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Chapter 2728 - normal practice mode


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for activating 'Grandmist System'!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Long Fei's eyes slowly opened, revealing a look of unconcealable joy. Clenching his fists, he said in his heart: "I'm finally done!"


"System Notification: Activating the primordial system?"

"Activate!" Long Fei moved, not hesitation.


"Opening system, 1%... 10% …. 30%... 80%... "100%"

"System start completed!"


The interface in Long Fei's mind suddenly turned.

"Personal Attributes!"

"Cultivation Technique Column!"

"System Soul Treasure Bar!"

"System Merchant Shop!"

"System Roundtable Lottery!"

"System Special Mission Bar!"

"System Special Column!"

"System Unknown Domain Bar..."

Every attribute column was an interface, which was different from before, but there didn't seem to be any big changes, in fact, the big aspects wouldn't change much, just like a game, the update was just there to adjust the details, character details, skill details, map details, item details, etc. It couldn't possibly change greatly, the system was the same, from Zhen Wu continent to Universal Realm, it was just a change in the map.

No matter how it changed.

Actually, to Long Fei, there was only one thing he wanted, to level up after killing monsters!

It was the same in any other world. The level was always the most important!

As long as he could kill monsters and level up his killing experience, breaking through would only mean how much Experience Points he had left.

"Check your stats!"

Long Fei wanted to understand his current stats.

Player: Long Fei

Rank: First-level of Warrior Realm (Soldier, General Yuan, Spiritual Master, Hybrid Witch, Celestial Phenomenon, Grand Sage, Supreme Realm, Emperor, Heavenly Sage, Overlord, Celestial Sovereign, Earthly Sovereign, Mysterious Sovereign (The three Paragons are the highest Realm)

Experience: 80000/99999999

health point: 10,000

true spiritual value: 100

Universal Value: 1 point (Note: Universal Value can only be obtained by killing people, 100 points are full, once it increases to 100 points, it can be converted into Universal Soul, and after transforming, it can be stacked on top of each other.

lucky value: 0

Luck: 0 (Luck determines lottery, system reward!)

Charm Value: 100 points (Hidden)

Martial Skill Points: 100 Points (Muggle)

… ….

A series of attributes appeared. Long Fei studied it carefully before exhaling and said, "Fortunately, I have converted 10 billion experience points into 100 million experience points. That 100 million experience points should be enough to raise me to at least 10 levels, right?"

"As long as I am able to stand still and develop in such a wretched manner, waves will definitely rise in the future."

"Universal Value is the Universal Soul … A hundred points is enough to fuse one Universal Soul, and your strength is comparable to the peak of the ancient power. Although it's the power of ancient inheritance that's ranked below the one hundredth, it's still extremely impressive. " Long Fei had once used primordial energy in the Zhen Wu continent.

He would never forget that domineering power for the rest of his life.

"My Charm Value is still 100 points!"

"This should be the only part that hasn't changed." Long Fei wanted to open up 100 points, but the system released a notification sound.


"Opening the Charm Value requires 100 points of true spiritual value. Do you wish to do so?"

"System Notification: You can only activate it once every twenty-four hours!"

"F * ck!"

"I just said that there's no change to you, but your sister, there's a change. You can only open it once a day, and you still need true spiritual value!" Long Fei complained.


He also withdrew the heart which had opened the Charm Value.

A Charm Value of a hundred points, once opened, even a ghost or a human would be attracted by his Charm Value.

It was like hanging.

It was also a killing move. Who knew when it would have the effect of killing the gods!


Long Fei looked at the rankings, he did not look at the other rankings, and at the last realm, which was the realm of the Three Sovereign, "Heavenly Sovereign, Earthen Sovereign, Profound Sovereign …"

"Judging from the ranking, the Profound Sovereign should be the strongest, which means the god's tribe is the highest Peak Realm."

"F * ck!"

"A Boss that surpasses LV120!"

Long Fei looked into the sky and thought: "emperor Xuan, you bastard, just wash your ass and wait!"

"If I don't explode, I swear I won't be a human!"

"And the entire god's tribe!"

Long Fei swore to himself.

As he concentrated his thoughts, Long Fei started to look at the other attributes of the system.

"The Cultivation Technique Column is empty!"


"It seems like the three great inherited powers in my body do not belong to a cultivation technique. Then, how will I train in the future?"

"I don't care!"

"I'll cultivate 'Evil Spirit Alchemy Technique' first."


"System Notification: The cultivation of Evil Spirit Alchemy Technique is complete!"

The first skill appeared in the Qi Method Bar.

Long Fei looked at the other things again. The primordial system was still in the early stages, and many attributes had yet to fully show themselves. For example, the things in the commercial city were all ordinary things.

He checked along the way.


When Long Fei checked the âspecial column ', his eyes revealed shock as he said," Damn, the biggest change was actually here! "

"Awesome, my brother!"

Special System: Players can freely convert to normal practice mode. The normal practice mode allows the player to gain cultivation experience, which will allow the player to level up.

Tip: You can only convert once a day for one hour at a time.

Tip: It can be used to comprehend cultivation techniques!

In short, Long Fei could transform into a normal practice mode when he wasn't killed strangely, and he could also gain experience from this mode.

He could also level up and break through!


This method could be used to cultivate the three great ancient inheritance's power that Long Fei did not know how to cultivate.


"Hahaha... I don't need to worry about levelling up without killing monsters anymore. "

"It's really improved this time!"

Long Fei was secretly excited, and also … If he could not rely on the system to cultivate, then he could slowly get rid of the control of the system.

It was very good for Long Fei.

After all.

He did not know what the developer of the system was planning to do, but if the system activated any self-destruct device one day, wouldn't he be doomed?

"Hey, hey, hey …"

"Brother Fei!"

"Brother Fei?"

"What's the matter with you?"

Seeing Long Fei's excited and dazed expression, tan dapao could not help but to ask worriedly.


Long Fei recovered and asked: "What's wrong?"

tan dapao shook his head: "You've been in a daze for ten minutes, and I thought something had happened to you."


"How come all the wounds on your body have healed?" tan dapao asked curiously.

Long Fei felt his own body.


All recovered.

It was really because he had levelled up when the system was completed. He was originally level 0, but now he was level 1!

"It leveled up!"

"Heh heh …"

"It's starting from now. I still have a hundred million experience. I need to quickly release these Experience Points."

Long Fei moved.

"Convert normal practice mode!"

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