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Chapter 1228: King Mu

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When the Flame Emperor heard this, he smiled and said, “If that’s the case, I will have to thank you.”

The War Emperor gestured and invited him. “The Child of the Continent Battle Trials will begin in a month in the Western Kingdom Continent. I hope you will come to the palace and watch.”

The Flame Emperor nodded with a smile. “I’ll be there.”

“In that case, I’ll wait for that day to come and welcome you with open arms. Goodbye.” The War Emperor let out a laugh and did not stay any longer. He cupped his fist at the Flame Emperor. Golden lights exploded and enveloped Lin Dong Elder in the next moment. The two of them disappeared in mid-air in front of everyone.

Ever since the Flame Emperor appeared until his departure, the War Emperor had never mentioned anything about Luo Li being the Holy Maid. He knew that he could no longer suppress the people by force the moment Mu Chen invited the Flame Emperor.

Even though Mu Chen was an insignificant Lower Earthly Sovereign to him, and he could kill him off any time he wanted, there was more than one type of strength in this world sometimes.

Mu Chen was indeed a Lower Earthly Sovereign, but he knew how to “borrow strength.” Simply said, he knew how to rely on other people to resolve his own situations. The War Emperor understood this well. In this world, it was not easy to do.

However, Mu Chen could borrow strength from the Flame Emperor. This was enough that the War Emperor could tell he was an extraordinary being. How many people in this Great Thousand World could do it? Moreover, not only could he borrow the Flame Emperor’s strength, but he could borrow the Martial Ancestor’s, too.

Hence, given Mu Chen’s means, the War Emperor knew that even though he was a Lower Earthly Sovereign, he could no longer suppress him just because he was a Heavenly Sovereign.

If the War Emperor insisted on having his way, he might anger the Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor. Even a renowned figure like the War Emperor would have to pay a hefty price for doing so.

As such, the War Emperor gave up on insisting Luo Li take on the role of Holy Maid for the Western Heaven War Temple. This was all because of the insignificant Lower Earthly Sovereign.

Although the War Emperor felt that being forced by a Lower Earthly Sovereign to such an extent was unjust, he could not help but slightly respect Mu Chen after he thought it over. The latter could chase away a Heavenly Sovereign, causing him to leave without any benefits. He even had to let him participate in the battle trial of the Child of the Continent.

Such means and intelligence were shocking. At this time, the War Emperor started to understand why renowned figures like the Flame Emperor would take care of him. This young man had the potential to become a true leader.

With the War Emperor’s departure, the oppression looming over Luo God City finally dissipated. Numerous people from the Luo God Clan kept silent for a while before they exploded into deafening cheers. That was the overwhelming happiness of surviving a disaster.

They had been on a roller coaster for the entire day. Many times, the countless people in the clan felt despair. They thought that this day would be the end of their clan, but there was twist after twist. Eventually, the Luo God Clan had remained intact. In the midst of it, they had even obtained a perfect advantage.

Uncountable people had tears of joy all over their faces. They knew that after today’s disaster, the Luo God Clan would definitely be reborn like a Phoenix!

Luo Li had successfully obtained the Luo God inheritance. She had also gained recognition from their ancestor when there had been no predecessor. Apparently, a great queen was finally surfacing from the Luo God Clan. Who knew, perhaps the Luo God Clan could achieve their past glory once again under her leadership.

While they were rejoicing, many gazes were cast onto the juvenile figure in mid-air. Their gazes contained a considerable amount of gratitude and admiration. They knew that this young man was the reason for today’s situation.

He was the one who led strong troops into the Luo God Clan and dismissed the wild ambitions of the Blood God Clan. He was the one who shielded them with a firm disposition when the Western Heaven War Temple interfered. He was also the one who invited the Flame Emperor from the Endless Fire Territory when the mighty Western Heaven War Emperor arrived.

Any mistakes in this series of dangerous events would have landed the Luo God Clan into everlasting perdition. However, the perfect means displayed by this young man had turned all peril into safety. Mu Chen’s performance today had impressed everyone within the Luo God Clan. Only an outstanding man like him could match up with their prestigious and honorable queen!

“King Mu!”

“King Mu!”

All of a sudden, a passionate voice shouted out from Luo God City. The words seemed sprinkled with some magic such that they were spread within the city in no time. Countless clan members yelled at the top of their lungs, and their faces all turned red. Instantly, deafening cheers filled the entire world between the heaven and earth.

“King Mu! King Mu!”

Those top powers from the Luo God Clan like Luo Qingya and Luo Xiu, all looked at one another. Initially, the Luo God Clan could only recognize a queen, but if the queen had someone she loved, and that person had the support of the clan members, then her love would also become a king in the Luo God Clan.

Apparently, all of them were not blind. They could see the relationship between Luo Li and Mu Chen. Most importantly, Mu Chen’s performance today impressed all of the Luo God Clan members. After they survived the calamity, they shouted out their fullest support at the top of their lungs.

This was what the people wanted.

All the top powers like Luo Qingya and Luo Xiu let out a sigh, and then they laughed with each other. They waved their arms in the air and rejoiced, too. At this moment, they were really impressed by Mu Chen from the bottom of their hearts. After all, how many people in this world would be fearless when facing oppression from a Heavenly Sovereign and display means of a counter-attack?

Luo Tianshen could not help but laugh out loud when he heard the cheers from the united people. He looked at the tall and straight juvenile and let out a sigh. He still remembered when he went to the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy to fetch Luo Li a few years back…

Back then, Mu Chen was only a young and innocent man. He was like an eaglet from the ivory tower, full of dashing spirit but inexperienced. At that time, Luo Tianshen did not think highly of him. He regarded him as a lucky young chap who was fortunate that Luo Li had taken a fancy to him. At that time, Luo Tianshen did not expect that the young man then would show up in front of him like a savior within a short period.

Within these past few years, Mu Chen was no longer an inexperienced youth. His invincible spirit was fully displayed, revealing an astounding and imposing disposition.

“Still, Luo Li has good taste.” Luo Tianshen sang her praises. During these past few years, Luo Li was also stressed out within the clan. Everyone doubted her taste, but she remained unchanged.

The deafening cheer resounded throughout the sky. The prestigious and elegant Luo Li was long gone. Her eyes were bright, and her cheeks were red. She lowered her little face slightly. It was a rare scene, and numerous people were lost in her shy look. She knew very well what it meant for her clan members to address Mu Chen as King Mu. That was the highest recognition for Mu Chen. All of the Luo God Clan members had acknowledged her relationship with Mu Chen.

She looked at Luo Tianshen. The latter gave a kind smile and nodded to her. The unspoken meaning was clear.

Mu Chen scratched his head in mid-air when he heard the overwhelming cheer. He turned around and looked at the beautiful lady whose eyes were bright. Her demure and shy look outshined the sun and the moon. Mu Chen could not help but feel excited and delighted.

“Luo Li…” Mu Chen called out softly. He looked into the bright eyes of the girl and shyly said, “The promise I made previously seems like it’s coming true…”

Many years ago, the young man made a promise to the young girl in that quiet Spiritual Academy - I’ll become the matchless master to shield you from all the dangers…

Luo Li looked at the handsome and determined face in front of her. Her eyes could not help but turn red. Perhaps others might have found this promise a joke, but only she knew that the man in front of her had been fighting hard for his goal throughout the years.

The route to becoming a matchless master was full of dangers and hardship. It could wear down a determined person completely, leaving only injuries on the body. Hence, she knew very well the hefty price he paid, and the life and death struggles he had gone through all these years to have come so far.

All this brought heartaches to her whenever she thought of it.

Luo Li bit her red lips. With red eyes, she said softly, “It must have been hard on you.”

Mu Chen smiled and looked at her. “Luo Li, do you remember what I said to you before you left?”

Luo Li nodded gently. Everything that had happened on that day was still crystal clear in her mind. Every word that he said resounded in her ears once again. “Luo Li, I like you. Although the Luo God Clan may be too far away from me now, and I cannot make your grandfather and clan members recognize me—they may even suspect your taste and think that you only fell in love with an ordinary kid with good luck—but…

“Trust me. One day, I will go to the Luo God Clan. By then, I will let everyone know that what you have found is not a usual stone in the desert, but a diamond brighter than all the other stones.”

Mu Chen stared into the eyes of the beautiful girl in front of him and laughed softly. “These past few years, I’ve been working hard on this.”

At that moment, Luo Li could not hold her overwhelming emotions back, and she broke down in tears.

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