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Chapter 728 - Heavenly Eagle Splitting Feather Arrow

Not only that, at the same time that Luo Hao flew high into the air, the longstaff in his hand also danced crazily, a fiery red heat wave spiralled in circles and instantly turned into a tornado, breaking through the air towards Tang Huan.

Even though they were still over a hundred meters away, they could clearly feel the berserk intent that was wreaking havoc as it approached.

Seeing this scene, Tang Huan could not help but curse inwardly. In the span of a mind instructs (in a second), the Conqueror Spear had disappeared, and it immediately flashed. With a flick of his finger, the bow was like a full moon. The tip of his finger was glowing as a white arrow rapidly condensed and formed into a bow.


His fingers loosened and the sound of the string released was deafening. The arrow was like a long white rainbow as it whizzed towards the fiery tornado.

Tang Huan did not stop at all. Seemingly at the instant the arrow pierced through the air and flew away, he once again pulled the bowstring …



After a while, two earth-shaking vibrations sounded one after another.

The three white arrows were like beads, separated by less than two meters. They followed a straight path and drilled into the fiery tornado in the blink of an eye.


In the next moment, the tornado released three explosive sounds that seemed to pierce through gold and shatter rocks. The incomparably powerful Strength Qi surged out layer after layer, like a volcano erupting, in an instant, the tornado was already torn into pieces, and the chaotic Strength Qi wreaked havoc everywhere.


Luo Hao frowned, but he had already started to sink uncontrollably.

Upon seeing this, Tang Huan heaved a sigh of relief, but did not move far away. Instead, his fingers hooked onto the bow once again, and an intense sound rang out in the air, the feather-like patterns on the bow seemed to have turned into living spirits, gathering towards Tang Huan's fingers.

In the blink of an eye, a longer and thicker white object condensed.


The bowstring trembled violently as the arrow pierced through the air.

The sharp bird cry dragged its way through the air, and almost at the same time that it left the bow, the arrow started to distort and ripple. The further it went, the more intense it became.

This was the "Heavenly Eagle Splitting Feather Arrow!"

The "Divine Armament's War Skill" that he had obtained from the Glory Sacred Temple was a battle skill corresponding to the "Exquisite Carving Bow" of the Divine Armament. It was called the "Inscribed Feathered Arrow Technique".

There were a total of four archery techniques for this "Flowing Feathered Arrow Technique".

The first was the "Sky Piercing Arrow", the second was the "Cloud Piercing Arrow", the third was the "Blade Feather Arrow", and the fourth was the "Sky Eagle Splitting Feather Arrow". The first three arrows that Tang Huan shot out were the "Sky Splitting Arrow" and at the moment when he was using the "Heavenly Eagle Splitting Feather Arrow", out of the four archery techniques, its power was the strongest.

"Chi!" In an instant, the huge eagle was close to Luo Hao who was about to land on the ground.


Luo Hao's face darkened slightly as he bellowed.

The pole trembled, the dragon pattern on the pole body rose quickly, and in that moment, it transformed into a Fire Red Huge Dragon, and pounced onto the snow white huge eagle with bared fangs and brandished claws.


After a split-second, the sound of the collision filled the air.

In the instant of contact, the huge eagle frantically dispersed, transforming into feathers that filled the sky. It was densely packed, covering the entire sky and covering the ground, enveloping the entire Fire Red Huge Dragon within. At this moment, every feather was like an incomparably sharp blade as they cut into the Fire Dragon's body.

In the blink of an eye, the terrifyingly mighty fire dragon and countless feathers all dissipated at the same time, and the Strength Qi wantonly moved about in the air.


Immediately after, Luo Hao's body landed on the ground, with his legs stepping on the ground, dust and sand flew around.

At this moment, the expression of this expert from the Luo Village had become rather gloomy.

Regarding Tang Huan who was a Rank One True Spirit cultivator, Luo Hao had never even put him in his eyes, even if it was Luo Tong who knew that he had defeated Rank Three True Spirit! However, after the two sides clashed, accidents happened one after the other. First, he received several consecutive powerful attacks, but they were all followed by the appearance of the golden blood that was suspected to be the mark of the War Clan bloodline. Then, like the people of Tian Clan, he actually condensed a pair of wings.

When he first saw Tang Huan flying up into the sky, Luo Hao did not pay any attention to him. As long as the distance between them wasn't too far, even if he flew into the sky, he would still be able to knock the dust off.

But she never thought that Tang Huan would actually take out a bow type weapon, and even used a very powerful archery skill.

If it was on the ground, this method would not pose any threat to him. Of course, with his strength, even if Tang Huan was in the air, it would still be very difficult to threaten him. However, he didn't have the ability to fly, so if Tang Huan stayed in the air, he could do nothing about it.

"Chen Huan, you truly surprised me."

Luo Hao's eyes narrowed into small slits, a cold glint seemed to flash in his eyes, "However, even if you can escape fast, this Chen Village will not be able to. I will destroy this Chen Village first and then find your clansmen. If you are interested, you can just watch from above as your father squashes them one by one! "

As he finished speaking, Luo Hao's face was filled with a sinister smile.

"Hu!" The moment his voice fell, Luo Hao had already brandished the rod in his hand. Pang Shuo's rod figure descended from the sky like a bolt of lightning.

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The heaven and earth trembled, and a deep gully extended forward rapidly. It was dozens of meters long, and all the houses on both sides of the gully were smashed into pieces by the Strength Qi.

Luo Hao bellowed provocatively at the air, and after a few steps, he appeared a hundred meters away, and smashed down with his pole once again.

"Blade Feather Arrow!"

Tang Huan frowned, he then pulled his Exquisite Carving Bow, and quickly formed a white arrow that shot down towards Luo Hao. This valley was the home of the Chen Village, and had been under the control of the Chen Family for hundreds of years. If it was truly destroyed by Luo Hao, it would take a lot of effort to rebuild it.


As the arrow tore through the air, it changed dramatically.

On the side of the feathers, it was actually like a blade. The sharp intent was as if it condensed into a substance, and followed the arrow's momentum as it poured down from the sky. Even if it was a huge mountain, it could still be cut into two pieces.


Luo Hao sneered, the long rod in his hand suddenly turned around along with the tall and sturdy body, the tip of the staff released a afterimage as it flew towards the arrow that looked like a feather from the sky and blotted out the sky. After an instant, with a bang, it resonated through the night sky. The feathers were actually shattered by the rod.

"Chi!" But at this moment, the second arrow, which had transformed into an enormous feather, came whistling through the air. Following that, the third arrow, the fourth arrow …

"Bang!" "Bang …"

An earth-shaking reputation rose and fell, reverberating throughout the valley.

The anger in Luo Hao's chest boiled, and gradually grew more and more violent.

He could easily break through Tang Huan's every attack, but it was not to the extent where he could completely disregard it. This was like a bee flying over. If one were to continuously beat them, they would definitely be able to kill them. However, if one ignored them and were stung, although it would not take one's life, it would still be extremely painful.

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