at this time, they still could not understand it in any way, and the speed at which they could comprehend the Great Dao Court was incomparable to Wei Suo's.

"My fleshly body is estimated to be able to withstand the power of a spell of the second stage of the True Immortal Realm for a bit longer. The power of a spell of the third stage of the True Immortal Realm probably won't be able to withstand it."

After evolving the Great Way of the Moon, Wei Suo finally had a clear understanding of how strong his physical body was.

This was because even with Wei Suo's previous skills, he was already unable to do anything to his own body. Furthermore, the power of this Great Way of the Moon that was incomplete was more than two times greater than that of the Immortal Domain. And Wei Suo felt that with his own body, he could still barely withstand it. No matter how powerful he was, he wouldn't be able to do it.

"Right there?"

At this moment, they had arrived at the map that showed that the Lodge Wasteland was a plain with a radius of seven to eight thousand miles. Wei Suo and the others only needed a single glance to discover that the place Ye Zimei and Zhantai Linglan had mentioned was a plain and unremarkable desolate forest with a radius of ten miles.

Moreover, even with Wei Suo's perception, he was unable to sense anything unusual. If not for the fact that Ye Zimei had already been completely converted, and was even now working extremely hard to convert the Heaven's Altar's spiritual ripple, Wei Suo and the others would have suspected that what he said was a lie.

According to what Ye Zimei said, the Alliance had searched this area for decades without finding anything. However, a cultivator later discovered that this desolate forest looked exactly the same as it did a few decades ago, with no signs of growth. Only then did he feel that this place was strange. Afterwards, a cultivator inadvertently discovered that some of the trees here could absorb true essence. After a moment of probing, he discovered that according to a certain order, he would concentrate his true essence into more than a dozen of these trees, revealing an ancient transportation formation.

By the time the ancient teleportation portal was revealed, not even the Divine Monarchs knew where it came from.

This method was something that hadn't even been heard of before by the green-robed old man and Ling Long Tian. It must have been a unique method that belonged to either the Desolate Clan or a supreme elder.

… ….

In less than the time it took to drink a cup of tea, the unique spirit light of the teleportation spell formation flashed. Wei Suo and the others appeared in the middle of an ancient teleportation formation that looked like a square altar.

This ancient transportation formation was entirely carved out of a dark green crystal, and around it stood four white prismatic crystal pillars that were as tall as a person. The white light emitted by the crystal pillars condensed into many tiny profound symbols, dancing within the ancient transportation formation like fireflies on a summer night.

With just a single glance, a shocked expression appeared on the faces of Wei Suo and the others.

Although Ye Zimei and Zhantai Linglan had already heard that the interior was extremely vast, the scene before their eyes was still far more astonishing than what Wei Suo and the others had imagined.

At this moment, only the word "big" appeared in the minds of Wei Suo and the others.

In front of him was a plain that was covered with green rocks. At the end of the plain was a mountain range that was at least 50,000 to 60,000 feet high.

Just this height of 50,000 to 60,000 feet was nothing. In the Boorish Desolate, there were many mountains like this. But the key point was that even with Wei Suo's eyesight, he couldn't see the end of this mountain range.

In front of such a huge mountain, the speed at which Wei Suo and his group escaped appeared to be minuscule.

Such a tall mountain range and such a long chain gave people a feeling of unreality. They only felt that such a mountain range could not possibly exist under normal circumstances.

"Could it be that this is another unique space?" Han Weiwei and Shui Ling'er looked at each other and could not help but say this to each other.

Even with their cultivations and information, they could feel that the heaven and earth origin energy in this place was somewhat different from the Savage Wasteland outside.

They were all shady when it came to the unique space that was created by humans. It was because of the upheaval in the sand dimension that they had to follow Wei Suo this time. Otherwise, if they were to end up separated from him for over 200 years, they wouldn't be able to take it anymore.

"Sister Steel Teeth, Senior Yuan Yin, what do you two feel?" After seeing the incomparably huge scene in front of him and his initial shock, Wei Suo's expression was also very strange.

This was because within the heaven and earth origin energy of this place, whether it was the astral thunder, heavenly fire, or star origin energy, they were all much thicker than the wild wilderness outside. At this moment, although he had also seen many multicolored lights on that huge mountain range and felt many strong fluctuations of Essence Qi, he was certain that this was not because of any restriction, but because there was still a remnant of its might. This was because regardless of what restriction or might it was, it was impossible for the Essence Qi to be spread evenly, filling up such a large area.

"This shouldn't be a unique spatial domain, but rather the feeling of moving a huge piece of land, using a grand sealing technique, into an extremely high altitude. The ancestor and witch looked at Wei Suo with bitter smiles. "What do you feel?"

"Buddha, this is one of the barbarians!" Ling Tian took a deep breath. His eyes flashed with a golden light as he spoke in an extremely straightforward manner.

"What does the Buddha mean?" The green-robed old man and Han Weiwei were the first to ask.

"It's the cave of the Wasteland Clan. Just like what the Yin Ancestor and the witch goddess just said, they used a forbidden technique to move a huge piece of land to an extremely high altitude. If we go up, it should be the Nine Heavens Squall Layer. " Ling Tian looked at Wei Suo and Han Weiwei as he explained with an ugly expression, "In our era, it was said that the Wasteland Race had a total of three such pagans. They were all created from small stars or continents that would collapse when the world collapsed."

"A cave directly constructed from stars?" "Even Wei Suo felt his vision go black. This tribe's methods are way too cruel." In other words, this place is one of the lairs of the Wasteland Race? " Han Weiwei also instantly gasped.

"The Wasteland Clan originally lived in the Black Turtle Continent for generations, and the majority of the Black Turtle Continent normally doesn't see the sun at all. Some of the supreme elders of the Wasteland Clan, in order to cultivate and refine things, have already built their immortal estates at extremely high alms. Later on, the ancestor of the Wasteland Clan created a total of three of these pagodas. " Ling Long Tian took another deep breath, before slowly saying, "This Pagoda is indeed equivalent to their base, because in the entire Pagoda, not only are they the ones who have established many forbidden immortal estates, it is also equivalent to an incomparably huge magical artifact. Floating cities are able to control movement."

"If I can control my movement, doesn't that mean I'm using a city to crush people?" Wei Suo immediately rolled his eyes again as he called out in his heart, "Your sister!" When it came down to enemies like this, if a single person were to suddenly descend upon a place like this and receive an innumerable amount of attacks, it would be no different from heavenly tribulation. It would be enough to scare people to death.

"That's right. This kind of Buddha was killed by us in the battle between the Wasteland Race and us before the battle with the Northern Mang. During the battle of the Northern Mang, they had moved a pagoda near Bei Mang and were defeated by Bei Mang's restrictions. Previously, we only found out from the elders that there are a total of three of them. As for what we found, we have already fought them to the death. This is the only one, I didn't even know where it used to be. " Ling Long Tian looked at Wei Suo and said.

"..." Wei Suo was speechless. He could only feel his mouth drying up as he forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Ling Long Tian's meaning was obvious. At that time, the Cloud Spirit Continent and the Profound Sky Continent were already the base of operations for the Spirit Race and some of the Supreme Elders. However, this pagoda was already here, and the Spirit Race did not know anything yet.

It seems that it was fortunate that the Spirit Race used Bei Mang and forced the Wasteland Race to immediately fight each other, causing a super great war. Otherwise, if the Wasteland Race managed it for a while, the Spirit Race would not be able to fight anymore.

"After such a long time, we finally touched upon the nest of the Wasteland Race?" The green-robed old man finally reacted and shouted with all his might. "Ah!" It's too scary, don't go in, run! "

"Run your ass." Wei Suo nodded at Ling Long Tian and led the way towards the giant mountain range. … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Moreover, it was obvious that they had experienced a terrifying battle within the pagoda. It was hard to say who would win, but at most, there would only be some heavily injured barbarians left. If no one came in, he would never want to be born. However, the crux of the matter now was that they had no idea what sort of place this place was. They were all in high spirits as they searched for treasures. Especially since Divine Tide King had obtained the inheritance of the Wasteland Clan. If the great elder of the Wasteland Clan who provided this inheritance could survive, then he might be able to turn him into a puppet with just a thought. Then, who knew what sort of things would happen.

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