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Fenghua Zi

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"Let your Sect Master out."

Jiang Chen's thunderous voice rolled in the sky above Fengluo Sect, spreading in every corner of the sect.

For a moment, the whole sect was alarmed. Countless outer, inner, core disciples and a large number of elders were flying towards the same direction.

"Can't believe that someone has actually broken into our sect. That's absolutely lawless!"

"How dare a stranger come to our sect and act wildly?! We must shred him to a million pieces."

"That person is too audacious. No one has ever dared to shout frenziedly in Fengluo Sect. No matter who that person is, he won't die enough even if he has a hundred lives."

Everyone in Fengluo Sect was angered. The originally peaceful atmosphere suddenly became chaotic. This was one of the super sects that no one dared to provoke in the domain.

In the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, Jiang Zhenhai was watching everything with incomparable excitement. He was afraid that only his son would dare to do such an audacious thing. Although he hadn't been in the Immortal World for a long time, he had heard about Fengluo Sect, which was considered an overbearing major power in this vast domain.

Additionally, it was out of his imagination that Jiang Chen dared to break into Fengluo Sect directly. Of course, if he knew that Jiang Chen had even annihilated the Corpse Yin Sect in Ethereal Immortal Domain, he wouldn't have such thoughts.

The sky was now densely filled with cultivators, however this huge camp wasn't able to stir a bit of Jiang Chen's emotions. Compared to the previous scenes that he had encountered, this was nothing.

Although many cultivators had emerged, there wasn't one Immortal Venerable. There were only a few prestigious elders who had reached the half-step Immortal Venerable realm, on par with Dongfang Yu.

Unfortunately, this level no longer concerned Jiang Chen.

"Look, quickly. That man seems to be holding Senior Brother Shen."

"Huh? He's really Senior Brother Shen. How did he fall into such a miserable state? Both of his arms have already been cut off and he seems to have sustained severe injuries. What's going on here?"

"That bastard must have wounded him, but it also showed how powerful he is!"

"Humph! So what? Arrogance is not necessarily a good thing. Wounding Senior Brother Shen is tantamount to humiliating Fengluo Sect. Besides, he has personally brought Senior Brother Shen back to show off his capability. He's truly seeking death."

"This bastard is going to die for sure. No one has ever dared to do such a thing in the history of our sect. He won't die enough even if he has a hundred lives today."

Innumerable disciples recognized Shen Yifei. They gritted their teeth, feeling both angry and shocked. They were shocked that this white-robed youth could injure Shen Yifei to such a degree; they were angry that this unknown youth was audacious enough to harm the young representative of Fengluo Sect as that was similar to humiliating the sect itself.

"Who are you? Why have you broken into our sect? Why have you injured the number one genius of our sect?"

A thickly bearded elder stood out from the crowd and yelled. Now that Shen Yifei was still in the stranger's hands, he wouldn't dare to make any rash move. Shen Yifei was the number one genius of Fengluo Sect, numerous higher ups had given him great importance. Countless amount of energy and resources had been spent on Shen Yifei. It was imaginable how important Shen Yifei was considering that he was the representative of the young generation of Fengluo Sect.

"Ask your Sect Master and the Great Elder to come out. You aren't qualified to speak with me." Jiang Chen darted the elder a glance and spoke plainly.

These words almost contorted the beard of the elder due to anger.

Dammit! Being the number one elder of the inner sect, he was a dignified figure, highly respected by anyone who saw him. Today, a young man that came out of nowhere was claiming that even he wasn't qualified to speak here. How could he ever accept this kind of insult?

Under the full control of Jiang Chen, Shen Yifei could only watch the development of the situation with silence.

"Outrageous! I suggest you to release Shen Yifei now when there's still room for redemption!" The elder rebuked.

"Old bastard, although you are showing your arrogance towards me now, you will thank me a while later. I have come here today to help you all," said Jiang Chen to the elder.

"F***! Where did this shameless bastard come from? How dare he say that he has come here to help when he has wounded Senior Brother Shen?"

"Is this bastard an idiot? Our sect is an extremely powerful major power. We don't need the help of an unimportant person. In addition, what help can he provide us?"

"But now that Senior Brother Shen is in his hands, the only way to save him is to let the Great Elder and Sect Master come here personally."

"The fact that this bastard could defeat Senior Brother Shen only proved that he's incredibly strong. We all know that Senior Brother Shen is powerful enough to fight a half-step Immortal Venerable elder even though he is only a late Immortal Emperor."

Upon hearing what Jiang Chen said, the cultivators around couldn't help but curse. This unknown youth had clearly come here to create a disturbance but was pretentiously sounding as though he was a good and kind man.

"You son of a b*tch! I urge you to release my son now."

At this moment, an incredible qi and fury soared from the interior of Fengluo Sect before a silhouette emerged in an instant, not far away from Jiang Chen.

The incomer was a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his forties, almost the same age as Jiang Zhenhai, however he had an extraordinary cultivation base. Looking from the surface, he was basically on par with Yang Yu.

Seeing the incomer, Shen Yifei's emotion was instantly stirred, but due to the constraint of Jiang Chen, he wasn't able to speak any word. The only part he could use to express himself was his face, but unfortunately, his father was hard put to decipher them.

The corners of Jiang Chen's mouth revealed a hint of a smile. The main culprit had finally appeared. He was the legendary Great Elder and the father of Shen Yifei, Shen Ao.

When Shen Ao saw the tragic condition of his son, his fury could no longer be hidden, his eyes instantly turned blood-red. He had only one son whom he cherished greatly. He had begun nurturing Shen Yifei when he was still very young, until he became the number one genius of Fengluo Sect and his pride.

The current Shen Yifei was completely crippled, both of his arms severed, which almost made Shen Ao spurt out a mouthful of blood. No one would be able to comprehend how he is feeling now.

"Kid, I don't care who you are, your death is certain today. I want you to release Yifei immediately, then I'll grant you a swift death." Shen Ao spoke coldly. If his eyes could kill someone, Jiang Chen would have died through a thousand cuts.

"Elder Shen, why are you being so angry? I didn't intend to kill your son. I just want to see the higher ups of the sect and the Sect Master. As long as they appear, I'll release Shen Yifei, so that you two can reunite," said Jiang Chen flatly. 

He was totally indifferent to Shen Ao's threat. He had already seen too many experts. Even a peerless Venerable like Li Wangyue couldn't stir his emotions, let alone an insignificant Shen Ao. Given his strength and movement technique, he could go anywhere at his will despite the vastness of the Heavens and Earth.

"A puny early Immortal Emperor is showing arrogance in front of me? Killing you is as easy as lifting my finger. Do you think that you have the ability to harm my son in my presence?"

Shen Ao unleashed a strong qi and locked onto Jiang Chen's qi. It seemed like he was looking for a chance to save his son from the hands of Jiang Chen.

"Really? Then you should try it. I would like to see if I can kill Shen Yifei before you make the move."

Jiang Chen's eyes suddenly turned icy cold, meeting Shen Ao's eyes, creating sparks of fire in the void.

Shen Ao's fury grew stronger, but he didn't dare to make a move as he couldn't find a hint of fear from the opponent's eyes.

He was unable to see through the opponent. And that gave him no assurance that he could save his son from the opponent's hands. He would never do something that would risk the life of his son.

"Who are you? Why did you hurt my son?" asked Shen Ao.

"You will find out why in a minute."

Jiang Chen smiled. Before the arrival of the Sect Master, he would never expose the truth, in case Shen Ao flee away which would make all his efforts in vain.


Just as Jiang Chen's voice faded, an immense qi rose from the interior of the sect. Jiang Chen revealed a plain smile. Apparently, this qi came from mighty Immortal Venerables. It seemed like the higher ups of Fengluo Sect were about to emerge. After all, even the Great Elder, Shen Ao, couldn't resolve this matter, and the trespasser even demanded to see the Sect Master.

Very quickly, a dozen mighty Immortal Venerables emerged from the centre of the sect and came to Shen Ao's side. The one at the head had a dignified bearing, straight eyebrows that slanted upwards, and had bright eyes. He seemed to be around the age of Shen Ao. Judging from his imposing qi, his cultivation base has already reached the peak of intermediate Immortal Venerable realm.

"Sect Master."

Shen Ao clasped his fists, followed by the bows of the others. The incomer wasn't a stranger; he was precisely the Sect Master of Fengluo Sect, Fenghua Zi.

Fenghua Zi nodded, then turned to Jiang Chen and Shen Yifei, emitting a superior qi that made people avert their eyes. Every elder and disciple of the sect displayed reverence on their face. 

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