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It's Purely an Accident to Love Again - Chapter 4

“Xinxin, what happened to you last night? Did something happened?” Niya hesitated for a long time, still couldn’t help the worry in her heart and opened her mouth to inquiries.

Already asked Xinxin that night, but she said nothing and her body shook badly, so Edward had to walk around to see if Xinxin had met a pervert.

She also nervously asked if she encountered someone, but Xinxin just shook her head and said nothing. They couldn’t help, seeing Xinxin’s emotions was really unstable, they had to return home first, and let Xinxin calmed down and then talk.

These two days Xinxin was very silent, even the smile was very reluctant, always dazed, the whole person was unhappy, made her and Edward felt really worried.

Taking advantage of lunchtime, she finally couldn’t help it. She must know what was wrong with Xinxin today.

Tao Xinya raised her head and saw the persistence and worry on Niya’s face, Edward also smiled warmly at her.

“Xinxin, what’s the matter? Maybe I and Niya can help.”

Knowing that they cared about her, Tao Xinya smiled at them. “I’m fine……”

“Ghosts believe!” Niya stared at her unhappily. “Xinxin, you don't treat Edward and I as friends?”

Knowing that Niya was angry, Tao Xinya didn’t know what to say. If the “rebirth” was not experienced by oneself, no one would believe it.

But she really didn’t know what to do in the past two days. She was always in a daze, she didn’t know what to do. Should she treated it as nothing happened and continued to live quietly?

However…… thinking of the pain of Yuan Yurang, that pain was what she caused, how could she continue to ignore it?

Thinking of Yuan Yurang, the heart of Tao Xinya could not help but hurt, and the smiled on her face fell.

Niya and Edward looked at each other and both of them were worried. “Xinxin……”

“Actually……” Tao Xinya suddenly said softly: “I read a novel.”

“Ah?” The two people had a blank look.

“Novel?” Niya frowned. “What kind of novel?”

Tao Xinya bit her lip and hesitated before she spat out. “A love story?”

“You have been melancholy for these two days because of a love story?” Niya’s head faintly appeared a few black lines.

Edward also had three lines, but with the gentleman principle, he was still gently asking Tao Xinya. “What is the novel about? Why made you feel so bad.”

Tao Xinya twisted her fingers, she also knew that her words were embarrassing, but she really needed someone to give her some ideas.

“Just…… the male lead had a childhood sweetheart, the male lead doted on this little sister, and the little sister also liked this big brother next door. When she grew up, she naturally fell in love with him. But the male lead had a girlfriend, he had a very good relationship with his girlfriend. The little sister was very jealous. She didn’t like the heroine. She tried to destroy them and forced the male lead to marry her.”

“How did she force?” asked Niya.

Tao Xinya silently hanging her head down, “Drugged.”

“Damn, she actually made this kind of shameless thing!” Niya swore. “Does this little sister not understand this blessing thing? Actually, do such a wicked thing to destroy people’s feelings!”

The head of Tao Xinya hung even lower.

“Then later? Did the male lead marry the little sister?”

“Did…… the little sister made the male lead’s parents think that the male lead forced her, and the male lead's mother wasn't in good health so the male lead had to marry her for his mother’s sake.”

Edward also frowned. “No man can bear this kind of thing.”

“And then?” Niya asked.

“The little sister had a cold-blooded marriage for a few years. She often quarreled with the male lead because the relationship between the male lead and his girlfriend was still very good. The little sister had also rushed to his girlfriend and gave her a beating……”

When Tao Xinya said more and more, she felt that she was really bad. How did she not understand things before? Let everyone suffered.

Niya and Edward both shook their heads, this little sister was really annoying.

“Later, the little sister decided to divorce, put down the signature of the divorce agreement and left. Who knew that the flight had crashed, and she died from the crash. After waking up, she found her soul in someone else’s body.”

“Pfff——” Niya just took a sip of water and sprayed it out immediately. “What kind of story is this? It's way too ridiculous!”

If she wasn't the party, Tao Xinya would also felt that this story was really nonsense.

“The little sister who had a new life after her death decided to live again and forget the past. She thought that after she died, everyone would have a good time. The male lead and his girlfriend would be happy together. Who knew that she later met the male lead? Only then did she knew that he didn't marry his girlfriend, even wore their wedding ring, and punished himself because of the death of his little sister.”

“Oh!” Niya held her cheeks and had a heart of love in her eyes. “This is really a rare good man.”

Sure enough, only would appear in novels!

Yes, he was so good, but he was having a hard time because of her.

Tao Xinya's heart was pantothenic acid and the story was still in her mouth. “The little sister didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to be involved with the past, but she couldn’t let go of such a male lead.”

“Wait.” Niya interrupted her words, her expression a little distorted. “Xinxin, did you think of yourself as the little sister, so these two days you were so strange?”

In fact, she was the annoying little sister, but in this case, no one would believe if she told them. Tao Xinya had to smile in her heart and nodded.

Niya took a deep breath without a word, and Edward was also crying and laughing. But thinking about it, the East people were sentimental, Xinxin was also small in the year, would influence by the dog-blood love story was also normal.

At this moment, the two completely forgot that Tao Xinya was the same age as them.

“To tell the truth, this little sister was selfish!” Niya sipped her tea and began to make a speech. “She only thought about herself, because she liked the male lead and robbed him, she didn’t think about the male lead. When she died, she thought she was gone, the male lead would be happy. Please, she thought she was not a family by blood and there would be no tears of the bastard? She was a childhood sweetheart! Even my dog ​​had been dead for eight years, and I have been sad for half a year.”

Tao Xinya couldn't lift her head. What Niya said, how could she not understand? At that time, her brother also advised her that she should not be blind, that she should not be so selfish, love was also a blessing, but she couldn't listen at all. She knew the truth, but her heart was like a ghost pestering her, let her be enchanted, only wanted to get the person she loved.

She made herself difficult and made everyone stay with her.

Even if she had a new life, she was still selfish. She wanted to cut off everything in the past and avoid hearing anything. She told herself that everyone would live well without her. In fact, she just dared not face her own mistakes.

How could they live well? Godfather and godmother treated her as their own daughter and her brother who loved her and…… Brother Yu who doted on her more than anyone.

So how could they be happy because of her death?

“If she really feels sorry, she should make up for it……”

“Make up?” Tao Xinya looked up at Niya.

“Of course! She destroyed the feelings of others, she should make up for it, right? The girlfriend must still love the male lead, otherwise, how can she still stay with the male lead…… Right, Xinxin, what is behind the story? Forget it, you can just give me the book.” This little dog-blood novel, it had stimulated her sentimental maiden heart.

Where was she going to look for this novel? Tao Xinya's eyes drooped with guilty consciences. “Er, this is a Chinese novel, Niya, you can’t read.”

Niya was disappointed, but it didn’t matters. “What did it say after that? Xinxin, just tell me.”

Afterward…… she didn’t know, because she didn’t even know the ending, but Niya’s words let her know that she could no longer escape.

The one who owed would pay back, and she owed too much.

“Niya, thank you.” Tao Xinya knew what she should do.

“Ah?” The sudden, thank you, left Niya with no clue.

Tao Xinya smiled and the two small dimples were lovely and sweet. “I haven’t finished reading the novel yet, I will tell you when I finished reading.”

In the beginning, she was destroying Brother Yu’s happiness. What she should do was returned happiness to him.

Tao Xinya got off the bus and looked up at the uphill slope ahead. Above was a private house of evil. Actually, there were only two families, each occupying a hundred hectares. The Zhongsi house was a gorgeous White Castle. The Yuan house was a Gothic-style building, magnificent and beautiful as a poem.

This is an examples picture of Gothic-style building^^

(tenderflower: Such a big HOUSE! No wonder Yi Lianna didn't want to let go of our ML lol JK haha)

She thought she would not return to this place again. It should be said that she never dared to approach and timidly escaped everything.

Just like now, standing here, she felt that her heart was nervous, her fingertips were shaking slightly, and her palms were sweating.

She was more familiar with this street than anyone else. She used to run here and smiled happily, thinking that the world was turning around her and living so arrogantly.

In the end, she wounded everyone……

Tao Xinya sighed lightly, threw away the trouble in her heart, and was preparing to went uphill when a black Rolls-Royce suddenly stopped beside.

She was distracted, turned her head, and saw the driver got off the car to opened the door. A middle-aged woman wearing a red embroidered cheongsam and a dark green shawl got off the car with a paper bag.

“Jimu, you return first!” The madam said to the driver.

“Yes, Ma’am, please be careful.” Jimu took a salute and then drove off.

Tao Xinya dazedly looked at the woman, the hair was slightly white, there were more wrinkles on her face, but the grace and elegant temperament remained unchanged.

She remembered that the women always wore cheongsams, she looked good in cheongsam, and she had the gracefulness of the East. The woman used to love her, but when the woman knew what she had done, she looked at her eyes with grief and disappointment. From then on, the woman stopped seeing her.

“Oh no!” The woman suddenly exclaimed, the tomato on top of the paper bag fell down.

Tao Xinya quickly picked up the tomato, “God……” she almost called out the two words!

She swallowed and smiled at the woman. “Madam, you lost the tomato.”

“Thank you.” Chen Anmei took the tomato and looked at the girl she had never seen before. It was actually an Eastern girl! “I have never seen you before, are you looking for someone?” She asked because there were only two families living here.

The smile of the woman made Tao Xinya's eyes slightly sour, she quickly hung down her eyes. “No, I took the wrong bus, I just got out of the bus and wanted to stroll around before the bus came.”

“So it was like that.” Chen Anmei smiled and took a croissant from the paper bag. “Thank you for helping me pick up the tomato, please have this bread.”

“No need.” Tao Xinya refused.

Chen Anmei insisted, and shoved it into her hand, “You're a woman from the East, where did you come from?”

“Take it. No need to be polite.” Then looked at the girl.

Tao Xinya held the bread, “Taiwan.”

“Eh?” Chen Anmei was astonished. “What a coincidence, can you speak Chinese?” This sentence was asked in Chinese.

“Yes.” Tao Xinya also answered in Chinese.

She didn’t expect to meet her fellow country people, Chen Anmei was very surprised. “It's truly a coincidence, I am also a Taiwanese. Look at your appearance, are you 18 years old?”

Seeing the woman wrinkled eyebrows, Tao Xinya knew what the godmother was thinking. How could someone let their child took the bus? Godmother was such a warm-hearted person.

She couldn’t help but smiled. “I am 20 years old.”

Chen Anmei stared at Tao Xinya’s smile. “Oh my! Your smile is really cute.” It look like a doll, the two small dimples on the cheeks were really sweet.

“Come, would you like to come to my house for tea?" Chen Anmei pulled the girl and did not give her the opportunity to refuse. “A rare encounter with a Taiwanese, just talk with this old woman!”

“Old?” Tao Xinya blinked and look confused. “Why do you look like you're only in your thirties?”

“Oh!” Chen Anmei covered her mouth. “You, this little girl has such a sweet mouth. I'm 53 this year.”

Tao Xinya opened a big mouth and look surprised. “How is this possible? I can’t see it at all, madam, are you lying to me?”

Chen Anmei was teased by the little girl and pulled her to go uphill. “Sweet-mouth little girl, don’t call me Madam, call me Aunt Mei!”

Tao Xinya quietly follows by the side, seeing the woman happy, the corner of her mouth also raised, such a picture made her miss it.

In the past, she and her godmother always went shopping together, and then let the driver parked here. They would held hands and talked about the woman’s gossip and walked home together.

She didn't expect her to leave, and the godmother still maintained this habit.

“Right, I don’t know what your name is?” Chen Anmei remembered that she forgot to ask the name of this little girl.

The smile on Tao Xinya's face was slightly converged, staring at Chen Anmei and slightly hesitant to spat out. “Tao Xinya, my name is Tao Xinya.”


The paper bag on the hands of Chen Anmei landed, and everything in the bag fell out.

The reaction of the godmother, Tao Xinya was not surprised at all. She crouched down and picked up the paper bag, put everything into the bag, and had to put on a puzzled expression.

“Aunt Mei, what’s wrong?”

Chen Anmei squeezed a smile, her eyes were still looking at Tao Xinya, and they were vaguely red. “I’m okay, I just didn’t expect your name to be the same as my daughter-in-law who died and it startled me.”

"Is that so? Such a coincidence” Tao Xinya was surprised, just looking at her godmother’s red eyes, and her heart was sour.

Godmother, forgive me, but I can’t tell you, I am the Xinxin you loved.

“You said that you are 20 years old, what a coincidence. My daughter-in-law was also married to my family at the age of twenty, I saw her grown up from small to big, just like my own daughter.” Thinking of the dead daughter-in-law, Chen Anmei's eyes were tearing, hurriedly to use her handkerchief to wipe away the tears in her eyes. “Sorry, Aunt Mei is out of order.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Tao Xinya shook her head. “Does Aunt Mei loved her daughter-in-law?”

“Yes, she was a good girl, but a pity……” Chen Anmei sighed and smiled at her apologetically. “No more saying this, sorry, let you listen to this old lady babbling.”

“No, I'm happy to listen.”

As long as the godmother didn’t feel sad, Xinxin was willing to listen to anything —— for the godmother who loved her, Tao Xinya had an unspeakable apology, not only did she disappointed the godmother, but also let she mourned her death.

“Ha, it’s very a kind little girl.” Chen Anmei patted her hand lightly, two people had come to the door of the Yuan house, the door was opened by the doorman.

“Come, this is where Aunt Mei lives.” Chen Anmei took the girl into the door.

“Aunt Mei, your house is very big and so beautiful.” The round garden was full of various flowers and plants, the Venus fountain was in the middle, surrounded by green forest, the most striking was the Gothic castle in front, just like in fairy tales, beautiful like dreams.

Tao Xinya also saw the towering Christmas tree. The pine tree was not loaded with any decorations. She remembered that she used to hang various decorations on the Christmas tree with her own hands.

She would also prepare gifts, which were carefully selected by her, she would come out at dinner, everyone was amused by her, that was when she was the little princess that everyone loved.

No one thought that the little princess would become an evil witch in the future.

“What’s the use of beauty, just me and Mister, only two people.” Chen Anmei shook her head and sighed, her face was lonely. “Although my son has recently returned, it's not long before he will go back to New York.”

Chen Anmei also looked at the Christmas tree. “How happy the previous Christmas was!” And it had been deserted in recent years.

“Aunt Mei……”

Chen Anmei returned to her sense, she didn't know what happened to her. After meeting this little girl, she made her always think of the past. Was it because of the name between this girl and Xinxin?

“It's nothing, Xinxin…… do you mind if I call you Xinxin?”

Tao Xinya shook her head.

“Come, accompany me to tea and let's chat!” She took Tao Xinya into the house.

“Madam.” Butler Roy has already waited at the door. “Madam, you’re back.” Then he reached for the shawl and let the servant took the paper bag in the hands of Tao Xinya.

“Roy, I brought a little guest back, you know? She is also from Taiwan, and is called Tao Xinya.” Chen Anmei turned to the old housekeeper.

When he heard the name, Roy also froze. He looked at Tao Xinya in astonishment, and Tao Xinya was smiling at him, staring at Roy’s beard. Uncle Roy’s beard was still so neatly trimmed when she was a child, she loved his beard.

Roy was stared at and almost retreated. Strange, why did he felt that this little girl stared at his beard, her eyes were so familiar that it made him got goosebumps.

“Roy, let the servants prepare tea, where is the Master?”

Roy calmed his little frightened heartbeat and said to the Madam: “Master Jue and the Old Master of the Qi's family went golfing and will return after dinner.”

(T/N: Jue (爵) – nobility. Jue Wei (爵位 ) – order of feudal nobility, namely: Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, and Baron.)

“Hm, remember don't be late to make the Master dinner.” Then turned to look at Tao Xinya. “Xinxin, stay and have dinner!”

“Eh, but……”

Chen Anmei gently rubbed her head, and the smile on her face was kind and gentle. “Aunt Mei has a special relationship with you. Aunt Mei thinks we have a special fate, probably you and my daughter-in-law share the same name! Aunt Mei missed her very much, you take it as pity toward Aunt Mei loneliness, and accompany Aunt Mei to talk, alright?”

How to made Tao Xinya to refused? She had no choice.

Seeing her agree, Chen Anmei immediately smiled. “Come and sit inside, what cake do you like to eat? I'll let Roy prepare.”

Tao Xinya didn't think about it, “Strawberry Cake.”

“Young Master, you're back?” Roy’s voice happened to be on, Tao Xinya looked up and saw Yuan Yurang standing at the door, his eyes staring at her.

Then she remembered what she had just said and her body was stiff.

“Strawberry Cake?” Chen Anmei was also stunned. Such a coincidence, she didn’t expect the little girl to like strawberry cake.

“Oh, actually, other cakes are fine, I like to eat, too.” Tao Xinya squeezed a smile, nervously avoiding Yuan Yurang's eyes.

“Mom.” Yuan Yurang made a sound.

“Ah-Rang, you come back this early?” Chen Anmei smiled at her son and took the introduction of Tao Xinya. “Ah-Rang, I met this girl on the way, she is also from Taiwan, and ah, she is called……”

“Tao Xinya.” Yuan Yurang interfaced, the eyes faintly aimed at Tao Xinya.

“Wha?” Chen Anmei was surprised and looked at the two. “You know each other? Xinxin, do you know my son?”

“Er…… no, I don’t know.” Tao Xinya made an explanation, “Mister used to eat at the restaurant where I worked, and I have seen him a few times.” And the last meeting he was not happy and broke off.

“Is it really? What a coincidence.” Chen Anmei felt magical.

“Yes, a coincidence.” Yuan Yurang agreed with his mother’s words, but his indifferent eyes looked directly at Tao Xinya.

Such a gaze made Tao Xinya's heart trembled.

“Speak! What is your purpose?”

After using the refreshment, Chen Anmei asked her son to took Tao Xinya to visit the garden. It was rare to have a guest. She wanted to prepare dinner herself.

Tao Xinya wanted to refuse, but Yuan Yurang had already got up, she had no choice but to follow him.

When only the two of them, Yuan Yurang finally opened his mouth, he turned to her, his cold eyes made people fear.

“What?” Tao Xinya did not understand what he meant.

"Don’t play dumb. What do you want to do, getting close to my mother?” Yuan Yurang mocked. “Don’t think that if you take the wrong bus, I will believe it. This is private land, no one will take the wrong bus to get here. Are you checking my mother’s daily habits, especially waiting for her there?”

“It’s not like that……”

“Strawberry cake, I didn’t expect you to find out “her” liked so clearly. What do you want to do? You think with the same name as her you can become her?”

“Hold on.”

Yuan Yurang’s eyes were colder. “You're not qualified……”

“Hey!” Tao Xinya was angry. “Can you listen to me first? Don’t you know that it’s not polite to interrupt others?”

Brother Yu! Don’t you know that it’s not polite to interrupt others?

Yuan Yurang was shocked, he looked at the girl in front of him. Similar words, even the look of annoyed and angry.

“I know I crossed the line last time, and I don’t have the right to say that…… Actually, the wrong bus is a fake, I came specifically for you, I want to apologize for those words. It was an accident, I didn’t know Aunt Mei was your mother…….” This sentence was a bit false, but her round eyes were still looking at him, her little face was firm. “But what I said was true, and she wouldn’t want you to feel guilty for her death, which was not your fault at all……"

Yuan Yurang scoffed at her words. “How did you know what she thinks?

“Because I……I, I am a friend of Xinxin.” Her voice was getting smaller.

Yuan Yurang narrowed his eyes, the pupil slightly shrank. “Do you think I’m going to believe that? How did Yaya know you?” They were unlikely to have any intersection!

“I and Xinxin were netizens……”

“I've never heard from Yaya……”

“Xinxin and I knew each other after she got married!” Tao Xinya looked at him. “You didn’t know Xinxin’s life at all, did you?"

Yuan Yurang was speechless, he didn't know, at that time he didn't want to know her.

Tao Xinya drooped her eyes and lightly said. “Xinxin was very lonely. She and I met on the internet, even if our ages were different, we had a good chat. And then we knew our names were the same, we became more intimate, later, Xinxin told me about her……”

Yuan Yurang did not believe her, but still couldn't help but ask: “What did she say?”

“She said that she did something wrong. She insisted on things that did not belong to her, she did not understand things, she thought love was a possession, in fact, she only gave herself five years. If after five years you still didn't love her, then she would let go so there would be a divorce agreement…… Xinxin told me everything, she said, she wanted to go to relax, but did not expect to get on that plane.”

These words Tao Xinya thought for a long time, before deciding to see him, she thought about how to get rid of the guilt in his heart, and finally decided to make up lies, hoping he would believe.

“Xinxin wanted you to be happy. In the beginning, she ruined you and Yi Lianna, she thought she left, you will be together with Yi Lianna.”

“I will.” Yuan Yurang sneered, his voice was slightly hoarse. “If she was not dead.”

Then he would marry the Yi Lianna who had been waiting for him.

But she died, then he realized that death was crueler than anything because her death made him understand his true heart, but he couldn't undo anything.

Tao Xinya hung low, her little face was slightly white, “You really don’t need to feel guilty about Xinxin’s death……”

“Guilt?” Yuan Yurang grabbed her hand and forced her to looked up. “What do you know, you think……” The words suddenly stopped, the proximity of the two made him smelled the scent of her body.

Elegant Jasmine Fragrance…… This fragrance was unique to Yaya. She didn’t like the rich fragrance, she used her favorite jasmine to made her favorite fragrance. This was her original perfume, in the world, only she had.

“You……” Yuan Yurang stared at her.

Tao Xinya squinted her eyes, his stare frightened her, “W-what’s wrong?” Why looking at her like that?

Yuang Yurang threw her hand, his deep and unpredictable gaze tightly watched her, his eyes made Tao Xinya nervous, feeling like being seen through everything.

“What’s wrong?” Couldn’t stand the atmosphere of this stalemate, Tao Xinya licked the slightly dry lips and asked inquisitively.

He didn’t say anything, suddenly turned and left, leaving Tao Xinya alone in the same place, watching him went away.

Tao Xinya had dinner at the Yuan house, also saw the godfather, the godfather was still strong, but the hair had a lot of white.

The atmosphere in the dining table was lively. Yuan Chenghong knew the child from his wife and was very fond of her, not only because she and the deceased daughter-in-law had the same name, but also look too cute.

A soft voice like milk sugar, talking like a spoiled little daughter, personality was lively and cheerful, teased him and his wife to laugh straight.

This pleasant atmosphere made the two old people missed it, feeling like the little princess they once loved.

Only Yuan Yurang silently ate the meal, and Tao Xinya always aimed at him secretly.

His attitude in the afternoon really made her uneasy.

Yuan Yurang sitting on the left side of Yuan Chenghong, two father and son sitting together, Yuan Yurang’s five senses were even better-looking, possessed Westerner's boorish, but also possessed the East people's clear and handsome face.

And his body was inherited from Yuan Chenghong, the same tall and straight, and the gestured of the hands revealed the elegance of nobility.

In addition to the pair of amber eyes, he was exactly the same as Yuan father, his appearance was more like his mother. Tao Xinya remembered Yuan Yurang as a young boy. The appearance was like a Prince in a fairy tale. After he grew up, he was still beautiful, but he had a mature manly taste. Some men got older and became more attractive, and Yuan Yurang made it belonged to this kind.

With good parenting, his posture was very good even when he was holding chopsticks.

Today, Chen Anmei was preparing Chinese food, at the request of Chen Anmei, Yuan Yurang also knew Chinese from an early age and was familiar with Chinese etiquettes.

“Xinxin, eat more.” Chen Anmei helped Tao Xinya picked up the dishes, only to got along with an afternoon, she almost doted this little girl as a daughter. “Aunt Mei doesn't know what you like to eat, so I have to make them casually. I don’t know if it suits your taste?”

“Of course, the dish cooked by Aunt Mei is super delicious.” She put a piece of beef in her mouth, and the fresh beef was on the tip of her tongue, almost to the entrance! “Especially this oyster sauce beef fried mushrooms, with rice to eat, it's my favorite.”

Yuan Yurang's hand holding the chopsticks paused slightly, and his eyes faintly aimed at Tao Xinya, and recovered without a trace.

When she heard Tao Xinya, Chen Anmei was very happy. “If you like, eat more, also have a taste of this scallions and tofu.”

In fact, the dishes she prepared today were all loved by her little princess. Somehow, she had subconsciously prepared these.

Originally, she was afraid that Tao Xinya didn’t like it. She didn’t expect her taste and Xinxin to be the same. It really felt like Xinxin had come back.

She knew that her husband also felt the same. This little girl really had a good relationship with them.

Tao Xinya ate heartily, hadn’t eaten the food that godmother had cooked for a long time, so she missed it!

She ate two whole bowls of rice, her stomach was bulging, Chen Anmei also cut the fruit for her to eat, it was her favorite tomato dip Plum Powder.

These things, she was poor, she couldn’t afford to eat!

As a result, Tao Xinya ate very well and almost couldn’t stand up.

Chen Anmei originally wanted her to stay for the night, but she still had classes in the morning, Chen Anmei had to let her go home, and told her to come often.

Originally, the driver was asked to send Tao Xinya home. It was late at night and Jimu was a little old, so it was really not good to drove at night, finally, Chen Anmei asked Yuan Yurang to send her.

This decision made Tao Xinya scared. She thought that Yuan Yurang would refuse, did not expect Yuan Yurang did not say anything, just took the key and got up.

Tao Xinya had to follow behind Yuan Yurang, carrying a bag of tomatoes in her hands. These were Chen Anmei who saw her like to eat and especially let her brought them home.

Tao Xinya got on the car and took a look at the silent Yuan Yurang. “Sorry to bother you.”

Yuan Yurang did not speak, just drove out of the Yuan house.

Just out of the Yuan house door, from the opposite side of the door was a Lamborghini parked, a man leaning against the door and watching the sky, smoking.

Yuan Yurang stopped the car and pressed the window down.

“Hey!” Haier lifted his chin toward him. After meeting at the cemetery, the two of them talked, and when they met would say hello.

“What are you doing here?” Yuan Yurang's voice was still consistently cold, but if you listened carefully, you would find the care in it.

“Look at the scenery.” Haier shrugged. In fact, he was looking at the tall Christmas tree of the Yuan family and then thought of the past.

His younger sister loved Christmas the most.

“Who is next to you?” Haier discovered that in Yuan Yurang's car had another person, it was not Yi Lianna.

Yuan Yurang looked at the irresolute side of the Eastern little girl, she had been hanging her head down, the little hands on her lap were clenched, and his amber eyes flashed slightly.

“Tao Xinya.”

“What?” The smoke in Haier's mouth fell. He walked quickly to the door of Tao Xinya's side and pulled it open. His blue eyes looked at the girl.

The girl was frightened by his action, her little face was pale, and looked at him with dismay.”M-mister?"

Haier’s hand floated up blue veins, knowing that it was impossible, but at the moment when Yuan Yurang's mouth exported, he was still expecting.

“Yuan Yurang!” He stared at the surname Yuan. “This joke is not funny at all.”

“Who is joking with you?” Yuan Yurang picked his eyebrows. “She really is called Tao Xinya.”

Haier glanced at the girl.

The girl trembled and smiled at him. Haier couldn’t believe it and asked, “You're called Tao Xinya?”

Tao Xinya lightly nodded. “Hello, Mister.”

Haier looked at her stupidly, and Tao Xinya looked at him with panic and uneasiness…… Haier remembered that year, he followed his father to Taiwan to handle the mother’s funeral, picked up his younger sister who had not seen since he was six years old.

Haier's impression was not deep on his younger sister who was taken away by his mother shortly after birth. He didn't like his younger sister. He even said it was annoying because the gentle mother took the sister, not him.

But when he saw his five-year-old younger sister in a black dress, standing in the middle of a group of adults, two little hands clutching at her skirt, a pair of big eyes staring at him fearfully and uneasiness, all the hate disappeared.

At that time, he was thinking in his heart that he wanted to protect his younger sister.

“Xinxin……” He couldn’t help but reached out and touched the girl.

Brother…… Tao Xinya almost blurted out and rushed into her brother’s arms, but she couldn’t…… She always remembered how much she had said to her brother, remembering that she had made her brother sad, she couldn't face him.

Tao Xinya hung down her eyes and shrunk her shoulders. “M-mister!”

Haier returned to his sense and saw the girl’s fear. He quickly took back his hand. “Sorry, I just suddenly thought of my younger sister…… you have the same name as her.”

Tao Xinya did not speak.

Yuan Yurang put everything in his eyes. “I will take her back first, we'll talk again next time.”

“Oh, alright.” Haier closed the door.

Yuan Yurang stepped on the gas pedal and drove away.

Looking at the car shadow that left, Haier took out another cigarette and looked up at the Christmas tree.

Xinxin…… brother missed you so much.

The atmosphere in the car was dull.

Tao Xinya closed her eyes and pretended to fell asleep.

Her fingertips held tightly onto her skirt, and her eyes covered by her hair kept flowing out hot tears.

Brother, brother…… I'm sorry……

In this world, the thing she most dared not see was her brother.

I don't want to be like you, to act like a coward! Obviously, like but dare not go chase!

Why don’t you take Yi Lianna away? Why do you want Brother Yu to fall in love with her? I hate you! I hate you!

What’s wrong with me pursuing my love? I'm not wrong! You’re my brother, why don’t you support me? In your heart, is Yi Lianna more important than your younger sister?

The words she once said to her brother now floated one by one on her mind. In the end, her brother was finally disappointed by her and ignored her.

Her wayward hurt all the people who loved her, and also made herself hurt, now she wanted to make up, would she be able to accomplish?

She owed so much, how to repay? Tao Xinya didn't know, her shrunken shoulders trembled slightly.

But unknown to her, a pair of eyes locked her, the deep eyes’ light was slightly shrinking, and the hand holding the steering wheel was white.

When she arrived at the apartment area where she lived, Tao Xinyin pretended to wake up.

“Oh! Finally here. Thank you for sending me back.” She kept her head down, opened the door and got off, then left quickly.

Yuan Yurang stared at her leaving figure until the silhouette disappeared, then he picked up the phone.

“Ryan, it’s me. I want you to help me find someone.”

1095 days.
On the third year of the marriage, godfather, and godmother knows that I have drugged Brother Yu, and also know that I have lied from the beginning.
They are sad and disappointed in me, no matter how I cry and explain, they don't listen.
I really am alone by myself.
But I don’t want to give up, I just love him…… Two more years, give me two more years, okay?

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