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Chapter 2328 - Heavenly Note

"Hahaha …"

"Go to Xuan Yue mountain range to gather Spirit Grass?"

"Then he's courting death!"

"Looks like he's going to die before he can even wait for the monthly notice."

… ….

In the Pill Pavilion's meeting room, the nine elders were exceptionally excited.

After hearing about Long Fei leaving Pill Pavilion Peak and entering the Xuan Yue mountain range, every one of them were incomparably happy.

If you don't let Long Fei obtain the Alchemy, then he has no way of obtaining the Alchemy. This way, he can only go find the Spirit Grass himself, and if he wants to enter the Xuan Yue mountain range now, it must be known that the Xuan Yue mountain range is one of the three great forbidden mountain ranges.

"He definitely won't come out this time."

"Hahaha …"

Everyone laughed.

They hated Long Fei more for killing them, hated him for trampling on their dignity, and said that they did not understand Alchemy.

Right now, Long Fei entering the Xuan Yue mountain range was basically no different from courting death.

The leading Qin Ling said: "Regardless of whether or not Long Fei can come out of Xuan Yue mountain range, there is one thing that we can be sure of, and that is that he will not be able to complete the mission for the next twelve days. If he cannot, then his Great Elder of the Pill Pavilion will have to finish it."

"That's why we have to make our preparations."

"If he can't take out the monthly pellets, we can take them out. This way, we can compete with him, who doesn't understand Alchemy? Who doesn't know Alchemy? "

"When the time comes, I must ruthlessly humiliate him."

One of the elders spoke, "Old Man Qin, what pills are we refining that would cause the Xuan Yue sect to be unable to operate? It would let the entire sect know the importance of our Pill Pavilion."


"Now that the elder Yi is dead, it's fine if we don't punish him. But since that bastard Long Fei is now a Great Elder of the Pill Pavilion, the entire Sect is laughing at our Pill Pavilion."

Several elders said angrily.

Qin Ling said: "Long Fei is Long Fei, and Xuan Yue sect is the Xuan Yue sect, we have to be clear about one thing, we cannot let all the disciples of the sect not get access to the Alchemy cultivation medicine, if not the people of the Xuan Yue sect will disperse, and the people of the Xuan Yue sect will disperse, the Xuan Yue sect will be our home."

"One yard is one yard. Revenge is revenge. You still have to forge the pills."

Even though Qin Ling hated Long Fei, she knew clearly that if their Pill Pavilion did not have Alchemy, then there was no reason for them to exist. After all, this place had long since been his home after staying in the Xuan Yue sect for dozens of years.

Qin Ling said: "Go and prepare, now that Long Fei is not here, we can have a good Alchemy, in addition …"

He pondered for a moment.

Qin Ling said: "Everyone, during the process of Alchemy, let's carefully study the pill theories that Long Fei has spoken of, it might be helpful to us."

Although he was unwilling to accept the results.

But there must be a reason why Long Fei was able to defeat Yi Changfeng.

No one was stupid, they also wanted to raise the Alchemy Technique up, although they disdained to say it, but in their hearts, they wanted to learn Long Fei's Alchemy techniques.

… ….

"What did you say?"

"Yi Yourong entered the Xuan Yue mountain range?"

"Yes, she went in with Long Fei. From what I know, she didn't accept any sect missions!"

A Zhou family disciple.

He would always remember the mission to enter the Xuan Yue sect.

After listening for a moment.

Zhou Yuan muttered: "Yi Yourong being dismissed, this is most likely all part of Yi Liuxian's arrangements, to let her out of her body to do something else."

"That thing might be in the Xuan Yue sect, but it's very likely to be somewhere in the Xuan Yue mountain range."

Saying this, Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed with a bright light, and he said, "Heavenly Note, ask the great general to send people into the Xuan Yue mountain range."

"Yes sir!"

"In addition!"

Zhou Yuan laughed coldly and said, "Tell me about the Seventh Prince's situation."

"With Yi Changfeng dead, the Seventh Prince is now like a tortoise who has been withdrawn into its tortoise shell. He doesn't even dare to leave the door, for fear that Long Fei will take his life."

"This hedonistic prince must be used to his advantage."

Ever since Yi Changfeng was killed, Zhao Yitian hid in his living quarters with his tail between his legs.

The key point was …

He wanted to leave the Xuan Yue sect, but he couldn't.

He was on tenterhooks every day, afraid that Long Fei would cause trouble for him.

Miao Chong had not moved an inch away from her for the past few days.

Even so, he was still worried. He continued to send out his bodyguards to call for reinforcements and investigate the situation in the capital. However, after leaving one by one, he became like a stone sinking into the ocean. There was no response.

This made Zhao Yitian even more afraid in his heart.

"Yes sir!" One of the Zhou family disciples immediately walked out of his room and activated the Heavenly Note message.

Heavenly Note Sect

This was the special method of communication used in the army.

Under normal circumstances, it was only used in times of emergency.

He absolutely could not use it for himself.

However …

The Zhou family was the family that controlled an army of a million people, and Zhou Yaozong was even a peak Zhen Wu realm powerhouse.


The moment the Heavenly Note message was activated.

Gui Qingshan's eyes trembled, "Heavenly Note Sect's message …."

"Zhou family?"

Miao Chong also quickly rushed over and said, "General, it's the sound wave from Sky Sound Transmission Technique."

Others didn't know.

However, the two of them were extremely familiar with the sound waves of the Heavenly Note message, because … The Heavenly Note Sect was developed by Gui Qingshan.

Gui Qingshan said: "Does the Zhou Family need to make a move?"

Miao Chong said: Could it be that the Zhou Family has discovered something?

Gui Qingshan slightly said. "Could it be about the Xuan Yue secret territory?"

Miao Chong said: "I heard that there is a tomb of a True Martial Emperor below the Xuan Yue secret territory. Is that true? Zhou family, the Zhao family must be here for this tomb, right? "

Gui Qingshan shook his head: "I'm not sure yet, but... The Xuan Yue sect must have something that the Zhou and Zhao Families coveted. What exactly is it? "

Miao Chong asked, "Does Sect Master Yi not know?"

Gui Qingshan said: "I asked him, but he doesn't know."

And then …

Gui Qingshan said: "Miao Chong, keep an eye on the Seventh Prince and also send people to observe the Zhou Family's movements. If Zhou Yaozong personally makes a move, it means that the Zhou Family must have made some huge discoveries, so you must immediately think of ways to control Zhou Yuan and the others."

"If it's any other Zhou Family powerhouse, then we'll just wait and see."

Miao Chong immediately said: "Okay, I will do it immediately."

… ….

Yi Yourong's every move was being monitored by the Zhou Family.


had also spied on Zhou Yuan and the other Zhou Family disciples.

After Yi Yourong, Long Fei and the others left the sect, Zhou Yuan immediately went to the task palace to accept a normal mission from the Xuan Yue mountain range. Originally, it was a one star mission, but this time, more than ten disciples from the Zhou family went out together.

"Your Highness!"

"I'll personally go this time. I'll definitely bring you good news." Miao Chong said heavily.

Zhao Yitian said: "Alright, alright, alright, you must see my mother and get him to send more powerhouse. I want to kill all of them."

Miao Chong was startled for a moment, and then said: "Okay."

Miao Chong also left.

He did not go to the Southern Palace, but followed Zhou Yuan and the others into the Xuan Yue mountain range.

… ….

Long Fei.

Yi Yourong said: "Up ahead is the Xuan Yue mountain range. Everyone take a break, after entering the mountain range, listen to my instructions, you must not go down the wrong path."

There were many demon beast in the mountain, so normal demon beast were easy to deal with. However, once they met abnormal great seven-rating monster and beasts, they would die for sure.

Long Fei was secretly excited, "It's time to level up!"

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