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Yale didn't expect to hear such request from Wyba because she usually disliked trouble.
Seeing that Yale was shocked by her words Wyba spoke again.
"She is also my big sister. I am also strong, big bro, let me help you."
Wyba was already seven years old and wasn't as immature as the first time she had taken half-beast form, but when she put puppy eyes to ask something, Yale was still unable to reject her.
"Very well. There had been a huge battle, and there is a lot of wounded people, you can help to heal them."
Yale definitely didn't want Wyba to be in the frontline with him despite she having reached the 5-star Practitioner in the time she remained inside the Storage Space.
"I want to be with big brother! Big bro, please, I won't be a burden I really want to help you to rescue big sister Ange."
Sadly for Yale, Wyba didn't fall in his cheap trick to make her think that was helping him without really doing it.
Wyba felt more attached to Aiwai than to Ange, but after losing Aiwai for some time, she also remembered that there had been someone else who had taken care of her when she was just a cub. The memories weren't clear, but she sensed a deep attachment to them.
At that time she was extremely young, and Yale had been too focused on training, Ange had been the one who always spent time with her.
"Have you heard the plan? I will infiltrate in the city and rescue her. Although you can also fly, my intention isn't battling, so having more numbers won't be advantageous."
Yale truly felt that having Wyba with him would just give him another worry and wouldn't be of any use as battling wasn't on his plans; even if he ended in a situation that he needed to battle, he doubted that Wyba could mark a difference.
"I can help! Big bro, I will tell my plan to you later, please believe in me."
Yale could only nod after Wyba's insistence while she looked at him with puppy eyes.
"Alright, but in the face of anything that put your life in danger you need to return obediently to this place."
Wyba nodded and hugged Yale; she was happy that Yale finally allowed her to help.
Yale patted Wyba's head feeling helpless; he would rather fight another army than trying to argue with Wyba again. He honestly thought that those puppy eyes were too unfair, he would feel guilty if he rejected her while she looked at him like that.
After that, Yale took the armors outside the barrier and exited the Storage Space together with Wyba.
To extract the armors from the Storage Space without difficulties, the armors needed to be outside the barrier. Yale's control of the Storage Space was perfect except in the area protecting the house; he didn't dare to extract anything forcefully from that area.
When Yale went out, Swordmad and Sainac were already there waiting for him. Swordmad had really rushed to find Sainac and tell him their situation.
"Who is she?"
Swordmad was surprised to see a little half-beast girl beside Yale. He spoke so quick that Sainac had no time to greet Yale.

"She is Wyba, did you forget her?"
Swordmad didn't forget Wyba, but she was a wolf pup while the girl beside Yale was a half-beast with a wolf bloodline; there was no way both were the same person.
Wyba saw that Swordmad didn't believe that she was the same Wyba he had met before, so she changed to her beast form and jumped to Yale's arms.
Swordmad and Sainac were both shocked after seeing something that they believed couldn't happen; a half-beast turning into a complete beast.
"Wyba is a divine beast, to be exact she is a Time Freezing Wolf."
The words divine beast shocked both elder rank experts because they had only heard of such beasts on legends. Swordmad especially couldn't believe that the little wolf that Yale took out from the Beast Trial area in their clan was a divine beast from legends.
"Big bro, that it is. I am a divine beast, and a divine beast can control normal beasts! I can provoke a beast horde to attack that city! That is my plan!"
Wyba was conscious that her true form was that of a divine beast and not a half-beast or a human even if she could change to any of these forms without restrictions.
That was the reason she didn't want to tell her plan in front of Aiwai; she still wanted that fact to remain a secret from Aiwai because she feared that Aiwai would be disappointed. It was well-known that half-beasts and humans looked down upon beasts and considered beasts as lowly beings compared with them.
Of course, she didn't think that Aiwai would be like that, but she had fear in her heart and didn't have enough guts for telling the truth to her big sister.
Yale knew that Wyba's idea was a very good one. Divine beasts were the apex of the beast world, normal beasts didn't have a lot of intelligence, and their instincts would tell them to follow the orders of a divine beast even if that divine beast was at a lower level than them.
Sadly for Swordmad and Sainac, Wyba had spoken in wolf language to Yale, so they were completely unable to understand her words.
"That is a very good plan. Can you remain in a safe place while ordering the other beasts?"
Wyba nodded her small wolf head after hearing the question that Yale sent to her by Spiritual Sense. At that moment, Yale sighed in relief; in the case that she would only give orders to other beasts, she wouldn't be in a true danger.
Moreover, Yale had to admit that a beast horde would be far more eye-catching than a fake army made of golems, but both plans at the same time would divide the opponent's forces even more.
Yale started to explain Wyba's plan to Swordmad and Sainac, and both of them nodded to that plan; even they would have a headache if a beast horde were to attack.
After that, Yale took out a lot of armors for the golem army that was almost ready to depart; George and his subordinates had worked really hard to make that possible.
"Big bro, I will go now to control those beasts."
After saying that and seeing that Yale nodded, Wyba took out her wings and disappeared in the nearby forest.
The golems would be discovered after a while, so they needed to appear at a similar time than the moment when Yale infiltrated the city. However, the beast horde would be real, and it didn't matter if it started a bit before; it would appear like if their army attacked because they were weak for the beast horde which would make everything more logical for their enemies.
Some minutes after Wyba departed, George advanced towards Yale followed by an army of golems.
"Yale, we are ready; we will need about fourteen hours to reach that city with the army. I heard about the other plan, you can try to infiltrate earlier if you see an opportunity, but don't take too many risks; when we reach that place, they will be unable to detect you if you enter from the sky."
The air wasn't too controlled from the start because any expert who could fly wasn't someone to offend in the first place and there wasn't anyone that powerful in the surroundings, so after being distracted by two simultaneous attacks, it would be difficult for them detecting the infiltration of Yale by the sky.
Swordmad, George, and all the subordinates of George would also be part of the army, helping the opponents to truly believe that the army was full of people instead of golems. Even in that case, the trick wouldn't last for too long, but even after discovering that almost all the army were golems, the army would still need to be stopped because the golems were still troublesome.
Yale bid farewell to them and started flying towards the city; he didn't plan to wait for them; he believed that with Wyba's beast horde, those traitors belonging to the True Empire would already be distracted enough. He planned to use the golem army attack to help him buy more time inside the city because he doubted that rescuing Ange would be an easy task.
At that moment, Yale heard a loud howl that could be heard in all the surrounding mountains; he knew that it was Wyba's doing.
Moments after that a lot of beasts started to roar, and all started to walk in the same direction; Yale was sure that it would be one of the greatest beast hordes in the history of the Revgen Empire. The power of each beast wouldn't be overly strong, but there would be too many of them; in a beast horde the numbers were the most frightening.
"Let's see how those traitors react against a true beast horde."
While thinking that, Yale cast Body Illusion on himself making his shape disappear from the sky while he neared that city at top speed.

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