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Chen Xiang kept the green dragon in his second Divine Sense Sea. His second Divine Sense Sea had always been very mysterious, containing extremely strong and terrifying powers.

"My second Divine Sense Sea also has seven divine beasts. In the future, I should be able to cultivate one of them!" With a thought from Chen Xiang, the green dragon appeared, and it was much smaller than before. It was now like a small snake, coiling around his wrist.

"Before this Azure Dragon, there was already an Azure Dragon's divine soul, but now that the consciousness of that divine soul has already disappeared, it seems like it's really as the Azure Dragon's divine soul said. He will be reborn this way!" Chen Xiang guessed that this green dragon had already been reborn, and it had even merged with him.

"I wonder how much it will increase to!" Chen Xiang used his mind to control the green dragon to grow bigger.

In just a few blinks of an eye, the green dragon had quickly become extremely large, and seeing that the secret room could no longer hold more, Chen Xiang anxiously stopped, allowing the green dragon to return to the Divine Sense Sea.

"Just now, I was able to feel the power of this azure dragon. It seems like this azure dragon's power can be used by me, and can even be changed many times. As for how I can use this azure dragon's power, I have to carefully dig."

Chen Xiang had already stepped into the middle stage of the Heaven realm! When he had stepped into the early stage, many people had thought that it was too quick, much less now!

"The breakthrough of the Heaven realm is not as difficult as the teleportation! I have already grasped the key to break through. When I have enough time, I will verify it again, and if it is really as I thought, then I will definitely be able to reach the peak of the Heaven realm quickly. "

Chen Xiang felt that this was related to the Law beads he had eaten. He had only eaten twenty of the s and he had already broken through to the middle stage.

Chen Xiang came out from the secret room, and anxiously asked: "You broke through?"

Even though he had already felt the aura of the two profound God s, he still did not dare believe it.

"He broke through!" Chen Xiang closed his eyes and activated the Counter Power, allowing the Counter Power to flow into his Spirit of the Dao gods and wrap it around one of the profound God s.

After being shocked, Wu profound suddenly felt that one of his profound God s was missing!

"Can't you tell now?" Chen Xiang snickered.

"Incredible..." Wu profound exclaimed, and laughed: "Looks like Heaven realm can be broken through quickly!"

Wu profound had guessed that it was definitely related to those Law beads. Law beads s that were refined by Chen Xiang were many times stronger than ordinary Law beads, and this kind of Law beads had never appeared before. Thus, no one knew that extremely high quality Law beads would be of great help when breaking through the Heaven realm.

"The second round should have begun!" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's begun." Wu profound nodded his head: "Originally, I wanted to buy Dragon beast Dan s to pay for them, but I found out that there were very few Dragon beast Dan on the market that sold them. Even if I bought one, it would not be new! Because a fresh Dragon beast Dan would be able to tell at a glance. "

"Looks like I need to hunt Dragon beast s myself! However, this can also be cheated, if there is a powerful person secretly helping the participants kill Dragon beast Dan and then trading it on a certain floor, it would be very difficult to be discovered. " Chen Xiang said: "There are too many loopholes in the competition rules, so it's clear that they are convenient for us to cheat."

"Well, that's true." Wu profound nodded, "Should we move quickly?"

"Don't worry, I will have a plan!" Oh right, Wu profound, I urgently need ten billion Dragon beast s, can you help me get them? " Chen Xiang asked: "We need to do it in secret!"

Wu profound took a small breath. No problem, but it would take some time.

"Alright, here is 10 billion!" Chen Xiang said: "It should be okay in a month!"

"No problem!" Wu profound received Chen Xiang's ten billion Dao crystal, then hastily went to arrange them. After returning, he and Chen Xiang headed to the upper floors.

In these hundred floors, there were no Dragon beast to kill, so they could only go to higher floors. Other than that, the Dragon beast that were hunted had to go through strict selection, because most of the Dragon beast did not have any.

The Dragon beast s that had Dragon beast Dan s were all Dragon beast s that had entered the Three profound realm and were preparing to turn into humans.

Although Dragon beast s in human form also had Dragon beast Dan s, they were much stronger, and even humans of the Three profound realm did not dare to fight them easily.

Wu profound had a map that showed him the one hundred and tenth floor, and knew that the stairs were above. He and Chen Xiang decided to go to the one hundred and third floor to hunt Dragon beast.

"Although there are a lot of Dragon beast here, there aren't many that have Dragon beast Dan!" After Wu profound and Chen Xiang came to this floor, they had killed more than ten Dragon beast but none of them were weak and the amount of Dragon beast they had killed was not weak either.

"It shouldn't be just us who find it hard to kill those Dragon beast. Everyone should be the same." Chen Xiang said: "The next time I meet a Dragon beast, I'll look carefully before making my move!"

When Chen Xiang reached the middle stage of the Heaven realm, his strength had also increased by a lot, so the distance from Wu profound wasn't that far. He guessed that the strength of his own Dao Energy should be around a thousand times stronger than Wu profound's, and not by as much as before.

"Look carefully? It's not good to see if this Dragon beast has a Dragon beast Dan. " Wu profound shook his head.

Chen Xiang had the Dao heart Eye, so he felt that if he really met a Dragon beast, he might be able to see through it.

"There are still twenty-seven days. I wonder how many we'll be able to find then." After Chen Xiang assassinated a dragon ape, Wu profound carefully searched for it, but didn't find any Dragon beast Dan, so he started to worry.

The Dragon beast they met were all assassinated by Chen Xiang. Although the Dragon beast was strong, under Chen Xiang's assassination, it seemed so easy.

Before, Wu profound did not know that Chen Xiang had this capability, but after seeing it before, he finally understood why Chen Xiang could be so arrogant in front of Qin profound.

"How many people do you think are needed for us to not be eliminated? Our group will have ten people eliminated. " Wu profound said.

"If we don't have a single Dragon beast Dan, we will be eliminated! As for Qin profound and the other chief disciples, it is certain that they will not be eliminated. They might even be on the way to the tenth floor right now, so there will naturally be people who will help them kill Dragon beast. " Chen Xiang laughed coldly, because he knew that this Flying Dragon Association was not fair when he encountered the previous division.

Two days later, Chen Xiang and Wu profound arrived at the seventh floor.

Just as he arrived, Chen Xiang discovered a Dragon monkey near the exit. He used his dao heart to look, and saw that there was a ball of light inside the Dragon monkey's body. He could clearly see that there was a little golden dragon revolving around this ball of light.

"This Dragon monkey has a Dragon beast Dan!" When Chen Xiang saw it, he immediately flew over stealthily.

Just as he was about to slash and kill, the Dragon monkey suddenly knelt down and anxiously shouted: "Master, please wait!"

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