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Chapter 541: The Native Versus Xilin

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Zhou Quan was here. His shiny hair swept back and four horns growing from the top of his head. He was wearing a black suit and a pair of big sunglasses—at a glance, one would’ve thought the black yak had come round. They were truly of the same origin.

“Brother, I’m here! Although I have mediocre strength, I can cheer for you and boost the morale!” Zhou Quan approached with long strides and was nonchalant despite risking his life.

What was going on now? Divine sons from the outer realms had clustered together into groups and the young god had already arrived with 200 or so visualization-level experts!

Even Chu Feng hadn’t expected there would be so many foreign experts descending onto Earth. His situation was dire, and it would be incredibly dangerous to walk with him.

Zhou Quan!” Chu Feng rose. He walked over towards him and they embraced briefly.

Chu Feng felt warmth in his heart. Zhou Quan coming here at such a precarious time surpassed a thousand words, and nothing else needed to be said.

He was clearly aware that Zhou Quan really wanted to become a normal person, yet now he had broken his principles.

At first, Zhou Quan and the black yak had been cultivating up in Kunlun for a while but had emotionally bid farewell to each other in the end. He said the path of evolution would likely become more exciting later on, but as a normal person, he couldn’t handle the pressure and wished to be reunited with his parents instead.

At that time, the kings from the east and the west had been waging war against each other. The Black Dragon King, Schiller, the Golden Lion King, etc were wreaking havoc at the foot of Mount Kunlun. The roars, the foul wind, and rain of blood were deeply imprinted in his mind.

To an ordinary person, this seemed like a desolate legend—a large army, consisting of a beast king leading countless mutants, had born down upon the border and collided fiercely with the eastern kings. It was incredibly horrifying.

At that time, when all had calmed down, Zhou Quan drank with Chu Feng to drown out his sorrows, sighing endlessly.

Chu Feng respected his choice and saw him off as he departed. He hadn’t disturbed him ever since then, even though he knew that he and his family lived in a city in the west region.

After such a long time had passed by, Zhou Quan had appeared once again, coming to see Chu Feng.

“Brother, you don’t have to come. I appreciate your kind intentions.” Chu Feng patted his shoulder gently. In any case, he was truly touched.

“You know, at first my parents accompanied me a city in the west. Then we found my brother, so we resided there as a family. It’s not too far from Kunlun, so how could I not come if I knew you would appear!”

Zhou Quan’s words were very down-to-earth and sincere. He knew what Chu Feng was facing and that he was being targeted by those from the outer realms. Even Penglai, Fang Zhang, and other native evolvers were rivaling against him. How lonely he must be, and so Zhou Quan came with fervor.

“Chu Feng, we stand by you! There are people who are willing to live as slaves and lackeys. That’s their choice, but not ours. We pledge with our lives to never become slaves!”

The secret realms Mount Wangwu, the Himalayas, Mount Zhongnan…A huge crowd of people began to approach from the edge of the horizon, rushing over to the great mighty mountain.

These people came from secret realms up on the land. Each and every one of them was incredibly courageous and full of spirit without an ounce of fear. Those who dared to come here had already considered it all and were indifferent to life or death.

Amongst them, there were both the old and the young. Their attainments varied between the carefree realm to visualization realm and were considered as awfully strong evolvers. But they were clearly still incomparable against the young god and Xilin’s divine sons.

However, each of them had an unyielding sense of loyalty and brotherhood. They had no fear for such dangers.

“I thank you all!” Chu Feng wanted to say something, but in the end, he could only utter these few words. They may not be strong enough or brutal enough, but they had emerged from their hideaways to back him up and support him. He felt warm all over with blood and qi surging through his body.

A young man from the secret realm of Himalayas said, “No need to thank us. We aren’t cowards like those from Penglai and Fang Zhang. How could we go down on our knees and beg for our survival when the vicious and tyrannical executioners appear! It’s only normal for us to rush over!”

“Originally the Xilin clan had killed thousands of our ancestors. They didn’t even have mercy for the children, and all of them fell into pools of blood. Even until their death, they found it hard to believe how they were killed by their own people!” An elderly man from the secret realm of Mount Wangwu started to talk. Back then, their bloodline was one of a great family, but in the end, only a handful of them had survived.

Upon hearing this, the smile on a young man from the Xilin clan grew bigger. He took a few steps and, in a teasing manner, said, “Interesting. Seems like we hadn’t finished cleaning up those weeds from back then. Now they’re coming back out and even dare to approach recklessly. Are you trying to court death?”

As for Wei Lin, it was inappropriate for him to say such things, being the clan’s divine son. He merely wore a faint smile and ran his eyes over the crowd with an icy gaze.

At this moment, an old grey-haired woman from Mount Zhongnan began to speak. Her lips were trembling as in those days the Xilin clan had almost massacred all of the evolvers near Mount Zhongnan in just one night. This comprised of several great families and many powerful evolver sects. For a long time, not even a blade of grass grew there.

With a quivering voice, she said, “Xilin clan, what a group of cold-blooded fiends you are. Back in those days, you were one of this planet’s most important legions. We provided you with all kinds of great medicines, secret treasures, wondrous techniques etc., and let you pick the best armor and ferocious beasts. Yet what did you do in the end? You were even more ruthless than a thankless wretch and turned on us without mercy. You turned around and killed your own people with a wave of your bloody butcher knives. You’re even more malicious than those outside the realms, creating rivers of blood over the ground in this area as well as mountains of corpses and bones. Ask yourselves honestly, do you still have a conscience? Or has a dog eaten it up? You have betrayed and left us for all these years, and now you have the nerve to come back and falsely declare yourselves as the orthodox lineage? As expected of a bunch of evil-minded and malicious fiends, you have neither shame nor guilt!”

When the Xilin clan heard this, their faces fell. This was their black history and it was hard to refute it. They wished people wouldn’t revive old accounts.

Suddenly the young man began to berate and said, “Our standpoint is different and whoever comes out top is the ruler no matter what you say. It’s no use mentioning those things now. As a bunch of losers and pitiful creatures, you can only exude your last wail!”

His face was gloomy and his gaze, bitter. Were it not for Chu Feng standing there, he would’ve already taken action directly.


However, him not daring to act didn’t mean Chu Feng tolerated him. At this moment Chu Feng slapped him with the palm of his hand. This was precisely the Deity race’s Flowing Light Fist, but coming from a palm, it was too quick and surging with golden light.

“You dare!”

The man bellowed, his heart pounding. On one hand, he was confronting Chu Feng, while on the other hand, he glanced towards Xilin’s divine son Wei Lin and his sister Wei Xuan as if appealing for help.

“You are really going too far!” Wei Xuan began to speak. She was gentle and beautiful, but she wore a cold look on her face. She rose up into the sky, her right hand held into a fist. Her head was held high like a heavenly phoenix, exploding with divine prestige as she stopped Chu Feng.

Everyone drew in breaths of cold air. This was an extinct technique from the Earth’s olden days — Heavenly Phoenix Fist. Currently, only the direct line of descent in the Xilin clan had mastered this kind of fighting skill, and its power was horrifying!

This was one of the strongest fighting techniques within the universe!

Bang bang…

However, Chu Feng’s golden palm was insanely speedy, directly chasing and attacking the young man. He released its energy with great resolution and used his other hand to block her Heavenly Phoenix Fist.


The force erupting from Chu Feng’s golden palm was extremely formidable as it struck the man from the Xilin clan. The latter was sent flying into the air and became a mist of blood.

He had directly used a resonating method because he really didn’t favor that clan. Furthermore, he was angered by that person’s words, so he used his strongest technique and killed him on the spot.

At the same time, it was also because Xilin’s strongest young woman had intervened. This made him even more determined to kill that man and not give him a chance to survive.

There was silence across this area as everyone was astounded. This so-called event had just started and blood had already been shed. Was an ultimate battle about to occur?

Their original plan wasn’t like this. Since this was a grand event, they naturally couldn’t start a fight straightforwardly.

“The event has just started and it isn’t time to fight. How dare you commit such a violent act?!” Although Wei Xuan was incredibly beautiful, an aura of death was emerging from her now and she was incomparably gloomy and cold. Rising up into the sky like a phoenix, she folded her body and a glaring bright flame burst out. Her hand was clenched into a fist and she swung it towards Chu Feng.

“Whose event?!” Chu Feng was rather calm and, chillingly, said, “The malicious executioners from back then has returned and arranged a disposition of forces here. They did all kinds of bloody things, yet is now adopting the repulsive stance of returning in glory. In our point of view, your so-called event brings a hint of blood. Who are you putting on a show for?!”

One could say that Chu Feng’s mouth was indeed relentless as he said such words in front of everyone. They were not only aimed at the Xilin clan, but also at various divine sons and saintesses, whose complexions became indifferent and cold.

Thump thump thump…

A great explosion occurred in the air. As he was speaking, Chu Feng had forged on ahead, colliding with her now and then like two bolts of lightning tangling together. The two bombarded one another in quick succession.

The air was torn apart and a white mist appeared. This was the method of the immortals as recorded in the ancient books of ordinary people.

Explosions sounded periodically and suddenly the amount of water vapor increased rapidly, causing white mist to fill the air. The two of them tumbled through the clouds with lightning flashing and thunder rolling. It was terribly horrifying.

No one had expected the battle to have such a sudden beginning!

“Fall back, Wei Xuan!”

The Xilin clan’s divine son said. He had a gentle, reserved temperament but his gaze was now frigid. He strode forward, treading on empty space as he approached the two people!

Wei Lin was about to take action to make his sister hand the battlefield over to him!


With the last shot, Wei Xuan fell back. Her chest moved up and down violently and there was a look of amazement on her pretty face. The blazing flame on her fist was pulsing—the task just now had been very strenuous.

Though she knew Chu Feng was rather impressive, she had no idea that even after using Heavenly Phoenix Fist she still couldn’t deal with the opponent.

Before, Wei Xuan had deduced that with her skills from the visualization realm, together with the Heavenly Phoenix Fist, she would be able to easily suppress and kill Chu Feng. She had thought that she could beat him up midair and put an end to the fight tyrannically!

Yet in reality, she hadn’t even shaken him and was unable to dent her enemy’s tenacious body.

Chu Feng remained calm, his gaze transfixed on Wei Xuan. He too was quite astonished because he had failed to execute her at the first instance. The Xilin clan was indeed tremendous.

Chu Feng frowned. It was said that the Xilin clan was one of the strongest races within the universe and their innate talent as a whole was rather alarming. Now it seems that they had a fully justified reputation.

“If you want to start the fight ahead of schedule, then I’ll grant you your wish!”

Xilin’s divine son Wei Lin stood there with his hands behind his back in a calm and collected manner. His face was fair and he looked quite scary with a gloomy and cold aura about him.

At this time, the young god from the Deity race was most discontented. This was an event he proposed. It hadn’t even properly started, and yet it was about to finish with a battle.

He wanted to intervene, but on seeing the two individuals he knew it wouldn’t be meaningful for him to speak up.

Unhurried and indifferent, Wei Lin said, “Do you know why the Xilin clan is becoming increasingly rich and powerful, while you pitiful wretches remain here? Because the Xilin clan is the best clan upon this planet and we shall inherit all orthodoxies. Now it’s only right and proper for us to return, as only we Xilins can revitalize our mother planet and make it rise once again. You… are all descendants of failures. You are good for nothing, so I might as well just kill you all today!”

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