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Chapter 1478 - Sariel Born

"Do you think we're talking on QQ? We'll tell you everything."

Su Ji curled his lips, "In short, I came here today to disrupt your plan to revive you, and I feel that it would be too boring to start a holy war."

"Stupid woman."

Michael said, "I know, you still have the beautiful dream of unifying the west, but, in front of the true Sacred War, these are just nonsense. The west is ours, and the Eastern Continent will be ours as well."

"Is that really the case? I'd like to try it out."

However, Su Ji laughed, "Moreover, if you want to conquer the Eastern Continent, it seems that there is a beauty who would not agree."

"Who is it?"

While Michael was still in a daze, a woman wearing a red Martial Clothes suddenly appeared in the crowd of Archangels.

He was immediately astonished. When did this woman appear?

"You're courting death."

"I'll kill you!"

"For the holy war!"

All the Archangel leaders pulled out their Angel's Sword s and rushed towards the lady.

With so many Archangels, can't you handle a woman?

"Good timing."

This lady dressed in a red Martial Clothes was none other than Zhao Jingjing.

Su Ji told her that she could fight tonight, so she temporarily put aside her dojo matters and ran to this godforsaken place.

However, Su Ji did not lie to her, there were so many people who could fight.

"I hope you will let me have a good time."

As she spoke, she moved like lightning past an archangel Angel's Sword, grabbed his arm, pulled his body up, and smashed him onto her knee.


The Archangel spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground.

At this level, there was no need to cast any destructive spells.

Just the strength of his physical body was enough to instantly kill everything.

The speed and strength of these archangels had reached their limits, but to Zhao Jingjing, it was far from enough.

Her punches were like lightning. In the blink of an eye, she had put down the remaining seven Archangels on the ground.

Michael frowned, looking at the lady who killed her seven siblings while he was casually strolling around.

"You are all Qin Chao's men."

"Qin Chao, that's my junior brother."

With both hands behind his back, Zhao Jingjing stood in front of Michael with a heroic look on her face, "Those people were too weak, they were beaten up, and were not at all happy about it."

After she said that, she hooked her hand at Michael, "I wonder if you can let me enjoy myself to the fullest?"

"It looks like you've long since been prepared."

When Michael saw the three girls surrounding him, he couldn't help but ask, "Do you think that you guys alone can stop my plans?"

"Why not?"

Su Ji's scepter flashed with lightning, "As long as I can defeat you, this world will be at peace."

"Haha, what a pity, your enemy tonight is not me …"

Michael shrugged his shoulders, "Didn't you notice? Actually, tonight's ceremony had already begun."

She snapped her fingers.


Just then, the Pope Argus, who carried the Crown of Kings, suddenly wailed in pain.

He fell to his knees, screaming in pain.

An intense white light was shining on his body.

"What's wrong?"

"What is going on?"

Su Ji and the others were very surprised as to what had happened to Argus.

"Michael, Master Michael … You, you actually want to use me as a sacrifice … "

"Hehe, to be able to become Sariel's body, is your honor."

"You, don't you want to say, am I the spokesperson of God? Why, why are you doing this to me …"

Argus was in extreme pain. White flames were already starting to appear from one of his eyes.

This was the burning of the soul.

"That's right, God's spokesperson. That's why we are giving you such special treatment."

Michael laughed out loud, "Is it really because you, a mere human, are able to control us Angels? You are truly a fool's dream, the noble Angels Clan, other than the Father God, we will not listen to anyone else's orders."

"Damn it, I … I don't want to die like this …"

He raised his hand in despair. "God, save, save."

Before he could finish his sentence, his entire body began to burn with white flames.

"Light Saint Blaze..."

Su Ji frowned, "It's over... "This is bad..."

"Tonight's show has begun."

Michael started to laugh out loud.

At this time, the white flames burned to the limit.


An intense white light suddenly spread out.

Everyone present felt an oppressive force collide into their bodies.

Even Su Ji and the others couldn't help but be shocked.

This was a very strong power …

Their levels definitely surpassed theirs.

"To think that he was still born!"

Su Ji shouted loudly, "Xiao Xue, Sister Zhao, quickly retreat to my side!"

"It's too late, all of you will die tonight."

At this time, Michael laughed.

As for the white flames, they gradually started to dissipate.

Argus slowly stood up from the ground.

There was a golden halo of light above his head.

He was still wearing the pope's robe, but he looked a few decades younger. He had turned into a blond youth.

"I've slept for such a long time …"

He stretched, then opened his eyes.

A pair of golden eyes first fell on Michael's body.

"Long time no see, my dear brother."

Michael hung a gentle smile on his face.

"Isn't this Michael? I see that you are really dejected."

That youth curled his lips.

"Even after being locked up for so long, his temper is still so bad."

Michael said, "No matter what, I was the one who let you out, is this how you treat your benefactor?"

"Who told you to let me out? I really do owe you this much."

Who knew that the youth didn't appreciate her kindness. "And you look so ugly, woman. You were the most beautiful when you were a transvestite."

After entering the body of this soul, the modern memories that were stored in his mind were also received by Sariel.

"There's a pretty good woman over there."

He turned his head, and the figure of a girl appeared in his golden eyes.

"Are you free? Let's go eat together."

Sariel's figure suddenly disappeared, and in the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Su Ji.

"I know a good restaurant. Would you like to try it out?"

Everyone was shocked.

What's the matter with this guy?

"Sariel, what are you doing?! She is your enemy!"

"It doesn't matter who my enemy is."

Sariel raised his middle finger at Michael.

At this time, he suddenly raised his eyebrows and took two steps back.


A bolt of lightning flashed past his body and struck the stone behind him.

Immediately, half of the small mountain was missing.

Su Ji didn't hold back at all when he made his move.

"Then I'm really sorry, I already have a boyfriend. He would be very angry if he went out to eat with other boys."

"It doesn't matter. If I kill him, you won't have a boyfriend anymore."

Sariel said.

"Unfortunately …"

Su Ji's eyes turned cold, "In my heart, only he …"

"Then I'll change your mind."

Sariel said as he extended his hand out towards Su Ji.

Su Ji's body immediately floated out of his control and stopped in the air.

This is.

Mind technique.

No, that's not right. This was not a simple mental technique, but something that was close to the Big Idiodynamic Method.

"I am the darling of the Father God and possess a bit of his power. Thus, I can directly change your heart."

"Let her go!"

And at this time, Ai Xiaoxue, who was in the distance, suddenly made his move.

She aimed at Sariel and shot.

The stone bullet flew like lightning in front of Sariel and went straight for his forehead.


But Sariel only blinked his eyes.

The bullet instantly shattered, transforming into a rose that was caught in Sariel's hand.

"A very fragrant flower."

Sariel handed the rose over to Su Ji who was in mid air, "Something that suits you."

What kind of power was this?

The few girls were shocked.

Even Qin Chao wouldn't be able to do it.

Big Idiodynamic Method.

No, this was not a Big Idiodynamic Method, but an ability to change and create.

"The Father God created everything, and changed everything."

Sariel said lightly, "It's a pity that you people's hearts are not with God. I will kill those who do not have God in your hearts, but of course, I will not kill you. I will change you so that your heart is filled with the glory of God."

Sariel said, he looked into Su Ji's eyes and a gold light suddenly shone.

Su Ji's body suddenly shook, and only felt that his thoughts had become extremely chaotic.

This feeling was very disgusting and very uncomfortable …

So uncomfortable ….

"I told you to let her go."

Ai Xiaoxue immediately continued her attack. Both of her hands held onto her Mp5 as she pointed it at Sariel and pulled the trigger.

Bullets poured down like rain, enveloping Sariel's body nonstop.

Sariel shook his head, all the bullets had turned into red roses in front of him.

"Dragon King! Spitting beads!"

At this time, Zhao Jingjing's figure appeared behind Sariel.

Her two hands were wrapped around her waist, and after that, she fiercely threw out a Dragon King's Bead, as a white wave of energy shot straight towards Sariel's back.


But at this time, Sariel turned around and slapped away the white wave of air.

Immediately, this Qi Wave flew straight into the night sky, dispersing all the clouds in the sky and revealing the bright moonlight.

"Women these days are truly violent."

As Sariel said that, he raised up his other hand and grabbed Zhao Jingjing up as well, raising him up into the air.

"I am going to replace the Father God and clean up your thoughts."

With that, the golden light in his eyes became brighter and brighter.

And at this time, a muffled thunder sounded out in the sky.

"Who dares to touch my, Qin Chao's, woman?!"

Michael was the first to hear it, raising his head with a pale face.

He … was here.

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