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Ling Han instinctively felt an intense chill well up, feeling only pins and needles.

With his eyesight, he could discern that the jade casket was definitely an antique buried underground for countless years, and he could even see the dirt that hadn't been cleaned off and was at least several tens of millennia old.

The casket was constantly sealed until the moment it opened earlier; only then did the mysterious substance flow out. In other words, the person in the casket should've been buried for the same amount of time as the casket.

Tens of millennia; this girl died countless times, but now she actually opened her eyes. Could this not make one feel pins and needles?

"It's this substance that can seal the body's life force, without a shred of it spilling over," Feng Po Yun said, his gaze burning bright.

Ling Han came to a realization. No wonder someone buried for tens of millennia would suddenly open their eyes; that explained it.

"Wrong, wrong, not without a shred of spillover." Yi Shuang Shuang shook her head. "That's called Time Liquid, and it indeed can be used to seal living creatures, allowing the living creature's passing of time to be slowed extremely and live out a very long time relative to its limited lifespan. However, it only slows the passage of time, and doesn't stop it, so life force is still fading away, just extremely slowly, and depending on the quality of the Time Liquid, it can be slowed by one hundred to one hundred thousand times."

Ling Han and the three others were all shocked. Even if it could only slow time by one hundred times, then wouldn't a Shattering Void Tier elite be able to "live" up to a hundred millennia? Of course, living like this was no different from a dead person, because the flesh and divine sense would have no sensation.

"How do you know, could you also be an old monster like this?" Ling Han asked.

"Old, old monster?" Yi Shuang Shuang was like a cat that had its tail stepped on, instantly bursting her fuse, and said, "Damn brat, do your eyes have problems, where is this lady old? Look at this skin, how fine and smooth, and look at these breasts, is there any bit of drooping? And this buttocks, perky and so fine!"

Hu Niu covered her eyes, shaking her head repeatedly, and said, "Dirty, too dirty, its affecting Niu's pure heart!"

Ling Han came to realize that what Yi Shuang Shuang said was right—that was why he could only occasionally feel the aura emitted by the person in casket. It wasn't that the person was intentionally suppressing it, but rather her passing of time was too slow, resulting in the presence she emitted being felt only after a long time.

When they were talking, the girl inside the jade casket abruptly stood up and stretched, instantly displaying the curves on her body, filled with alluringness, making the military officials blush, turn their faces, or cover their eyes. Immediately, the atmosphere became confusing.

"Beloved general!" Ma Duo Bao said with a smile.

The girl in the casket glanced at Ma Duo Bao, revealed an astonished look, and said unsurely, "My Emperor?"

"It is your emperor." Ma Duo Bao nodded.

The girl in the casket was taken aback, suddenly bursting into laughter, even tearing up, and kept hitting the edge of the casket. "Hahahaha, I'm dying of laughter! I'm dying of laughter! Your majesty, how did you become so disgusting?"

The military officials' expressions were all twisted, resisting the urge to laugh.

Ma Duo Bao coughed, and said seriously, "Isn't this emperor still dignified and imposing, cutting quite the figure?"

The girl in the casket was still laughing with tears, as if it couldn't be stopped, and after a good while, she said, "Heavenly Astral King and Earth Overturning King, have they seen your majesty's look yet?"

"Lunar King, beloved general, give this emperor some face, there are still outsiders here!" Ma Duo Bao said.

The girl in the casket, Lunar King, jumped out from the casket, glanced towards where Ling Han and the four others were, immediately retracting her gaze, and muttered, "Since your majesty turned into a damned fatty, then what about this king's appearance?"

She swiped with her hand and chilling air immediately gathered, forming an ice mirror before her.

"Ah!" She immediately let out a scream, and then burst into a towering rage, shouting, "Your Majesty, what did you promise this king?"

"Hmm? What did I promise?" Ma Duo Bao appeared very innocent.

"You said, when this king reappears again, appearance wouldn't be changed at all! But look, this king is clearly older by two years! Two years!" Lunar King looked angry to the point of killing someone.

"This…" Ma Duo Bao waved his hand, and said, "This emperor didn't think of it. Slept a little too long, and if it weren't for the earthquake that awakened this emperor first, perhaps this emperor would sleep for several tens of millennia more."

"Then wouldn't it be possible that this king would've become an old lady when waking up!?" Lunar King became frantic. "You damned fatty, this king will beat you up for daring to make this king age two years!"

She was truly formidable, immediately charging towards Ma Duo Bao.

Hong, the terrifying aura fluctuated, and the entire imperial city became extremely chilly. Snowflakes fluttered in the sky, and with a close look, every snowflake was branded with martial intent, with vein-like patterns glowing on it!

If these snowflakes blew onto people, even Heaven Tier elites were guaranteed to die.

"Lunar King, you're crazy!" Ma Duo Bao hurriedly extended his hand towards the sky and made the snowflakes flow in reverse, or else if the snowflakes landed on the ground, living beings would definitely be plunged into misery and suffering.

"You don't know that girls go crazy easily?" Lunar King roared angrily. "Give this king back her youth!" She struck violently, and the might of a Shattering Void Tier fully unleashed was shockingly terrifying.

"Ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier!" Feng Po Yun said in a low voice, appearing extremely serious.

This was the pinnacle of martial arts in the vast lands and the pinnacle of humanity, and surpassing this tier, one could either suppress it or be ejected from the realm.

Ma Duo Bao only defended and didn't attack; each move and style was powerful and momentous, showing the royal presence of an emperor.

"Alright, alright, Lunar King, there are guests!" He tried to exhort her.

Lunar King wasn't willing to stop, and said, "Unless you let this king kick your fat face twice, this king won't stop her anger."

Ma Duo Bao smiled embarrassingly, and said, "Beloved general, this emperor is the master of an empire anyhow, it's not too good doing this, right?"

"Then give back this king her youth!" Lunar King said furiously.

"You just look two years older? Now you're even more beautiful," Ma Duo Bao shouted.

Lunar King immediately stopped fighting, and said, "This king is even more beautiful?"

"Of course!" Ma Duo Bao said seriously, and then turned to say to the military officials. "All my beloved subjects, isn't Lunar King more beautiful?"

"Yes!" The military officials nodded their heads hurriedly one after another.

Lunar King looked at herself in the mirror for a while again, and said smilingly, "This king also thinks herself more beautiful."

Ma Duo Bao let out a sigh of relief; this stage was passed at last. He looked towards Ling Han, waved his hand, and said, "Tanned brother, since you've come, why not get together?"

Ling Han looked towards Feng Po Yun, who nodded his head. They'd originally decided to meet with Ma Duo Bao anyway.

The four of them leapt down, while Yi Shuang Shuang also jumped down like she wasn't a stranger and walked along with them.

"Fatty Ma… hehe, respects to your majesty!" Ling Han cupped his hands in obeisance.

"Stop it, stop it, you aren't subjects of my empire, no need to be overly courteous," Ma Duo Bao said with a smile. His gaze stopped shortly on Feng Po Yun, but was fixed on Yi Shuang Shuang. His dragon robe swayed, vein-like patterns glowed, as he seemed about to attack.

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