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Chapter 2593 - Arrogant tong shen

Eyes naked and evil.

She was staring at Yi Yourong like a pervert.

Yi Yourong was completely indifferent.

Quiet discussions sounded in the field.

Because Yi Yourong and the others were not talking, they were anxious to the point that they didn't know what to say.

Zhao Haotian walked with large strides to Yi Yourong's side.

Xiao Die immediately asked: "What are you trying to do?"

Zhao Haotian glanced at Xiao Die and smiled lightly: "Girl, you're not bad too. Tonight, the two of you will accompany me."

thin monkey and the big size man immediately could not hold it in and shouted, "Say it again!"

Zhao Haotian completely ignored the two of them.

The Magic Captains behind Chief Captain could no longer sit still.

The Great Senior Brother forcefully stopped him and whispered, "Don't move, the aura on Zhao Haotian's body … It is no longer the Zhen Wu realm. "

"Could he have stepped into the Emperor Zhen Wu's realm in a single day?"

The Great Senior Brother said lightly, "Since we can raise our cultivation by leaps and bounds in a single day, he can as well. The aura coming from Zhao Haotian's body is far stronger than that of an ordinary Emperor Zhen Wu's realm. "

"Then what should we do?"

"Why do you care?"

"Just do it!"

A few Magic Captains s could not hold it in.

The Great Senior Brother shook his head and said, "Don't be anxious. Let's wait a little longer!"

Be calm at all times.

Zhao Haotian's sudden change in cultivation level to Emperor Zhen Wu's realm was out of the Great Senior Brother's expectations.

He wanted to see Zhao Haotian's strength first.

Yi Yourong was expressionless.

Xiao Die was infuriated to the extreme, as she said ruthlessly. "Keep dreaming."

"Hahaha …"

Zhao Haotian abnormally laughed out loud, and said: "I, as a person, never dream about it. Don't worry, you two won't be able to escape tonight, I will definitely cherish you guys, hahaha …"

Two glances at Yi Yourong, and then directly walked to the emperor's seat.

Zhao Wuji, who had stepped into the Sky Harmony Hall, immediately said, "The crown prince is presiding over this god's sect gathering today!"

Although Zhao Haotian's actions made him a little embarrassed, he knew clearly in his heart that the person in Zhao Haotian's body was no other than his father.

The Great Ancestor of the Zhao Family!

It was enough to know that.

Zhao Wuji retreated to the side.

Within the palace, discussions could be heard outside.

"Is this the sign that the Crown Prince will ascend the throne?"


"I heard that this year's god's sect gathering was prepared just for the crown prince."

"I keep feeling that the crown prince is different from before."

"Too arrogant."

"Damn, if I were the crown prince, I would be even more arrogant than him. However... , the number one beauty of Zhao Guo, is really pretty. If this kind of woman were to be put to bed, I wouldn't even want to get out of bed for three days and three nights. "

… ….

Zhao Haotian sat on the throne, and didn't have much to say. His eyes were always staring at Yi Yourong, as he thought about the various abnormal scenes in his mind. Since everyone is here, let's start! "

"Don't waste my time."

First was the god's sect gathering.

Then there was the wedding banquet.

Yi Yourong was already wearing a red robe.

An old eunuch walked forward and said, "exchange duels, begin."

"The first match, Alchemy!"

"In the form of a combat arena, you can win all the challengers. You can get one golden bean, and the person with the most golden beans is this year's Heavenly Sect's new King."

As soon as he finished.

Zhao Haotian said: "Everyone, let's begin, let me see the level of your Alchemy!"

The corner of tong shen's mouth curled up slightly, revealing a proud smile that was difficult to conceal, and he thought to himself: "It's time for my show!"

And then …

tong shen walked to the center of the hall and slightly bowed, "sect of infinitas, tong shen!"

Zhao Haotian said: Who's going to accept the challenge?

tong shen asked: "Your Highness, can I challenge other sects?"

Zhao Haotian said: "Of course you can, you can issue challenges to all the forces here, and they must accept the challenge as well. If they dare not accept the challenge, directly scram."

Everyone's eyes turned cold.

There was no such rule in the past.


What kind of person was the tong shen?

A versatile genius.

Alchemy, forgery, inscriptions, beast taming … This was also related to his [holy vein s] and [Inherent Skills].

"Don't ever pick us."

"We don't know Alchemy either."

… ….

Just when everyone was discussing who to choose, Tong Shen walked in front of Yi Yourong and said: "Xuan Yue sect is bestowed the title of Guo Tribe, I think that all aspects must be very outstanding."

"I am an untalented child, I hope Xuan Yue sect can give me some pointers!"

Yi Yourong's face still did not have any expression, nor could he speak.

Xiao Die looked at Yi Yourong, and said: "Fight!"

He didn't submit either.

tong shen smiled faintly, and said: "Alright, I will wait here."

tong shen returned to the center of the hall and took out the pill furnace.

"Sister Xiao Die, we don't know Alchemy."


"Who's at the Alchemy?"

"Who's going to fight?"

A few disciples lowered their heads, and one of them said softly, "We all thought that Elder Long Fei would come, but he isn't here right now, we aren't even prepared at all."

"Huff …"

Xiao Die exhaled, and said: "I'll go!"


"Sister Xiao Die, you know Alchemy?"

"Have you ever refined a pill?"

"Sister Xiao Die, stop joking around."

thin monkey and the big size man spoke anxiously.

Xiao Die said: "Xuan Yue sect cannot be cowardly, Long Fei is not here, we must hold up the flag, and not let others look at us."

At this time.

tong shen who was already prepared said with a disdainful tone, "Which one of you is going to fight? If there is no one here, then come out and kneel down and admit defeat. Say that the Xuan Yue sect is trash and I'll spare you. "

"Hahaha …"

The sect of infinitas disciples immediately laughed.

"Xuan Yue sect has always been trash."

"Wasn't he at the bottom that year?"

"You still have the face to come? You sure are thick-skinned. "

"Hahaha …"

Many people in the hall started laughing at him.

An affront.

The disciples of the Xuan Yue sect s could not even lift their heads up.

Every time they came, they would always be called trash. They were already used to trash here.


They were still going to face sect of infinitas, the monstrous genius of the sect of infinitas.


They weren't a match at all.

Outside the palace.

Yue Wanshan and a few elders of the Xuan Yue sect s also tensed up, "It's fine as long as Long Fei is here!"

They could not enter the main hall.

However, they were all looking forward to Long Fei's appearance with a ball of fire burning in their hearts.

However …

The god's sect gathering had already started, if Long Fei did not appear, then he would not appear.

Xiao Die's face sank, and said angrily: "Even if you're trash, it's not your turn to speak!"

"Isn't it just Alchemy?"

"I'll accompany you!"

At this moment.

The Chief Captain suddenly stood up and said: "Our Magic Tribe will meet you head-on, is your sect of infinitas really so greedy? , we are very unhappy, tong shen, do you dare to accept the challenge? "

Magic Tribe suddenly jumped out.

The tong shen laughed coldly and said: "I was originally going to be the second one to embarrass your Magic Tribe. Since you want to be the first one to embarrass yourself, then I'll start with you."

"Just now, he hit my junior apprentice-brother."

"Now let's see how I'll step on your face!"

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