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The blood sea seethed. The dark red clouds descended from the sky like cotton fabric sheets covering the five bone islands where the competitions for the Chief position were about to begin.

After the five islands including Despair, Destruction, Dark, Corrosion, and Chaos were covered, a scarlet membrane appeared and sealed the five islands. That membrane had a rapid flow of energy moving around as if it had drawn the energy from the blood sea.

Shi Yan focused on studying it, his eyes showing his surprise.

He didn't know what kind of material the red membrane was made of, but it was a special barrier. It seemed tangible beyond just its condensed, shaped energy.

"It's the membrane of the Black Armored Horned Dragon. It has a special energy to create a defending formation. The Black Armored Horned Dragon is a powerful creature that comes from Heavenly Monster Tribe. Their membrane is really tough. It's the most suitable material to create a formation. When the Bloodthirsty Force was still domineering, we used to collect so many types of precious materials in the world. Heavenly Monster Tribe had offered us this membrane."

Xuan He explained to him as he saw that Shi Yan looked curious.

"Don't underestimate this membrane. The Eight Chiefs have carved the powers Upanishads that we've comprehended. This membrane is the barrier that we've set up just in case the God Clan attacks the holy land. Unless someone who has reached Second or Third Sky of Immortal Realm attempts to tear this membrane, it's just a dream."

Second Sky or Third Sky of Immortal Realm...

A strange light shot out from Shi Yan's eyes as he looked at Xuan He. "Which realms do you, Frederick, and Ming Hao have? In this cosmos, how many Immortal experts are there?"

The Immortal Realm was the ultimate realm that Shi Yan knew. Being at the Immortal Realm was like standing on the peak realm. There weren't many experts who had reached this realm in this vast sea of stars. Until now, he had known only Holy Beast Azure Dragon and Xuan He's team.

At the same time, Spark of the God Clan, Gillette of the Imperial Dark Tribe, and Lena of the Heaven River Temple were at Peak of Incipient God Realm or False Immortal Realm.

"Frederick and I are at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. Ming Hao, er, I suppose he's at Second Sky or even Third Sky of Immortal Realm. Ming Hao has hidden his true body for many years and he has rarely shown himself. If the forbidden island didn't have a commotion, he wouldn't have come here using his soul. I can't assess his realm and cultivation base if I can't see his body or soul."

Xuan He explained.

"The God Clan's God Lord was at Third Sky of Immortal Realm that year. To kill our Master, he had his body shattered and his soul poorly damaged. The Origin of the ancient continent he has absorbed was also smashed. It has been so many years andthe God Lord hasn't shown up. I guess he hasn't healed yet. But now, I'm not sure what realm he's at. Anyway, the Four Great Heavenly Kings, his four subordinates, are at the same realm as us. They are at least Second Sky of Immortal Realm."

"The Holy Beast Azure Dragon of Heavenly Monster Tribe is also at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. But since you got the Genesis Fruit that has changed Grace Mainland, he will have a chance to reach Third Sky of Immortal Realm."

"The warriors of the Imperial Dark Tribe..."

While they were talking, the competition for the chief position in the five islands had begun. To seize the chief position, the candidates of the eight forces of the Bloodthirsty Force had released their Ethereal Extent and Incipient Extent and created a magnetic field of energy.

The marvelous barrier made of the Black Armored Horned Dragon's membrane got some touches from Xuan He's team. When it covered the islands, it only let the warriors get out of the place but not enter again. Whenever they came out of the barrier, it meant that they had given up the competition. The last ones who stood on the islands were the winners and the new Chiefs.

"How about Imperial Dark Tribe?" Shi Yan arched his brows and asked.

When Xuan He talked about Imperial Dark Tribe, he paused, his face awkward.

"The current Chief of the Imperial Dark Tribe is a woman named Adele. She's Ming Hao's blood younger sister. Hmm, that woman and I used to have a complicated time. Audrey is her daughter with an ordinary aristocrat of Imperial Dark Tribe. He isn't worth mentioning. But Adele's realm isn't low. She's at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. Imperial Dark Tribe has two more Immortal Realm experts I suppose. Including Ming Hao, we can't ignore the power of Imperial Dark Tribe." Xuan He hesitated and then explained with a reluctant smile.

Shi Yan wore an awkward face.

Although Xuan He didn't say it clearly, through his facial expression and attitude, Shi Yan knew that Xuan He and Adele used to have a special relationship.

Evidently, Xuan He had given up their romance, so Adele had chosen a normal aristocrat of her tribe as revenge. Perhaps the dispute between Xuan He and Ming Hao was related to this. Xuan He didn't say it clearly because he still had a knot in his heart.

Shi Yan studied Xuan He and smiled, "Precursor, I'm sure you were a distinguished man that year."

Xuan He was an evil-looking, handsome man with style and taste. He must have been a lady's choice when he was young. At the same time, he was the Death Chief with real power. Shi Yan assumed that his life was really colorful with many beauties.

That year, Adele was the Princess of Imperial Dark Tribe. Of course, she was an arrogant character, though. Xuan He had opened her heart. They used to have a deep, romantic love, so she didn't want Xuan He to act rashly. She wanted him to be loyal to her. However, Xuan He was an easy-going man. Perhaps, he couldn't endure Adele's bind so he directly chose to let go of this beautiful flower to embrace a whole bush of flowers.

As thoughts flashed in his head, Shi Yan imagined the events in the past and his grin became more bizarre.

Xuan He gave a slight cough and spoke ironically. "Well, that year, I had kind of abandoned all restraint. Because of this, I'd caused grudges everywhere. If Master hadn't imparted me the Death power Upanishad, I would have been killed a long time ago."

"Precursor, you're fierce," Shi Yan appraised him wholeheartedly.

"Well, you're not bad, either." Xuan He smiled relaxingly, "I've been watching you discreetly for many years. Your behavior in this aspect is similar to mine that year. But you do have love. You can't walk through one hundred bushes without having a leaf stick to your body. Well well, you can't compare to me that year. That year, I didn't lack extremely beautiful women and I'd changed partners all the time. I'll tell you this. The name Xuan He had a unique meaning in the hearts of the ladies at that time."

Xuan He didn't feel shame and he grinned. When he remembered his glorious past, his face was arrogant.

"Precursor, you're exotic. You'd been chased around and almost killed because of love affairs. I'm totally convinced," Shi Yan said, his eyes strange.

"Cough, cough!" Xuan He's middle-aged face blushed and he waved his hands. "Nah, we shouldn't talk about this topic anymore. Besides us, the God Clan, the Heavenly Monster Tribe, and the Imperial Dark Tribe, the leaders of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple also have reached the Immortal Realm. However, they've had their breakthrough in the past ten thousand years, so their realm isn't high. First Sky of Immortal Realm. Hmm, yeah, and the President of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. This man is really mysterious and concealed. He must be at the Immortal Realm, but I'm not sure which sky."

Xuan He frowned and said, "Well, it's the general situation. The experts who can reach the Immortal Realm are the best of the best in this vast sea of stars."

He looked at the Despair Island beneath them. When his eyes fell on Yang Tian Emperor, they became brighter and deeper. "Your Great Grandfather has the potential to break to the Immortal Realm. He's supposed to be the Chief of the Despair Force. In some aspects, he and Senro are alike like objects molded out of the same material."

Then, Xuan He paused and sighed, "Where did you find Senro's remains?"

Shi Yan knew he knew, so he didn't want to conceal it. "In the chaotic space basin."

"Indeed," Xuan He nodded, "He had left to the space crack to find Master's remains. He had not returned ever since. I guess he had buried himself there. Although his power was marvelous, he didn't cultivate Space power Upanishad, sigh..."

Xuan He suddenly quieted down.

Shi Yan stooped and said nothing. He observed the Despair Island underneath. At this moment, the three Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm couldn't gain the upper hand from Baku, so they had left the island one after another.

Yang Tian Emperor hadn't joined the battle yet. He had sat in a corner from the beginning. He was waiting for them to attack him first. However, the other three had aimed at Baku. As they had sensed the strange energy from him, they didn't dare to provoke him.

As for now, after the other three had left the island, only Yang Tian Emperor and Baku were there.

Yang Tian Emperor sat still. After Baku had forced the three Peak of Ethereal God Realm experts to leave, the Incipient Extent above his head turned into a world of dark clouds that moved towards Yang Tian Emperor.

The world of dark clouds was filled with lonesome, desperate auras. Deep inside the dark clouds was a freezing cold, desperate heart that gave people no hope of surviving. Seeing it, people could only think that they were about to fall into an endless, pitiful place somewhere.

The intent domain rose in his Incipient Extent and covered Yang Tian Emperor.

Shi Yan concentrated, his eyes surprised when he observed the battle underneath.

Inside the torrential dark clouds, Yang Tian Emperor's eyes shot out blood light. The blood light was beautiful and powerful like a rainbow piercing through layers of dark clouds.

Although they had the same Despair power Upanishad, Yang Tian Emperor's intent domain had the hope of surviving in despair.

The persistent, undying hope in despair like the never-ending flame of Karma burned down Baku's dark clouds. They turned into thin smoke and then vanished.

Yang Tian Emperor's flame of the hope of surviving was born in his despair. Although it wasn't fierce, it carried endless power as if it would never extinguish but keep being stubborn and dance.

The brilliant light sparkled in Xuan He's eyes. He nodded and appraised, "The Despair power Upanishad that your Great Grandpa has learned and experienced is the real Despair power Upanishad. Baku's Despair power Upanishad has only loneliness and desperation. This kind of despair isn't the truth of this Upanishad. The most marvelous, yet terrifying feature of the Despair power Upanishad is the undying hope inside the despair. That hope is the strongest, most powerful feature of the Despair power Upanishad. It's the core of the power that helps the warrior challenge others at a higher realm. Baku has stepped on the wrong turn on the path of Despair power Upanishad. He's not your Great Grandfather's rival."

"Yeah, I can see that. Baku doesn't have hope. He is desperate. It's not the real power of this Upanishad. Although his God power is more abundant, his understanding of the power is too low. Eventually, he will lose this battle," Shi Yan also concluded.

He could feel Yang Tian Emperor's power Upanishad and energy increase every minute after he had received Senro's essence.

The battle with Baku was like a chance to quench Yang Tian Emperor's iron hammer. His realm was increasing clearly. Unless Baku could kill him instantly, Baku was destined to lose.

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