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Chapter 279: Chapter 279: The Invisible Man (Part 3)

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Lu Shu calmly returned each and every spear into the seal of lands. He looked at Li Li’s body. It was not the first time he killed someone.

It was impossible that he felt nothing but he was strong enough mentally as he killed someone that had to be killed.

This time, he did not even use The Corpse of the Dog and yet easily killed a legitimate D-grade warrior. Lu Shu gradually grew stronger and with every battle, his confidence grew.

He bent down and checked the items on Li Li. He did not directly use his hand to search but instead, he used The Corpse of the Dog to complete this matter. After all, who knew what secret was there on Li Li’s body?

Better safe than sorry.

He first found seven needles, in addition to those Li Li threw, there was a total of ten of them. This thing was of not much use to Lu Shu, just another normal item so he just threw them aside.

When he saw the metsword, he pondered if he should take it as it would be a potential danger like the spears as he would not be able to explain its origins.

However, luckily he had the seal of lands. Hiding it in the seal of lands forever was definitely better than leaving it there.

Lu Shu next found five magical stones on Li Li which were more useful as after carving away the serial numbers, he could sell them on the black market with no one knowing where they came from.

Lastly, he found a signal gun made from a 3D printer and a signal bomb.

Although the 3D printer was useful such that the signal gun can pass through security checks, its lifespan was too short as it could only be used once.

Lu Shu kept the items in the seal of lands. Thinking back, the five stones were still the best loot as based on the black market price, they were worth around 600 thousand.

To Lu Shu, that was good enough as this spy had to die regardless.

He took a quick look at the sky and did not hesitate before heading towards the empty ground.

When he came to look for Li Li, he purposely took a different route as he was afraid of leaving trails behind. Now he had to return according to the route he took here.

Then he would have to act as though nothing happened in front of the rest.

Li Li chose such a far place and to act alone with the intention to kill Lu Shu without any trace but in the end, he made it convenient for Lu Shu.

If it was not for the far location, Lu Shu would not have dared to take action.

Lu Shu happily waltzed back into the empty ground from the forest and sat by the firepit with the rest while eating hardtack.

Wang Xinkai saw that the sun was setting and started to worry, “It’s so late, why is Li Li not back yet?”

At that point in time, it was not suitable for Lu Shu to say anything as if he said he saw Li Li went deep into the forest or any other hints, the rest might turn their guns towards him.

Therefore, instead of finding something to say to reduce suspicion, he chose to remain silent.

“Anyone say which direction Li Li went?”, asked Wang Xinkai with a frown.

A girl pointed towards the direction Li Li left towards, “I saw him leave from there.”

Lu Shu was relieved that he did not return from that direction as there were students with such great memory!

“All of you rest here, I will look for him!”, said Wang Xinkai.

“I’ll go with you”, said Fu Xuehong as she picked up the metsword beside her.

Just then, the sky suddenly darkened and the trees rose towards the sky, blocking the two of them from moving forward!

The two of them looked at each other, thinking if they should still go.

Wang Xinkai was determined, “We can’t just leave a teammate behind. Let’s just do our best. If we can’t hang on further then let’s go back!”

Then, several students stood up, “Captain, we’ll go with you!”

Although it has been tough these two days, these Daoyuan Class students’ mentality has changed from fear at the beginning to them even willing to enter this weird forest in the night with Wang Xinkai and Fu Xuehong.

Of course, one reason was that after having been through a whole night of bitter fighting, they have understood that so long they remained united, these difficult weird trees were not life-threatening.

This was a normal reaction after understanding how new things function.

Lu Shu also stood up and followed the majority, doing whatever they did, not wanting to seem special as he was very powerful throughout the journey while plucking the animals’ teeth. If he withdrew at this time, it would be out of the norm.

“Ok! Ok! Ok!”, Wang Xinkai said, looking touched, “Let’s go into the forest to find Li Li. Everyone listen to my orders. If I say retreat, all retreat! We cannot risk all of our safety for just one person!”

They went into the forest with great spirits and determination, moving forward and helping one another break off branches. This proved that the weird trees triumphed based on quantity and so when humans moved in larger groups, their threat diminishes.

Lu Shu planted himself at the back of the group, ready to start his performance but then he suddenly realised… these branches, like the spirits in the Beimang relics, did not attack him!

Previously he thought of two possibilities. It was possible that these branches used temperature to detect life then launched their attack or based on magical energy because, in the relics, these trees need magical energy too. Hence, by forcefully retrieving magical energy from the animals for themselves to grow faster was not impossible.

Lu Shu thought about it again and based on his logic if the snake was fine, the lizard should be fine too as both of them were poikilothermic animals.

However, reality proved that lizards were not so lucky as he saw the weird trees attack a lizard.

Looking back at these two conjectures, the latter stands. Lu Shu was not attacked by the weird trees as he did not have any magical energy in his body!

When he tried to practice the Yinyang Kinship of the Tree, once the magical energy entered his body, the celestial map threw it out so he did not have a single bit of magical energy within his body. It was as though the celestial map found the magical energy too beneath him.

Lu Shu watched the tree branches attack these Daoyuan Class students crazily and yet ignored him. It was as though he was invisible in this forest.

He heaved a sigh of relief as Lu Shu’s first reaction was: Lu Xiaoyu was safe… as Lu Xiaoyu did not have any magical energy in her body too.

No, it was not the time to think about that, Lu Shu felt elated as other than Lu Xiaoyu, he was probably the only one that was not affected by the forest.

Then why did he not find an opportunity to leave then enter the forest at night to search for treasures in the relics?

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