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My Little Girl (18)

“Shu Nuan! Did you write down the script that Master Gao said we need to practice?” Su Hai turned to ask Shu Nuan after class.

Shu Nuan nodded in response.

“Can you lend it to me? I was busy with other work and didn’t take note.”

Shu Nuan lent her notebook, and said, “Give it back to me later, after school.”

Su Hai took it and nodded happily, “Thank you!”

Su Hai told her that a play was being organised for the Yuanyang Festival on the 15th of the month. The festival was an event of great importance in the Yulin Academy. It was said that the Emperor would be attending.

Thus, every student in the class needed to show their abilities.

The First Class was full of such talented people that they didn't need to worry about presenting something new to the Emperor. On the other hand, the Tenth Class was busy preparing one of the most famous theatrical plays in the Beiguo Kingdom.

Therefore, recently Master Gao had taken to explaining the play to them for a short while after class.

Meanwhile, Sheng Qianmo left the military camp early, intending to return home. But something occured to him, and he went to Yulin Academy instead.

Inside the Yulin Academy quietness prevailed. Sheng Qianmo had not informed the school about his visit. Knowing that Shu Nuan was attending class, he didn't want to disturb her, and thus stayed outside the Tenth Class and waited.

After the class ended, Shu Nuan walked out holding a book, but the unexpected visitor caught her by surprise.  

She did not know when Sheng Qianmo had arrived. When she entered the hall, he was leaning against a stone pillar with his narrowed eyes gazing towards the distance. The tall figure of a man, with his broad shoulders and back, and the calm and clear features caught her eyes.

Shu Nuan looked at him foolishly for a while without moving, but Sheng Qianmo was acutely aware of her gaze. He turned to look at her and then moved towards her. There was something graceful about his stride that had no wasted movements.

“Are you finished here?”

Shu Nuan felt out of it and kept nodding for a while. She gazed at him intently, and asked, “Why have you come here, Prince?”

Overhearing this, someone suddenly spoke up from behind her, “Shu Nuan, who is this?”

Sheng Qianmo's brows knitted as sharp eyes turned towards Shu Nuan, and he said, “What did you call her?”

Zhang Le was startled. He was used to acting arrogantly but, for the first time in his life, he felt oppressed by this man's powerful aura and was slightly flustered. Zhang Le opened his mouth as he tried to calm himself, and replied, “I'm a classmate of Shu Nuan. Are you her Uncle?”

Sheng Qianmo's pupils flared, and he looked at Shu Nuan’s embarrassed and guilty expression. He faintly replied, “Yeah,” and grabbed the little girl's hands.

“Let's Go.”

Zhang Le watched Sheng Qianmo leave holding Shu Nuan by her hands.

He was left stunned, feeling as if something was wrong. But he couldn’t figure out what. For a long time he scratched the back of his head before he finally left.   

Sheng Lingyun stood not far away. His face slowly shifted into a frown, and he said to himself, “That was Fourth brother…”

Through this little incident, he came to understand why the little girl had refused to meet him. It turned out she had a good patron.

But even then, why should he care?

He even dared to make out with the Emperor's elder brother’s concubine.

He didn’t believe his Fourth Brother would refuse to give him that little girl…

Thinking upto this, Sheng Lingyun's eyes glistened.


The carriage drove back to ShengHe Palace without encountering any troubles.

In the carriage, Shu Nuan’s fingers were entangled as she sat there, somewhat anxious. She called out to the man sitting beside her, “Lord…”

She didn’t know whether her resistance last night had angered Sheng Qianmo.

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