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Chapter 2304 - Killing the Magic Tribe, killing Long Fei

"Grand Elder, Grand Elder, Grand Elder …."

Sir Dan.

The disciples suddenly shouted.

His voice was loud and domineering.

Under the shouts of the crowd, Yi Changfeng slowly walked out of the Pill House and walked in front of it, pressing down on it with both of his hands.

The thousands of people in the hall quickly quieted down.

Yi Changfeng coughed lightly, and said: "Thank you all for coming here, but I will definitely give you all an explanation today. I will definitely punish the murderer, and I will definitely punish the murderer who disturbed the sect."

"I will definitely make this Magic Tribe regret coming to this world."

As soon as he finished.

One of the disciples shouted loudly: "Kill Magic Tribe, kill Long Fei!"

"Kill the Magic Tribe, kill Long Fei!"

"Kill the Magic Tribe, kill Long Fei!"

One wave after another.

The current Long Fei had already become a member of the Magic Tribe.

His bloody and brutal method had already been demonized by many of the disciples.

Yi Changfeng was very satisfied with this scene.

And then …

Yi Changfeng pressed down with both hands again, and said: "From today onwards, all the disciples will have their monthly tests doubled. I swear in the name of the seven-rating alchemist, I will definitely make the Xuan Yue sect stronger, and every disciple in the Xuan Yue sect will receive more cultivation pellets!"

When these words came out, everyone present was stunned.

And then …

A deafening sound exploded.

"Grand Elder, Grand Elder, Grand Elder!"

The sound echoed through the clouds.

It made everyone's blood boil.

"Great Elder, this is great."

"Grand Elder, your lifespan is one hundred years."

"Great Elder, you are mighty."

"Grand Elder, I love you!"

"A seventh grade Alchemy Master, there aren't many people in the entire Zhao Guo, so this competition is definitely going to be won by the Great Clan Elder. That brat is just waiting to die."

"Hahaha... I can't wait any longer! "

It had to be said that Yi Changfeng's move had won over many people's hearts.

With the stimulation of the spirit pellets and the status of the seven-rating alchemist, every single disciple became excited. In their hearts, the status of Great Clan Elder had already become high and mighty, surpassing even Young Sect Master Yi Yourong.

In the distance.

Yue Wanshan and Wu Yi walked over, and upon seeing the scene before them, they looked at each other.

They couldn't help but be secretly shocked in their hearts.

When Yi Changfeng saw them, he revealed a smile of someone in power and said, "My two junior brothers are here."

Yue Wanshan coldly snorted, and said: "Isn't it just a competition of Alchemy? You have to make such a big scene? "These people don't need to cultivate?"

Displeased was written all over his face.

Yue Wanshan glared at the few Artifact Pavilion disciples and bellowed: You don't need to refine anymore, don't you need to cultivate anymore?

Yi Changfeng smiled blandly: "Junior Brother Yue, everyone has come here to see how I will punish the murderer. Young Sect Master, protect him, last time we killed four people, we did not receive any punishment, this time I will not let you off lightly."

"Kill to pay with my life!"


"This kind of demon cannot stay in the Xuan Yue sect."

"He is Magic Tribe."

Many disciples in the crowd shouted.

Yue Wanshan said: "Senior Brother Yin, I was present at that time, you were the one who hurt me first, right? Furthermore, one of the Xuan Yue four swords was even pulled over by you to block that sword strike.

Yi Changfeng's face sank, and angrily interrupted: "Yue Wanshan, what do you mean? Do you want to protect this Magic Tribe? "

A sh * t bowl was directly taken down.

Yue Wanshan's eyes shook, he was not weak either, and shouted: "Left side has a Magic Tribe, the right side has a Magic Tribe, Yi Changfeng, what proof do you have that he is a Magic Tribe?"

"If there is no evidence, please take note of your words."

Yi Changfeng shouted: "In the Elite Hall's Challenge Competition, the cultivation technique he released was his devil art, and in the Secret World's mouth, he used such a brutal method to kill four people in a row. Yue Wanshan, once you protect him, are you also involved with the Magic Tribe? "

Yue Wanshan glared at him, "You're slandering me."

His entire body was filled with anger and he was about to go berserk.

Wu Yi immediately stepped forward and said: "Calm down, don't be angry anymore."

Yi Changfeng gave a cold snort and said slightly, "No one can stop the competition today, not even the sect master. I must kill that brat."

Yue Wanshan said angrily: "Who knows who will win, and who will lose, do you think that you, Yi Changfeng, will definitely win?"

"Hahaha …"

Yi Changfeng laughed loudly, and said: "If I can't even win against trash like him, then I, Yi Changfeng, will wrench my head off."

It was full of disdain.

The surrounding elders also laughed, "Who the hell is that trash? Can you compare it to elder Yi's? "

"elder Yi can easily crush that kid."

"Is there even a need to compare? Just admit defeat. "

Yue Wanshan choked with anger in his heart, and said: "Can't you win against Beheading Xie? Hmph, Senior Brother Yin, have you forgotten that this competition is a life wager?

Yi Changfeng laughed coldly: "Will I lose?"

"It's you instead!"

Yi Changfeng looked at Yue Wanshan and said: "You seem to really hope that brat won? "If that's the case..."

"Cough cough …"

Yi Changfeng coughed and said loudly: "From today onwards, the Pill Pavilion will stop supplying the Artifact Pavilion disciples with any elixirs. They will not give any of them a single one."

"If the disciples of the Artifact Pavilion wish to obtain spiritual medicine to cultivate, then leave the Artifact Pavilion!"

As soon as he finished.

The expressions of the disciples of the Artifact Pavilion changed, and they immediately thought about retreating from the Artifact Pavilion.

To them, elixirs were too important.

The reason why he was admitted into the sect was to have spiritual medicines to provide for his cultivation.

Yi Changfeng's move meant that he was definitely going to die.

Make him an alcayde, just like Gui Qingshan was back then.

The reason why Gui Qingshan had been pushed into a corner was because he had offended Yi Changfeng.

This was a move to force someone to their death.

Yue Wanshan's face was filled with anger as he shouted in a heavy tone, "Yi Changfeng, you …"

Yi Changfeng said complacently: "What's wrong? Are you in a bad mood? Hahaha... I'm feeling great, aren't you standing up for that kid? Didn't you say that that brat could win? Tell him to give you Alchemy, hahaha … "

Yi Changfeng thought: "Fight with me? You think you're worthy? "

One move was enough to kill Yue Wanshan without a burial ground.

There were no disciples.

Thus, his Artifact Pavilion was crippled.

At that time, the Artifact Pavilion would be like Gui Qingshan, a barren hill with grass growing on top of it.

"You've gone too far!"

Yue Wanshan was furious, he released the true qi and released it crazily.

Yi Changfeng's expression changed, "You dare to make a move? You think I'm afraid of you? "

Several elders immediately stood by Yi Changfeng's side to protect him.

As long as Yue Wanshan made a move, they would attack him at the same time.

Even though Yue Wanshan was strong, he was not a match for the few clan elders.

It was also at this time.

A voice rang out from afar. "Have you had enough trouble?"

Yi Yourong walked out fully dressed in clothes!

Imperceptibly, her body carried a strong aura, her appearance instantly crushed the entire audience's aura.

His eyes were cold.

He exuded a powerful aura.

Yi Changfeng's heart trembled slightly. Seeing Yi Yourong's appearance, and how he was even dressed, he laughed coldly in his heart, and said to himself: "I knew you were going to use force!"

"This is even better!"

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