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Waves of air rumbled as black light pillars rose from the ground.

It was these light pillars that, once they appeared, fixed the whirlwind like a wooden stake and stopped moving.

Ye Xueyi's beautiful eyes were tightly shut. Her long black hair was blown up by the strong wind. A misty white mist wrapped around her, making it hard for people to see her clearly.

"Xue Yi …" Ye Feng looked at everything and remained silent.

It was as if an invisible force was holding her up in the air.

Meanwhile, the spiritual energy from the mysterious patterns continued to flow through her body like electric currents.

"Ahh …"

She could not help but let out a low moan as she felt the electric currents flowing through her body. Her eyebrows slightly knitted while her delicate body trembled due to spasms.

"Sister Xue Yi." Liu Bing Qian stepped forward, her beautiful eyes filled with worry.

She activated her spiritual qi and was about to go against the hurricane, but Ye Feng stopped her with his hand.

"Don't go over there."

In Ye Feng's starry eyes, there was an unquestionable solemnity.

"But …" A strange light flickered in her beautiful eyes. "I was afraid something would happen to her."

"She is my sister. I'm more afraid of her getting into trouble than you are."

Ye Feng looked at her deeply, "And just now, through my soul talent, I could feel that Xue Yi seems to be gradually controlling this array. Now, if I recklessly make a move, it might break this balance.

The corner of Xie Chen's mouth twitched when he finished speaking. He jumped down from a large rock behind him and walked to the edge of the array. He turned around to look at Ye Feng.

"What are you waiting for? Finally, these black whirlwinds stopped. If you do not escape this chance given by the heavens, then I will not be polite."

He sneered and turned to look at Liu Bingqian. His eyes were complicated and he wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

"Senior Sister, follow me … "Forget it."

Then, he shook his head, raised his foot, and was about to step into the array.

Suddenly, the entire land began to tremble.

Xie Chen staggered and almost fell into the array.

"What's going on?" He hurriedly took two steps back before raising his head to look at the top of the cave.

In fact, from the space above them, there came a series of earth-shaking sounds, as if something enormous was running. Every step on the ground was as heavy as a giant hammer hitting the ground.

"Looks like someone is coming from outside."

Ye Feng was stunned for a moment. He muttered to himself and then slowly closed his eyes.

Spiritshadow circled around Ye Feng and asked, "Ye Feng, do you want me to check on the situation?"

"No need."

Ye Feng shook his head, "They are already very close. With my soul talent, I can still find out. It seems like Hanyue and the others have come. Wait, what did they bring this time …"

His face turned slightly pale and his expression was one of shock.

"What's wrong, Ye Feng?" Gui Ying asked in confusion when he saw Ye Wen's expression change.

Ye Feng's eyes brightened and blurted out, "What a powerful ghost servant. No, perhaps they are no longer ghost servants. They are currently approaching us. Their intentions are quite bad."


Gui Ying was stunned. To be able to make Ye Feng call him a powerful ghost servant, one could imagine how terrifying it was.

Ye Feng opened his eyes and raised his head. He frowned and looked at Ye Xue Yi as if he was thinking about something.

He pursed his lips, "Gui Ying, take this elixir first. Just in case …"

As he spoke, he used his spirit energy to wipe the ring, and then threw out one of the pills.


Seeing Ye Zichen's serious expression, Gui Ying did not dare to think carelessly anymore.

Then, Ye Feng raised his head, and looked deeply at his sister, his eyes narrowed into a line.

Her beautiful eyes were still closed as she floated in the air, absorbing the power of the patterns. She knew nothing about what was happening in the outside world.

Ye Feng helplessly laughed and sighed.

[It is a good time to choose when the enemy will show up at such a critical time.]

"Ye Feng, I don't think you need to be that worried. You already told Gu Yuan Wu outside the cave to block any enemies that might pass by. With him around, there's a 90% chance that he'll make a move."

A camel is bigger than a horse,

From the demon fox's point of view, even though Gu Yuan Wu had attacked from across and a strand of his spiritual will had been split into two, he still possessed the strength to suppress his opponent.

The most important question is, do you think an old fox like him will go all out to help me? I'm afraid that he's still planning to let me and him fight to the point where both sides would be injured. Then, he would have the chance to remove the restriction placed in his soul consciousness and regain his freedom.

"Sigh, you humans are the only ones thinking too much. However, according to you, if the other party is truly able to break through Gu Yuan Wu's defensive line, how do you plan on dealing with such a powerful opponent?"

"Looks like I still have to take a dangerous step forward."

Ye Feng bit his lips lightly, extended his leg and stepped into the black tornado's array.

… ….

Wisps of burning flame power penetrated his body.

In a sea of fire …

Han Yue's brows furrowed slightly as the expression on her charming face changed drastically.

"This …"

"Lord Hanyue, do you have any idea what's going on? Why is this area so hot? Which cultivator released this cultivation technique? Or is it a Martial Spirit?" Zhou Feng looked around and looked at Han Yue's location.

"It's not a cultivation technique, nor is it a Martial Spirit. If I'm not wrong, it's the soul of an expert. Just as I felt before, this is the spiritual energy fluctuation of a Martial Spirit Stage expert."

"What?! No way!"

When Zhou Feng heard this, he was so frightened that he took two steps back. His face was abnormally pale. "Martial Spirit Stage experts. That isn't something we can deal with right?"

"What are you afraid of? If they truly wanted to kill us, do you think we would be able to survive until now? This means that the Martial Spirit Master would turn a blind eye to our existence."

Han Yue helplessly shook her head and unhappily looked at him.

"But, Lord Hanyue …" After some thought, in Zhou Feng's heart, there was still some fear.

"Ignore him. Regardless of the other party's position, it seems like he won't stop us from dealing with Ye Feng. That's enough, let's hurry up and continue."

She then picked up the jade flute, her pure white hands were abnormally agile as she played a melodious tune.

As for the thousand year old corpse ghost, its eyes suddenly glowed with a crimson light. It turned a few corners and rushed towards the cave in front of it.

At this time, from the cave, a mass of shining crimson black flames emitted out endless brilliance like the sun. They flew out and flew towards the arm of the thousand-year corpse ghost at an incomparably fast speed.

The moment it touched the ghost, the black flame wrapped itself around its left wrist and completely set it on fire.


The thousand-year ghost corpse held its left wrist in pain, its expression was twisted. It wanted to slap out the fire on top of it.

However, the black fire was very strong and it was impossible to put it out. It went along his left wrist all the way up to his arm.

A short period of time passed …

The thousand-year ghost corpse's left arm was completely burnt to ashes by the black flames. Even its skeleton was melted by the high temperature and fell to the ground, turning into streaks of blood that sizzled.

When Han Yue heard this, she was alarmed and hurriedly followed him.

Seeing her trump card that she was proud of, the thousand-year-old ghost corpse's arm was burned off without any reason before it could even make a move, her heart was naturally incomparably shocked.

A moment later, her eyes rolled slightly as the corner of her mouth lifted in a relieved smile. "So that's how it is. I understand now …"

"Lord Hanyue, this … "I think we should forget about it. You see, even a thousand year old corpse ghost has been burnt to such a state."

"So what if it's burned?"

Han Yue came back to her senses and coldly smiled. "Originally, I was worried that if we were to enter, we would anger that Martial Spirit Expert. However, it seems that I am even more certain that the other party does not mind us attacking Ye Feng."

Zhou Feng pondered for a moment, somewhat puzzled, then asked, "What does Lord Hanyue mean …"

"Think about it, with his strength, why did his black fire fly towards the ghost corpse's left hand? If it flew towards the ghost corpse's head, I'm afraid the consequences would be unimaginable, so I guess that he only did this to restrict our strength. His real goal is for us to fight with Ye Feng and fight until both sides are injured."

"This …"

Zhou Feng thought about it for a moment and felt that this made quite a bit of sense.

Alright, I won't talk any more nonsense with you, hurry up and follow me. I keep having the feeling that Ye Zifeng seems to have some ability to predict the surrounding environment, and the less time left for him to react, the better. Perhaps, if he's a bit more quick-witted, he might already be on the way to escape.

A trace of coldness flashed through Han Yue's beautiful eyes. She then picked up the jade flute and played a sonorous and powerful tune.

As she ran, she looked around. A moment later, she caught a glimpse of a tunnel that had been pierced through. It was clearly man-made.

"Found it."

She stepped into the sky and lightly tapped the shoulder of the thousand-year corpse ghost.

"Get down!"

The zombie also took a big step forward and followed the path before leaping into the air.

Like a meteorite falling to the ground, a sound that shook the earth and shook the mountains resounded throughout the entire cave …

The dust gradually dispersed.

Han Yue raised her head and looked around, looking at her surroundings …

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