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Chapter 2093 - ancient giant? Just you wait!


Long Fei descended from the air.

Because their speed was too fast.

Long Fei was unable to control himself and heavily smashed down, but he was still unable to do so. He did not hit the ground, but a soft spot on the ground.

When he stood up and looked, he was standing on the back of a Variant White Ape.

These Variant White Ape were truly fast.

Long Fei was secretly shocked, "Did that White Ape save me?"

If the Variant White Ape King did not block ten thousand arrows for Long Fei, and Sleeping Beauty took action, Long Fei would naturally not die. However … Long Fei did not know that the Sleeping Beauty would make her move.

Thus …

Even if the White Ape King did not block the arrow, he was already dead in his heart.


The god's immortal bead could revive him again, but after that?

He would still die.

If he did not get killed by the ancient undead legion, he would also freeze to death. In this kind of place, Long Fei definitely had no chance of surviving.

Long Fei climbed up to the top and saw that the White Ape King in front of him still had tens of thousands of arrows on him, and his heart couldn't help but sink: "I killed your brother, yet you save me …"

"This favor!"

"I, Long Fei, will engrave this into my heart!"

He felt guilty.

As if he had felt Long Fei's emotions, White Ape King turned and looked at Long Fei, and then continued his assault.

Swift Charge.

It was like a huge avalanche.

The north side of the entire Deep Abyss Mountain continued to emit loud booms, causing Li Yuanba and the others to feel uneasy.

"Will the general assembly be alright?"

"Such a loud fight, what exactly happened?"

"No way!"

"I want to take a look!"

Hearing the loud noise coming from the north, he felt as if he was sitting on pins and needles, and wished that he could fly to Long Fei's side.

Li Yuanba muttered: "The boss doesn't want us to go, it's just that he doesn't want us to burden him. If you head over now …"

Zi Yue said anxiously, "Let's go take a look. I have a bad feeling that something has happened to Long Fei."

Xia Long said: "The eight of us are here for the boss. If something were to happen to him and we are not by his side, what qualifications do we have to be called Eight King Kong?"

"Go find the boss!"

The Sky Spirit stood up and was about to leave.

Li Yuanba said loudly, "Sky Spirit, you stay."

"I'll go!"

The heavenly spirit turned around to look at Li Yuanba, "Why would you go?"

He knew the danger to the north.

Li Yuanba also knew that none of them wanted the other to take the risk.

Li Yuanba said: "Right now, the tribe is still unstable, and we need someone to take charge of the situation. You are smarter than me, it would be better if you stayed."

"As for me, my skin is thick and I can withstand the cold."

The Holy Spirit said, "Tall guy, do you think I'm stupid? Is your brain retarded? "You'll be in charge of the overall situation. When I go and look for you, I am much more sensitive than you. I am the most suitable candidate."

Li Yuanba did not allow him, and said: "I am King Kong, and my boss' words are orders if he is not with me. You stay, and I'll go!"


Li Yuanba then walked out of the tent.

The heavenly spirit grinned with a look of displeasure on his face, "Is the Great Vajra amazing? Every single time, they would use the King Kong to pressure me! "

Even though he complained.

However... The sky spirit could only stare and shout towards where Li Yuanba had disappeared: "Tall guy, be careful yourself, or else I might come over to collect the corpse."

He was worried about Li Yuanba.

As he looked back, he saw that the dromedaries in the tent had also disappeared.

"Holy sh * t!"

"Just me?"

The sky spirit was in a bad mood.

Zi Yue said, "Who told you to be the youngest?"

Eight King Kong, Yuling guardian warrior was ranked last!

This was what the Sky Spirit was always unhappy about.

… ….

"Bang, bang, bang …"

In a valley close to the south.

The Variant White Ape stopped and stood densely packed around the entire valley. At first glance, it looked like the valley was filled with snow.

Long Fei also jumped down from the White Ape and walked in front of the White Ape King.

During this period.

All the White Ape in the valley were looking at Long Fei.

His eyes were filled with hostility.

Because Long Fei had killed their brother.

They didn't understand why the White Ape King wanted to save Long Fei and even heavily injured them. All of this was because of Long Fei.

Long Fei did not care about their hostile glares, walked to the front of the White Ape King and bowed, saying: "Thank you!"

The few White Ape truly pulled out the ice arrows from White Ape King's back.

Even if these ice arrows met the flame, the sunlight would not melt.

The hardness of this ice was comparable to steel.

Looking at the ice arrows that were pulled out from his back, these ice arrows were all as thick as a thick javelin. Any one of them would be able to pierce through Long Fei's body and pin him to the ground.

Blood gushed out from White Ape King's back.

Each arrow was like a gushing spring.

However, White Ape King did not even frown. There were many faint scars on his body, his chest, four limbs, and even his head and face.

Long Fei was secretly shocked, he took out some healing pellets from the Space Ring and said: "These will help your injuries."

The instant he took out the medicinal pills.

A few Variant White Ape immediately approached Long Fei, the hostility in their eyes growing.

Just like how Long Fei wanted to poison White Ape King.

White Ape King glared as he reached for Long Fei with his huge palm.

Long Fei placed the Healing Pill on his palm.

White Ape King didn't hesitate to swallow the whole bunch of healing pills. Maybe it was because his body was too huge, so the medicinal effects couldn't spread in a short time.

There was no reaction at all after consuming a bunch of healing pills.

Long Fei was a little embarrassed.

Half an hour later.

The arrows on White Ape King's back were all drawn out, and placed together, they looked like a small mountain.

Long Fei was secretly grateful in his heart.

With the release of the medicinal properties, White Ape King's wounds were blocked, and his complexion had also improved.

Long Fei asked: "Why did you save me?"

"I killed your brother. You should have seen it with your own eyes."

White Ape King looked at Long Fei and said, "I need your help."

He opened his mouth to speak.

Long Fei didn't find it strange. This kind of super creature naturally knew the human language.

Long Fei asked: To deal with the ancient undead legion?

The White Ape King was surprised, he never thought that Long Fei already knew that the Undead Legion was formed from the ancient giant of the 100,000 planes.

And then …

The White Ape King nodded his head heavily and said: "Right, can you help us?"

Long Fei exhaled, and said with a bitter smile: "You saw what happened just now. You saved me, so how do you plan to deal with those ancient giant s?"

It was very obvious that Long Fei was not a match for those ancient giant.

Adding on the cold aura of the Polar Storm, Long Fei was simply unable to get close!

White Ape King said: "As long as you agree to help, I have a way."

's eyes flashed a ray of light, those ancient giant s wanted to explode even in his dreams, as long as there was a way, how could he not explode?

Seeing White Ape King's serious look, Long Fei was excited in his heart, and said: "As long as you have a way, I can fully cooperate with you!"

"ancient giant right?"

"Damn it, just you wait!"

— —

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