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Chapter 1336 - Phoenix Realm

Return to the nest and revive.

This was the second step of the SSS rank quest.

At this moment.

Long Fei practically did not hesitate at all, and said: "If we go to the Phoenix Realm?"

Let alone going to the Phoenix Realm, even if he went to hell, with mountains of blades and seas of fire, Long Fei would definitely not even bat an eyelid. Jojo was too important to him.

The first person who came to this world to know him, the first person who was good to him!

The lady in red looked at the altar and said: "Sacrifice the Heavens for power. If you are related to the Female Emperor, I believe that she will definitely be able to sense us with your blood essence and will definitely be able to summon us back to the Phoenix Realm."

"Let's go!"

Long Fei leapt onto the altar, moved his blood essence and once again landed on the altar.

The red-clothed female looked at Long Fei and said faintly, "Phoenix Clan members, listen up. Begin offering sacrifices to the heavens!"

At this moment.

The brows of those people tightened slightly. Short Hair Woman walked over to the red-clothed female and said in a low voice, "Big sister, even if the female emperor has released her summoning power, she can only bring one person back. Then, you …"

This was something all the phoenix clansmen knew.

The red clothed female could only return to Phoenix Mountain to open the tunnel, but now …

Without any hesitation, the red-clothed elder sister said, "The sacrifice begins!

In the past, she did not know about her mission on the Chaos Realm, but now she knew that it was to wait for Long Fei, for this female Emperor Insignia.

This was all part of the female emperor's plan.

Even if she couldn't return to the Phoenix Realm in her lifetime, she didn't care as long as she could accomplish her mission as a female emperor!

"Sacrifice to the heavens, pray!"

As the red clothed female's voice fell, she let out a heavy shout, and turned towards the phoenix race as she began to sacrifice the heavens. As Long Fei's blood essence fell onto the altar, a red light shot into the sky.

For a time, the nine heavens were in an uproar.

The power of the Phoenix Clan blended into the altar, and Long Fei looked up into the sky while holding the Heart of Phoenix in his hand, and muttered: "Jojo, no matter what, I will definitely let you live again, definitely!"

In that instant.

The red light shone brightly, and immediately enveloped Long Fei.


A strong light flashed, and Long Fei's body was sucked into the strong light, instantly disappearing from the altar.

… ….

In another place.

Xuan Yuan sword sect.

"How preposterous!"

Chen Xuanzong was enraged, and bellowed: A mere savage beast, you haven't even evolved properly, you dare oppose me? Is he courting death? "

"Sect Master, we must not let Wu Xiong's death go so easily. If he wants to challenge the dignity of our Xuan Yuan sword sect, he must not let it go!"

"You have to return the favor by killing our elder."

"It's just a mere beast city, and he dares to be so impudent in front of us. If we don't teach him a lesson, won't we, the Xuan Yuan sword sect, be mocked by others?"

… ….

In the main hall of the Profound Origin Sect, many of the elders were exceptionally angry.

beast city and the others had never placed them in their eyes before. Just a few barbaric orca s, some with well-developed limbs and simple-minded idiots, actually dared to touch their people now, so naturally they could not be let off.

Chen Xuanzong slightly said: "Pass my orders."

"A thousand elite disciples of the college of martial arts training have come out."

"Qi, Liu, Yu, you three elders will be leading. Since the beast city wants to rebel, then we will make them pay the price of their blood."

"Slaughter the city!"

"Leave no one alive!"

The three elders cupped their fists and responded in unison, "As you command!"

… ….

beast city.

After killing Wu Xiong, Lei Dun was ready to fight.

Within the City Lord's main hall.

Huo Lin said slightly: "This time, Xuan Yuan sword sect will definitely send an army to invade. If Xuan Yuan sword sect were to rush to his destination at full speed, it would take about two days."

"We still have two days to prepare."

Layton said, "Brother Huo, please be direct with your preparations."

Huo Lin said: "Xuan Yuan sword sect will definitely come in full fury this time, we will make them come without a return, and we will also take this opportunity to train the fruits of our cultivation during this period of time."

"We must definitely bring out the prestige of our god's martial sect!"

"Leave everything to me."

Huo Lin smirked and laughed coldly, "Since the Kunlun Sect has been destroyed, let us start from here, and rise once again from this Great Wilderness Land."

… ….


The voice exploded in Long Fei's mind.

He landed.

Long Fei's body was absorbed by a strong force. A few seconds later, a strong light flashed.


"System Notification: Player's location, Phoenix Realm!"

"You really came to the Phoenix Realm?"

Long Fei was startled, but there was only one mountain in the entire Phoenix Realm!

Phoenix Mountain.

There was only one mountain in the entire plane. There was nothing else. And … This Phoenix Mountain was completely lifeless, it did not have the slightest feeling of being in Phoenix Fairy Realm.

Trees withered and spirit energy withered.

The crows gathered together and began to cry out. The scene was almost like the Forest of Death.

"Is this the Phoenix Mountain?"

Long Fei was suspicious. If not for the system notification informing him that he had come to the wrong place.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

There were loud sounds in the sky, like the roars of a huge beast. Red light flickered, and the devil fire burned the sky. Long Fei's heart secretly moved, "It's the same as the devil fire on the Red Devil's body."

"Let's go take a look!"

Long Fei immediately rushed towards the top of the mountain.

… ….

"Old woman, why are you doing this?"

"The Phoenix Mountain has already become a mountain of death, what use is there for you to still be guarding this Phoenix nest? It's hard to say where you, the female emperor, are now. "

Voices exploded in the sky.

A ball of black flames rolled in the air, bringing with it an incomparably savage aura.

Behind him were tens of thousands of demon soldiers. Their roars and auras were even more brutal.

On the other side.

A few white-haired old women had pale faces, but their eyes were filled with determination. On their bodies, the figure of a Seven-Colored Phoenix could be seen.

They were Phoenix Mountain's last remaining defence tribe.

Protect this phoenix nest.

Because …

If the female emperor wanted to revive, only this Phoenix nest could do so.

An old woman said in a deep voice, "Blackflame, even if I use the last of my strength, I won't let you succeed. When the female emperor revives, you will be punished."

"Hahaha …"

"The Revival of the Female Emperors?"

"You can't even find the female Emperor's Mark, so the phoenix clansmen you sent out want to find the female Emperor's Mark?" What a pity, what a pity … Your clansmen have all been suppressed by us. Let alone finding them, even if we can't find the female Emperor's mark, it will still be useless! " Black Flame sneered, "I advise you all to be more tactful. I only want the Phoenix Lair, give it to me, and I will let you all live."

The old woman shouted, "Don't even think about it!"

Black Flame shouted angrily, "You're giving me face but not taking it, then all of you better die!"

As soon as his voice faded …

A black ball of golden light rushed out, and the other phoenix's seven-colored power charged forward.

All of a sudden.

The sky was in chaos, and the world was in turmoil.

The scene was as though the gods were fighting, Long Fei stood on the ground, his heart was overwhelmed with shock, and he muttered: "Damn, that was fierce, it was like a battle between gods and fire."

At this time.

The Yuan Yang bigbeast said softly, "Among all the planes, the Chaos Realm plane is still considered a low level plane, so there's simply no way to compare with this Phoenix Realm."


The Chaos Realm was the only place that led to the divinity in all the planes they existed. If they couldn't enter the ancient holy battlefield directly, then they could only enter the divinity through the Chaos Realm and then use the divinity to enter the ancient holy battlefield.

"This black flame …"

"If you want to obtain the Phoenix nest, you should also want to enter the ancient holy battlefield!"

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