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Chapter 1981 - Undercurrent Surge

"Lord, you are awesome."

"Hee hee!"

"You're the best."

The twins automatically pecked Long Fei's face lightly.

The purple-clothed girl looked at Long Fei and could not help but ask, "How did you do that?"

The corner of Long Fei's mouth curled up. Looking at the purple-clothed girl's purple veil, he said, "I'll tell you after you take off the veil."

The purple-clothed girl was stunned for a moment, and did not ask further, but instead said: "You killed the people from legend palace, they won't let you go easily. You should be more careful."


The violet-robed maiden turned and left.

Long Fei looked at her back and muttered: "What exactly is your goal?"

"Sir, we have enough money."

Long Fei smiled faintly, and said: "It's not enough yet."

The twins were surprised. "We already have fifteen million divine stones, so why isn't it enough?"

Long Fei said: "The two of you still need to pay the ransom."

The two girls were so moved that they were in a mess. With tears in their eyes, Long Fei hugged one of them and asked: "What are you crying for? You are my women. "

Long Fei would not abandon the two of them.

He was responsible for his woman.

No matter what their birth was.

Since he was with them, he had to take care of them.

… ….

Within the damp secret room.

An elder stood outside the door, a servant kneeling beside him.

His face was bruised and bruised. He had just avoided a deadly attack.

The elder slightly said: "As a staff member it is against the rules of the underground boxing ring to use public funds to gamble and waste your hands!"

The guard kowtowed again and again: "Elder, I just want to save my mother's life. Moreover I have repaid the money I had misappropriated. I beg elder to spare my life. I beg you!"

The elder smiled coldly and said, "You're begging me? I might as well beg him. "

The guard was surprised for a moment: "Big man, please save me. I, I, I don't want to die. If I die then there is no one to take care of my mother. Please, save me!"

Li Yuanba turned around and looked at the elder, and said: "Speak, what do you want me to do?"

The elder toyed with his nails as he sneered: "Tomorrow go and fight with me."

Li Yuanba asked: Who do you want to fight with?

The elder's eyes flashed: "Number 1414!"

The guard asked: "The one who won 19 consecutive victories today?"

"Tall guy, he, he is very strong. Today, the people from legend palace were all killed by him in one punch. You …"

Without waiting for him to finish, the elder stepped on his head and he coldly said: "Do you have the right to talk here?"

Li Yuanba looked at the elder and said, "Alright."


He turned around and walked back to the thick steel plate. "Can you let him go now?"

"Hahaha …"

The elder laughed, "Of course you can."

And then he left with a long laugh.

The attendant got up from the ground and said in a grateful tone: "Thank you."

Li Yuanba punched out and said, "I'm really looking forward to winning nineteen matches in a day. What kind of fierce person is he?"

Nineteen straight wins broke his record.

He was very excited.

Very excited!

Li Yuanba was a fighter, he was born to fight.

Not only him, even the Eight King Kong was the same.

The servant said: "I have seen the person who won nineteen consecutive victories, he is truly extraordinary, the Wang Family's purple robed Poison Corpse, all of powerhouse in legend palace were defeated by him, I am worried for you … …"

Li Yuanba said excitedly: "Don't worry, I won't lose!"

He was no longer the head of the Eight King Kong s in the past.

It was no longer an ordinary holy king kong.

He would not lose.

At least … He would not die!

… ….


"wang tai's training expenses for the Gravitational Space have already been overdrawn by 8 million God Stones?"

"Impossible, training in the Gravitational Space doesn't require that much money."

The waiter brought along the ten million divine stones that Long Fei gave him to repay his debts, but … Now, Long Fei did not owe 10 million, but 18 million.

Long Fei laughed, "god's commercial alliances?"


The waiter said: "Sir, as far as I know, the god's commercial alliances does not have such expensive training space s."

"It's obviously..."

Long Fei laughed: "You want me to continue my gamble tomorrow?"

"Looks like I'll be able to find a fierce man tomorrow."

"Interesting, interesting."

"Then continue fighting!" Long Fei had not played enough today, and the system reward was not good enough.


ultimate boxing only had a cooldown of ten hours.

The night was cold enough.

The twins said, "god's commercial alliances is bullying others too much."

"It doesn't matter."

"Giving me experience, holy power value, and other things. Of course I have to keep them." Although Long Fei said that, he was actually very unhappy in his heart, "You want this daddy's life?"

"Then let's see what kind of people you can send tomorrow."

"The one who won 101 times?"

"Let's see who's stronger!"

Long Fei was secretly delighted.

One hundred and one wins, that was like a myth.

In Long Fei's heart, he really wanted to fight with this fierce man.

When it came to fighting, even the Eight King Kong's fighting spirit could not compare to Long Fei's.

… ….

Other than Li Yuanba.

The people of god's commercial alliances even made a trip to the Chen family.

"Don't worry, our family's old monster said that as long as it's the powerhouse, he will be excited."

"It doesn't matter if he won 19 times in a row or 101 times in a row, he will still lose his life in the end!"

"Hahaha …"

… ….

The purple-clothed girl leaned against the window and thought deeply, quietly standing behind nether slave.

After a long time.

The purple-clothed girl regained her senses and asked: "Did you not find out who the owner of the thousand-faced Buddha was?"

nether slave shook his head: "This old servant is useless."

The purple-clothed girl shook her head and said, "The legend palace is too powerful. After so many days, my Heaven's Perception simply can't hear anything on the tenth floor. If not for the appearance of the thousand-faced Buddha, I wouldn't even know that the people on the tenth floor belong to the legend palace."

"Uncle You You, I'm worried about tomorrow's underground fighting …"

thousand-faced Buddha was merely a small fry in the legend palace.

If that master made a move, Long Fei was afraid …

nether slave said: "Miss, since you have made your choice, I will do my best to help him."

The purple-clothed girl's eyes flashed with a bright light. "Uncle Nether, are you talking about giving him a Night King Pill?"

nether slave said: It's just like you said, the night king valley is forgotten by too many people. It's time to make people from our night king valley exist.

The purple-clothed girl was slightly taken aback. "The Night King Pill …"


"Then let them know how powerful the night king valley is."


The aura of the purple-clothed girl moved.


Under the night sky, a pitch black night crow flew out and instantly disappeared into the night …

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