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Above the wasteland, the blood-bone sword had returned to its original shape, floating quietly in the air. Lyu Liang waved and kept it in the Inter-spatial Bracelet. Then, he gradually disappeared from that place.

On the top of the ring in the sword pavilion, a white light flashed, and Lyu Liang's figure emerged. Although it looked very embarrassing, he could not conceal the excitement in his eyes.

"Brother! You're too cool!" Li Wuyi first yelled, and then the other people in the team, as well as the team of the Sword Character Immortal Palace and Xuan Nyu Sect, also warmly applauded.

"The first battle in the first game, the 14 team wins! Next, the two sides will continue to send people to compete!" said a disciple of the Thousands Beast Mansion.

On the side of the Blood Divine Sect team, the one who was in the ring was a graceful woman with an angry face. Her appearance was definitely top-tier, the only weird place was her eyes, one red and one blue, and it seemed extraordinarily enchanting.

For the Lyu Liang team, originally Shangguan Ying wanted to go out, after all, the opponent was also a woman. However, Zhu Yan just went straight into the light gate directly, and he had not forgotten to turn back and make a face.

Looking at Zhu Yan whose eyes were shining, Lyu Liang shook his head helplessly and pulled the stunned Shangguan Ying back.

Watching Zhu Yan's battle, there was always a feeling of being confused. For example, in the first encounter, Zhu Yan wrestled with the two black-robed men, and he didn't use any powerful moves or magic treasures.

Later, in the preliminary round of the Martial Arts Contest, he directly killed his opponent with talismans... In the end, he did not understand how strong Zhu Yan's actual combat power was!

Unlike the two opponents who gave him a sense of powerlessness, Zhu Yan brought him no feeling. Therefore, seeing him on the ring, regardless of who his opponent was, Lyu Liang did not have any special concerns.

It was still a boundless wasteland. Compared to the woman who was full of anger, Zhu Yan was happily looking around and muttering. "It really is the old bird's masterpiece. I wondered why he disappeared for so long before he left. His energy was spent here!"

"That white-robed boy actually killed Senior Brother Mo! You belong to their team, then you are unlucky, die!" With the voice of the enchanting woman sounding, a giant streamer emerged in the air, from which five evil spirits with blue faces and sharp fangs flew out, each of which had an aura comparable to that of the late Nascent Soul stage!

In an instant, the five evil spirits ran into Zhu Yan, and immediately black gas flourished, and Zhu Yan was enclosed in it and disappeared in an instant, and even his aura disappeared.

"Hmm? So easily? No! If I won, I would be sent out!" The enchanting woman immediately realized that it was not good! Immediately, her red and blue eyes began to spin at high speeds.

Suddenly, one hand patted the shoulders of the enchanting woman silently. At the same time, Zhu Yan's cynical voice sounded, "Are you still not skilled in using this pair of ghost-powered demonic pupils? Are they given to you by Xu Chongzhi? One of the five demonic pupils is used by you like this, it is useless for you, just give it to me!"

The enchanting woman was shocked but he did not wait for her to react, she suddenly felt that her eyes no longer worked. When she could see again, she was horrified to discover that her eyes had returned to normal eyes.

Not far away, Zhu Yan's figure emerged, playing with one red and one blue eyeball, but also laughed and said to himself, "The old White Tiger just lacks eyes. What shall I exchange with her for this? I should think about it!"

"You! You!" The enchanting woman was scared speechless. The ghost-powered demonic pupils followed her for tens of thousands of years, and could not only detect the cultivation level of other cultivators, but also predict the ability of the opponent's move in advance! There is only one premise, that the opponent's strength could not be higher than her by two stages.

Regardless of what respects, Zhu Yan was at the middle Gold Core stage, but could unconsciously take away her demonic pupils. Just according to this method, there was only one possibility, he also used a secret method to suppress the cultivation level!

"Where are you looking at? You should hurry up and admit defeat. Anyway, I was aiming for your ghost-powered demonic pupils. Your lord and I have a relationship, so I can't go too far, right?" Another hand patted on the shoulders of the enchanting woman.

"Ah!!!" The enchanting woman was already going crazy. It was clear that Zhu Yan was playing with her pair of demonic pupils not far from her. Who was patting her now? Looking back, she was facing the smiling eyes of Zhu Yan.

She completely understood, although she still didn't know how Zhu Yan did it, but one thing was clear, Zhu Yan was too strong! Strong enough to disregard her life!

Suddenly, the enchanting woman remembered the 'Ghost King streamer' she had previously released and the five evil spirits. At this point, she looked up and saw that the Ghost King streamer was standing quietly in the air. The five evil spirits were shaking and watching Zhu Yan, and they couldn't move at all.

"Se-senior, please return the five ghosts to me. I, I will admit defeat immediately." The enchanting woman had no intent to resist, and only hoped to keep this lifelong treasure.

"No problem! However, you have to make a life pledge, what happened here, everything about me, you must keep it a secret!" Zhu Yan gave a snap, and the five evil spirits swiftly returned to the Ghost King streamer.

Subsequently, the enchanting woman gratefully bowed, and immediately set a vow. Finally, she whispered, "Thank you to this senior for not killing me, I admit defeat!"

On the stage in the sword pavilion, Zhu Yan lay with his arms acting as pillows and hummed a song while he appeared in the white light, and Lyu Liang's team was naturally elated.

On the side of the Blood Divine Sect, the man with the mask showed a hint of thoughtfulness in his eyes. Seeing the enchanting woman appearing on his side unscathed, he first gently touched her head, then heavily said, "It doesn't matter, you are fine. Next time, I am up!"

"The first round, second battle, the 14th team won twice! Next, the two sides will continue to send people to compete!" The Thousands Beast Mansion disciple followed.

In the Blood Divine Sect team, the tall man with a faceless mask immediately stepped on the ring while he turned his head and looked at Lyu Liang's team, and he did not hesitate to enter the light gate.

Although he won the second game, Lyu Liang's brows were wrinkled. The man with the mask, similar to the young man with blue eyes, brought an illusory feeling of frustration to Lyu Liang!

Originally, Shangguan Ying wanted to go forward, but she was caught by Lyu Liang tightly. He had a hunch, if he let her go, she would almost die.

While Lyu Liang was in a dilemma, Xu Mubai stepped forward and smiled at the crowd and walked slowly toward the ring. Lyu Liang grabbed his arm and said only one sentence, "Big brother, admit defeat after entering, it doesn't matter! Don't be stubborn!"

Xu Mubai smiled slightly and did not hesitate to enter the light gate.

In the Thousands Beast Mansion, Dongfang Badao looked at the misty picture and shook his head and sighed, "Sure enough, is it the founder? There are still people left! The thing that the Saint Emperor referred to seems to be undertaken by this person. Forget it, since milord doesn't care, I don't care anymore! Huo'er, wait until the end of the first round of the contest, go and announce that the second round of the contest is scheduled to be carried out after five days!"

Dongfang Huo received the order and went away, while Dongfang Xiaoyu clung on to the arm of Dongfang Badao, and said, "Grandpa, why do I not understand what you said? Who is the founder? What is a Saint Emperor, and who is it?"

Dongfang Badao caressed the head of Dongfang Xiaoyu, but asked an irrelevant question, "Xiaoyu, Grandpa asks you, if one day we will leave this place and go to another broad world, are you willing to go together with me? To be honest, no matter what you answer, it doesn't matter."

Dongfang Xiaoyu was stunned when she heard these words, and then replied firmly, "Where grandfather and father go is where Xiaoyu will go, I don't want to be separated from you!"

"Ha ha ha! Good! You are really a good granddaughter! Some things, I can't tell you now, but after the end of this trip all the things you want to know, grandpa will tell you thoroughly!" Dongfang Badao laughed loudly and stood up, striding out of the main hall, and the four masters behind him also followed him, leaving only Dongfang Xiaoyu, who tilted her small head, still unable to understand what his words meant.

At this moment, on the stage in the sword pavilion, suddenly white light flashed. Lyu Liang squinted his eyes, and wanted to see who the person was for the first time. His heart really had no assurance of success!

After the white light, Xu Mubai's figure emerged, his whole body was unscathed, but he revealed no joy of victory. He frowned and seemed to be thinking about something.

Lyu Liang temporarily put aside his doubts, striding forward and heavily patted on Xu Mubai's shoulders, joy was shown on his face, then, the other three teammates also gathered to celebrate. Xu Mubai only slightly smiled.

"The opponent took the initiative to admit defeat, I don't know why." After everyone's congratulations, Xu Mubai shrugged helplessly.

Everyone was puzzled by the inexplicable move of the masked man, but even if they didn't understand it, the result was already out. Lyu Liang's team won in the first game, as long as they won the second round, they would obtain the qualifications to enter the Land of Origin, they were only one step away from their final goal!

In the subsequent contest, the team of the Sword Character Immortal Palace met the team of the young blue-eyed man. The time taken to win the game was unexpectedly fast, and all ended with the victory of their opponent. Fortunately, the two Sword Character Immortal Palace disciples were seriously injured and one was slightly injured. However, they did not have life-threatening injuries. It could be said that the other side gave them mercy.

What caused Lyu Liang's attention was not the former blue-eyed youth, but a middle-aged man who looked lazy, unshaven, and snotty. This person gave Lyu Liang a feeling like Zhu Yan. It was a kind of emptiness without confidence.

The team of Xuan Nyu Sect entered the second round, but one of the fairies was seriously injured. It was impossible for her to participate in the following contest. Fortunately, it was not life-threatening, but it took a long time to recover.

After six hours, the first round of the contest ended. Dongfang Huo appeared and announced that the second round of the contest would be carried out after five days. Afterward, everyone dispersed and went back to their respective caves to rest.

At night, in the main hall of the Thousands Beast Mansion, it was wrapped in a gray mist. No one could know what was going on inside.

In the main hall, headed by Dongfang Badao, the five talents of the Dongfang family respectfully stood behind him, and were all slightly bent. In front of them, a handsome young man with red and black hair stood. It was Zhu Yan. At the moment, his eyes were red, and there was a strange green gas. By his side, a beautiful white-robed girl was kneeling on one knee.

"Yun'er, go and tell the three guys, don't stupidly wait, just come to the Thousands Beast Mansion. And, that lazy guy Haotian actually appeared, presumably he has the same purpose as us. This time I don't dare to say that the goal will be 100% achieved, but it is certainly the most promising attempt in a long time." Zhu Yan's tone was unremarkable, but his eyes flashed with excitement, and then he turned and said to everyone behind him, "Badao, get ready. By tomorrow night, the other three Saint Emperors will arrive. The five talents will discuss and each take two people who will directly obey their arrangements. I will also take time to see them!"

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