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Chapter 1839 - Giants Never Surrender

He had easily crushed the giant's boulders into powder without harming him in the slightest.

The separation of evil spirits laughed coldly, "If it weren't for the fact that you two were of some use in Giant Clan, you would have disappeared from this world a long time ago."

"Who do you think will remember you, hiding in a dark corner?"

"Are those fellows from main temple?"

"I was the one who gave you a chance, yet you wasted it like this. Very well, then I'll make you regret forever, and disappear from this world forever."

"The only descendant of the Giant Clan from the Hundred Thousand Planes …"


The separation of evil spirits was furious.

He had already lost patience with the Giant Clan. Although he admitted that the Giant Clan was an extremely strong battle force, those who could not be used by him would still be his enemies.

If he was an enemy, then he had to die.

With that, the Evil God Legion rushed out at an incredible speed.

Giant Tribe.

There were no fortifications, only some simple stones that would collapse at a single charge.

However …

Compared to them, their best defense was their bodies.

Looking at the evil god army that blotted out the sky and covered the earth, the Giant Clan leader's huge stone axe trembled. He shouted loudly: "Giant Clan, charge for me!"

"Roar …"

Roaring furiously, he used his legs to meet the attack head on. Giant Clan behind him also followed suit and rushed forward, the battle was about to start.

The scene was grand and indescribable.

Long Fei quickly sprinted forward, his gaze fixated on the separation of evil spirits the entire time, "The distance is too far, the distance is too far …"

Blasting fist levelled up.

But his attack range could not reach as far as a hundred kilometers. If he wanted to instantly kill the separation of evil spirits, he had to enter his attack range.


To get close to the separation of evil spirits, he had to break through the evil god army. Otherwise, it was impossible.




Bang bang bang bang … Giant Clan was quickly entangled like ants trying to bite an elephant, and his body was crawling with Evil God soldiers.

"Boom, boom …"

"Me, here I come!"

With the harpoon in hand, he supported himself on the ground and bent his body, then suddenly shot out a few thousand meters away to help one of the fallen Giant Clan up. The harpoon in his hands swept away a large group of Evil God soldiers.

"A Long, why have you only just arrived?"

"A Long, I've already killed a hundred."

"A Long, where did you run off to?"

The giant who was talking to Long Fei with a harpoon was called A Long, the fiercest person among the young generation of the Giant Clan.

A Long said naively, "I've seen humans."

And then …

A Long looked at the Evil God in the distance and said, "A thousand years ago, someone agreed to bring us out. Now, that person has arrived, but if I don't put you down today, I definitely won't leave."


When the Giant Clan heard A Long's words, he trembled and revealed an excited expression: "A Long, is that lord here?"

"Is it that lord?"

"Is she here? Has she come to keep her promise? "

"If she came, then these evil god army scum would instantly be defeated."

A Long said: "It's not her, but someone else. He promised to bring us away."


"Not her?"

"Another human?"

Everyone was disappointed.

They only recognized Mu Wan'er because they knew how strong Mu Wan'er was. As for the others, they did not believe them.

A Long said heavily: "I believe him, let's defeat the evil god army together, and we will leave here together with him, and I feel that his eyes are very similar to that lord's eyes."


A Long let out a loud roar.

They directly charged into the most concentrated place in evil god army and started a slaughter.

It was like killing the sky and the earth.

Long Fei did not expose himself. He continued to advance amidst the crowd, but... There were too many evil god army s, too many of them, they couldn't be killed at all.

"If this goes on, Giant Clan will die of exhaustion."

"No way!"

"This is my 108 generals. I can't let them die just like this."


Long Fei quickly jumped out from the darkness and shouted, "A Long, bring me there!"

The voice reached A Long's mind.

A Long trembled, turned around and looked at the little guy who looked like Long Fei, and asked: "Why are you here?"

Long Fei said: I will save you!



"Hahaha …"

Several Giant Clan s noticed Long Fei and couldn't help but laugh when they heard his words.

"What can a little person like you do?"

"Save us?"

"Hahaha... "Little guy, you are too boastful."

"You are the most boastful person I've ever met. Of course, you are also the second human I've ever seen."

They did not believe in Long Fei.

Long Fei did not explain anything. This world focused on power, power could crush anything.

Long Fei shouted loudly, "Xiao Yan!"


Long Fei said: "Use your 'Heavenly Flame' to open up a path for me."

Xiao Yan immediately replied, "I understand."

The Dou Qi on Xiao Yan's body was revolving as the 'Heavenly Flame' exploded outwards. The flames were instantly extinguished and Long Fei crazily ran forward. He did not pay attention to the path ahead of him.

Xiao Yan crazily opened a path.

Long Fei crazily ran to the very front, which was also the place where the evil god army was the most concentrated.

"What is he doing?"

"Is he crazy?"

"A Long, he's the human that you said can take us away? I think he's crazy? "

"I think so too. He's just going to throw his life away."

… ….

Even giants wouldn't dare to rush in like this. They weren't charging out like warriors, but rather, they were seeking their own deaths.

A Long also did not understand.

A thousand meters away, Long Fei suddenly stopped.

"holy spirit defence!"


A magic shield appeared on Long Fei's body, and at this moment, the surrounding evil god army surrounded Long Fei so tightly that not even a drop of water could trickle through.

Long Fei endured it.


The separation of evil spirits's gaze tightened, as if it had thought of something, and immediately said: "Long Fei? Chaos Realm's Long Fei? "

"I never thought that you would actually be sent to the Devil Island, hahaha … This is what happens when you go against me. "

"Originally, you could have become my Evil oracle, but you chose to be a dog instead. "Hahaha..."

"Now, I'll give you one more chance. As long as you kneel down and submit to me, I'll spare your dog life."

Not only did Long Fei reject the Evil God from Chaos Realm, he also killed one of his idea.

Long Fei smirked and said: "I can kill one of your idea in Chaos Realm, and I can kill eighteen generations of your ancestors here, understand?"

"King Titan!"

The tai tan king in the devil sword slightly moved, and a gobbledegook appeared in Long Fei's sea of consciousness.

"Descend for me!"

"The Stellar World!"

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