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Long Yi calmly sat on the stone stool the shark general had sat on just a moment ago. Xiaomi and Bifei stood behind him while Long Two stood at one side glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey. As for the shark general who Long Two had treated like a toy, he was just barely alive, and now, he was suspended in midair with seaweed. He was very alarmed and felt panic in his heart.

"You should be an intelligent person. No, no, I mean, an intelligent little shark. Now, you have two choices: one is to cooperate with me, and the other is to suffer all kinds of torture and die," Long Yi smiled and spoke, but his eyes were filled with ice-cold killing intent.

That shark general's dead fish eyes shrunk, but he laughed and said, "Human, I am a general of the Shark Clan. Betraying the Shark Clan is an absolutely impossible matter; you can kill me!"

Long Yi was somewhat surprised. He hadn't expected this scoundrel to have such backbone. Clearly, this strange underground base had a grand secret. Moreover, his intuition told him that that secret was definitely located in that mysterious place shrouded with layer upon layer of magic restrictions. It would be truly somewhat troublesome to go there without this fellow leading the way.

Long Yi's black pupils gradually deepened into bottomless black holes. They contained the vicissitudes the universe had observed for millions upon millions of years. His voice also grew magnetic and bewitching as he suggested, "Even nobodies drag out their ignoble existences; moreover, you are a person who can summon wind and rain even in the great Shark Clan. It would not be worth it to die like this."

That shark general suddenly became dazed, and his eyes lost focus. Hearing Long Yi'S bewitching words, he began to struggle with indecision. He didn't want to lose the women around him or the fawning soldiers below him. Long Yi saw that this shark general was still resistant, so he continued, "Why can other people live well, but you have to die? Remember your beautiful wives and concubines; furthermore, remember your descendants. After you die, your wives and concubines will be taken away by others and your descendants will lead miserable lives and fall. Perhaps, they will all be slaughtered by your enemies one day. You should think clearly."

Upon hearing the words 'wives,' 'concubines,' and 'descendants,' this shark general's body suddenly shook, and he seemed to truly consider Long Yi's offer. Long Yi delicately guided his state of mood. This general was already a very narrow-minded person, and thinking about how his wives and concubines would be divided up by others, his heart twitched. Nevertheless, the point that hit the most vulnerable part of his mentality was the one mentioning his son who had yet to grow up. Compared to others who had sons and daughters in great numbers, he, however, only had just this one son. Without his protection, his son would definitely be murdered by his enemies. That Iron Shark General of the Black Sea Shark Guard hated him down to the marrow of his bones.

At this moment, the expressions of Bifei and Xiaomi standing behind Long Yi were also blurred. Bifei was in a slightly better situation. She concentrated her powerful spirit power on her glabella to maintain her mind's clarity, but Xiaomi was completely dazed on the same spot. Bifei knew that Long Yi must have used his spirit power to intrude upon the mind of this shark general. While this attack was not aimed at them, they had still involuntarily fallen into a daze upon hearing his bewitching voice. His spirit power was so powerful that it would frighten those who became aware of it.

At that moment, that shark general shook, struggling to resist Long Yi's words a few more times before finally becoming sluggish. Then, he muttered, "I don't want to die. I don't want to die…"

Long Yi complacently laughed in his heart about being able to hypnotize and brainwash this shark general. Originally, he could have directly invaded this shark general's sea of consciousness with his formidable spirit power and forcibly set up a spiritual restriction to achieve control over this shark general. Merely, this method had a big flaw. If the willpower of the other party was firm enough, it was very likely for this forceful procedure to damage the brain. Therefore, his words, actions and manners after being controlled would be very different from usual, which would be easily noticed and expose Long Yi's manipulations as soon as any formal examination was performed. But, by using spirit power to bewitch and hypnotize the other party, and thus destroying their psychological barriers, the other party's mind mind would become blank. Long Yi could then draw out whatever he wanted and no one would find any problems even if an examination were done.

Long Yi snapped his fingers and placed down the tied-up shark general. After that, that shark general's dazed eyes began to slowly regain their focus. Behind Long Yi, Bifei and Xiaomi also returned to normal simultaneously. Then, the two women looked at each other with lingering fear in their hearts. What if Long Yi used this trick to do naughty things? Xiaomi simply felt breathless. As for Bifei, a hint of expectation flashed through her eyes while she gazed at Long Yi's back view. Such a powerful man was the husband of her princess. With his help, her hopes of the princess returning to the Mermaid Clan and reclaiming her birthright was far greater. In her view, no matter whether it was Liuli, herself, or Xiaomi, they all belonged to the Sea Race. Although the outside world was vast, when all was said and done, it was not their world. Their roots were in the Sea Race, so it was all that mattered.

The shark general crawled up and respectfully said to Long Yi, "Master, this Golden Shark awaits your orders."

"Golden Shark, is it? Tell me about this underground base. What is it used for?" Long Yi asked with a smile. Then, looking back, he pointed at Xiaomi. Xiaomi immediately understood Long Yi. She stood behind him and rested his head rest on her chest before massaging his shoulders.

"Replying to Master, this is the place our Shark Clan uses to produce the army," Golden Shark replied.

As expected, it was like that. A pondering expression appeared on Long Yi's face. His guesses were not limited to this point.

After the question and answer session with Golden Shark, Long Yi was able to roughly understand the circumstances of the Shark Clan.

It turned out that 200 years ago, the patriarchs of the Shark Clan, Whale Clan and Shihun Clan made an agreement to form an alliance. These three most fierce and powerful clans of the Sea Race allied together and began to madly subvert the authority of the Sea Emperor. This was also the time when the patriarch of Shark Clan, Demon Shark, called together his most trusted subordinates to secretly build this place that was half inside Undersea City and half stretched outside Undersea City under the cover of the Holy Land of Undersea City. It had taken nearly a hundred years to build this place, and Patriarch Demon Shark had also obtained strange big squids in a steady stream for an unknown time. These squids that had low intelligence were used to create the army while a strange method was used to control them. This sea monster army was brave and not afraid of death. Their fighting power was very great; moreover, they always obeyed orders. As for where Shark Patriarch had found these big squids and that method, Golden Shark expressed that he didn't know.

When Long Yi asked why they had tried every means to capture the daughter of the Sea Emperor, the answer of Golden Shark greatly surprised Long Yi as well as Bifei and Xiaomi who were standing behind him.

Originally, Shark Patriarch Demon Shark had not only wanted to capture the daughter of Sea Emperor, but he had also secretly dispatched the elites of the Shark Clan everywhere around Undersea City to look for the traces of the Mermaid Empress and her descendants who had been banished 500 years ago. Allegedly, he needed to use the two to refine something. As for what exactly was that thing, Golden Shark didn't know. He only knew that Patriarch Demon Shark regarded this matter as very important. The degree of importance was even greater than that of the rebellion.

The complexions of Bifei and Xiaomi turned pale. Like that, wasn't the arrival of Liuli in Undersea City like a lamb entering the tiger's den?

"Golden Shark, did you capture Bifei and Xiaomi just for the Purple Gold Soul Stone?" The eyes of Long Yi flashed as he asked.

"Yes, Master," Golden Shark replied.

Long Yi turned around and looked at Bifei and Xiaomi. Then, they all sighed in relief. It seemed that the Shark Clan was entirely unaware of Bifei and Xiaomi being related to the mermaid imperial family that had been banished five hundred years ago. If not for this, no one knew what could have happened.

Long Yi rubbed the beard stubble on his chin and pondered. It seemed that there was something wrong with this matter. What exactly was the thing that required Shark Patriarch using the daughter of the Sea Emperor and Liuli to refine it? Could it be that these two women had secrets not known to anyone? It seemed the truth about the matter of the banishment of the Mermaid Imperial family was not simple at all.

"Bifei, how were you two captured?" Long Yi didn't think more about the reasons. Instead, he thought to look for further clues from this direction.

"In the first place, I took the Purple Gold Soul Stone and hastily returned with Xiaomi to participate in the Sea Race Convention. Merely, because of the internal strife between the Sea Emperor and the alliance of Shark Clan and the others, the Sea Race Convention was postponed. We then took advantage of the chaos and entered Undersea City. At that time, I recalled our empress having a good personal friendship with the patriarch of the Clam Clan, so I went to look for him with the Purple Gold Soul Stone, but somehow this matter was exposed and implicated the Clam Clan. I am ashamed to face them…" Bifei said in a low voice.

The Purple Gold Soul Stone was a priceless treasure among the entire current Sea Race. Everyone coveted the energy contained within it. Basically, Bifei had wanted to exchange this thing for the complete support of the Clam Clan because she had known that the Sea Emperor regarded the Clam Clan very highly. If Clam Clan had offered this thing to the Sea Emperor, they would have been even more favored by the Sea Emperor. Unfortunately, the Shark Patriarch had gotten wind of this and ruthlessly exterminated the entire Clam Clan. Meanwhile, while the two had been running away, they were also caught to be interrogated about the whereabouts of the Purple Gold Soul Stone.

"Where is the Purple Gold Purple Stone?" Long Yi asked.

"I hid in a secret place. I am sure that they have not found it. If they had found it, I and Xiaomi would already have been killed," Bifei tucked a bit of her hair behind her ear and said this complacently. This demeanor startled Long Yi.

"Did you return to Mermaid Clan?" Long Yi asked.

Bifei's expression became gloomy, and she said, "While the other places within Undersea City are dangerous, Mermaid Clan is even more dangerous compared to these other places. When the Mermaid Imperial Clan was banished, I don't know whether someone from inside the Mermaid Clan also played a role in this matter, so I don't dare to take the risk."

Long Yi nodded his head. Bifei was a very cautious person. She was always careful, but he didn't think there was a spy in Clam Clan. Then who exactly had leaked the news? Could it really be someone from the Clam Clan?

"Oh, that's right. The Patriarch of the Clam Clan said that the value of the Purple Gold Soul Stone was not only due to the huge amount of energy contained within it," Bifei suddenly recalled something and revealed this to Long Yi.

"Not only the energy… then what else?" Long Yi asked, feeling this might be the key of the matter.

"I don't know. Right when the Patriarch of the Clam Clan was about to tell me, the army of the Shark Clan attacked," Bifei frowned and said.

Long Yi thought for a bit and asked Golden Shark: "Do you have a way to lead us into that forbidden land?"

Golden Shark thought for a bit and said, "Replying to Master, it is not difficult to enter. It's just that someone else is responsible for guarding inside. I fear we will be discovered easily."

"As long as we can get in, you don't need to worry about anything else." Long Yi smiled as he looked forward to seeing what was inside.

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