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Li Yong says hello to her and then sits on another desk to make diagnoses. He finds that Liu Lingyin will look at him from time to time. She is full of doubts about his treatment methods.

Because Li Yong has treated three patients, but she has treated only one. Li Yong's speed is so fast that she can't believe that Li Yong is treating patients but playing jokes.

He can speak out the situations of patients without asking and then the patients all nod quickly with their ecstatic faces. The diseases have not been cured, but as if they have been much better than before.

Not only does Liu Lingyin wonder, no matter which doctor sees this scene, he will not believe his eyes.

When Li Yong treats the tenth patient, he feels dizzy and has to stop again.

Fortunately, there are not many people lined up outside. Under Liu Lingyin's insistence, the last patient is sent away finally after an hour later. Everyone is very tired after a day's hard work.

"I can't imagine you have so many patients here." Liu Lingyin says with surprise. Because if they treat patients every day like this, her 20% of the profits will be higher.

"It's not every day that there are so many patients here." Li Yong laughs.

Zhang Yurong continues to say, "There are no other hospitals and clinics here in this factory district, and people are not willing to go far away. So our business is good."

"When do I come to work?" Liu Lingyin asks.

"Anytime." Li Yong has had everything ready.

"Tomorrow is OK!" Liu Lingyin thinks for a moment and says.

"You may be very busy by yourself. You're in charge of Yong Kang Clinic. There are already three nurses here. You can recruit a doctor to help you." Li Yong says.

"Let me get acquainted with my work first! If I'm really too busy, I will do it then." Liu Lingyin says with a smile. It can be seen that she is really happy.

"Come on, I've already cooked the meal. Let's talk over it." Zhang Yurong says cheerfully.

Then five women and a man eat, talk and laugh around the small table in a harmonious atmosphere.

Liu Lingyin goes back home after dinner. Three nurses go to Yong Kang Clinic for they live there. Li Yong and Zhang Yurong ride home by electrombile.

As soon as they get into the living room, they hug and kiss each other. They take off their clothes as they kiss. When they take off their last clothes, they are already in the bathroom. The bathroom is immediately filled with the steam which fogs their shadows.

"Xiaoyong, you are getting stronger and stronger now in this respect. I can't satisfy you alone, you should find another woman as soon as possible." Zhang Yurong begs.

"Who can I find?" Li Yong is embarrassed. He doesn't know why he always has endless strength. Seeing Zhang Yurong's weakness, he also feels sorry for her.

"Doctor Liu is suitable." Zhang Yurong suggests.

"No, she is my teacher." Li Yong has never had such an idea.

"The three nurses can serve you together." Zhang Yurong laughs.

"No, I need them to make money for me." Li Yong also laughs.

"You have a Ms. Han, don't you?" Zhang Yurong continues to advice.

He also doesn't know why when Zhang Yurong mentions Ms. Han, Han Lu's image comes to his mind immediately. Her bulging chest, her shrewd look and her perfect face all have a deep impression on Li Yong.

Liu Lingyin comes to Yong Kang Clinic early to work. A doctor, three nurses and an accountant Zhang Yurong. Five women begin to run the clinic officially.

Li Yong sits alone in the Happy Clinic. The message on the board in front of the door has changed into "The clinic specializes in the treatment of difficult and complex diseases and it guarantees that you'll get rid of diseases after diagnosis. But you need to pay more than 100,000 yuan."

Yes, don't doubt your eyes. Just believe what you see. If you want him to treat your illness, you will cost at least 100,000 yuan.

"What a liar!" More than one passerby has done so.

Li Yong's listening ability has also improved with his clairvoyant vision, so it is clear for him to hear the outside voice.

He blinks his eyes and goes on practicing Bian Que's mental cultivation methods seriously.

Now, he has reached the third level. If the practice of the third level is completed, he will have the same level of medical skills as Doctor Bian Que of that time. It will be no problem for him to walk around the world and cure all diseases.

But the mental cultivation methods were also not created by Bian Que. According to Bian Que's memory, there are still other seven levels in the mental cultivation methods. He doesn't know where to find them. If he can practice all the ten levels, he will be invincible in the world.

Not only his medical skills but also his kung fu is invincible.

Unfortunately, in his memory, the eighty divine doctors spent their whole life practicing on the third level at most.

In the most ancient memory, Li Yong learns that he can cultivate a kind of spiritual power after ten levels of practice. Spiritual power is the power of Heaven and Earth which can prolong his own life and others' life.

Moreover, the ultimate practice can regenerate the broken limbs, make the dead rebirth, and even be immortal.

Although Li Yong doesn't believe that there is a way to live in this world forever, he is very interested in other seven levels. He desires to practice at once.

It will not be long before he succeeds in practicing with his current speed.

When he meditates carefully, he hears someone coming in and then he smells a gust of fragrance. He opens his eyes and finds that it is Han Lu.

Han Lu moves fast and stands in front of him instantly as an able woman.

Looking at her delicate face and big eyes, Li Yong can hardly breathe. How can she always give him a feeling as if a fairy falls to the world?

Looking downwards, he sees the fluttering round chest and a deep career line under the collar of her shirt which makes him dizzy as if flying in the endless sky.

She has black beautiful hair flowing down on her shoulder, two willow eyebrows with big eyes, white face with glittering light next to her pretty nose. She opens her red and alluring lips slightly and shows a sweet smile.

Li Yong is sure that this is the most charming smile he has even seen. He is in a daze at this moment.

"Mr. Li, what kind of magic power are you practicing? You look strange with your long hair as if the old monk is meditating. How long have you been practicing it? Have you finished?"

She is amused by Li Yong's strange posture, so she can't help playing a joke on him.

However, Li Yong is scared by her words.

"Magic power? How could she know that I was practicing the magic power?" He is shocked and soon recovers from the scare. He puts his legs down in a hurry and stands up. Looking at Han Lu again, he feels that she is unusual today.

She is impossible to come here even inviting her to dinner. How could she come here today? Besides, why does she smile at him sweetly? What's her purpose?

Just as Li Yong wonders in front of Han Lu, Han Lu stops smiling suddenly and says angrily, "Li Yong, Do you know why I leave my things behind to find you specially?"

Seeing Han Lu reveal what she is, Li Yong relaxes all of a sudden because he used to it. He immediately shows his indifference and asks lightly, "Why?"

"Why did you give the prescription to my sister? Why did you help her start the company and compete with me? Why?" Han Lu grounds out. She also points at Li Yong with her finger as if he had caused a terrible disaster.

Li Yong is more relaxed after hearing that. He leans over the desk and says slowly, "It's my prescription, I can give whoever I want to give. It's none of your business, is it? If you are my lover, I might listen to you. But it seems that we don't have that relationship yet."

Han Lu's cheeks turn red and her momentum also weakens. She is stuck by Li Yong's words because what he said is reasonable. She bites her sexy red lips and continues to say unreasonably, "We cooperate first. If you have a prescription, you should offer it to me, not to others."

"I offered it to you. But what did you give me? You only gave me 10% of the shares. When I borrowed money from you, you asked for a huge amount of interest which made me even lose 10% of the shares. You are so smart. Who dares to cooperate with you? On the contrary, your sister was so generous that she gave me 70% of the shares directly." Li Yong says in his chair, pours a cup of tea and then drinks it leisurely.

"70%? She gave you 70% of the shares?" Han Lu is shocked. As a president, she deeply knows the profit distribution inside and it is not easy to start a company. Everything needs money such as advertising, renting factories, recruiting employees, distributing medicines and so on. She thinks that Han Fei is silly. If Han Fei gives Li Yong 70% of the shares, she will not make any money at all. If something else happens, she will lose money.

What Han Lu doesn't know is that Han Fei doesn't want to make money at all. She just wants to keep up with Han Lu, makes some achievements in business and outmatches the reputation of Han Lu.

"Yes, it was 70% of the shares." Li Yong says proudly, "The contract was clearly written."

Han Lu doesn't doubt it. After thinking for a moment, she suddenly sits beside Li Yong with a sweet smile and says, "I misunderstood you just now. To be honest, I come here not for this matter."

It's so fast for women to change their faces, it's really faster than the weather. She was malicious just now with a cannibalistic look. But now she is smiling with infinite tenderness.

"What else do you want?" Li Yong shows a vigilant look.

"I mainly come to see you." Han Lu smiles gently. She blinks her big eyes slightly with her infinite charm.

Li Yong is stunned. He doesn't think his charm is so great. Han Lu, such a successful woman, a precious princess and a president of the pharmaceutical branch, would she come to see him?

He touches his face in a hurry to make sure it isn't so glorious.

Remembering that she has suffered from breast swelling, Li Yong understands at once and says with a faint smile, "Ms. Han, you are not seeing me, you are coming here to see the doctor!"

"I'm coming to see you specifically, by the way, to see the doctor." Han Lu says gently.

Han Lu has always been fierce in Li Yong's impression. She was angry last time just because he said that he liked her. Now, her tenderness and her smile give him thrilling feelings.

"You said you came to see me, why?" Li Yong becomes more vigilant.

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