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Chapter 2892 - The Fear in su wantu's Heart

The Gu coiled around, occupying the Pubes.

The true qi could not be activated.

Long Fei's body was being suppressed.

At first, Long Fei did not want to touch it, he wanted to keep it as a test using him. But now that he was too exhausted to use his Alchemy, he could only take a risk.


Long Fei let out a light breath as the idea moved.

Weng! *

A sword hum rang out.

Within his consciousness, the killing sword floated in the air.

The cocoon like Golden Gu did not seem to be aware of the danger.


He gave the order.

Long Fei's heart was also tight, in that moment, he also activated 'Divine Dragon Transforming into Zero Blood Immortal'.


"Squeak squeak..."

The killing sword stabbed down.

The Golden Gu let out a squeak.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Golden Gu' for gaining 0 experience, obtaining 60,000 true spiritual value points, and 0 Universal Value!"


As soon as the system announcement rang out.

He completely recovered six million points of true spiritual value.

In the instant that the Golden Gu died, its body slowly dissipated, and finally completely disappeared. The Pubes also resumed its circulation.

It was just that …

The killing sword slightly trembled.

Long Fei could already clearly feel that his' injuries' were worsening.

"Besides dealing with the matter of the Spirit Gathering Pill, I have to fix the killing sword as soon as possible." Long Fei secretly said, this was a strand of ancient inheritance, the longer this world dragged on, the weaker it would be. It was with great difficulty that he managed to obtain the ancient inheritance, so he was able to instantly kill all those below the Emperor level.

"Woo …"

Long Fei spat out a pool of black blood.

And then …

His complexion returned to a healthy shade of red, and his injuries were all healed as well.

qian yan was secretly shocked, "This brat … What did he just do? "Why did it suddenly recover?"

Fu Xishan was also happy: "Long Fei, are you done?"

Long Fei nodded and said: "I'll be fine for now."

Long Fei took out ten Zeng Ling pills and gave them to wu li, saying: "Quickly recover your true spirit, I still need your help later on."

wu li looked at the Zeng Ling pills, a glint flashed across his eyes, and he nodded: "Mn!"

After consuming the pill, he sat down cross-legged and began meditating.

"Huff …"

Long Fei looked at the chaos in front of the pill furnace.

Fu Xishan said: "It's already too late, how about we forget about it?"

Fu Xishan was worried about Long Fei.

Long Fei said: "No matter what, I want to give it a try, after all this is related to the lives of everyone in the city, and at this critical moment, no matter what happens in, I am afraid that they will not be able to stop the attacks of the western regions."

qian yan was startled, and said: "ancient monster?"

Long Fei said: "That's right, I had originally wanted to talk to the City Lord about this matter, it's just that..."

Long Fei smiled and did not continue.

qian yan said as her gaze tightened, "It has always been wormholes, ice plains, night valley s, and also the Ghost Cave. Why would there be western regions ancient monster here this year?"

"Is the news correct?"

Long Fei nodded and said: "There shouldn't be any mistake with the news from the night valley."

qian yan immediately said, "You guys go ahead, I'll go report to the Principal."

"If it really is a ancient monster, then East Imperial City is in danger."

qian yan was very nervous.

He was extremely afraid of the ancient monster.

Long Fei did not think too much about it, his focus right now was on how to concoct the pills to suppress the Spirit Gathering Pill.

An idea came to his mind, but before that idea could be realized, he had to concoct a small scale pill.

"Bring it on!"

Long Fei moved, and without any hesitation, he immediately activated the Ancient Alchemy Technique.

The ancient Alchemy Technique's chant also slowly recited in his heart as it began to circulate.

A ray of ancient power faintly moved.

It covered his entire body.

At the same time, he entered the realm of 'one with the world'.

A faint glow appeared on his chest. It was not too intense, but the naked eye could see that this was … Fluorescence of god's tribe's curse mark.

It was just that Fu Xishan did not pay attention to all of this.

wu li was also wholeheartedly thinking about recovering his truesoul so he did not look at Long Fei.


"Refinery failure!"


"Fusion failed!"



"Failure …" Failure... "Failure..."

Continuously failing.

In his previous life, he had advanced medical equipment. A small pill could kill bugs, but this was a foreign world. It was extremely difficult to make such a pill.


"I don't believe it."

… ….

"Pills, Spirit Gathering Pill! Quick, quick, give me the Spirit Gathering Pill!"

"I want the Spirit Gathering Pill."

"Give me the pill!"

"Give me the Spirit Gathering Pill. I'm willing to offer 10,000 grandmist crystals."

"I bid 100,000!"

"Child, my child, my child is gone. Has anyone seen my child?"

"Woo woo …"

East Imperial City was already in chaos.

Moreover, the shop that sold the Spirit Gathering Pills had already closed for the next two days.

However, the front of the shop was completely surrounded by people. All of them were like sick people, skinny like firewood, black eyes, and weak bodies.

They were waiting for the Spirit Pill.

At this moment.

Their Pubes were densely covered in Gu worms, and they were still devouring their Profound Qi and the breath of true spirit in their limbs and bones.

… ….

"Lord, the situation is getting worse and worse."

City Lord's Mansion, Su Clan.

The Su Clan was decorated with lanterns and decorations, preparing to welcome the arrival of the Son of Heaven.

However …

su wantu was currently frowning deeply, "Why is it like this? Hadn't Alchemy Union tested for Spirit Gathering Pills before? Why is this happening? "

The old man shook his head: "I don't know, the Alchemy Union's President, Lu Yaohe, is about to disappear."

"What exactly is inside the Spirit Gathering Pill?" su wantu asked again.

The old man said: "I don't know, it's just that the medicinal pellets have a foul smelling liquid, but it doesn't have any special material injuries. Our Alchemy Masters are too low, so we can't find any reason."

"Where are the shops that sell these Spirit Gathering Pills?"

"They're all gone."

"It's as if they all disappeared in one night."

"Master, out of the hundreds of clans in East Imperial City, and our Su Family, many disciples consumed Spirit Gathering Pills. Furthermore, many disciples could not take it anymore."

Tens of millions of warriors had all taken it.

The Su Family's disciples were no exception.

su wantu's gaze tensed up.

The elder continued, "In addition, many children have been lost during this period of time. There are already several hundred of them."

su wantu clenched his fists and said: "Such a huge thing happened, what about Donghuang College? What's the reaction? "

The old man looked at su wantu, but didn't dare say anything.

su wantu shouted: "Speak."

The old man said: "None of the students of Donghuang College took a Spirit Gathering Pill."

As soon as he finished speaking.

su wantu's gaze tensed up, "What? Not a single one? "

The old man said: "Not a single one. It was personally ordered by Dean of Dong Huang College, all students who consume Spirit Gathering Pills are expelled. As long as they are students of Donghuang College, they do not take Spirit Gathering Pills."

su wantu's body slightly trembled, as he had a bad premonition in his heart …

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