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Chapter 2211 - Idiot Can Alchemy?

Everything was a little too fast.

No one would have thought that the Disciple of Powder Pavillion would make a move.

Xiao Die did not.

Gui Qingshan did not either.

However, Long Fei thought of it.

Not in his head, but in his subconscious, so that he had stumbled into it.

A cold light flashed from the rusted sword in the sky.

Disciple of Powder Pavillion threw a palm attack.


Long Fei blocked horizontally with his sword.

His arm went numb as he continuously retreated.

The Pill Pavilion felt pain on their faces as their palm broke. Fresh blood gushed out and their bodies retreated a few steps back, staring at Long Fei in shock.

As soon as he finished.

He attacked again.

This time, the palm attack was even more ferocious than the previous one, and the power was multiplied by several times.

He is the Disciple of Powder Pavillion.

Being injured by a Long Fei with such an esteemed identity, he felt extremely displeased in his heart.

If he didn't get this round back, would he still have the face to mess around in the future?

Long Fei was shocked.

It could be said that his reaction just now was a bit unexpected. It was completely a subconscious reaction. He had blocked the sword horizontally, but his arm was in extreme pain, as if it was about to break.

One had to know that his current cultivation was only at the First grade Refining Body.

In the words of the system, he was still level 1!

And Disciple of Powder Pavillion's cultivation was already at the eighth grade of Refining Body, his cultivation was far above him. Being able to block one blow and deal with it with injuries, was already very unbelievable.

Another move?

Long Fei could not resist it, but he was not afraid either. He forcefully shook his arm, endured the pain, and shouted loudly, "Come!"

Don't submit, just do it!

Although his memories had disappeared, deep in his bones, Long Fei was still that arrogant and rampant person who did not cower even when he was about to die.

"You're courting death!"

Disciple of Powder Pavillion roared over.

Xiao Die cried out in alarm, "A Long!"

Gui Qingshan was negligent and did not react in time to the first move, but he was careless and did not react in time. The second move was extremely fast, and he did not wait for Long Fei to meet it head on as his body slightly moved.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Disciple of Powder Pavillion struck his palm against Gui Qingshan's chest.

Gui Qingshan did not move.

Disciple of Powder Pavillion was knocked back consecutively. His blood was boiling under his chest and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone was shocked.

In the Xuan Yue sect, Gui Qingshan had almost never made a move before, that power just now … This person's cultivation wasn't low.

Not low at all?

To be able to fight against the powerhouse on the elixir s ranking, his cultivation was not low at all.

The power of a Body Refinement Cultivator was nothing to him, so even after forcefully eating a palm, he did not have anything to do with it. Gui Qingshan let out a heavy sigh, and said: "If you continue to attack, then I won't be courteous anymore!"

He showed his might without getting angry.

It carried with it a killing intent that was unique to the battlefield.

The first impression Long Fei had was that this person had been on the battlefield.

Only the court had ever gone to war.

Gui Qingshan...

Disciple of Powder Pavillion immediately took a Healing Pill to recuperate his injuries. His complexion had also recovered a little as he looked at Gui Qingshan: "Clan Elder Gui, I brought an order from the Law Enforcement Hall's elder today."

"If your cow still dares to shout randomly, disrupting the cultivation of the Xuan Yue sect's disciples, moreover … for disturbing Sect Master from entering closed door cultivation... "


"Gui Qingshan, I want to see what you will do!"

Finally, the voice shouted.

The people who were originally stunned by Gui Qingshan once again started to discuss with each other.

"If he keeps on shouting like this, it will make people's hearts flustered. How else can he train?"


"The Sect Master is closing down. If we disturb him, no one can bear the responsibility if he goes berserk."

"I must kill this beast today."


"I'm about to break through to the Fourth grade Refining Body. I don't want this cow to make me go berserk."

"This year's disciple recruitment is going to begin. An ox screams until late in the day, what the heck is this? Xuan Yue sect has lost all his face. "

… ….

Everyone began to discuss loudly.

Gui Qingshan's brows secretly knitted together.

Seeing his expression, Disciple of Powder Pavillion sneered: "A small matter, but it affects the sect master's closed door cultivation. Think about it yourself …"

Just as he finished speaking …

Xiao Die immediately said: "As long as one Detoxification Panacea is enough to save the water buffalo, can't your Spirit Pill Pavilion help us?"

It was all about a spiritual pill.

As long as the water buffalo consumed the elixir, its injuries would recover.

But they didn't have such a spiritual pill!

"Detoxification Panacea?" Disciple of Powder Pavillion smirked and took out the spirit pellet: "You want the Detoxification Panacea? Then why should I give it to you? "

"He was the one who knelt down and started barking like a dog."

"Or are you going to sleep with me tonight?"

"Hahaha …"

Xiao Die clenched his fists tightly and said fiercely: "We are all members of the Xuan Yue sect, why can't we help each other?"


"Hahaha... Why should I help you? " Disciple of Powder Pavillion said in disdain, "What qualifications do you have to get my help? "Who do you think you are?"

"Offending the Seventh Prince means that our Xuan Yue sect will likely be in great danger."

"Tell me, why should I help you?"

Xiao Die's eyes flashed with anger.

Long Fei could not bear to see women being wronged, so he shouted, "Isn't it just a Detoxification Panacea? Let me think of a way. "


Everyone stared at him.

Especially the few disciples of the Pill Pavilion, they looked at Long Fei as if he was a rare animal.

Xiao Die pulled Long Fei and whispered: "A Long, stop messing around."


"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

"Where did this fool come from?"

"Isn't it just a Detoxification Panacea? Do you know what a Detoxification Panacea is? Do you know how difficult it is to refine a Detoxification Panacea? "

"Is this person crazy?"

"Does he know what a pill is?"

"It's easy to say, but can you refine it?"

… ….

Pills were extremely rare in the Zhen Wu continent.

The Detoxification Panacea s were also extremely difficult to refine.

In the entire Xuan Yue sect, there were no more than three pill refiners who could refine Detoxification Panacea.

The words Long Fei had just said sounded like the words of a fool who didn't know anything.

"Xiao Die."

"I'll go train!"

Long Fei was displeased.

Just as he finished speaking, there was another wave of mocking laughter.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

"Do idiots even know Alchemy?"

"Wow, a fool can use Alchemy, even a mute would want to speak."

"Hahaha …"

A few of the Disciple of Powder Pavillion s laughed extremely hard. Long Fei stopped and stared at them, then said: "What if I can refine it?"

Disciple of Powder Pavillion immediately said: "You can do anything you want, but what if you can't refine it?"

Long Fei said: "Anything is fine."

The Disciple of Powder Pavillion laughed sinisterly and said: "You're the one who said that!"

Xiao Die pulled Long Fei along, signalling him not to be rash.

Gui Qingshan could not help but look at Long Fei, and slightly shook his head.

Refining Detoxification Panacea?

Even though the pill was only a Tier 1 pill, even a Tier 3 pill refiner would not dare to claim that it was easy to refine one.

The success rate of pills in this world was too low!

How could Long Fei, a first grade Refining Body cultivator who did not understand Alchemy, refine such a pill?

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