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Aurei Landing


Behemoth stepped out of the rift, finding himself on a large rocky island. The island's surface was mostly a massive square hole, like a tunnel it was dug straight down to the point that neither sun's light could reach the bottom.

"This energy…Hahaha…That bitch will get her time! But for now…" he approached the hole's edge, stomping his foot into the emptiness beyond as suddenly a barrier shimmered alive blocking his foot "Until I am at full strength, while I get used to this vessel. The Aurei will do!"

Behemoth reached forward and tore open reality, stretching open a rift which he stepped into. Finding himself at the top of a very thin snowy mountain, before him lay a rocky mountain top. No tunnel in sight. Behemoth leaped up, grabbing at the mountain top's edge before suddenly bashing his claw into the stone "Oh this body is so useful in so many ways!" he mused as his entire arm turned to a dark green slime.

The slime melted through the snow and rock, expanding as it devoured the mountainside until it formed a wide circle underneath his feet. Behemoth smirked "And down we go." He increased the intensity of the slime puddle below him, and down he descended as the gooey acidic substance vaporized through the stone.

For several hundreds of meters he descended, his left hand lowered into the green slime and his right hand raised and glowing with a fiery red slime giving him light. "This should do nicely…" he mused before dissipating the green slime puddle, standing up he then grasped the veil once more and tore it open into a rift "Hahaha….Lunch time."

Behemoth stepped through the rift once more, finding himself in the same place and time, but on a parallel realm. Using the Spirit Realm the same way Kyle had, to bypass defences and appear at his target's core.

Bright violet light filled his eyes as the Aurei's hidden kingdom spanned before him, a massive open cavern filled dark crystals embedded into the ceiling like stalactites producing the light. Ethereal trees of different colours surrounded him, their roots flowing lively through the light blue soil. Silver grass caressed his sides as it flowed with winds of raw mana. The entirety of this place was the picture-perfect example of a magical forest.

Behemoth breathed it in, a deep hungry breath as the magic in the air filled his lungs. He grinned openly "Ahh…Chaoz's Mana Lanes converge here…Delicious." But environmental mana was not enough to sate his hunger, no Behemoth glanced around looking for the inhabitants of this forest.

And he found them, or they had found him.

"You who dare trespass, leave immediately!" commanded one deep and echoing voice as several dozen ethereal-like humanoids appeared around Behemoth. Their bodies were see through like the trees and grass, their armour and weapons made of the same dark crystal that covered the cavern's ceiling yet dim unlike the bright stalactites. The Aurei were like ghosts yet very much material, their bodies glowing menacingly with power as they surrounded Behemoth with long jagged crystal blades in each hand.

Behemoth licked his lips as he glanced around hungrily "What only seven of you? Your kind truly has declined over the eons. I remember when Aurei policed the God wars, keeping things as civil as possible until the Avatar returned. Such a shame, reality's guardians were brought down so low…" he shrugged "At least you'll serve as a filling snack!"

Behemoth suddenly surged, appearing before one Aurei as he grabbed the warrior's left blade. Behemoth grasped the crystal, his entire arm being engulfed in Darkfire before he crushed it with his bare hand. He crashed into the Aurei, bursting aflame as he sent both of them flying into a tree. Behemoth slammed the warrior into the bark, sending sparks of mana all over as the tree broke under the force of impact.

Behemoth chuckled as he grasped the Aurei by the neck, blocking his remaining sword with a free hand as the warrior tried to strike back "Now that's not very nice!" Behemoth exclaimed as he let go of the Aurei's neck, pulled on his sword and suddenly bit down on his arm. Darkfire gushed out of his fangs as Behemoth tore off the warrior's arm, armour and all. Kicking him away as he ripped off a piece of ethereal flesh from the arm-made-drumstick and swallowed it "Mmhhmm…Juicy".

"Vile monster!" exclaimed one Aurei as the other six raised their swords towards Behemoth, Aura bursting alive out of their blades and converging on the beast.

"Monster? Oh I'm far worse than that." Responded Behemoth as he turned towards the explosion of Aura that headed in his direction, taking a deep breath momentarily before suddenly belching out Darkfire out of his mouth. The flames met the Aura midway, enveloping the mana and absorbing it before suddenly covering the six standing Aurei in Darkfire.

Behemoth laughed as the warriors screamed in agony, as the flames devoured them alive. "Oh this power is so useful! I don't even have to chew!" he exclaimed happily before turning to the last Aurei, finding the one-armed warrior trying to crawl away "Not so fast sonny."

Behemoth surged to now stand above him, stomping his foot down onto his back and holding him down "Where are the rest?" he hissed the question at the survivor.

"I…will never tell…t-the likes of you!" the Aurei responded weakly.

Author: Fight! Fight! Fight!~

"Oh well, guess I'll have to find them mys-" Behemoth was cut off as out of the corner of his eye he saw movement, right before a massive hammer bashed into his entire body and sent him flying. Behemoth tumbled over grass and shattered through several trees before coming to a stop, slightly dizzy from the sudden attack he barely noticed the blur of shadows that appeared on top of his sprawled-out form.

Jacky descended down onto Behemoth with shadowy smoke engulfing his arms, grabbing the creature in Kyle's body by the shoulders "Mark, Set." He quickly chanted before shadow stepping away, his form bursting into shadows which quickly dissipated into thin air.

"Wha?-" Behemoth barely had time to react as he suddenly, involuntarily shadow stepped himself. He reappeared in a burst of shadows, finding himself back at the top of Aurei Landing. On either side of him stood Soren and Sparta.

Soren's massive axe crashed down on Behemoth's waist, cleaving his legs off. Sparta slashed at his left arm, missing as Behemoth surged away in a panic. But once he reappeared several arrows blasted through his body, his form turning to slime from the massive damage he took.

Behemoth fell to the ground, his body turning into a blue puddle of slime before suddenly expanding several hundred times. The slime took shape, then colour. Now standing on four legs was a massive black canine creature with three long blade-tipped tails and leathery wings. Behemoth snarled at the guild that surrounded him, Soren, Sparta, Ch, Skill, Vain, Rico and a Magek with Deathchilled inside. Out of a portal nearby came out Jacky, Jane and Cherry too.

"You!!" exclaimed Behemoth before three blasts of icy magic exploded in his face, finding his head and torso completely frozen over he willed Darkfire to engulf his entire beastly body and break free. He glanced up to see the Chariot flying circles around the island, Seren and Woody aiming their Magek's staffs down at him and the vehicle's own three turrets controlled by Steph inside.

Behemoth bared his jagged black fangs and leapt at them, in response Cherry, Soren, Sparta and Rico charged in to engage him. Cherry's hammer deflected Behemoth's claw as it swiped at him, the creature wincing at the force behind his attack. Soren threw his axe at the beast's face before suddenly surging in a burst of flames behind it and slamming his feet down on Behemoth's snout, stopping the creature's charge.

Behemoth roared as his three tails lunged down at them, Rico appearing in front of Cherry to block the one and Sparta flying up to the still falling Soren to block a second with her own shield and parry the third with her sword.

"Fine! Guess I'll just devour you all!" exclaimed the beast as he opened his jaws, Darkfire forming in-between his fangs before suddenly belching out and on top of them.

"No you don't!" exclaimed Seren as she shot out a spark of light from her Magek's staff, it zipped down like lightning and suddenly stopped in the flame's way "Reflect!" she chanted and the small ball of light expanded out into a flat barrier of bright light. The flames collided with the barrier before suddenly being blown back, engulfing Behemoth.

"Multi-light-ray!" chanted Woody as he aimed down his Magek's staff, its tip flashing brighter than the sun as a multicoloured ray of light burst down and into Behemoth's wide open maw. The beast exploded, with several rainbow-coloured flashes its head and torso blew up like a piñata leaving behind the behind, hind legs and tails which collapsed onto the tunnel's barrier.

Three bursts of ice magic shot out of the Chariot's turrets, each one colliding with Behemoth's remains as it suddenly began to regenerate. The remains were covered in ice momentarily but even as the magical explosion's cold mist was still dissipating the ice cracked. Behemoth's broken form faded into Darkfire before exploding outwards, shattering the ice that covered him and sending out a shockwave of black flames all around.

"I WILL NOT BE HELD DOWN!" the beast exclaimed as the flames engulfed the guild, a barrier of fire shielding them was summoned by Death while the Chariot resisted the attack through Seren's mana barrier.

Behemoth snarled as his canine body completely reformed, growling as the large tentacles of black flames that now filled the island's surface bent towards his position. Before suddenly, each one, no matter how far they would stretch…lunged at the Chariot.

The first three were blocked by Seren's barrier but the forth cracked it and the fifth shattered it. The flames wrapped around the Chariot, Griffins and Mageks. Ripping the Griffins off the rest of the Chariot before the entire thing was engulfed in Darkfire.

Behemoth laughed hysterically "A dungeon! Oh how genius! Delicious too!" having absorbed the dungeon crystal that controlled the Chariot. His black eyes though widened as out of the explosion of Darkfire burst out several forms, two Griffins covered by a thick barrier of mana and light flying down towards the rest of the guild. Seren led the way with her staff and shield glowing brightly while Woody's Griffin followed as Birse and Steph held onto his Magek's shoulders.

The two Griffins landed nearby the others, standing at the back as their riders took aim on the large black beast. Steph and Birse leapt off Woody's Magek, the mage moving to stand next to Death while Birse walked over to the group's front.

Birse grimaced at the sight "You're one ugly ass motherfucker." He told Behemoth harshly "Don't worry, we'll help you put a bag on that."

Soren, Cherry, Sparta and Rico surged forwards, appearing nearby each of the beast's feet and lunging at them. Behemoth reacted immediately, raising his left claw up to stomp over Soren as his three tails lunged at the others. Jacky, Vain and Jane appeared to parry each tail while Soren surged out of the way as Behemoth's foot crashed down onto the barrier beneath them.

Cherry's hammer crashed into the beast's right foreleg, Sparta's shining blade slashed through the beast's left hindleg and Rico's long spear burst aflame as it pierced through Behemoth's right hindleg. And just then Birse surged forwards, massive arms of armoured shadow forming out of his back. Like wings the arms opened wide and suddenly grasped Behemoth's remaining foreleg, Birse motioned his gauntlet's chains forwards.

Each chain's hook dug into the beast's leg as the arms of shadow let go of it and then grasped the chains, suddenly pulling Birse forwards with great velocity which he used to punch straight through the leg before surging away.

Limbless, Behemoth collapsed once more to the ground as a rain of magic fell upon him. A hurricane of fire summoned by Death surrounded the beast, causing his form to slightly blur and lose shape. Two thick arrows dug into his eyes as suddenly large vines grew out of them and moved to wrap around his body.

Behemoth tried to burn the vines off with Darkfire but the hurricane's flames suddenly converged on the vines and wrapped around them, holding the Darkfire off as the vines fully encased his body. He struggled and bent around his long limbless body trying to break free, only to be held down as the island's edge rose into pillars of stone which slammed down onto his form. Five long rows of stone now holding the beast's body down.

Behemoth willed the flames that covered the island's surface to attack the guild but it was too late, Steph, Seren and Woody had already blasted any remaining tentacles into oblivion. The guild moved to surround Behemoth's chained down body, watching closely as it continued to struggle against its restraints.

"Seren, Woody, Steph! Seal it however you can as well!" Birse ordered, seeing no such thing as overkill in holding this thing down. The three mages, two of them in their Mageks, raised their staffs or gloved hands towards the massive beast and chanted.

"Singing light seal this abomination away! Wisp's Grasp!" Seren chanted as a bright white flame-like magic spilled out of the end of her staff and moved to engulfed the creature's body. Slowly it sunk under the blazing vines and formed a veil in between them and the creature.

"For each colour I summon thy light! Uni-Barrier!" Chanted Woody as out of the end of his staff exploded out a shockwave of lights, flowing out like a bright mist it covered Behemoth entirely before settling.

"Crystal Summon! Great Nine Seal!" Steph chanted as she threw nine differently coloured crystals up into the air, quickly raising her right hand towards them and suddenly zap each with a bolt of magic. The crystals lit up with light and began to hover, before each whizzed away. The crystals flew off, taking formation around Behemoth's form and growing a dozen times over.

"Seal, Lock!" Steph chanted once more, the crystal's light flashing twice before from each surged out several continuous shocks of multi-coloured lightning. The electricity surged through the bright mist, through the flaming vines and the white wisp barrier. It trickled into Behemoth's still struggling body, paralyzing him.

Each member watched anxiously, unable to see the creature through all the restraints but hopeful they would hold. Several moments passed by, the only audible sounds being the crackling flames and electricity, the flowing mist and stretching vines.

"Did we…did we get him?" Rico asked with wide eyes as he still held his spear angled towards the massive creature. Everyone breathed out in relief, it seemed as if they had.

"Shit! Rifts!" called out Birse as he reacted to what his [Kage no Kokei] mastery skill saw, seeing brief moments through the future. Each member surged or evaded aside as several dozen rifts tore open around them, tendrils of grey slime shooting out and entangling around several of them. The Pack dodged, weaved and parried the tentacles of slime as more and more rifts tore open.

They evaded, ducked and surged out of the way, slashed, stabbed and blasted them out of the way. But there was just too much, coming from every direction possible…The slime overwhelmed them, slowing their movement as it entangled around their arms, legs and weapons. Until each member was engulfed in slime and held down to the ground or barrier.

A hysterical chuckle filled the air as suddenly every single restraint they summoned exploded outwards, Darkfire bursting out in every direction as Behemoth appeared through. Stretching out his regenerated forelegs. Behind him was a single rift, two of his tails keeping it stretched open while one lay wiggling inside.

Behemoth laughed openly "This! Now this is precious! Foolish maggots think they can hold ME down!" before suddenly snarling in anger "I'M A GOD! YOU MORTAL LOWLIVES SHOULD JUST LEAP INTO MY MAW! HAPPILY ACCEPTING TO BECOME NUTRITION FOR A HIGHER BEING!" he growled while turning towards Birse "I'll start with you."

Behemoth smiled as he opened his mouth and lunged down at the guild leader.

"It looks as if…you might need a hand or two?" Spoke a dreadful voice as Lucifer appeared before Behemoth, grabbing the creature's lunging snout with one hand before suddenly throwing him aside like a ragdoll.

Behemoth's tails let go of the one rift, his third tail being torn off as the rift closed on him while his body tumbled off into the water. The guild rose as the slime that covered them dissipated, disconnected from the main body it only lasted mere seconds.

"Lucifer…good timing." said Birse as he inwardly grimaced, everything was going wrong.

"Hah! Save us the sarcasm mortal." Said a feminine voice as a second Devil appeared next to Lucifer. Mammon, the Devil lord sin of Greed. Greenish skin with long elf-like ears, shoulder-length gleaming silver hair and golden bright eyes, Mammon wore pitch-black armour riddled with blades.

"Step aside adventurers, this is personal." Said Lucifer as his mouth stretched into a single-sided wicked grin. The air suddenly thinned out as the two Devils' aura filled the island, miasma flowing out of the ground as they hovered towards where Behemoth was rising out of the water.

Behemoth growled in annoyance "Devils Eh? What only two of you? This will be easy." He purposely mocked them.

Lucifer chuckled emotionlessly "Behemoth, it has been a while hasn't it you vile abomination of creation. So long that…You have no clue how powerful we Sins have become."

Mammon's expression was twitching, as if she couldn't wait to fight "Unlike you who grows stronger by eating, we are globally powerful. For every act of greed, every act of pride. We, Grow, Stronger." Suddenly Mammon surged forwards, her fist planting itself into Behemoth's side and sending the massive beast flying off like a pebble over the water's surface.

"And unlike you…" began Lucifer as he appeared in Behemoth's tumbling path "Our vessels are equally powerful." Raising his right hand forwards. Reality seemed to warp and stretch out of the way, as miasma gushed out of his hand and burst forwards.

When the miasma collided with Behemoth's body, it was as if an atomic bomb had gone off. The Pack held on to anything, fearing the shockwave alone would blow them away. But Mammon and Lucifer simply hovered in place, undeterred.

As the miasma that lingered after the explosion slowly dissipated into the air, Lucifer and Mammon moved in for the finishing blow. Hovering over the little bit of black slime-flesh that survived the explosion, as it slowly and weakly regenerated.

"Just as we agreed, together." Said Mammon as she raised both hands down towards the slowly regenerating slime.

Lucifer simply huffed in agreement, raising both arms towards what remained of Behemoth as well.

"Wait!" exclaimed Karnage as she suddenly appeared hovering in their way, holding her arms open and eyes closed.

Mammon grimaced "Out of the way!" she shouted angrily, her voice creating a shockwave powerful enough to throw Karnage down into the water and out of her way. But it was enough, as the slime sunk down into the water and flowed through a rift. Seeing this both Devils rushed down, yet the rift closed before they could reach it. Behemoth got away.

Spirit Realm

Recreation of Ancient Tempres


The black goo flowed through the rift as water gushed out and onto the frozen beach, the tear in reality closing behind it. Behemoth slowly reformed, taking form into the cheapest shape his body could handle. Kyle's default shape.

"Hah…Alright mistakes…were made…" he chuckled in amusement as he lay on the frozen water, staring up at the grey cold sky "Curse those abysmal freaks." He grumbled before rising to his feet.

"I know right? That was almost too close for comfort…"

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