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Chapter 97: Her Care

Assistant Fang thought to himself, 'Miss Gu, you must grab this opportunity. By taking this chance to take care of Boss, you'll be able to break free of the contract sooner..'

'Don't forget to say a few good words for me in front of my boss once you become the famed Mrs. Mu.'

As he thought of these, he smile became more gentle.

"Mr. Mu, Miss Gu is a good example of a caring girlfriend," complimented Assistant Fang, who seldom had the courage to express his views to an overbearing character like Mu Mingcheng.

After years of observation, his sixth sense told him that he may have offended his boss. Afraid of what might come, his intuition prompted him to compliment Gu Jin.

However, the other party was unexpectedly in a bad mood. Gu Jin's friendly smile immediately froze, and she even gritted her teeth.

Why hasn't she notice before that Assistant Fang was such a blabbermouth? Although what he said was true, Gu Jin didn't like it.

Gu Jin stiffly smiled and said, "Assistant Fang's words are too exaggerated. It's just a small matter, not worth mentioning."

Unlike Gu Jin, Mu Mingcheng, who leaned against the bed, had his mood change from cloudy to sunny. His dark glare on Assistant Fang dissipated. It seems like this assistant of his still had a good vision.

Feeling pleased, Mu Mingcheng turned to Gu Jin with a faint grin. He looked carefully, and sure enough, there were not so obvious dark circles around the corners of her eyes.

Noticing the man's stare, Gu Jin turned to him and unnaturally brushed her hair behind her ear. She explained to him, "You saved me. I'm not someone so heartless; shouldn't I take care of you in return?"

Mu Mingcheng smiled without saying a word. His eyes followed Gu Jin's hands and then to her earlobes as she pushed away her beautiful hair.

Although they were now staying at the hospital's VIP ward, the conditions here couldn't compare to the hotel they stayed in earlier.

Since Gu Jin cared for Mu Mingcheng's health, she hadn't slept well the whole night. She didn't have energy to keep going, and her condition wasn't in good shape.

For her hygiene this morning, she was only able to have a simple wash and rinse.

Her tender and delicate face had a light amount of makeup, and her thin earlobes were pale under the morning light. Her long hair that was usually styled neatly was now slightly messy.

She was like a cat that hasn't had its fur brushed properly. Mu Mingcheng had an impulse to embrace this cat and comb it.

The man's eyes bent into half crescents as he smiled. He knew how much Gu Jin valued her appearance. She usually didn't wear makeup to cover up her complexion, and she didn't allow herself to lose her image in front of outsiders.

But with her current appearance, it seems that he still held some importance to her.

Mu Mingcheng's fingers fidgeted under the blanket; he had the urge to ruffly her hair, but because of the wound on his chest, his slight movement caused him sharp pain.

Mu Mingcheng's face suddenly paled and he gave a slight grunt.

He had experienced more serious wounds in the past, so the pain was still tolerable.

And since he was in front of a woman he pursued, he only wanted to show his masculine side.

"What's wrong?" Gu Jin worriedly stared at the cold sweat on his brow.

"It's alright. I'm just hungry," Mu Mingcheng said with a smile. His intentions were quite obvious.

Gu Jin looked to Assistant Fang, who seemed as if he was trying to disappear into the background as he avoided her gaze. She took a deep breath, forced a smile and picked up the porridge.

Just endure, this man saved my life.


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