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Chapter 379 - Rising Wind and Rising Clouds

"He really did advance to Martial Lord of the eighth step."

In a tent in Tian Clan's residential area, Qingying smiled and said, "Even though he just got promoted, if they really fight, I'm afraid even I might not be able to beat him."

"So fast!"

On the other side, a white-clothed Tian Clan with delicate features and skin as tender as cream chuckled bitterly, sighing softly, "When I fought with him in Glory Heavenly Forging City, he was promoted to Stage Seven Martial Master not long ago. After finding out that he had entered the 'Spirit Heaven Secret Realm', I immediately returned to Holy Spirit Continent. I never thought that right after arriving at the Luo Fu Sacred Mountain, he would have already successfully advanced to Martial Lord of the eighth step. "

"Perhaps in another year, he will be in Stage Nine Martial Saint. Tsk tsk, an eighteen year old Stage Nine Martial Saint …" Qingying also sighed, "First there's Yu Feiyan, then there's Tang Huan. Among the current young generation, the gap between our Tian Clan s and ours is indeed relatively large."

"Forget it, let's not think about it anymore."

The lady in white from Tian Clan pouted and said gloomily, "Sister Qingying, how should we proceed with the matter that elder has told us?"

"Just leave it to me. Wait a moment..."

Qingying laughed, just as she said that, a petite figure barged into the tent, and anxiously said, "Princess Ying Shuang, big sister Qingying, Tang Huan is leaving!"

"He left? What's gone? " Hearing this, Qingying and the white-clothed Tian Clan woman called Princess Ying Shuang looked at each other, completely confused.

"It was Tang Huan who suddenly left the safe zone." The Tian Clan girl quickly said.


Qingying and Princess Yinshuang rose to their feet at almost the same time, their expressions changing slightly.

Tang Huan was not an idiot. Logically speaking, he should know what kind of consequences would occur if he chose to leave at this time. Even if he really wanted to leave, he would have to choose to leave quietly when no one was looking. However, he did not choose the most suitable method. Was it because he was extremely confident in his own strength, or was it because he had no choice but to do so?

Both of them were bewildered.

"It's exactly what happened just now. Right now, all the Demonic Commanders of the eighth step and all the Eaglemen s have gone to chase after them. The experts of the Human Clan have also been mobilized. The Tian Clan girl added.

"Come, let's go take a look as well."


After a short while, in the Tian Clan's residential area, many figures rose into the air and spread their gigantic wings, flying towards the east.

Just at this moment, underneath the Heaven Stairway, Liu Qian Ye, Yang Dong and Meng Xiaoxiao looked towards the east in confusion. Within their line of sight, a group of figures rushed towards that direction, first to the Demon Clan, then to the Martial Warriors.

High up in the sky, the Tian Clan mages were soaring with their wings spread wide, blotting out the sky and the sun.

"What happened over there?"

The three of them came back to their senses and looked at each other in dismay.

Just as Meng Xiao was about to ask, she heard a voice. "Tang Huan is really too daring, with so many Demon Clan experts around, he actually did not hide anything, and just openly left the safe zone!"

"This time's matter has really blown up. I wonder how it will end?"

"Sigh, Tang Huan has a 'Seven Colored Spirit Mouse' with him. Demon Clan will definitely not let it go so easily."


"It was caused by Tang Huan." Upon hearing the voices of those people, Meng Xiaoxiao's eyes flashed with surprise. "Is it because of the 'Seven Colored Spirit Mouse' that is ranked seventh in Spirit Beasts Board?"

"Who cares what it is, the important thing is that Tang Huan is our Human Clan. Let's go!" Liu Qian Ye laughed and also ran towards the east.

"Big Brother Qian Ye is right." Yang Dong chuckled, like a vicious beast that had just broken out of its cage, and dashed forward, the chains on his body clanging loudly.

"These two guys." Meng Xiaoxiao could not help but laugh as she quickly followed him.

"Look at that blade …" He seems to be Liu Qianye, who is ranked fifth on the Heavenly Spirit List? They just returned to the secret realm a while ago, and they came back so quickly? " The group of Human Clan s had already reached the bottom of the Heaven Stairway. A man dressed in black muttered as he looked at the direction Liu Qianye and the rest left in.

"Yu Feiyan is missing?" After a split-second, the man in black couldn't help but exclaim out loud.

"What?" It really disappeared, could it be that way as well? " The other young man blurted out as well, but immediately afterwards, he shook his head to himself. "Impossible, impossible. We were staring over there, and we didn't see her at all."

"Could it be that he has already stepped onto the last Heaven Stairway and entered the 'Extreme Spirit Palace'?" A girl dressed in yellow couldn't help but mumble to herself.


Everyone exchanged glances with each other, and could see an uncontrollable astonishment in each other's eyes. If Yu Feiyan really stepped into the "Extreme Spirit Palace", wouldn't that mean that there would be another Stage Nine Martial Saint soon?

… ….


Tang Huan was like a ray of light, shuttling quickly between the forest in the mountain range.

He knew that the experts of the Demon Clan would definitely chase after him, but he did not take it to heart. To him, the most important thing was to rush to where Mu Yan was the fastest.

After reaching the eighth stage of Martial Lord, Tang Huan's speed had greatly increased after using his full strength. Not to mention a normal peak eighth stage Demonic Commander, even a Demonic Commander at the peak of the eighth stage would find it difficult to keep up with him. This was also the reason why he dared to leave the safe zone so openly.

At first, Tang Huan was only two or three hundred meters away from Mo Kui and the rest, but very quickly, the distance grew to five hundred meters, one thousand meters … Not long after, Tang Huan had left the Demonic Commanders of the eighth step far behind him.

With so many people in the Demon Clan, only the Eaglemen s of the eighth step were still able to stay behind Tang Huan. As for those Eaglemen s of the seventh step, they too, fell further and further away.


The "Seven Colored Spirit Mouse" lay on the collar of Tang Huan's chest, its little claws pointing towards the direction of Tang Huan's clothing from time to time.

High up in the sky, the Demon Clan's Eaglemen at the eighth stage was telling him that he had been flying for such a long time. Gradually, he could not keep up with Tang Huan's footsteps, and was slowly pushed back to a thousand meters. However, Tang Huan's strength was still strong.

Inside the Dantian, the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" and the "Five Colors Spiritual Pills" were circulating swiftly, absorbing the surrounding nature spirit energy at all times, allowing Tang Huan's body to maintain an adequate amount of the Genuine Qi. As time passed, the figure of the Eaglemen of the eighth step grew smaller and smaller.

After another hundred kilometers, the Eaglemen of the eighth step had also been completely thrown off …

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