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Chapter 929 - Puppet Soul Seal

After being stared at like that for a long time, Tang Huan finally seemed to have woken up from a dream, indifferently swept his gaze over the four, and said slowly: "If the Holy Maiden who betrayed your Tian Clan was surnamed Ji Ru, then I should be the son of your Tian Clan's Holy Maiden."

"What?" After hearing what was said, regardless of whether it was Liu Ling, Rong Hai, Zu Song, or Ji Jinyan, they were all dumbstruck.

"You … "You are her son?"

But right after, he shouted out loud, "No, no, the Holy Maiden came back to Forging God Great World almost twenty years ago, but looking at your age, you are definitely not just twenty years old, how could you possibly be her son?"

"Where was the Holy Maiden twenty years ago?" Tang Huan laughed.

"Small world!" said the skating man reflexively.

"You … You came from the small world? " Zu Song's triangular eyes flashed, and he immediately screamed, "How is that possible? How is that possible? "

"..." Ji Jinyan opened her mouth but didn't say anything, but her eyes were filled with unconcealable shock.

"There is nothing impossible in this world!"

Tang Huan's gaze grew distant.

The shock in their hearts could not be described with words. Not only did the woman who betrayed the Tian Clan have such a big son, she even had a son who came running over from a small world.

No wonder this guy could condense wings and use spatial magic!

No wonder he had attacked the four of them and not killed them. Moreover, he had continuously forced Silk to tell him about the Holy Maiden's situation.

"This is bad!"

After a moment of silence, Zu Song's expression suddenly changed and he couldn't help but cry out.

Suddenly, a trace of fear appeared in his eyes. "You revealed such a secretive matter. You probably didn't intend for us to leave this place alive, right?"

"You want to kill us?"

Rong Hai, Lin, and Ji Jinyan's faces all turned ugly. They all realized that they were in grave danger.

"Don't worry, none of you will die!"

Just as Rong Hai and the other three let out a sigh of relief, Tang Huan's voice entered their ears once more, "From today onwards, you all will live on as my puppets. Once you return to the Tian Clan, continue to gather all sorts of information for me."

This was one of the main reasons why Tang Huan insisted on entering the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm".

Whether it was Shan Shan, Feng Ming, Yu Feiyan, his master, the old fatty, or others, they would definitely spread throughout the Thirty-sixth Region after entering the Forging God Great World. As long as his mother was still alive, she would definitely be within the boundaries of the Thirty-sixth Region. And once this "Heavenly Desolate Secret World" was opened, there would be an influx of cultivators from the various provinces.

If he could control a few cultivators from each prefecture to become his own puppets, it would be of great benefit to him in investigating the whereabouts of Shan Shan, her mother and the others. One must know that those who were able to obtain the "Void Talisman" and enter the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm" were basically all born into large clans with great strength.

It was not difficult for Tang Huan to do this now with his Origin Condensation Realm cultivation. Especially with the "Intangible Buddha" guarding the deepest part of his soul, he would be able to execute the way of the soul with greater ease. After all, what he needed was not a puppet that completely lacked an autonomous consciousness, but a puppet like Feng Ming, who was able to listen to his orders and also have a consciousness. Only in this way could his goal be achieved.


Hearing Tang Huan's words, the four Tian Clan cultivators were all stunned.

Soon after, Rong Hai's face darkened. He shouted in anger, "Then why don't you just kill me!"

Zu Song's face was very gloomy. He clenched his teeth and said, "That's right!" Rather than living a life worse than death, it would be better to die cleanly now. "

Shaling and Ji Jinyan looked at each other without saying anything, but fear was written all over their faces.

"I'm not talking to you! "You should at least act as a puppet, and at the same time, act as a puppet!"

The corner of Tang Huan's brows slightly lifted as he sneered. In the moment after he finished speaking, his sleeves had already been flung out, and like lightning, he struck the chests of Rong Hai and the others. After four loud bangs, Rong Hai, Zu Song, Sly Ling, and Ji Jinyan had fallen onto the ground, unconscious.

Then, Tang Huan sat down cross-legged, calmed his heart and carefully recalled.

After just a short while, Tang Huan had a smile on his face. In the "Soul Method True Explanation", there were many methods to create a puppet that could completely extinguish one's consciousness and turn them into zombies. Each and every one of their actions had to be done according to orders. This kind of method was temporarily useless to Tang Huan.

What he was thinking of right now was another method, it was called "Puppet Soul Seal"!

This "Puppet Soul Seal" could be considered an upgraded version of the "Heavenly Note Soul Controlling Technique". Drawing out a wisp of the other party's soul and using his own soul force to refine it, condensing it into a "Puppet Soul Seal" and then fusing it into the depths of the other party's soul, he would be able to conveniently obey orders forever.

Ever since the "Puppet Soul Seal" merged with the soul, it couldn't be expelled by external force, unless the soul of the puppet itself had already far surpassed the owner of the "Puppet Soul Seal".

Of course, this would never happen to Tang Huan. With the âIntangible Buddha '', in the entire Forging God Great World, there were very few who had a soul that could surpass Tang Huan. As for cultivation, even if the puppets were stronger than their masters, they wouldn't be obstructed.

In less than half an hour, Tang Huan had already figured out the method to create the "Puppet Soul Seal", and immediately began to test it out. In just a few breaths of time, a bizarre and gentle ripple spread out from deep within Tang Huan's soul, and instantly filled the entire space.


Suddenly, Tang Huan shouted out softly. The voice seemed to contain a power that intimidated one's soul, as it swept towards the sliding beast. After a short moment, Tang Huan extended his hand out and grabbed, releasing a white-colored odor that leaked out and entered Tang Huan's palm, curling into a ball.

Tang Huan clasped his hands together, and traces of white misty aura shot out from between his eyebrows and entered into the center of his palms.

This was Tang Huan's soul force.

Afterwards, the fluctuations that originated from the depths of Tang Huan's soul suddenly fluctuated, sometimes strong and sometimes weak, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, and it was like a violent storm. Sometimes it was like a gentle breeze and drizzle, and they continuously seeped into the palm of his hand.

After about half a quarter of an hour, Tang Huan suddenly opened his palms.

A walnut-sized white figure floated in front of Tang Huan, taking the shape of a human. Its appearance was exactly the same as Tang Huan, as if it was a mini version of the True Spirit.

Tang Huan could clearly feel a strong and mysterious connection between him and the white shadow.

This was the 'Puppet Soul Seal'!

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