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Chapter 375: Thank God

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On the ship, the crew were getting ready to send Lu Shu and the rest off, their cheeks were still wet with tears. Although it was likely that some of them had already suspected something was up, they were only running a normal cargo ship with no experience in Metahumans after all. Thus, no one dared to utter a word.

At that very moment, a shout suddenly startled everyone, “The ship is leaking!”

Instantly, numerous water blades emerged from below the ship and chopped it into pieces. Water started gushing in at an unimaginable rate and dragged the enormous liner down towards the seabed.

Li Yixiao was not a serious person either. Seeing the chaos on the ship, he quickly pulled down the lifeboat from the side, and, with a slight shake of his wrists, he snapped the thick rope tied to the lifeboat .

The sight made all crew members tremble in fear as they cursed Malicious Four in silence for his mistake in bringing such people on board.

The rope could easily sustain the weight of thousands of kilograms of goods, yet it broke in his hands. Out of the suspicion that Li Yixiao was behind the leaking incident, some people immediately dashed to the equipment room for guns.

However, Li Yixiao retrieved a tiny sack from behind his waist, printed with strange patterns and was only the size of a palm. Unexpectedly, though, the sack produced a spear!

Wielding Black Dragon Spear, upon a slight shake of Li Yixiao’s hand, a pitch-black dragon was suddenly conjured up out of thin air and engulfed the fragile ship’s structure. Everyone was seized by terror!

After he led Lu Xiaoyu aboard the lifeboat, Lu Shu gave Li Yixiao a wave, “Let’s go.”

Li Yixiao’s brows knitted together. Just a while ago they were giving us a warm farewell, why the sudden plot twist?

Once he was aboard the boat, it seemed that an invisible force had taken control and instantly hauled them away from the ship at an incredible speed!

But there was no captain! Then, Li Yixiao saw, with his own eyes, Lu Shu stood calmly at the boat’s bow, his gaze fixed on the sinking ship. Suddenly, they heard a loud noise, as though sharp edges were frantically tearing the iron hull apart!

Now, they were on the sea, where even Li Yixiao could not do any harm to Lu Shu. Nonetheless, on the other hand, Lu Shu might not be able to cause a scratch on Li Yixiao’s rough skin either.

The ship was sinking rapidly. Many crew members, wrapped in life vests, were holding onto barrels or wooden planks to stay afloat. Then, in a split second, hundreds of water blades swept towards them like a mill and dyed the sea water with a macabre, red color!

It was terrific enough to generate water weapons on such a large scale, even if Lu Shu might not be able to lift a high wave with a flip of his hand like the Class B water-type Metahuman.

If not, he could turn it into a gigantic forty-meter water sword and let his enemies take a head start of thirty-nine meters!

The sight prompted Li Yixiao’s question, “Double awakening?”


“… So the tears were due to you too?” it took Li Yixiao too long to react.


Li Yixiao felt discouraged, “Damn it. I though they were indeed so warm-hearted… Then, Malicious Four is already dead, isn’t he?”

“Yes”, Lu Shu nodded.

A thought suddenly struck Li Yixiao. As long as Lu Xiaoyu’s safety was endangered, Lu Shu would become a maniac too. He had killed dozens so far.

Would he become a serial killer?! Li Yixiao studied Lu Shu’s eyes carefully, only to see peace and clarity.

“Hey, don’t let hatred cloud your eyes,” Li Yixiao reminded, as he bagged his Black Dragon Spear and smiled, “But don’t take it too seriously either. Human traffickers deserve to die. Besides, which Practitioner doesn’t have blood on his hands?”

“No, I won’t”, Lu Shu thought for two seconds, “Only money can cloud my eyes…”

“From Li Yixiao’s distress, +199…”

At that time, Lu Shu’s accumulated distress points were already enough to ignite the fourth star. As expected, emotions like fear were the major contributor.

However, it was not Lu Shu’s way to do it like that and he would not carry himself too far on the path of killing.

Actually, Lu Shu had always deemed it necessary to issue an identity card to kids, or just a simple one-year sequence number would do. This would enable the verification of their parents identity via the Internet, and those without such ID cards should not be allowed to board any long distance transportation, including trains and buses.

As a result, children could only be trafficked away on bicycles, which Lu Shu found unlikely…

Of course, he was aware of the immaturity of his idea, which was never put into action.

The lifeboat was thrust forward by the undercurrents below, which made Li Yixiao’s eyes green, “Do come with me when I go to an island next time. The most difficult thing there is how to go home. But with you, there’s no need to worry! You can get both attack and retreat settled well. When you ascend to Class B, even warships won’t be able to catch you…”

Li Yixiao’s daydream had already begun…

Lu Shu suddenly asked, “Heavenly King Li, have you been single all along?”

Lu Shu’s curiosity was piqued during their conversation with Malicious Four. Li Yixiao was no longer young anyway.

Li Yixiao’s mood underwent a quick change. He immediately replied, with a voice full of sorrow, “Yes. I have never been married. Now, my greatest wish is to find a good wife and let her do whatever she wants. I’ll let her wash dishes, let her cook, let her do laundry…”

“Is that what you mean by ‘let her do whatever she wants’?!” Lu Shu raised his brows, he finally figured out why he was still single…

Who would marry a bloody psychopath?!

Afterwards, Li Yixiao babbled on about his ideal type, and even asked Lu Shu for an introduction if he knew any. When he succeeded, he said, he would thank Lu Shu wholeheartedly.

But none of this entered Lu Shu’s brain, “If you really can find a wife, don’t thank me. Thank God…”

The lifeboat was about to pull in to shore, but Lu Shu’s main concern was their location. The original destination of the cargo ship was Pattaya, this meant it was not too far away.

When the boat drew closer to the shore, Li Yixiao suddenly cursed, “Damn it! They left us on a vacation island! We’ll need to spend more money! I hope they’ll rot in hell!”

Then he realized something was off, they were already rotting on the seabed…

Li Yixiao had been to Thailand before and had stayed on some islands near Pattaya. In this region, there were only isles of varying quality, based on their beaches, entertainment items and standard of service.

For those of lower quality, their beaches were a mixture of sand and pebbles, which was rather unfriendly to the feet, and the sea was dirty green.

Usually, their only visitors were tourists and guides, who brought their customers to the islands by yacht and left on the same day.

But on the bright side, precisely due to that, their approach went completely unnoticed. Clearly and unwillingly, Li Yixiao took out three thousand Baht from his pocket and passed them to a guide, “We can’t find our tour group. Please bring us back together with your group.”

The dark-skinned guide’s eyes lit up at the cash, and replied in awkward Chinese, “No problem. No problem!”

Lu Shu exclaimed as he stared at the pretty women on the beach dressed in bikini, which included a few foreign women, “Such a good place…”

Lu Xiaoyu shot him a glimpse, “Useless!”

At that instant, Lu Shu suddenly sensed a strong Spirit Qi wave from a blonde on the beach, she was a Class C!

With the opening of the remain drawing close, throngs of Metahumans and Practitioners were to be expected at the site. Lu Shu started to be cautious. Luckily, though, his and Lu Xiaoyu’s celestial map were totally undiscoverable.

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