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Chapter 2804 - Imitation? It doesn't exist!

It went directly to 100 million!

Long Fei was stunned.

He never thought that a few Tier 1 pills would be able to fetch a price of 100 million!

"Holy sh * t!"

"This is too crazy!"

tan dapao was speechless, his eyes were full of excitement, and he could not control his excitement.

Zhu Tian said slightly: "Donghuang College's wealth does not lose out to any family, a hundred million is just a small sum to Donghuang College."


"Brother Long, why are the two of you so excited?"

tan dapao said with a face full of smiles: "Really? Are we excited? "We just find it exciting. To think that a grade-1 pill would be able to fetch a hundred million, how fearsome!"

Zhu Tian looked at the two of them suspiciously, and muttered: "So it's like that."

He felt that tan dapao and Long Fei's expression was a little abnormal.

No matter how exciting it was, it wouldn't be as excited as they were.

Of course.

He did not know what tan dapao was thinking in his heart.

"I'm rich!"

"I'm rich!"

"Hahaha …" tan dapao was overjoyed in his heart.

… ….

On stage, Fu Xishan smiled faintly, and said: "Donghuang College sure is generous!"

"Is there anyone higher than the Donghuang College?"

The surroundings slowly quieted down.

The Alchemy Union Vice Chairman grinned, wanting to call out another price, but in the end, he endured it.

Because the other party was Donghuang College.

It was song tiancheng.

Although the Alchemy Union was strong, they couldn't fight against the Donghuang College yet.

"100 million going once!"

Fu Xishan swept his eyes across them, "One hundred million times!"

"One hundred million!"


Fu Xishan knocked the set tone hammer down, and then said: "Congratulations Donghuang College!"

song tiancheng smiled faintly and did not say much.

"How can I buy this Zeng Ling pills?"

"Didn't you say we have to take care of low-level fighters?"

"I want to buy it!"

"Where can I buy one?"

For a moment, many people asked loudly.

Although it was incomparable to the Donghuang College, many people still wanted to buy it. After all, they had told Fu Xishan that this was a pill that could change their fates.

Fu Xishan slightly pressed his hands together, and said: "I have discussed this with this Alchemist, and in the future, Lan Clan will provide the Alchemy and Spirit Grass, and the master will personally refine it. However, this kind of medicinal pellet is extremely difficult to refine, and one can at most refine ten of them everyday."

As soon as he finished.

Many people went crazy.

However …

However, there was one person who had an ugly expression on his face.

Lan He!

He had been watching everything in the crowd.

He did not know whether the Zeng Ling pills was a medicinal pellet refined by Long Fei, but he was very clear that Long Fei entrusted the Zeng Ling pills to the Business Alliance of Fu Family to auction, which meant that he was rich now.

This was still secondary.

The most crucial point was that the Business Alliance of Fu Family had to cooperate with the Lan Clan!

This also meant that Lan Clan had a huge backing.

It could be said.

Even if the Lan Clan did not have any money right now, with just the support of a large landowner like him, it would be very disadvantageous for him.


There was one more person!

Lian Wenchao.

His eyes turned sinister as well, and he felt extremely displeased in his heart.

He didn't think that a single pill could cause so many people to go crazy.

Looking at Long Fei's room, Lian Wenchao secretly thought in his heart: "You want to play with me? "Fine, I want to see how long you can keep playing for!"

The killing intent in his heart dimmed.

At this time, Lan He walked over with furrowed brows.

The two of them quickly left.

… ….

"Huff …"

"It's finally over!"

Fu Xishan let out a long sigh.

An elder walked in and said: "Young miss, according to your instructions, we did not take a single cent from song tiancheng, I believe that our cooperation with Donghuang College would reach an agreement."

"One hundred million grandmist crystals, this isn't a small number."

Fu Xishan smiled faintly and said: "Money is just a small matter. The most important thing is to build a good relationship with the Donghuang College. When winter is approaching, the western regions will definitely attack the East Imperial City.

An elder said, "However, that said."

"That Zeng Ling pills is really powerful."

"To think that we could actually sell it for a high price of a hundred million. I'm afraid in the future, no one in the entire East Imperial City wouldn't know about us, our influence will rise greatly."

"What a stunning city."

The high price offered for a grade-1 pill shook the entire city.

A grade-1 pill changing fate caused a huge sensation in the entire city.

And then again.

He had the sole agent of the Business Alliance of Fu Family selling grade one pills, so he believed that he would know what would happen when the doors to the Fu Clan's Spirit Pill Pavilion opened tomorrow.

Fu Xishan also smiled, he was very satisfied with today's auction.

Although it wasn't a sky-high bid of 1 billion, it was definitely enough!

Another elder said lightly: "What do you think song tiancheng wants this Zeng Ling pills for? His cultivation does not need Zeng Ling pills, and the students of Donghuang College are all above General Level. The Zeng Ling pills are completely useless to them, what are they going to buy them for? "


"Yeah, what does he want the Zeng Ling pills for?"

"This is a little strange."

"Take it?"


Fu Xishan also frowned. He did not think about this question at the beginning, but now that he thought about it, it felt strange.

"Donghuang College has the best research team for the pill. Could it be that he wants to bring the Zeng Ling pills back for research? If that's really the case, then everything that we're doing now is in vain. Furthermore, if we sell it at a high price, and Donghuang College research Zeng Ling pills like us, then our Business Alliance of Fu Family will have a reputation of being unrighteous and unrighteous. " An old man slowly said.

Everyone's eyes narrowed.

If that was the case... Fu Xishan secretly tensed up.

Fu Xishan had already made a series of plans in her mind regarding the sale of Zeng Ling pills. If an identical Zeng Ling pills appeared on the market, then her plan would be completely useless.

At this time.

A doorman said, "Young miss, Master Long Fei is here to fetch something."

Fu Xishan recovered his expression and said: "Send the Heaven's End Fine Steel and the god's design map over to me. Tell him to come by himself."

"Yes sir!"

Fu Xishan faintly said: "You may all withdraw as well. I will inform you later about the prices and sales of the Zeng Ling pills tomorrow."

Everyone withdrew from the room.

… ….

"What would a 300-jin Summoning Ball look like?"

"What's hidden inside?"

Long Fei was a little too excited in his heart. He was not too interested in the god's design map, but that three-hundred-kilogram summoning ball …

If there really was a 'mystical treasure' hidden inside, then it would be a windfall.

"Three hundred kilograms …"

"What could it be?"

"Is it a divine beast?"

Long Fei was filled with anticipation, "If it's a gigantic Pikachu …"

felt that the scene of a gigantic and fat Pikachu was a little strange. If he were to throw out a three-hundred-kilogram giant Pikachu, how much lightning would be generated?

Billions of volts?


Long Fei's eyes flashed with a bright light.

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