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Chapter 1560 - 100 Level Energy!

The Hell Gate had been collecting ancient spiritual artifact and ancient holy artifact ever since Long Fei entered the Chaos Realm. However, it had only been a secret collection in the past.

Ever since the Hell Gate unified the Ten Thousand Alliance Sect and the bounty gate, they grew up with all kinds of cruel methods.

Not giving? Then let's just slaughter the city!

It could be said that the Hell Gate had turned the entire Chaos Realm into a living hell.


Almost no one knew what the ancient spiritual artifact that they had collected were doing and whose hands they would end up in.

Even powerhouse's Sect Leader, the Sect Leader of the Thousand Alliance Sect didn't know about this!

However …

They knew that as long as they could provide the Zhan Clan with a ancient spiritual artifact, they would be able to gain a chance to cultivate their godly strength. For this, they crazily took over the entire Chaos Realm, paying any price.

Divine power.

It was a power that all warriors of the Chaos Realm yearned for in their dreams, and it was especially needed by those powerhouse s of the Peak Realm.

Set up the divisions.

The collected ancient spiritual artifact will be managed together and then sent to the main rudder.

The ancient spiritual artifact in front of Long Fei had been collected over the past month. There were thirty-six of them, and one of them was even more.

If the energy inside the main artifact was exchanged with the energy of the main artifact, it would be equivalent to the energy of the forty-sixth floor!

Long Fei's golden cudgel's current energy level is at level ninety-four, if you add in this level forty-six … It was bound to enter a completely new field.



Long Fei swallowed his saliva heavily, he was extremely excited, "The power to open the second stage is not far."

"Hahaha …"

One of the old men's eyes grew vicious with killing intent, "You dog, you dare to behave so atrociously here. Do you know what kind of place this is?"

"This is the Hell Gate's treasury!"

Long Fei smirked and said: "What I am fighting for is the Hell Gate."

The old man sneered and said, "Brat, did your brain drop into sh * t? Do you believe that I would kill your entire clan for snatching something from the Hell Gate? "

The Hell Gate was too big now.

It was so huge that no one dared to contend against it.

So strong that when he heard the three words "Hell Gate", he could make people tremble.

Stealing from the Hell Gate?

He was making life difficult for himself.

Long Fei smiled slightly and said: "You won't have the chance because you're about to die!"

The elder stared at him for a moment before letting out a deep roar, "You dog, you've really gotten tired of living. Go to hell!"

Before he finished speaking, the old man had already grabbed Xiang Longfei with his sinister hands. He used all his power to push Xiang Longfei down.

"Iron Claw Strangle!"

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

In that moment, Long Fei was not even able to move, in his eyes, the old man's speed was too slow, like an ant crawling.

The aura on Long Fei's body moved, "Boom!"

A powerful aura burst out.

His body charged forward and crashed into the barrier like a savage beast. "Bang!"

The old man was sent flying.

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As his body struck a wall, the wall instantly collapsed and the old man laid in the midst of the ruins. Without waiting for him to stand up, Long Fei dropped to the ground and his right foot trembled.


The old man's head exploded like a watermelon.

Long Fei's mouth revealed a cold smile, and said: Who is tired of living now?

The other two Hell Gate disciples were trembling in fear. Long Fei's aura was too strong, their minds were shivering and they could not control it at all.



The two of them instantly knelt down. "Please spare us, milord! Please spare us!"

Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "Do you two know where the main rudder of Hell Gate is?"

"I know!"

"I know, I know. I have to send a ancient spiritual artifact to the Hell Gate every few months." A disciple said quickly, afraid that Long Fei would kill him.

Another disciple said anxiously, "I know as well."

"Very good!"

Long Fei rolled his eyes slightly, looked at the box of ancient spiritual artifact, and thought: "Gathering so many ancient spiritual artifact, what does Zhan Wushuang want to do when he reaches there? Does the god's shield need to absorb so much energy? Or is it that energy can always be retained? "

"You want the ancient spiritual artifact, right?"

"Heh heh …"


Long Fei wanted to come up with an evil plan, "This old man will let you have none."


Long Fei asked: How many divisions do you Hell Gate have?

A disciple replied, "Thirty-three divisions."

Long Fei asked: "Do you know the way?"

The disciple replied, "I've been there before, so I naturally remember the road."

"Very good!"

Long Fei moved his body slightly, and directly kicked the other disciple out, scaring the disciple beside him out of his wits.

Long Fei lightly patted his shoulder and said: "Don't be afraid, just be obedient and you can live for a long time."

"You go out and wait for me."

"Remember, do not play any tricks. Otherwise, you know the consequences." Long Fei threatened.

That disciple immediately said: "I don't dare, I definitely won't play any tricks."

Long Fei was too strong, even if he tried to play tricks it would be useless, furthermore he could very possibly be the same as the disciple just now, killed in an instant.

Long Fei looked at the box of ancient spiritual artifact, rubbed his hands, swallowed his saliva and got excited, then muttered: "What's the second stage's power?"



"Energy replenishment complete, current energy level: 95!"


"Energy replenishment complete. Current energy level: 96!"


"Energy charged. Current energy level: 97!"

The system sounded out continuously.

Long Fei felt that the golden cudgel's aura was becoming more and more powerful, rolling around, as if it was going to transform. He was unable to say what that feeling was, "Breaking out of the cocoon into a butterfly, it's all up to this time!"


"Energy replenishment complete. Current energy level: 100!"

"Huff …"

The system beep descended.

Long Fei's heart tensed up, he held his breath and waited quietly: "Big brother, don't let me down, you are a main artifact after all."


"Congratulations, the main artifact's energy has been raised to Level 100. Do you want to release it?"


"System Notification: Only by releasing can the power of the second stage of main artifact be activated."


"System Notification: After releasing the power, the second stage will automatically activate. You can release the power for three minutes!"

It was like Buddhist light.

Everything is ready, do you want to be open?


If his strength was released, then he would release it, and releasing it at this time would be a complete waste.


Long Fei had always wanted to use the power of the second stage to deal with Zhan Wushuang!

Then, Long Fei loosened his fists and said: "Zhan Wushuang, wash your ass and wait!"

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