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Chapter 2717 - Universal Realm's First Small Boss


The guard's eyes turned cold.

Long Fei stopped and asked: "What's the matter?"

The guard coldly replied, "Pass!"

Long Fei was startled: "Pass? What pass? "

I really don't know.

And he doesn't have a pass.

The guard reminded her, "It is your pass after your tribulation."

Qi Zhenliang, who was standing behind Long Fei, reminded her in a low voice, "It's the mark that appeared on your body after you completed your tribulation. It's usually on your chest. That's your pass."

Long Fei frowned.

He didn't!

There was no mark on his chest. Not only that, there was also the mark of the god's tribe's curse.

Black and White had hidden the curse marks on their faces, foreheads, hands, and hands, but … The mark under the clothes, especially on the chest, was very obvious.

All of them were gathered at his chest.

If he opened up his clothes, the god's tribe curse mark would instantly appear.

At this moment … When he was just a step away from Universal Realm, Long Fei absolutely could not let anyone see the curse mark on his body.

Absolutely not!

Long Fei shook his head: "I, I, I did not."


The guard was slightly startled, following that, he looked at the mirror in his hand, which shone on Long Fei's body.


A halo of light coiled around them.

The guard smirked, "Thirty six ants, heavenly tribulation. The lowest level of heavenly tribulation, moreover … It was in place of someone else that you were extradited by the divine light and sent here. No wonder you didn't have a pass with you. "

Qi Zhenliang was slightly shocked, looked at Long Fei and asked, "You didn't undergo your tribulation?"

"Hahaha …"

"So it's a mouse!"

"Damn, there are people like that?"

"Brat, you're really something."

"The 36 heavenly tribulations were originally trash heavenly tribulations, but you were sent here by someone else? How much of trash do you think you are?"

"No wonder he has nothing."

… ….

Many people began to mock him.

Long Fei asked: "You are not allowed to enter the Universal Realm without a pass?"

The guard's eyes turned sinister and he sneered, "You can, but... You used another method to get in. "

At this moment.

Long Fei could see the coldness in the guard's eyes.

In an instant.

Long Fei looked at the teleportation formation that was not far from him.

The guard was not flustered at all. He coldly smiled and said, "Trash, where do you think we are?"

"Didn't Western masters want to refine plague pill?"

"This kid just happens to be a good choice!"

Before he could finish.

The two black-robed slaves appeared once again in the Nether Realm. The instant Long Fei was about to rush into the teleportation formation, the two curved hooks moved slightly.



He directly hooked onto the collarbone on Long Fei's shoulder, then fiercely pulled.


Long Fei fell to the ground. The two black robed slaves didn't even look back as they dragged Long Fei into the Nether Realm. Long Fei resisted with all his might.


It was completely useless.

His strength was not his opponent at all.

"Black and white, bring your strength …"

Without waiting for Long Fei to finish.

Black and White said straightforwardly, "Unless it's absolutely necessary, I will never let you activate the Black and White Power again. Absolutely not!"

He almost died fighting the hundred outer space powerhouse s.

The reason why Long Fei was so weak right now, was because of the backlash from the Black and White Power. Long Fei's body was simply too weak;

The guard looked at Long Fei coldly and said, "Trash."


He looked at Qi Zhenliang and said, "Next, pass!"

Qi Zhenliang looked at Long Fei.

The guard immediately said, "What's the matter? You want to be like him? "

Qi Zhenliang's body trembled slightly, revealing the mark on his chest.

The guard coldly replied, "Go on!"

… ….

And then there was Long Fei.

His body was dragged into the Abyssal Space. His collarbone was fractured, and he was in incomparable pain.


He wasn't thinking about himself now, but about the leopard girl.

Would the leopard girl be like him?


What Long Fei did not know was that the leopard girl had flown up in's place. The imprint on her body was the Nine Sky Force, and several powerhouse had welcomed her when she had just flown into the long corridor of the Netherworld.

Talent was important everywhere.

It was the same even in this corridor.

It was just that …

In this place, replacing the Inherent skill was the heavenly tribulation level, while the Nine Sky Force was a high level heavenly tribulation.

The leopard girl had brought Long Fei's heavenly tribulation imprint in here. The baptism of heavenly tribulation that she had received was extremely strong, and could be said to allow her to experience a qualitative leap.


Long Fei's body fell forward, heavily falling onto the ground.

The two slaves said, "Master, another one has come!"

There was no sound in the dark room.

The black slave also slowly retreated into the darkness.

In this dark room, it was filled with the stench of rotting flesh. Long Fei took a deep breath and his stomach started to churn.

Head could be seen everywhere.

Human bones.

There were also the internal organs of the human body contained in glass containers, as well as some special bottles containing all sorts of strange things.

Other than that.

There was even a trace of the strange smell of the Spirit Grass.

It was not the smell of medicine but a strange smell, as if these Spirit Grass were bred using some kind of evil power, as if these Spirit Grass mixed with some special power to produce a strange smell.

It stinks.

"Ahh …"

"Ahh …"

"Ahh …"


From the depths of the darkness came waves of agonized screams.


The pill furnace hummed.

"Hehe …" Tsk tsk … Success, another hundred years old life essence, hahaha … " A burst of strange laughter was incomparably sinister.

After listening for a few minutes.

A scrawny man walked out of the darkness with a slight tremble, as if his entire body had been sucked dry. In an instant, he looked like he had aged a few hundred years.

Look at his broken arm.

Long Fei's gaze tensed up, "Isn't this the guy who just lost an arm? "Damn it, I suddenly became a dried up corpse."

In less than half the novel.

A brawny man had turned into a broken bone. His hair was disheveled and yellow in color. He looked like a dried corpse.

Long Fei's mind trembled.

At this time.

A strange, sinister old man walked out from the darkness. Looking at the pellet in his hand, he said excitedly, "The quality of this life essence is not bad."

And then …

He saw Long Fei.

The old man smirked and said: "Looking at your sickly appearance, you are the most suitable to refine plague pill. Coincidentally, the Eastern Emperor of western regions needs you."


"Follow me!"

"Don't worry, it'll hurt a bit."

"He won't die!"

Long Fei's gaze tensed up.

He slowly stood up from the ground.

The Broken Arm Man shook his head, signalling to Long Fei not to go.

But Long Fei did not hesitate.

He had to go!

He had to go!

Because … If he could kill him, he would be able to level up. One must know that Long Fei still had 10 billion experience points in his experience bar!

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