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Chapter 2376 - Royal Alchemist

In the Secret World below the main hall, Yi Yourong wanted to enter right away.


She wanted to find out whether or not this was the Lord Ming Long's tomb.

Long Fei also looked at the half opened stone door, inside the stone door, it was as if there was a voice that was continuously luring him inside.

"Young man, come in."

"Little handsome brother, come on."

"Come on."

"There's anything in it you want. Come on, come on in and play."

… ….

Xiao Die was also staring at the scene in a daze.

Yi Yourong swallowed his saliva, slowly walked forward, and said: "Let's go in and take a look, we'll take a look and then leave."

If it really was the necropolis of the Netherwyrm, then she would be free.

Because …

The Ming Clan no longer needed her, and she could live the life she wanted. She no longer had a mission, and she no longer had any responsibilities. She could marry.

Everything was free.

Yi Yourong really wanted to free himself.

She walked forward step by step, and just as she was about to reach the top of the stairs, her eyes lit up as she muttered, "As long as it is the necropolis of the Netherwyrm, I will be free."

The moment she stepped onto the stairs.

Long Fei ran forward and grabbed her hand: "You can't enter!"

Yi Yourong was pulled down by Long Fei, and asked: "Why can't I enter?"

Long Fei said: "If I say you can't enter, then you can't."

It was not because of anything else but because the stone door was constantly enticing him. The more he explained, the more dangerous it was for him to not enter.


Long Fei was sure now that the danger zone was not the tomb of the primordial first god of war Ming Long. It was definitely a trap.

Yi Yourong said: "What if it really is the Lord Ming Long's tomb? Do you know what that means? "

Long Fei replied: "I don't know, I only know that you can't enter."

Yi Yourong was struggling as he said, "It means that I no longer have to carry the mission of rising to prominence in the Ming Clan. I no longer have to dedicate myself to the rise of the Ming Clan. "I can marry, I can be taught by a couple."

When she said that last sentence, Yi Yourong looked at Long Fei.

She almost said, "I can marry you."

She hated that she was someone from the Ming Clan.

He hated the Gifted Soul of Underworld on his body.

No one knew how much she envied being an ordinary girl.

Long Fei looked at the stone door, and then hugged Yi Yourong tightly in his embrace: "No one can force you to do anything you don't want to."


"You are my woman!"

Yi Yourong's heart suddenly melted. He laid on Long Fei's shoulder and started to bawl.

Xiao Die regained her senses and tears started streaming down her face.

It was also at this time.

Long Fei said in a low voice: "I promise you, I will definitely bring you in to take a look, but it's definitely not right now."

He had to become stronger.

He became incomparably powerful.

Otherwise, how could they deal with the monsters inside if they couldn't even deal with a single Black Hair Zombie?

According to the design of the game.

The first and second level Bosses were usually smaller; the last level Bosses were much stronger.

What was behind the stone door?

Long Fei didn't even need to think to know that this was definitely an extremely powerful BOSS.

Even a mutated Black Hair Zombie required him to use the Universal Soul to save his life, so before he was completely confident, Long Fei didn't want to die!


He would definitely come!

Because …

He would definitely kill this Boss!

A few minutes later.

Long Fei picked up the Sky Sword, feeling puzzled in his heart, "How did my sword fall so far? Furthermore... Why is there blood on the sword? "

Not only that.

He felt that the Sky Sword seemed to be injured.

He felt that something was very wrong.

But he didn't know what was wrong.

Returning the sword to its sheath, Long Fei walked out with Yi Yourong and Xiao Die.

thin monkey and the big size man had recovered a lot after consuming the pills, while silver warbear and One-eyed Tiger had recovered quite a bit, too. They saw Long Fei walking out.

The two men immediately walked up to him and said, "Boss, you've finally figured it out. You've caused us both to die from anxiety."

Long Fei said indifferently: "The people from war beast regiment did not charge forward right?"

The thin monkey said, "No, there are no people from war beast regiment in the valley either. When Transformers went out to check, he found that there are no more Zhous army around.

Other than the more than 1000 people that had rushed into the Secret World, there were still many people at the edges of the valley. Suddenly, all of them retreated, could it be that Zhou Yaozong gave up?


Zhou Yaozong's ambition was enormous, so he definitely would not give up.

However …

Long Fei did not think too much into it at the moment, and said: "Since the troops have retreated, let us return to the Xuan Yue sect."

thin monkey immediately replied: "Alright!"

Yi Yourong said: "Aren't we going to the Spirit Medicine Valley to collect Spirit Grass?"

The Spirit Grass that they had collected on their way here had all been refined by Long Fei. One must know that there were still a few more days until the Xuan Yue sect gave out an exception, and that was when thousands of medicinal pellets would be issued.

Without Spirit Grass, how could he refine it?

Just those weeds?

The success rate was too low, and it was not because of the strong effects of the elixir.

In order to obtain Alchemy, one had to use a Spirit Grass.

Long Fei shook his head, and said: "I'll head back to the Xuan Yue sect."

Xiao Die said: "A Long, then about the monthly arrangements …"

Long Fei laughed, and said: "Don't worry, I have a way!"


Long Fei was not confident.

He was just worried that Zhou Yaozong would still cause trouble, it was too dangerous in Xuan Yue mountain range, if not for the fact that they relied on Secret World's natural terrain advantage, they would definitely be dead this time.

If the Zhous army from the mountains appeared again, or if the experts from the Zhao Family appeared, they would all have to answer to him here.

Then again.

What's the situation with the Xuan Yue sect?

Return to the Xuan Yue sect first!

Even if he could not concoct the spirit pellet and could not submit a monthly rule, Long Fei would still be punished!

thin monkey was injured, the big guy was injured.

Yi Yourong was also injured.

He couldn't delay any longer and had to hurry back to the sect.

At least.

Even if something were to happen in the Xuan Yue sect, there was still a powerhouse with a Zhen Wu realm on his side.

… ….

Three days later!

Xuan Yue sect.

Nothing happened along the way.

Zhous army also did not appear again.

Returning to Xuan Yue sect, Long Fei heaved a sigh of relief.


"Isn't this the Great Elder of the Pill Pavilion?"

"Finally back."

"I thought I escaped from Xuan Yue sect?"

"First Elder, how are you preparing for the monthly pills?" I heard that if you are unable to hand over the spirit medicine the entire sect is cultivating with, you will have to expel the Xuan Yue sect. "

"He disappeared for more than ten days. I don't think he can take out any spiritual medicines at all."

"Just wait and expel him from Xuan Yue sect."

… ….

On the way, there were people who were constantly laughing at him.

When Yue Wanshan received the news that Long Fei had returned to the sect, he immediately ran over.

Long Fei said: "Elder Yue, didn't you say that it's not even been a month since you were banned, why have you left the Treasure Refining Pavilion?"

Yue Wanshan's brows tightened, and said: "You still have the heart to joke around, if you are unable to refine the pellets the disciples of the entire sect cultivate, you will be expelled from the Xuan Yue sect."


Long Fei said, "And what?"

Yue Wanshan said, "Moreover... Xuan Yue sect has arrived. He is here to replace you as the Great Elder of the Pill Pavilion. "

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