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Chapter 2922: This daddy wants you dead

Without any hesitation, Long Fei directly said: "Bring me up there and chase him!"

He turned around and jumped onto the back of Ice and Fire.

Bing Huo pushed herself up with her feet and flew into the sky, bringing up layers of air currents. Dust filled the sky and blocked everyone's line of sight.

At the same time.

Xiao Bai moved, and also quickly teleported out.

Elder Swordsman looked up into the sky and shook his head: "Sigh …. This is truly courting death, why would there be such a moron in god's tribe? "

Right now, no one could stop Long Fei.

Yuan Tianwang?

Don't even think of stopping him!

However …

Other than Elder Swordsman, no one else knew that Long Fei was on fire and ice and because the people of East Imperial City were all retreating, they simply did not have the time to pay attention to Long Fei.

Yuan Tianwang also came back.


"The haunted lair, wormhole, ice plains, and monsters from the four great forces of night valley are all guarding outside the city. They didn't come in at all, so logically speaking, they should have rushed in immediately."


"Why didn't he kill anyone?"

Yuan Tianwang was completely dumbfounded.

The center of Dean of Dong Huang College's brows sunk as he muttered: "Not a single person was killed. Everyone was guarding outside of the city. What are they waiting for?"

Yuan Tianwang said: "Those two huge monsters didn't kill anyone either, this is completely different from the Winter of That Year, could it be that they are waiting for something?"

Dean of Dong Huang College also shook his head, "I don't know either."

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Suddenly, there was a loud explosion.

qian yan pointed to the sky and said: "Master, quickly look!"

Dean of Dong Huang College's gaze tensed up, "It's that flying dragon."


A white shadow flashed past.

Yuan Tianwang said in astonishment: "Such fast speed, that white shadow should be that White Wolf right?"


"Why did they run out?"

"What's going on?"

The Dean of Dong Huang College did not dare to lower his guard, and said: "Pass down my order, the demon beast outside the city will not attack, and we are not allowed to intervene."

He had a faint feeling that this matter was related to Long Fei.


Dean of Dong Huang College asked: "Where is Long Fei now?"

Yuan Tianwang shook his head: "I don't know, I didn't see him."

wu li suddenly asked, "Could it be on that flying dragon?"

Everyone was taken aback.

Everyone was dumbfounded!

… ….

"Young master, let's leave quickly."

"Long Fei, that person is a madman. I wonder what kind of things he will do, what's more, that young miss of the Su Family is still infected with the Gu Poison, when he finds out, he will definitely not let us leave so easily." Huo Hong said worriedly.


There was nothing else he could say, but what he got in return was a huge slap in the face.



"Who in the East Imperial City can catch up to the flying shuttles? Does East Imperial City have a Emperor Strongman? "If it wasn't for the fact that you are still useful, I would have already kicked you down." The Son of Heaven said fiercely.

His face was filled with displeasure, "A woman that I can't get, no one can."

"You want to steal my woman?"

"What the hell is he?"

"When I return, I will definitely let the god's tribe's guards flatten the entire East Imperial City!" The Son of Heaven was burning with anger. He would never let this matter go so easily.

Huo Hong looked at the Son of Heaven, he wanted to say something but hesitated. In the end, he held back and muttered to himself, "If your uncle found out about this, I'm afraid that you're not the one being trampled on by the imperial guards."

Although the Son of Heaven was descendant of god's tribe.

However …

I can't ruin god's tribe's reputation like this.

Not to mention.

This time, not only did it tarnish god's tribe's reputation, he was also scared witless by Long Fei and peed his pants.

If this matter were to spread, he estimated that he wouldn't be able to live much longer.

It was too embarrassing for god's tribe.

Huo Hong was also muttering to himself, "It looks like I have to think about my future path."

The Son of Heaven naturally didn't know what Huo Hong was thinking. Right now, he was concerned about one thing, that was the East Imperial City's blood flowing like a river.

The Son of Heaven was enraged when he thought of Long Fei. He looked at the quiet East Imperial City and then at the sand that covered his line of sight, unable to see what was happening below him, he said angrily, "Dammit, a bunch of trash. Even their demon beast is trash and it has been so long already, what the hell is going on?"


The shuttle swayed.

The Son of Heaven's eyes tightened, and shouted: "Ghost Slave, do you want to die too? If you can't even control a flying shuttle, what's the use of you? "

Ghost Slave quickly said: "Young Master, a huge gust of air swept over."

"Don't find any excuses for me. Control yourself well. I still want to watch a show." The Son of Heaven said.

At this moment.

The sky suddenly darkened.

The Son of Heaven muttered, "It's getting dark."

Ghost Slave's eyes darkened, and said: "Young Master, there's a huge monster above us, it seems, seems, like that wyvern."

The Son of Heaven rebuked angrily: "Dragon your head! The dragon race is all pinned to the ground by my god's tribe, they have all been sent to guard the border, where else can the dragon be?"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

"Rumble …"

As he spoke, two massive dragon wings flapped.

The Son of Heaven's pupils shrank. He was so scared that he didn't dare to move. His tongue was even forming a knot as he said, "Quick, quick, use the fastest speed possible!"

Ghost Slave moved his idea and the flying shuttle flew at full speed.


Like a wisp of smoke, he was already a hundred kilometers away.

The flying shuttle was simply too fast.

The Son of Heaven's heart slightly loosened, "You nearly scared my soul out, Wyvern? Lizard? It seems like the dragon race still have some unruly animals. "

"I have to report this!"

"Dragon race? Show me your dead body. "

The Son of Heaven grinned.


At this moment.


Yet another darkness descended.

The Son of Heaven's face instantly turned cold, almost peeing once again.

His flying shuttle's level was not high, but a normal powerhouse would definitely not be able to catch up with it. Unless it was a Emperor Strongman, if it was a Emperor Strongman, then …

The Son of Heaven's throat went dry, and he roared anxiously: "Ghost Slave, quickly, quickly, quickly run!"

Ghost Slave did not dare move, and said: "Sir, is he right in front of us? We are completely under his wings, the moment his wings move, the flying shuttle will become scrap iron."

"And …"

"And …"

The Son of Heaven said angrily, "And what?"

Ghost Slave said: "And on top of that flying dragon's head, stood a person."

The Son of Heaven's eyes became cold. "Standing on the same person? Hmph, standing is easy, I want to see who dares to block my flying shuttle. Didn't he clearly see the symbol on the flying shuttle? "

"If he dares to block god's tribe's flying shuttle, let's see if he dares to or not."

Ghost Slave said: "Young Noble, you should know that person."

Before he could finish, the Son of Heaven came to the window. The huge dragon head was right in front of him, and on it stood a person.

Long Fei!

This time...

The Son of Heaven was so scared that he fell to the ground. His eyes were unfocused and his body kept shaking. He said, "You, you, why did you come here?"

Long Fei smirked, and laughed: "I am taking your life!"

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