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Chapter 2549 - Summoning the powerhouse of the Demon World

Seventeen Magic Tribe s.

The complexion of the old man from ten families changed.

Not just Magic Tribe.

Each of these seventeen people were able to take charge of their own side. They were the top geniuses in the entire Magic Tribe, and they were all of a monstrous level.

Hearing the words of the leader, everyone's heart was moved.

"So … "That boy is the eighteenth disciple of the Demon Emperor!"

"No wonder he dares to be so arrogant."

"I heard that every single person in the 18 Magic Captains have a special kind of power inheritance. These inheritances were all passed down by the Demon Emperor himself."

"These eighteen Magic Captains s are incredible."

"No wonder you dare to snatch away the woman of the crown prince. It turns out you have the backing of the Magic Tribe."

"But... His aura is not that of the Magic Tribe, he should be a human, why would the Demon Emperor take a human as his disciple? "

"Let's not talk about that. He's now the Crown Prince of the Zhao Family. In addition, he's now the youngest disciple of the Demon Emperor. There's hope for the future."

"Hahaha …"

… ….

This was a huge show.

The appearance of the seventeenth son of devil instantly raised Long Fei's status as a civilian to the same level as Zhao Haotian.

Magic Captains's position in the Magic Tribe was comparable to that of a prince.

Long Fei looked at the seventeen people surrounding him, and his heart was filled with gratitude.

He had never seen the seventeenth son of the Demon Emperor.

There was no communication.

Even … Long Fei had even crushed the elders from his tribe before, but … Yet these seventeen Senior Brother s came out to protect him in this kind of situation.

One had to know...

Fighting with the crown prince would cause a war between the two races.

Long Fei was moved, and said: ", I can take care of my own matters, you should leave."

Long Fei did not want to incite a war between the humans and demons.

He didn't want the Magic Tribe to become embroiled in this dispute because of him.

The Great Senior Brother asked, "Junior brother, what are you saying? Your problem is our problem, it is our Magic Tribe's problem, Master told me, if he bullies you, that means he bullies us, Magic Tribe, even the Heavenly Emperor himself would have to do something to him. "

"The Great Senior Brother is right."

"I'd like to see who dares to bully our Junior Brother."


"Come out and give it a try. See if I can kill him!"

He was abnormally arrogant and unbridled.

To put others down, he did not even put the ten families or the crown prince in his eyes.

What was the purpose of their visit?

If not to join some god's sect gathering, but to protect Long Fei.

This was their mission!

The faces of the experts of the ten families sunk, none of them dared to speak carelessly, because the 18 Captains of Magic King could truly represent the Magic Tribe, if they were slightly careless, it would cause a war between the two races.

They couldn't afford to take this blame.

Zhao Haotian said solemnly: "Do you think we are afraid of you?"

The Great Senior Brother smiled faintly, "I did not say that you are afraid of us. I only said that if anyone dares to touch a single hair on my junior brother's head, my Magic Tribe will kill his entire family."

As he spoke, he stared at Zhao Haotian.

He looked calm and collected, but … Killing intent burst out like sparks.

Zhao Haotian's aura moved.

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At the same time.

The aura on the Great Senior Brother's body also started to move.

The two auras collided.

Zhao Haotian immediately took a few steps back.

The Great Senior Brother stood motionlessly on the spot and smiled faintly, "How is it? Again? "

Zhao Haotian's face tensed up.

Just a moment ago, the process of fighting with Long Fei had had a huge impact, and now, with Magic Tribe at the same realm as him, he was unable to endure it for a moment.

Not only that.

Eight of the seventeen sons of the Demon Emperor were the Zhen Wu realm.

Once all of them attacked … He wasn't a match at all.

Even if it was the powerhouse s present, they were not a match for him.

His father had said so.

The 18 disciples that the Demon Emperor had chosen did not rely solely on their talent and potential. Rather, they looked at the attributes within their bodies.

The attributes of all eighteen of them condensed into an extremely powerful force.

Once it took form, it would be powerful enough to fight against the powerhouse of a True Martial Emperor.

An incomparably terrifying existence.

However …

Zhao Haotian had never been at a disadvantage. He stared at Long Fei and sneered: "lame duck, is this what you're capable of?"

"You want to steal my woman?"

"Sister Rong, come over here. If he dares to touch you again, I won't forgive him."

Before he could finish his words.

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… ….

The might of eight consecutive strikes of the Power of Genuine Force was like numerous bolts of lightning striking down. One after another, they struck Zhao Haotian's mind and he was unable to defend in time.

His body sank even deeper.

In the end …


He spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Great Senior Brother said indifferently, "lame duck, are you enjoying yourself?"

"You dare to call our junior apprentice-brother trash? Who the f * ck is a waste now? "

"Who the hell gave you the guts to steal our Junior Brother's woman?"

"Sister-in-law, my youngest junior brother is a dragon amongst men, so marrying him is the wisest decision. Truly, I am not a woman, or else I would want to marry him."

Instantly suppressing Zhao Haotian.


All eight of them.

A group of people who were in the limelight.

Insulting Long Fei?

Courting death!

Zhao Haotian's face became pale, and his teeth chattered.

It was also at this time.

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Five waves of power blocked the eight Magic Captains's pressure, barely able to withstand it.

Zhao Haotian was abnormally angry, his gaze sweeping across the seventeenth son of devil, and said solemnly: "You bastards of Magic Tribe, I want all of you to die here."

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There was a very special kind of energy in his body.


An aura shook, instantly shattering the pressure of the eight Magic Captains s.

The Great Senior Brother's gaze tensed up.

The other seven people were startled at the same time.

His eyes told everyone, Danger!

However …

The seventeen of them did not retreat. Instead, they took a step forward.

With a grim expression.

Similarly …

Long Fei also felt that the aura on Zhao Haotian's body had become weird. It was not the power of the Zhen Wu realm at all, nor was it the power of the True Martial Emperor.

Long Fei had sensed these two types of energy auras before.

Zhao Haotian possessed an extremely special kind of power.

Extremely feminine.


When Long Fei thought about how Zhao Haotian's life root had been crippled, and how his speed of breakthrough was not inferior to his in just three short months, and about how the old monster of the Zhao Family, Zhao Chongshan, was also a eunuch.

His heart sank!

"The power of a eunuch?"

Although the name was not right, Long Fei had guessed correctly.

This power was left by Zhao Chongshan in Zhao Haotian's body to protect him, and was used by him when he was in danger.


Zhao Haotian could not tolerate it.

He released this power.

Long Fei's heart turned sinister, he quickly walked to the front and said: ", let me do it!"

The idea sank.

The idea was connected to the ten-storey devil tower.

Sensing the aura of the pagoda, the seventeen Magic Captains s were stunned and took half a step back. However, they did not dare to let down their guard and maintained a high level of vigilance.

At this moment.

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The ten-storey devil tower released a loud buzzing sound as its demonic flame burned. Long Fei's idea entered the top floor of the tower and said solemnly: "Come, release your demonic flame."

"Summon the Demon Realm powerhouse!"

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