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Chu Feng continuously ran through two famous mountains to see the saintess and fairy. Naturally, this alarmed many people.

For instance, as soon as the lion-headed man Huang Tong and the others heard the news, they rushed to the scene of the incident. However, when they arrived at Mount Hua, Chu Feng was already long gone.

There was one person, though, who found Chu Feng. He was especially fast and seemed as though he was constantly monitoring his every move. Once he heard word that Chu Feng was at Mount Yandang after having made an appearance on Mount Hua, he drove a flying boat to meet him.

"Chu Feng, stop."

Two evolvers were following in a speedboat. It was no slower than Chu Feng's green bamboo raft and traveled at least ten times the speed of sound.

Chu Feng's pupils contracted slightly as turned his head to look. These two were experts and they weren't simple at all.

At this time, Chu Feng was approaching the Wei River, which was still within the Shanxi borders. As the largest tributary of the Yellow River, it too had changed after the upheaval.

Now, this river had widened, its waters rolling and surging forward majestically.

On top of that, there were now several huge lakes on the Wei River's banks. A thick mist filled the air around the water, making it seem like a water nation.

Chu Feng observed the trends of the mountains and rivers, and he readied himself for combat when they caught up to him.

The two people drifted down from the air and, putting away their purple flying boat, approached Chu Feng. Then they sized him up with an attitude of scrutiny.

"How about you take a stroll with us," said a middle-aged man wearing a gray Taoist robe. His name was Tian Hong, a Taoist priest. He carried a longsword on his back and beckoned Chu Feng to go with him.

"And where would you take me?" Chu Feng asked calmly.

"To the Penglai Immortal Island," answered Tian Hong. He appeared to be in his forties, and his skin had a slight copper tone to it. He looked quite antiquated in the Taoist robe.

As a matter of fact, the other man was also wearing a Taoist robe. He appeared a bit older and was quite thin. He wore a wooden hairpin and had the air of a sage about him.

Chu Feng's heart skipped a beat. Two experts from Penglai had come searching for him! He was not afraid, though, as he had just come back from the moon.

"Why do you want me to go to the Penglai Immortal Island?" asked Chu Feng.

"My friend, you already know the answer to that question. You killed a child of Penglai, so naturally, we must bring you to the family of the deceased to explain what you did," stated Tian Hong.

"I don't have time for that!" Chu Feng responded with no trace of politeness.

He thought it was quite laughable. After all, it was the young master of the Chen family who wanted to kill him! The young master had sent five experts to chase him to Mount Huang. How could they blame him for killing all of them?

It was either kill or be killed.

The color on Tian Hong's face changed slightly as he spoke, "My friend, you refuse to see the error in your ways. First, you insulted Penglai, now when we come to bring you to the Immortal Islands, you refuse to cooperate."

Chu Feng let out a cold laugh. "When did I ever insult Penglai? Wasn't it your young master who came to kill me? All I did was retaliate passively."

Tian Hong was in a rage as he responded, "You led a mob to Mount Hua and killed my brothers from Penglai. You really think you could get away with that?"

Chu Feng was speechless. So, this middle-aged Taoist priest was here to settle this matter with him.

"Taoist, do you understand the concept of cause and effect? The young master Chen Sheng is extremely domineering. He sent his henchman to Jiangning, driving a carriage pulled by a unicorn. The henchman started bossing people around and told me to go see the young master. He was more ostentatious than the prince of the dynasty of evolvers himself! After I rejected, he actually wanted me eliminated and sent five experts to Mount Huang to hunt me down, where I killed them in retaliation. You see, the incident at Mount Hua, he brought it on himself."

"Is that so?" Tian Hong furrowed his brow and raised his head. "Regardless, you must come with me to Penglai."

"I thought from your benevolent looks and your position as a Taoist priest that you would be reasonable. I explained everything to you, but in the end, it fell on deaf ears. I don't have anything more to say to you!" Chu Feng's tone had become cold.

"Are you coming or not?!" shouted Tian Hong.

"Who do you think you are, ordering me around like this!" Chu Feng reprimanded in a cold voice.

"We are the orthodox lineage!" at this time, the elder priest spoke. His voice was not loud, but it was nevertheless emboldened and domineering.

Chu Feng's smile was slightly cold. He had just returned from the moon where he had learned that the remnant races like Penglai and Fangzhang were all servants of the purebloods of the past.

Now, in spite of everything, they claimed to be the orthodox lineage and despised everyone else. To what extent had their confidence swelled?

"What are you smiling about? Are you looking down on Penglai?" the elder priest cried.

"I've heard that long ago, the residents of places like Penglai and Fangzhang were all servants, yet today you consider yourselves to be masters of Earth. What kind of mentality is this?"

"Who do you think you are, talking nonsense like this!" the elder priest shouted.

"I remember that you should be following the orders of the purebloods, am I right?" said Chu Feng.

"What purebloods? That's complete nonsense! Nobody can act like a tyrant and domineer over the people of Penglai! Those self-righteous people are all dead, and now the people of Penglai are the orthodox lineage," the old priest reprimanded. He called over Tian Hong and quickly moved to capture Chu Feng.

The two priests were surprised to discover that the other party knew too much. This kind of person must be captured and brought in for interrogation so that they could get to the bottom of things.

"May I ask, if your masters of the olden days were to appear in front of you now, what would you do?" asked Chu Feng.

"Seize him, bring him in for questioning! We've got ourselves a big fish!" the old priest said ruthlessly.

He then made the first move and drew his longsword. As quick as a burst of lightning, he moved to stab Chu Feng. He was simply too fast.


The other middle-aged priest also sprung into action. His sword was like a clap of thunder and made an exploding sound. Emitting an air of terror, he stabbed towards the space between Chu Feng's eyebrows.

Sure enough, they were experts, and they gave Chu Feng unprecedented pressure. At the very least, these two people were at the eleventh level of the shackled realm!

Presently, Chu Feng had come to understand that people generally peaked at the twelfth level of the shackled realm. There were other levels, but even if one were to continue, they would not be able to increase their power.

These two, having already reached the eleventh level, were already very strong!

"Ah, you're already at the twelfth level!" Chu Feng was moved as he evaded the blow. The elder of the two priests was even stronger than he had originally imagined.

He had already reached the ninth level of the shackled realm and could meet the middle-aged priest head-on, but the old priest was indeed a challenge.

If the old priest were to advance any further, he would be in the carefree realm.

The old priest stated arrogantly, "Penglai demands we take people, who can resist?"

The light of the sword in his hand was like lightning as he hacked unceasingly. The sword's light was too formidable. It was enough to cleave through mountains and sever rivers.

He could see that, after the light flew out of the sword, it struck the lake and dried up nearly half the water. When it struck the mountain, it sliced off a chunk of the peak.

"Boastful!" Chu Feng was nonchalant and fearless.

He directly shot out an array of magnetic stone and used a domain technique to lay down the Defensive Domain: Mire.

The next moment, the old priest was bound, like he was sinking into a marsh. He sunk deeper and deeper until he was about to drown.

"I already know the intention of the people of Penglai. There's nothing more to be said." Once Chu Feng finished speaking, he grasped the bronze sword and cut off the sinking old priest's head.

Just like that, he had killed a twelfth shackle-leveled master.

"You…" The middle-aged priest look like he had seen a ghost. The elder priest had been at the peak of the shackled realm. At his level, he should have been nearly peerless in his power, but he had been decapitated so easily by Chu Feng. This spectacle was too terrifying.

He turned to flee but how could he possibly get away?!

The magnets levitated—his surroundings had already become the upgraded version of the ghostly labyrinth. He was trapped.


With a single swing of his sword, Chu Feng decapitated the priest and ended his life.

At this time, in the depths of a certain famed mountain.

A lazy voice was transmitted, "This planet is really sparse on energy particles, but it still has a mild fragrant and sweet scent. Is this the first sign of the traitors' successful evolution? Oh, I have a feeling that here is where I will take the first step just like my ancestors."

In a folded space in the depths of another famous mountain, a young figure, who had been sitting for a long time, opened his eyes and spoke with a soft voice.

He had followed the star passage to earth for many days, but unlike the other divine sons and saintesses, he did not dare to rashly step across.

He rarely opened his mouth, and he also rarely moved. Everything was taken care of by his subordinates.

When he breathed, the surrounding vegetation became ever so slightly gloomier, as though a bit of life had been stolen away.

"Heavenly knight… what an ancient and glorious title. In those days, they trampled this star and hunted down all of the traitors. They were invincible."

He exclaimed in admiration as if absorbed in a type of glory that he could not pull himself out of.

If Chu Feng were here, he would certainly surge with killing intent. On the moon, he had already seen how the group of cavalry had hunted down the women and children, as well as the elderly and weak. He had seen how ruthless and cruel they were.

Chu Feng understood that the heavenly knights were only a small part of the attacking army. They were not the main force, yet they were already quite terrifying.

Within the folded space, the young man stood with his hands behind his back. He had a head of black hair that was as glossy as satin and lustrous pupils.

"I should be the one to carry forward the glory of my predecessors. In previous years, these knights, hand-picked from various races, were baptized with blood and fire. In the end, they earned the title 'heavenly' and swept across the planets. It was truly resplendent."

His face was elegant and gentle. With a smile on his face, he looked even more beautiful than a woman, and yet he still said such cruel words.

"My ancestor was a low-level leader in the heavenly cavalry, yet when he attacked this planet and fought the rebel species, he demonstrated extraordinary talent. People sang his praises, and now he is already a saint!

His smile was splendid as he said, "Everything was possible thanks to the hundred breathing techniques transmuting all of the enemy's dao fruits. The more he fought, the stronger he became. The elites and geniuses of the traitors are the best vessels. That year, my ancestor was fortunate enough to come here for an expedition. He murdered talents and beheaded geniuses. Through hundreds of battles, he never fell and lived to a ripe old age. Finally, he achieved harmony and is now a saint."

"I, Yu Wenfeng, have arrived. As the inheritor of the Hundred Transformation Breathing Technique and a new generation holy son, it is only natural that I would rise here to follow in my ancestor's footsteps. I will destroy the traitors, transmuting their dao fruits and luck to lay down the foundation to become a saint!"

He had brought no small number of troops with him, all experts accompanied by the aura of iron and blood. They stood far away; none dared disrupt him.

"They say that the Hundred Transformations Breathing technique can transmute all living things and that it has something to do with a certain top-ranked planet. Is that true?" a small voice asked from afar.

"It's hard to say and it's best not to ask. The master is using this method to become a saint, and holy son Yu Wenfeng evolves so quickly and violently. With this method, he is bound to shine and shake the heavens!"

The troops' assessment of the Hundred Transformations Breathing Technique was extremely high.

Yu Wenfeng turned his head to look at them and said, "According to the methods and training of my ancestor, you will all become heavenly knights. When the time comes, you will trample this planet!"

It was truly a pity because there were too few traitors and they were about to go extinct. This was Yu Wenfeng's greatest regret.

However, every one of them counted. In his eyes, there was already a pretty good target.

"It doesn't matter if there aren't any rebellious races." Yu Wenfeng gazed at the distant mountains and rivers. With the Hundred Transformations Breathing Technique, he could transmute all living things. He had a better choice.

With a smile, he said, "Oh, I seem to smell the scent of this planet's recovering, blossoming flowers. Everything is so lovely."

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