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While Xiao Ye was speaking, the both of them had already arrived at the film studio.

Huang Jingjing folded her arms and sat on the sofa in the resting area. She was wearing sunglasses and her face was pale. She was currently throwing a fit, asking, "What kind of rundown place is this? Where's the person who was supposed to help me brew a cup of coffee?"

Xiao Ye hurriedly offered Huang Jingjing a cup of coffee. Huang Jingjing frowned and haughtily took the cup from her. She took a sip.


She spat out the mouthful of coffee and angrily looked at Xiao Ye. "Do you want to burn me to death? Know that if you burn my mouth, Best Actor Shen will get extremely angry!"

Xiao Ye mumbled affirmingly but dared not say any more in case she misinterpreted her words.

Qiao Lian walked up to them, grabbed Xiao Ye's arm and looked at Huang Jingjing saying, "Ms. Huang, it is time for the shoot. Please cooperate with our news agency."

Huang Jingjing laughed coldly, lowered her head and looked at her own fingers. "My makeup hasn't even been done yet. How do you expect to shoot me in this state?"

Qiao Lian said to the stylist, "Hurry up and put on Ms. Huang's makeup."

Huang Jingjing took off her sunglasses, tilted her head and laughed tauntingly.

The expressions of the few people inside the room instantly showed complete astonishment.

Qiao Lian also frowned.

Huang Jingjing clearly hadn't slept much yesterday. The dark circles around her eyes were way too obvious. They could not be completely hidden, even with foundation. Furthermore, her entire body was swollen — so much so that her face had changed its shape.

Every celebrity knew that if they needed to film a scene or participate in a photoshoot the next day, they should be especially careful about the food they ingested the day before. However, it was clear from Huang Jingjing's current condition that she had paid no mind to the photoshoot today.

The stylist was stunned and completely did not know how to begin. Looking at Qiao Lian, the stylist said, "Ms. Qiao, this-"

Qiao Lian calmly said, "Just apply the makeup normally."

Xiao Ye walked forward and said, "But taking photos in this state will be-"

"Don't worry. Given that Photoshop technology has become so advanced, we can always ask someone to properly airbrush the photo in the post."

This was all they could do for now.

Xiao Ye nodded. However, Huang Jingjing unexpectedly refused to participate in the shoot any further. She immediately stood up in an imposing manner. "Airbrush the photo? How could you say that, you puny reporter? I postponed so many scheduled events to come to this photoshoot. You cannot airbrush today's photos! Or are you implying that the photographer and the stylist of your little news agency are both freelance workers?"

Her words caused the faces of both the photographer and the stylist to turn black.

Xiao Ye hurriedly explained, "Ms. Huang, the photographers and stylists that we hire are the most renowned in the industry-"

"Heh, the most renowned in the industry? If they are truly the best, why is there still a need to airbrush the published photos? All of you are clearly doubting my attractiveness!"

The entire studio fell into absolute silence. Meeting such a person had left everybody completely speechless!

Bam! Qiao Lian handsomely threw the contract in front of her. "Ms. Huang, when you first signed the contract, it was clearly stated in the terms that you must cooperate with us. So, are you trying to breach the contract now? Fine, pay the penalty, it's up to you."

Huang Jingjing instantly became furious. "Who are you? Do you not know my relationship with Best Actor Shen? How dare you talk to me like that!"

Qiao Lian's lips twitched. She walked forward and said, "So, what is the relationship between you and Best Actor Shen?"

Huang Jingjing's eyes narrowed and said, "I-"

Before she could finish, she saw Qiao Lian raise her cell phone and switch on the audio recording function. "Ms. Huang, I am a reporter, so you'd better be careful when you are speaking to me. Please tell me exactly what is the relationship between you and Best Actor Shen?"

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