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Chapter 314: 314、Gathering (Part 1)

Lu Shu thought about whether he should stay at home since he was having this smart style. Anyway, he could sell stinky tofu any time.

In Lu Shu’s heart, he thought that full black hair was quite good, and he had no expectation of his image as long as it was neat and tidy. Now he was suddenly classified with the smart family, he felt a little nervous…

When Lu Shu prepared to carry the box and return home, a message came. It was from Xi Fei: Everyone to return to school tonight at 7 PM, please acknowledge.

Then below the message was a list of replies saying that they received…

Laughs, damn it.

When Lu Shu saw this, he knew that he couldn’t avoid it. He had to directly face the teachers and students from the entire school.

Of course, something to be glad about was that no one thought in the direction of the fruit from the relics or that he was awakened. Since they tagged him as smart, then so be it. Laughs. Lu Shu had this feeling that everyone in the society is mad except him.

The only thing was, why was there an emergency call of the student from the Daoyuan class to return to school? Did that mean that there was another relic in the Yuzhou area that opened?

Lu Shu’s eyes brighten up instantly.

After he returned home, he started to put things into the seal of lands. There was a need to have such things like material storage all the time. Lu Shu tried it before, regardless of whether it was his seal of lands or Lu Xiaoyu’s space right, it was as if it was a vacuum state. It was difficult for living creatures to survive, but the good thing was food can be kept fresh.

He did not only brought additional supplies for his material storage but did the same for Lu Xiaoyu too. When Lu Xiaoyu saw Lu Shu brought so many snacks home for her, her smile was so wide that her eyes almost became a crescent shape…

“Even though there are a lot of snacks, you can’t eat it as if it’s rice.” Lu Shu warned carefully. He was worried that Lu Xiaoyu’s lifestyle might be irregular, and eating too many snacks would affect her growth.

“Okay.” Lu Xiaoyu nodded extra obediently today.

When the night came, Lu Shu went to gather at Luo Cheng international school alone. However, when he reached the entrance of the school, he guessed that tonight was not about gather people to go to a particular relics.

Previously when a relics opened, there were military troop carriers waiting outside the school entrance. However, it was quiet today.

There were already a lot of students gathering in the school field. He summoned his courage and walked in, and tried to be low profile.

In the end, his blue hair was really attention-seeking, there were people who were hidden in the crowd who started to point at him. As a result, it became…the entire school…

“He didn’t practice properly and did such bad stuff.” Someone laughed coldly. The person who spoke was a Daoyuan student with good aptitude. This student’s influence might not be as strong as Cao Qingci or Jiang Shuyi, but it was still not that bad.

Recently, the heavenly network reintegrated the Daoyuan class entirely. Even though there was still no such thing as formal training, the internal atmosphere still had some changes.

At this moment, there were some students from the Daoyuan class who quitted voluntarily. The students who stayed took their courage to stay as their honour. There was even the situation whereby the students who stayed were speaking sarcastically of the students who left in the cultural class.

This was an abnormal form of honour. They didn’t even think about the fact that everyone’s performance in the relics was the same. About the courage they had now, it hasn’t even gone through any test.

However, the abnormal atmosphere and feeling of honour were at least stronger than the fear from the past.

In this environment, some students were still focused on practising. They were focused on the identity of the military personnel of the heavenly network and didn’t notice people who were being lazy.

After Lu Shu heard this, he was lazy to even look at these people. These people felt that they were superiority and so did Lu Shu. After he fought with the Class B master, his feeling of superiority almost soared through the sky.

Jiang Shuyi was not back yet, maybe some issues that came up causing delay. Lu Shu thought that tonight might be a chance for him to change the practice environment for Jiang Shuyi. He had already found out where the other party stayed previously. Before the holidays, the two sensory type practitioners also returned to the capital. It seems like sensory type was quite rare.

Now that Jiang Shuyi was not back, and the sensory type master was not around. Wasn’t this the opportunity to change the magical energy environment of Jiang Shuyi? He would slowly move the magical energy over a little by little, at the same time change the magical energy of a few places. Jiang Shuyi had an alibi, at least Lu Shu could ensure that he wouldn’t cause harm to Jiang Shuyi even with good intentions.

Jiang Shuyi was not around, and Lu Shu felt bored. He didn’t even have anyone whom he could chat with.

He stayed within the square matrix of his class, F-9. He wanted to see what plans did the heavenly network have. Xi Fei’s eyes sparkled when he saw Lu Shu and nodded as a form of greeting.

At this moment, Liu Li went past Lu Shu. In the end, Lu Shu didn’t even look at him, not sure where was he staring blankly at.

In the end, Liu Li stopped his steps, “If you don’t focus on practising and do such bad stuff, I would surpass you sooner or later.”

Currently, most students from Luo Cheng Daoyuan class were stuck at the peak of Class E. As long as they attained a little more honour, they would be able to obtain the cultivation technique to make a breakthrough to Class D. By that time, Lu Shu who was a Class E powerful metahuman indeed would be seen as inadequate. After all, they could have weapons after they became Class D.

In the eyes of the students, whether there was a weapon, it was a watershed.

However, something that they might not be sure of was that, after the Salt Lake relics, the heavenly network found something that they missed out: weapons.

Previously, the consideration of the heavenly network was that firearms could only be used after training. Otherwise, the students could injure their fellow people.

After the Salt Lake relics, the internal department of the heavenly network had already started to deliberate. Even though the supply of sword for Class D and above was very little, but they still could issue illegal alloy sword of different classes.

At least the students did not have to fight barehanded. Even if the sword broke, their heart wouldn’t ache since the cost of the weapon was low.

Lu Shu had a blurred face. Within Liu Li’s words, Lu Shu always felt that there was an energy from someone who saw his opponent as inferior.

He shouldn’t give so much credit to himself, who was he comparing himself to… Laughs. When did Lu Shu do bad stuff? Did Lu Shu pull on his hair?

There were a few female students from the Daoyuan class who gathered together and had a talk, “Recently the stress level was really high, and I dropped a huge amount of hair.”

Lu Shu already laughed coldly even before the other girls replied, “Be content with it. The total amount for Liu Li isn’t even a huge amount.”

“Liu Li’s distress value, +999!”

At this moment, Li Yixiao walked onto the flag raising platform slowly and all the square matrix quieted down. All the class form teacher started to keep the order.

Over this period of time, everyone’s discipline improved a lot.

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